Thursday, May 29, 2008


SibXh boring sia.....

Boring like so sibXh boring sia.....

Can anyone or anything be more bored than me? Or even as bored as me? Dang it...

Haiz.. Tell me is there anything that I can do that is motivating? I am not motivated to work, to practice, to go coi, to perform... I just don't feel like doing anything though they need to be done. I just feel like being invisible and slacking, lying in bed all day. What's the point of doing all these sia.

Make my life difficult lor.

Haiz, I think I deserve to have a difficult life lah. A lousy and fxxked up person like me deserve to have a fxxked up life.

Everyday pass like never pass like that. Everyday come and go... Same things done everything. So damn bloody monotone. Haiz...

The sun always come up on the east, set on the west. Not sian meh?

I see also see until sian liao lor.. damn.

問世間xian為何物? 直叫人生死相許

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Just want to blog about my psp which has been such a supportive companion through all these times. So many ups and downs, so many troubled times, PSP is the only thing that stayed with me throughout. It provided me with all the entertainment I need, helped me to kill time and eventually forget all woes.

Look at my sweet little psp! So cute right? Awww..... When I just bought it, I didn't really use it. Just left it lying around but recently, I have been constantly using it and I think it's really a great companionship. Life is so boring. Full of boring things to do. Still have to go to boring coi classes. Haiz. Fortunately, I can bring this with me around so it can company wherever I go.

My PSP is pink and sweet. I want to give it a name but I don't know what name to give it! Erm.. Pinky? Minimo? Hehe....

Think I going to buy an extra battery for it already.. So I can have a longer entertainment time.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Aixin Yellow Cars

Hee hee, I took a photo of this some time ago of the Ng family ai xin yellow cars. Coincidently my surname is Huang so it makes total relevance that they are called the Aixin xiao huang che lor. Cute right?
The right one is my father's van, the left one is Kanglong's car. My cousin also got a xiao huang che. Next time find a chance ask her park side by side also then we can make a 3 musketeers xiao huang che~ cute lor.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dinner with Cousins

Met up wtih 3 cousins on Wednesday evening for dinner. Zhenyin is a very busy cousin, always do OT for no money (like YH) so she was late for the appointment. Chuyun was very free, on the other hand, as she pontang school that day but she was late also because she couldn't find the NTUC at AMK hub. Another younger cousin who is Chuyun's sister, Xiao Jing, was with her too.

Initially my aunt suggest that we eat steamboat at AMK central above 'This Fashion' but Chuyun said that the food there is not fresh so we discussed and discussed to conclude that we should go A-star kopitiam eat fish head steamboat. So we happily go to A-star kopitiam first cuz Zhenyin is still on her way here.

My aunt said that we need to go chop place there but very funny lor, the kopitiam was very empty, no need to chop at all. We happily found a table and arranged the chairs, sit down and started chit chatting. Suddenly, my aunt noticed that the fish head steamboat stall didn't have a sign board so she went forward to take a closer look. She came back to tell us the bad news that the fish head steamboat has shut down already.

Haiz, to think we still sit there happily arranging the chairs lor. In the end my aunt decided to go back to her flat and drive out their car so that we can go to another part of AMK to eat. Her home is like 10 minutes walk from the kopitiam. So she went off first while the rest of us waited for Zhen yin to come.

Took this picture of A-star kopitiam from opposite the road while waiting for the car. Not bad sia, I took it with my hp and still can see the kopitiam in the night.

So we went to Blk 409 instead to eat fish head steamboat. The fish head steamboat at Blk 409 also shut down already but fortunately, the new shop that took over also sell fish head steamboat.

Super hungry already.

Chuyun and Zhenyin. Xiao jing was still in her school uniform and she didn't want to take photos. The steamboat and zi cha there was not bad leh. Quite nice. The salted egg prawns also quite nice.

Chuyun told me that she likes to eat DA BAI CAI also. Hahaha.. Finally got someone also like da bai cai lor. May always ridiculed me for eating da bai cai, said that I am weird. It's not weird lor. Chuyun even likes to eat parsley, the most hatedveggie in the world.

Xiaojing is more weird, she didn't want to drink soup at all. She will eat the stuff in the steamboat but not drink the soup.

When we were eating crab, Zhen yin showed us how she remove the shell of the crab from its skinny legs.

Normally people will just suck out or pull out the flesh but she chose to remove the shell slowly. Look at that! 2 parts of the leg has already got the shell removed. Amazing right?

Chuyun said that it was very disgusting but zhenyin continued to remove the crab shell.

Voila!! The whole shell of the crab leg was removed! It's the first time I see the crab leg's shell removed so perfectly and the joints were perfectly intact. Imagine a whole crab leg without shell. Chuyun yelped,"That is the most disgusting thing I ever see in my life!"

Zhen yin said," Like that then taste nice mah."

She proceeded to put the whole crab leg onto the spoon, dip it in chili sauce and ate it in one mouthful. Chuyun was like,"eeeeee...."

Hahaha, it was an eventful dinner lor.

During the dinner we made some travel plans. They told me that they saw my blog on Northern Lights and saw that I want to go Greenland. They are also interested in the trip and told me that they gonna save money for it. Seems like my northern lights blog has sparked up some interest in quite a few people. Lock also told me that he wants to join me in the trip.

My cousins are dog lovers so I think another purpose of going greenland is to see those huskies and take a ride at the dog sled.

I thought that no one will be interested to got to such an ulu place as Greenland can be considered as the north-est place you can go. It is extremely cold and food is weird.

They asked me if it is guaranteed that they will be able to see Northern Lights. Nature phenomenon got no guarantee one lor but I think if we go to the right place at the right time, chances are high. I also hope to see northern lights mah. It's like one of my wishes lor.

Xiaojing was asking what is northern lights. Think she never see my post about it. It's here:

Just in case anyone of you interested to see the post again. There is a video there, you must see the video as northern lights can move, like dancing around.

Anyone else want to go Greenland?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's day passed so long ago, now then I start blogging it. I know it's a bit slow lah but no choice you see. I am too busy liao le.

Our slippers outside Baohua's place. Alot of slippers lor.

On Mum's day, we went to Baohua's place for dinner. She invited us and pooled in some money to fix a steamboat. Yes de, steamboat as usual. Seems like it is our troupe's favourite food. May prepared MOST of the food and it took her one whole day to do it.. aww.. so nice to us right?

For those of you who never seen us for a long long time, May has got a new hairstyle. Her hair kana fried when she was in Saudi. Hahahaha.... Everybody please take a look at her act cute hairstyle.

She refused to let me take photos at first because she say she tai ko face but we made her so in the end she posed for us.

Yay~ Me and my tai ko face. It's getting better though, the pimples are getting lesser and soon I will be getting chemical peel done at NSC.

Me and silly KangLong.

Kanglong took this photo. At first he took a photo of the 3 of us gossiping then i told him he must include himself in the photo because he was one of the by-listener listening to our gossips. We were all so full after the steamboat. And now we were waiting for the superstars to come for second round. The superstars came quite late. They arrived at about 11pm.

Me posing for the camera with my back.. hahaha... these are the few superstars who came at 11pm. Madness.

The steamboat ended at about 12am. We were so super tired. Ang was there too and she as usual made us all toast her with a glass of red wine. I really hate to drink red wine or any kind of wine lor but bobian. She made us drink it. After the drinking, Ang suddenly conduct a singing class and a few of them started singing along with her. All those ji zi diao, san pen shui xian etc. So weird right. Suddenly conduct singing class after dinner.

Anyway the whole thing ended at about 12am. Think we we disturbing the neighbours too much lor. Hee hee....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Singapore Flyer

Many people will think it is stupid to spend $30 to go on the Singapore Flyer. So damn bloody ex for just 30 min. I won't go for it personally unless someone pay for me.... :P
And it happened that Company organised this 'excursion' to Singapore Flyer last friday which also includes a dinner in a restaurant over there! Good deal!

The ticket to Singapore flyer. See the price on the ticket was actually $29.50.

Below the Singapore flyer. Each capsule can accomodate 28 people.

Right below the flyer is a garden. Nothing much about the garden though. Just some koi ponds and plants.

Looking up at the flyer~ It was huge to see it from the bottom.

Me and 1 of my colleagues, Evi.

Before going into the waiting area we must go through this detection system maciam going overseas like that. Must scan bags, scan if you bring metallic stuff on yourself etc. Mad right. Think they scared got terrorist bring the bomb onto Singapore Flyer and blow up the whole thing into bits. Waste our Singapore tax payers' money.

After scanning our bags, we need to go through yet another queue. This is a queue for going into a small room to take some superimposed photos which they will try to sell you after the ride.

Locky. What was he doing? He think he was filming some kind of shampoo commercial issit? Your hair is too short for shampoo ads lor.. my god.

The room in which we were to line up in this fake capsule and pretend that we are on the flyer. The round round things are the cameras. The staff there made all of us stand between 2 red dots and SUDDENLY the camera flashed and the photo was taken without our preparation. We were like,"huh? done liao ah? ok lor.."

The capsule was waiting for us.

Open Sesame!

Everyone settling down, getting ready their cameras to take photos.

Yay~ I am inside it already~

Neo brought this tiny camera and almost fooled us into believing that it can take photos. It is actually a light only lor.. chey...

Up up and away! Going up le wor~ That is the CBD area.

Me, the asst manager and another colleague, Michelle.

Nice scenery~ can see the Shears Bridge.

A group photo of our department.

Me and Lock looking attentively at the sea.

Me: What's that?
Lock: A ship!
Me: And what's that?
Lock: Bird shit!

Pretty right? This was the favourite spot for taking photos. Many of us took turns to take photos here.

MD asked me to see which is the furthest place I can see. Silly question cuz the landmarks will be too small to see. Can you guys see which is the furthest place you see?

We are at the top of the wheel! Wooot~ Super nice view right?

Like very act cute hor? Hee hee, I was trying to capture a photo of me and the height of the wheel but it turned out to be act cute lor.

Lock also act cute lor! Pretending to be sad. Like a little boy when the mother refuse to buy him a sweet.

A bloody big bi lei zhen! Hee hee, I was surprised to spot this big bi lei zhen outside the capsule.

End of the ride, we are now landing already. The trip was long, 30min and the ferris wheel moved super super super slow. So slow that you don't even know it's moving at all! A LCD TV inside the capsule tells us that it is the biggest Ferris Wheel in Southeast Asia.

Remember the superimpose photo that we took before the ride? After the ride, they will show us the photo on these monitors. We will then decide if we want to buy it or not. Each photo is $15. They sure knows how to make money huh?

This is a bloody long trip for just a ride on the SG Flyer. Guess I will blog about the other stuff another day.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Crazy insects!

Some crazy facts about the insects on earth. Guess how many insects there are living right now at this moment on our crazy earth?

It's about a BILLION BILLION! How many is a billion billion?

It's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000!

If the insects were to be divided among all the people on earth, each person will get 160 million! What the hell are you going to do with 160 million of insects??? My god.

Besides that, among the billion billion of insects, 1,000,000,000,000,000 ants! If each ant is about 0.5cm long, they could form a chain to go around earth 125,000 times! How increadible is that?!

I didn't know there were such a hell lot of insects out there and I totally loathe them because they are so ugly!!! Eeeks... Ugly insects!

Tiny crustaceans called copepods, less than a centimeter long, are the most abundant animals in the ocean. There are so many of them, that they outweigh all the whales on Earth!

Look at this funny image.

Hahaha.. Its funny isn't it?

Some interesting facts about the mother earth...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Heart Kun

I was surfing online yesterday and I came across this puppy called Heart Kun. This Heart Kun is so mega cute that I must definitely blog about him!

He is a very unique long coat chihuahua. Why is he special? Cuz.......

So mega cute right! He is called heart kun because he got a natural heart shape on his fur! Awww... so cute!

Heart Kun is borned in Japan. The owner bred over a thousand dogs but this is the only one that has got a heart on it.

Do you like Heart Kun? Unfortunately, the owner says that Heart Kun is not for sale... too bad..

Heart Kun was also reported on the news in Reuters. Nice?

Friday, May 02, 2008

Anesthetic Awareness

Yesterday I just saw the film 'Awake'. I didn't know what it was about. All I knew was that it is a thriller.

The film is actually about Anesthetic Awareness, a rare case of a patient regaining concious during surgery but yet the body is paralysed. In the movie, the male lead was put on general anesthetic but he did not lose concious. All it does was making his body paralysed and so he was unable to tell the surgeons that he was having concious.

Can you imagine the trauma of having to experience the pain of the whole surgery and yet you cannot do anything about it?

In the movie, the male lead's experience was really traumatic. He was thrashing and screaming in his mind shouting for them to stop but the surgery continued with him fully awake.

I think I die if I were him!!!

I tried to find some information on this condition and it was reported that patients who experienced anesthetic awarness normally regain concious for just a while, maybe a few seconds or a few minutes before losing concious again. Most of the patients hear voices and feel pressure when regain concious while some rare ones will feel the actual pain.

Cases like in the movie 'Awake' is a highly rare case. However, I read some accounts from some patients who experienced it...

Case 1:

Eight years ago Yvonne Coleman drifted off to sleep on a New York
operating table as a team of surgeons prepared her for a two-hour
surgery to remove an abdominal hernia.

"I remember the surgeon asking, `Are you ready kiddo?'

"`Ready for what?' I thought to myself," says Coleman who, at that
point, wondered if her surgery was over and she was being awakened.

Then she felt a knife cut her open. "I felt every tug and pull. I
heard them making fun of my weight. I heard them making plans for the
Christmas party. But I was completely paralyzed," she says.

"In my head I was screaming. I wanted to die."

Any patient who's lived through the horror of regaining consciousness
in the middle of a surgical procedure will never forget the surgeon's
scalpel slicing their skin, the sight of their own blood, the smell of
cauterized flesh and the business-as-usual conversations going on
above them. Meanwhile, they lay still, unable to wiggle a finger,
blink, cry out, or in any way indicate they're awake.

And there is Case 2:

Carol Weihrer recalls waking up during eye surgery nine years ago.
Weihrer, speaking from her home in Reston, Va., says her life was
destroyed by the experience.

Back in 1998 during an operation on her right eye, Weihrer regained
consciousness but could not move. She heard the surgeon say to the
resident, "Cut deeper, pull harder." She was awake, paralyzed, and the
surgery was far from over.

Weihrer says the trauma has left her unable to sleep lying down and
she spends every night in a chair - sleeping for 90-minute intervals -
terrified to let her brain relax into a deep, REM sleep.

Eeeee.. I think I will have fear of going operations after seeing all these! (touch wood!)

I think the movie is very nice though, anyone interetsted should go see it...