Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Forgetful Mum

Yesterday, my mum cooked my favourite tomatoes with eggs for dinner. Unfortunately, she forgot to serve it and that dish sat in the work for another 4 hours until my father's dinner time.

My mum discovered the eggs and quickly came into my room.

Mum: I want to tell you something.
Me: What?
Mum: *hahahaha* I just realised that I forgot to give you the eggs during dinner and the eggs are still in the wok.
Me: WAH~
Mum: Softer! Don't let lao ba know...
Me: wah lau... u really getting old and forgetful liao...
Mum: You go eat the eggs now la...

So when I went into the living room, my father asked me why I am eating the eggs now, didn't I ate it during dinner time??

Me: ..... *Silence*

I think I can start a new category in my blog called 'My Mother's Blurness'.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chingay 2012

Recently come back from China then got time to sort out pictures and post! These pictures were taken from rehearsal and actual performance day.

The only chance I can sit the the audience area to watch the show was during the rehearsal. I like the water idea~ Though it really made the performers uncomfortable. Still it was nice to watch.

The party marches in~

A group photo taken inside the resting area in the pit building. We were kind of lucky because most performers' resting area is outside, near to the performance area. But we can stay in this air con room until it's our turn.

My t-shirt says Don't Touch Me!!! Recently I got very little time to do my own stuff and therefore I dun have time to photoshop my photos anymore. The photos you see nowadays are of the original me!

My colleague and me~ She is the one who jio-ed me to join this show. It must be surprising to many that I actually agreed to do this dragon dance. Actually I just wanted to experience it. Life is short, so try all things before you are to old and you can't try anymore! Of course when I say all things, there is still a limit. Like I will never try bungy jumping!

Marching in... with the heavy plaque showing Yio Chu Kang.. Waiting for our turn to dash into the water~!

Pinky dragon~ So nice! There were 3 colours, green, orange and pink so I am lucky to be in the pink team cuz I like pink!

2 pan pans getting married! Cute hor? I think being in the trishaw is shiok la, dun have to tread in the water and wet your dress~

Balloons of the 12 horoscopes~

These fu lu shou(s) were wearing mangs... And then they drag the mangs into the water and the costume were soaked! I felt so wasted because there were a total of 99 fu lu shou(s)! Meaning 99 costumes were ruined just like that!!! You can see that the below part were all black black already.. and the colour fell off...

Cute pandas!!

This time there were many lions and dragons made of different materials. There were even these lions made of balloons! Very good leh, cuz very light. Not like my dragon, heavy like mad.

Adeline, acting as mermaid. The pinkest one smiling at the camera is her..

The helpers were still very high after the show, they were shouting and cheering all the way.

The place where they store our pink dragon, you can see the green dragon too. I prefer the pink one~!

Some friends were surprised to know I took part in dragon dance this time. They are used to seeing me as hua dan, doing all those softy or sickly actions. Suddenly I do something so butch, they not use to it. LOL.. it's ok la, I am very random one mah, very unpredictable and I like to remain unpredictable. HAhahaha...

I am back!

Hi all, I am back finally, after a tedious but successful mission to Guangzhou.

Though sometimes I get frustrated over things, the trip was still overall a happy and fruitful one. We bought lots of stuff.

I am damn bloody tired today cuz I touched down at 530am, reached home at 630am and went to work at 9am. I can't do this anymore cuz I am old now and doing so will make me older.

Therefore I am going to sleep now!! LOL...

More about the trip when I got time.

I am so damn busy I dunno when I can have time to do nothing and just slack at home.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Funny Sign!

Saw this funny sign of 'Beware of molesters'! How would you design a sign like that??? LOL. Apparently the creative designer did this:

LOL, it looks so funny and the butt of the lady is so perky! Perky butt~ It is trying to tell us not to have perky butts or stick out your butt too much because you will attract molesters. Ok ladies? Remember, don't stick out your butts!

Coke from USA

Some time ago, a Canadian colleague was telling us about how coke from USA sucks. And it tasted weird with this werid high fructose corn syrup thingy in it. He said that the coke in Singapore tastes so much better.

So last week when he returned from USA after a meeting there, he bought us a can to try. LOL.. so funny. Especially bought us a can of coke. So all of us tried a little of the USA coke...

The can looks nice ... but the taste...

It tasted like the coke candy that I ate when I was a kid. That fakish coke taste. It wasn't very sweet like I expected but the taste was weird, fake taste. If not for the can, I will think that this coke is an imitation from China or something.

My coke, you see the ice also arranged so nicely inside! LOL... like a flower leh! Nice hor. And that's my daily green tea which I was so silly to pao when I haven't finish the coke.

Yes and I took a bit of my messy desk so you know that I am a very busy worker. Hahaha... And yes, I got a TV on my desk. lol... Arrgghh.. tomorrow still got work. still got so many deadlines to meet. SIAN!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

500 note

Yday I dug out all my Asian foreign currencies to separate out the HKD and the RMB for use next week when I go HK and China. Then I came across a $500 note. I think and I think and I think. But I cannot recall whether it belongs to China or to Hongkong. I took out my $500 note from HK and saw that they looked very different. Then I go online and tried to find a $500 RMB but then I found out that China actually don't have 500RMB. 100RMB is the biggest note they have!!!

Then I searched a website which shows all the HKD500, new and old no longer in use prints. But the old prints also don't have this note.

Pek Cek, I googled again, keying in '500 note deer' as the note shows some deers on it.

Finally I found out where this note belongs..... Please see......

It's a TWD.

Meaning that instead of being worth about $100SGD, this note actually only worth $30.

Spent so much time finding out where this note belongs to. I should have just taken a photo and MMS fm... Gosh...

End of my silly little story of how I found out this note is a TWD.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Chingay 2012

This year, I am taking part in Chingay again. Thanks to my colleagues who asked me if I wanted to take part in the dragon portion. I thought why not? A good chance to exercise, to know more people, to watch Chingay for free and can dance in 'high' mode. So I agreed readily.

Well, apparently, the dragon is not an easy part. If you are going to watch Chingay on Sunday, please note the PINK LACEY DRAGON. I am like the 3rd person in the PINK LACEY DRAGON. Oh well, at least it's pink la. My fav colour... That is like my consolation you know.

So this time round, I not so easy job as 2 years ago, just standing on the float and wave. This time I gotta RUN! Running for my life while my pink lacey dragon spray water on me!!! Make me wet from top to bottom... From inside to outside. Then in front behind everyone kicking the water. Like playing in swimming pool like that.

Though I KP alot, I still enjoy it. It's tired but it was fun. I did it even though I knew it will be tiring because it's not every time or every year that I can do this. And if I don't do it while I am still young then wait till when?



Tomorrow is the first day performance, then Saturday is the VIP performance. Wish me luck!