Thursday, January 19, 2006


I wanted to blog this some time ago but I was rather sick so it dragged till now. I went to Phuket on 13Jan-15Jan, some of my friends thought I disappeared into thin air as none of them were able to find me.

It's a company trip and we had 2 staff from China joining us in Phuket. The trip was nice but unfortunately, I didn't really like Phuket much. Going once is enough for me.

On 13 Jan, we scheduled a flight on 7am which means we have to gather at the airport at 5am. I was still groggy when I woke up at 4am then I realised that I was late cuz I am sharing cab with a colleague and he is already on his way here. I rushed through everything and ended up forgetting bring my toothbrush and facial foam. Hate such early flights.

At Changi airport..

I decided to dye my hair in Phuket cuz it's so cheap! The above photo is not me but I was bored in the salon while waiting for the dye to go into my hair so I took this. I tell you. I sit there for 2 hours, they bleached, washed, dye, blow, comb, straighten and finally put gel for me. All for $6!!! Believe it or not! Also, I fell asleep while they were straightening my hair... ZZzzz..

In case you are wondering, I didnt bleach all of my hair of cuz. Hxy will kill me. I just dyed three parts under my hair, near my neck.

Simon Caberet show! Hee hee... Pretty tranny yo. I think I don't need to describe how pretty the trannies are already. My friend said they are like barbie dolls.

This photo doesn't do justice to the nice scenery up there at the krata or kata viewpoint. The colours were more vibrant. In the picture, we can see 3 beaches of Phuket. These beaches were affected by the Tsunami. Imagine you were up here when the tsunami came... What a scene.

They decided to do this All Terrain Vehicle thing and as I am a sissy, I am not interested in getting all the dust on my face. So a few other girls and me decided to go shopping in a souvenir shop nearby. By the way, the word 'souvenir' means 'remember' in French.

I always bring either this pudu or another doggy whenever I go overseas so I can take a picture of them. Here is pudu standing by the window in the hotel room. Speaking of the hotel, our hotel rooms are on the 4th floor and there is no lift! Can you believe that? We climbed like hell up the stairs with our luggage. After a whole day outside, we have to climb up a freakin 4 storeys staircase.

Then of course we went to the night market for shopping. However, I think shopping in Phuket sucks. We have to bargain alot and even after bargaining, the price of the item is like in Singapore. For example, my friend want to buy the necklace from the above picture, the first price given to us was I think 450baht. That is $18.75. After bargaining, it was 250 baht, $10.40. I can buy a necklace with that price in Singapore too.

We went to one bag shop and the shop owner quoted an outrageous price of 1850 baht ($77) for a simple, non-branded bag! I told him,"We can buy a branded bag with this price in Singapore." With that, we left the shop. I think those ang mohs do not bargain alot and hence all the shop owners are not keen at bargaining with us.

Shopping sucks but at least we had good food! The food was really nice at those road side shops. Better than the restaurants. Anyway, the restaurants are far too EXPENSIVE.

Look at the amount of tourists!!! The beach is so overcrowded but the sea is empty. All the angmohs prefer to sit on the beach then go into the water.

On the last day, I finally got a chance to take photo on the beach before checking out. You can see that there is no one in the sea...

Sheena is still drunk when we were checking out. She just stay like that and drag herself all the way like this to the airport.

This silver aeroplane is so cool! The real thing look nicer but too bad my camera did not capture the coolness.

Bye bye Phuket!

I think going to Phuket once is enough for me. The place is really overcrowded and the things are so expensive. It looks like Bangkok with a beach in fact.

To end this entry, I will show u all the pretty photos of trannies taken off the Simon Cabaret website. Please don't drool on your keyboard!



frannxis said...

... so the sunshine and the food didn't turn you into a 'blackie' or 'fatty'...

Miko said...

no leh.. hahaha i use ultimate sunblock lotion so in the end I turned out fine. My friends said I didn't darken at all.