Monday, April 21, 2008

French Class with Kids

Last Saturday, I went to Pasir Ris East CC at 11am to attend this French class for kids. I know that although I am a kid at heart, I am no longer a kid physically. So I was not there to attend lesson.

My teacher, Mr Tham, realised that Lock and me can speak quite a fair bit of french and so he invited us to his kiddy french class so that we can utilise our french. In a way, we can pick up more by doing this.

I reach Pasir Ris Interchange at 10.50am and looked for the bus to go to that CC. After checking the directories, I saw that bus 358 goes there so I took it. I looked at the surroundings carefully so as not to miss the CC but the bus goes one big round and went straight back to the interchange! Dammit.

I sms Lock that I took the bus which brought me around Pasir Ris and back to the interchange without passing by the CC. Lock replied me with 'Vous n'etes pas tres intelligente' which means 'you are not very intelligent'.

Stupid Lock.

So finally, I found the CC by taking bus 12.

I entered the classroom which consisted of about 14 kids from age 8-14 I think. I joined Lock at a remote corner table to observe the class.

Never did I imagine that these little kids were actually DEVILS in disguise.....

They shout, they pester, they walk around like nobody business, disturbing the class all the time! I can see that Mr Tham was having a very difficult time trying to keep thos kids under control. He was distributing donuts for those kids who answer questions correctly and the boys in the class keep interrupting that they wanted a donut although they didn't answer any questions. They even tried to sneak to that box of donuts without permission!

The girls were slightly better but there were a few active ones too. They didn't pester the teacher for donuts but they will say things like they are stronger than the boys and they can answer all the questions etc.

After the class, the boys once again pester Mr Tham to give them the left over of the donuts. One even pester to have the sugar left in the box! Mr Tham said that they cannot take the sugar in the box but the boy sneaked over and used his fingers to pinch out bits of sugar....

I wonder.. I really wonder if they learn anything in the class at all. Sometimes I felt that they were not even listening.

I think I will not have any kids in future. I will faint!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Albino Animals

Today I want to dedicate this blog to Kanglong as his favourite colour is WHITE. Apparently, he love anything that is in WHITE. So I am dedicating this blog of 'white' animals to him. At the same time, you guys can take a look at these wonderful white animals.

Awwww.. just look at this sweet, cute baby albino Hedghog!!! So cute right!! my god..

All my friends wear black coats and they look so handsome. It is tough to be a white penguin...

My friends may be all black and stylo but I wouldn't care less! I am still handsome as a white gorilla! The one and only white gorilla ever seen.

Albino gorilla when he was a kid.

Pure white, cute pony.. My white horse prince charming should come find me on this albino horse.

I love this pic, this albino lion is just sooooo... haiz.. nice.

The albino lioness with her albino children~ Family of white.

Yawnzz.. I am a tired albino koala...

Another one of my favourite~! The albino squirrel! Oh gosh, what a sweet little darling!

Albino squirrel and his friends.

Another of my favourite, albino dolphin. I don't why is it that the albino dolphin is pink.

I love this albino bear!! looky, black bear and her albino baby bear. So nice right... Love it.

This albino bear is so cute that I just got to post another picture of it.

Now for the not so cute albino animal, the albino whale!

Albino croc still look ugly to me.. :P

Albino turtle...

Albino peacocks are not cute, they are MAGNIFICIENT~ Look at my white tail...

Another magnificient one, albino tiger.

Crows are known to be black but this one... is just too white to be a crow.

Albino Kangaroo~ woot~

Last but not least, the mega mega cute albino guinea pig!

I am sure Kanglong will like this post because it's full of his favourite colour and I am sure most girls will like this post too. Cuz the animals are toooooooo cute!

NSC Appointment

I think I am so fat and ugly I have no choice but to go to NSC to see a doctor. Hopefully the doctor can give me some good elixirs to get rid of my pimples and scars. Oh man, I really got to save money so that I can spend them on some cosmetic surgery to make my face look better lor.

My appointment is on 25 Apr next week. Purposely set it on a Friday so that I can take 1/2 day off and go shopping after that. So good right....

Like I said, I am fat and ugly so for the ugly part, I will leave it to NSC to settle. For the fat part, I have employed a personal trainer to help me lor. Haiz, I think it's very difficult for me to lose weight cuz of my super tight schedule nowadays. Imagine, 4-5 days a week have got rehearsals and they sometimes last till 11+pm. By then I will be so dead tired. I also need to help out with doing the posters and typing out scripts. That really left me with little time to do work out.

I complained to my personal trainer about this fat and tight schedule issue and hopefully, we can come up with a good plan to lose weight lor.

Haiz, life sucks lor. I think it's better to die la.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Phenomenon - Green Flash

OK, boys and girls, it's phenomenon time again!

Today I want to intro this rare phenomenon called the Green Flash Sunset. Actually there is a Green Flash Sunrise too but it's harder to catch.

I dunno how many of you heard of this before but I heard about it some years ago that you can actually see a flash of green during sunset if the timing and conditions are right. Forgot where I saw it, probably from some wacky websites.

This green flash is actually caused by refraction of light through the atmosphere. The denser atmosphere will filter out the colours of the sunset to green. Hmm.. hard to imagine, see photos~

This phenomenon only happens for a fraction of a second so you must be really attentive when watching the sunset.

A nice photo showing a streak of green at the rim of the sun.

This is a mirage + green flash. Amazing catch I think to see the mirage with a green flash.

Besides the photos, you can also search for the videos of this phenomenon in Youtube. I have tried to look for it before and there are some excellent videos there. Just in case if you are interested to know more, you can go wikipedia to read up on it too~

OK, if I suddenly remember anymore phenomenon, I will blog them up~

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stupid photo of me

Wanna show this stupid photos to you guys....

It was taken at home after my shower, I was meddling with the laptop and then someone put this naiba dog on my head. (The dog is called naiba dog cuz naiba gave it to me in Iran)

Hahaha.. I looked kinds ugly but at the same time I think it's funny so I am sharing with you guys lor.. so nice of me right!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Save $$$

From now on I am going to save some money! I have decided to stop buying all those expensive opera stuff like hair pieces or costumes unless neccessary. Ultimately, they cannot be worn often. I might buy 2nd hand from May if she wants to sell and that will be cheaper.

Anyway, the point is I am not going buy any more hair pieces and costumes because I realised that I got alot of travel wishes. I have gone to TW so many times and now I think back, it was really a waste of money. Each time I go, it's at least $1000 gone. If I go TW 4 times, it will be $4000 gone and no point going there so many times cuz everytime I go, I see the same things.

Before I end my very short life, there are a few places I want to go... hee hee...

1) Greenland/Iceland

First in my list which I am already preparing to go. I estimated the cost will be about $5000 if we don't spend too much there. I want to go there because I want to ride on the husky sledge and see northern lights. So NICE! Moreover the glaciers are melting. I might not get to see it even if I want to in another 10 years.

2) Egypt

Mystical Egypt. I want to go there sit camels and see pyramids. Then I can make a wish in front of the sphinx!

3) Paris
What's the use of learning to speak french if I never go France? I want to go Paris not to buy branded stuff, I want to visit the Louvre Arts Museum, see Eiffel tower, River Seine etc. I have some friends there whom I can visit if I ever go there. I used to know this guy who got this little castle as a home at the countryside in France. Although he told me it's a little castle, it has got 28 rooms! That is not little lor. He told me it's little compared to the other castles there. So cool right... He told me I can stay in his home if I ever go France. He will call me up every time when he comes to Singapore but he didn't call up in the recent 2 years or so. Guess he lost my number.. Too bad lor. Sad... Think I will try to contact him back.

I have got another friend in Germany but I don't think I can visit her so soon.... Too many place to visit.. and no money!

So far, these are the 3 places which I got strong desire to go. Other than these, I got places where I would like to go but the desire is not that strong. Places like Peru, London, Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon etc.

For now, I will target to go to these 3 places first.

There is a place which I have been wanting to go and I fulfilled the wish thanks to someone. That is Maldives. Maldives is one of the most amazing places on earth which you must visit before you die.

The atolls from the air....

Maldive's airport... It was an amazing experience to land on this floating airport.

Pretty resort.

The water huts. I tried swimming around the huts but actually there was nothing to see in the water cuz the corals were dead at this area.

The colourful sea, this small jetty was just in front of my chalet.

This was the main jetty where visitors will arrive with the speed boat.

The hut behind is the main jetty I was talking about. Look at the sea, the back part is of very deep blue because there was a cliff in the sea. The shallow part is only knee deep but after the cliff, the sea is so deep. So deep that I can't see the bottom. I think it was quite scary to swim at the edge of the cliff because it felt like I will be sucked into the deep bottom.

The snorkelling experience there was wonderful too. I can never forget those colourful fishes I saw in the water. Hmmm... If there is a chance, I would like to visit Maldives again. At least it is cheaper than the above 3 places I wish to go.

Monday, April 07, 2008

YH's blog

In case you never realised, YH has deleted her blog! She is one big mad kia lor!

After contributing and writing in her own blog for about a year, she decided to delete the whole blog including all the posts! This is madness. She told me she was very sian and pek cek and so she deleted the whole thing.

However, she is contemplating of setting up another blog. Recently, I saw her randomly taking photos for her future blog (which isn't there yet) and I wonder, I really wonder, when that NEW blog is coming up.

Maybe in another year.

Any updates I will inform you guys. Meanwhile, you all can stop visiting her blog.

Tomb Sweeping

As blogged before, there are only 2 annual family gathering in the Huang Family. The first will be Chinese New Year and the second will be Qing Ming. These are the only 2 times when I will see some relatives. And as each year passed by, less and less relatives join us for this Qing Ming event. However, this year there was an increase in participants.

We arrived at the cemetry at 5:30am... Yawnzzzz.....

The dark dark cemetry.... lined neatly with tombs, home of the dead.

My ah ma, she doted on me alot when she was alive. We were talking about our impressions of her. Only me and another cousin, Zhen Yin aka Smartchic, has got impressions of her. Chu yun was too young at that time to remember and xiao jing wasn't borned yet. Think my brother remembers her too but my bro wasn't in the conversation. He was isolating himself at another corner.

Look at all the offerings we have for her~Lots of money, clothes, shoes and misc stuff.

This is my father, posing for the camera and asking me not to take photos of him. This year, another blogger, Shedico aka Chu Yun, took photos too. She has started blogging not so long ago. Another blogger, Smartchic, never bring camera but she is going to kapo the photos from our blogs.

Last year, my father didn't like my idea of taking photos in the cemetry but I took anyway for my blog. This year, he doesn't seems to mind very much judging from his expression above.

Zhenyin exploring Chu yun's camera while Chu yun was scratching her legs. She kana lots of bites from the mozzies.

But they decided to pose for me. Cheese!

Let the fire begin burning. HAHAHA... (sinister laugh) Burn burn BURN!

During the burning session, I said loudly,"Huat ah!"

My aunt asked who was that shouting huat ah. I said it's me. She said,"Yuying also know how to say 'Huat ah' nowadays. hahaha.."

There was this posh car parked beside our burning offerings and our fire mercilessly spitted smoke onto that car. My uncle also mercilessly threw all the 'open road' paper strips in the sky and lots of them landed on the car. We were saying the car owner was stupid lor. Park beside the burning bin... Think the car owner saw that we are messing up with his car and he drove away immediately.
The sky was brightening when we were almost finished.

And that concludes the last family event of the year.

See you guys on Lunar New Year 1st day!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Northern Lights

Another dream which I want to fulfil and very hard to do is to watch the NORTHERN LIGHTS!

I just realized that I want to see Northern Lights more than I want to see Pyramids. Haiz.. But a trip to see Northern lights is so much more expensive than going Egypt! :( Sad..

I have decided already that I will save money for these trips which I must go before I die. The first one and at the top of the list is to see Northern Lights. I am going to give up the idea of going Tibet for this. Unfortunately, I don't know if there is a definite estimation of when the lights will appear. If not I spend so much go there, I might not see it.. then I will be super sad.

Talking so much about Northern Lights, many people might not know what they are. Let me introduce. Er hm..

OK, the scientific term of Northern Lights is called Aurora Borealis. Borealis means 'Northern' in Latin. As you can guess from the name, Northern lights can only be seen at the very north of earth in places like Greenland, Alaska, Yellowknife etc.

There is also another term called Southern Lights, Aurora Australis. Australis means 'Southern' in Latin. Apparently you can only see Southern Lights at the very south of earth which I think is only at Antarctica.

Copied this from a website to explain the appearance of Northern Lights:

The Aurora Borealis forms when charged protons and electrons emitted from the sun as a solar wind are drawn in towards us by Earth’s magnetic field and collide with atoms and molecules in our atmosphere. These collisions result in countless little bursts of light that make up the aurora. Collisions with oxygen produce red and green auroras, while nitrogen produces pink and purple colors. The magnetic field is more concentrated around the Poles, hence this reaction encircles the polar regions of the earth and occurs at an altitude of 40-400 miles (65-650 km) in a zone called the Auroral Oval.

Nitrogen produce pink and purple! They are the most beautiful in my opinion!!!

Pink and purple Aurora.

But it's said that red auroras are the rarest and this one appeared about 50 years ago. It's like sky on fire!

Green Aurora~ Look at the beautiful spiral shape.

With stars as background!

So so so... nice right?!!! So romantic also to see such beautiful lights in the sky. It's in dreamland or fairyland.

This is how the northern lights look like from space. They are hovering over Earth's northern hemisphere.

Haiz... I already decided lor. I will save money to go see them one day. Must go there before I die.

Btw, these lights are not only lights. They are dancing lights and they twist and turn when on display. See the video below and you get what I mean....