Friday, September 30, 2005

Sneaky mother

I have a funny story to tell, at least i think it's funny. As usual, it's about my mother.

One fine night, 12am (Yes, I know shouldn't be wide awake at this hour), my mother, my father and me were watching TV. Nothing much on TV. My mum said," Why that youyi so late haven't come back."

Youyi is my brother.

Just when she said that, we heard some noise of keys tinkling outside our door. Must be Youyi coming back.

After some time, the door did not open and we continue to hear noises from outside.

M: what is taking him so long to come in?

My father walked over to the door and opened it. There youyi is, bending over the shoe rack. I shouted over," Why are you taking so long to come in?!"

He mumbled something and went up to his room.

When he was gone, my father said," I saw him hiding something at our shoe rack or outside."

My mother being the curious and over suspicious one said," I go check what he hide"

Me: " Yeah... got action already! I go take photos for my blog."

So my mother crept quietly to the door and unlock the door with minimal noise.

Sneaky mother crepting out of the door.

She ransacked the shoe rack. hmmm... nothing here....

Then she check out the small storeroom where the electricity and water meter is. erm.. nothing here also. Finally she is convinced that youyi is actually not hiding anything outside.

This is the crime scene.

Tsk tsk... my mother over suspicious liao.

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