Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Father's Opinion

Last Saturday I was watching SJ's MV in my room when my mother came in and asked me to have lunch. So I asked her if I can have lunch in my room because I am in the midst of watching the MV with a very high mood.

Apparently, she said no.

My parents are always very bothered by me eating my room. They said that the food will leave a smell in my room. But I am not having food with a strong smell like durian or what. It's just normal fried bee hoon. Moreoever my room's windows are always opened and I don't use the air-con so the smell don't really stay. All these reasons are not valid in their point of view. I have to get out and eat in the living room. Then isn't it going to smell in the living room too??

Anyway I told my mum if that's the case then I am bringing the MV out to the living to continue watching while eating. She had no choice, I just plugged my USB into the TV and continued watching in the living room while eating bee hoon.

My father was there too and he also watched the MV because well.. he didn't have a choice. There is only 1 TV.

I told him that this is the major Kpop group right now and they are like right at the top. LOL, except maybe TVXQ who has the biggest fan club in Korea, having like more than 100k fans registering their fanclub in 2 days.

Anyways...  I was watching TV and my father suddenly said,"I can't tell if they are guys or girls. Boy group or girl group?."

I was like... -_-" Duh!!!

Got so exaggerating mah????

He said that except for Kyuhyun and Siwon, the rest all looks like girls.


Then my mum also joined in the fun. She commented,"Aiyo, why the skin so fair? If they dress up as girls sure very pretty one!"

The MV I was watching didn't have Heechul in it. I think she will completely believe that Heechul is a girl.

Recently I read somewhere that Leeteuk trained to gain more muscles so as to get rid of his wimpy image. And the video of the recent M Countdown revealed the results of his training:

He is really sexy, free and single now wiht this fabulous abs!!

Eunhyuk also previously showed off his buffed up body but I think he gave about during the 5th album and became the same old Eunhyuk again.

But I think he gave up so he is now the same old salted fish again....  LOL... I don't have proof for this though, I guess it. Because previously when he had these muscles he kept showing them during performances but the recent performances are conservative. He didn't reveal anything. Hee hee...

Anyway my point is they are not as girly and wimpy as my father thinks!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


When I do my make up for Chinese Opera, eyeliner is a must. No eyeliner = fail make up. Eyeliner is very important to me.

So is for the Korean male stars too!!

They call it the guyliner. It's so smoking hot and sexy! LOL...

I am so sorry for being so unconventional or as my friends like to put it, weird. I know that my friends who always come here loyally to read my rants are very traditional. They like traditional things and things that are within the rules and norm. So I am very sorry to be always writing weird stuff like this and make you all turn off. LOL....

But I really like guyliner. So I have to blog it. No choice. I even made Govin put guyliner on himself during performance 2 days ago. hee hee.. I will post his pics below too.

Yay!!! Let's look at Suju's guyliner first ok ok??

Firstly, it's Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk doesn't have the prettiest eyes in suju but still.. he looks pretty cool here!! :)

Next up Leeteuk

Admit it! Leeteuk's so cute with the guyliner!! Just nice, not too much, enough to be seen!

I think Leeteuk looks very nice with guyliner especially in the gif above which I find very irritating, I would rather have a picture than a gif but I can't find a picture.

Next, Donghae

Cute or not? The guyliner and that little smirk... heh...

Then we have Cinderella.

 Cinderella has got such beautiful eyes which I am so jealous of!! 

Heechul's eyes are already very big...... with the guyliner, becomes bigger.

I want Kim Heechul's eyes!! Tao yan...

Ok... Sungmin...

Sungmin's guyliner sometimes looks very nice, like above. Very sexy. But sometimes not so nice. Maybe the make-up artiste cannot make it. LOL...

Sungmin's eyeliner and notice the captions in the gif above says 'sexy sexy sexy'.. hahaha...

Yesung is the one that wears guyliners most often. I think everytime he appear on screen he will use guyliner.

Cuz maybe he got smaller eyes like me, thats why need eyeliner!

Kyuhyun like seldom use guyliner..

Siwon, the most handsome man in Suju. He looks so good with a little guyliner too. Then again he looks good in almost anything!

Next up are all the non-suju korean stars which I found online while looking for suju's photos. So I saved them to show their guyliners.

Ok, so you get the picture, guyliner = the must have nowadays for Kpop male stars. But not anyone can pull off the guyliner. Some just look very weird. Maybe the shape of the eyes got something to with it. I only post those that looks good in it here.

I know I know, you are going to say Miko is so weird, she likes men with eyeliners and men who dress like gay. Actually I am not that weird la. If you google hot guyliner, you will find many girls who like guyliners. I mean if you go on stage for performance, isn't it better to have the eyeliner so your eyes look brighter and sharper?
That is what I told Govin. I keep harping that Korean stars are doing it and they look so cool on stage. So I said he should do it too. Since he also look like Korean, he can pull off the eyeliner well. I told him he will look very good la.

LOL.. in the end Govin said, "ok ok anything for the stage."

When he said ok, I suddenly don't know how cuz I dunno how to draw guyliner. So I got Teacher Ruwang to do it for him. She was agreeable that the guys should use eyeliners too! Wow. Ruwang is also very qian wei sia. hahahaha

 Govin in the process of transforming into kpop star. LOL..

Done! I took this photo while he is still waiting for the eyeliner to dry. I didn't take any pictures after he opened his eyes. I think he will humtum me. LOL. But I think he took quite a lot of pics. If he post on FB I will post here la.. lol...

So do you like eyeliners on guys??

Monday, July 23, 2012

Shinee VS Suju

The first song I heard from Korean pop was Sorry Sorry. The second one was Ring Ding Dong. LOL... The words are really weird like 'ring ding dong, ring ding dong, ring ding a ding ding ding'. Very weird lyrics.

Sorry Sorry was sung by Suju, Ring Ding Dong was sung by Shinee.

At first I like Shinee's songs more. My playlist was dominated by Shinee's songs.

I love both Suju and Shinee...

Ok I admit I love Suju more now. :P Now my playlist is dominated by Suju.

Shinee released a new song, Sherlock, in March. Suju released Sexy Free Single this month, like 2 weeks ago.

Shinee's hairstyle and costumes in Sherlock left me speechless. It is really not that nice. (I don't want to use the word 'fail' because I will get bashed by fans)

I mean seriously what was the designer thinking giving Key that bermuda with stars?? STARS?

And what's wrong with Taemin's hair, he looks like a girl. There is something wrong with his clothes too.

The dance and choreography wasn't so bad. I like the beginning part but i don't really like the chorus dance. I prefer their Replay dance and looks. They should seriously fire whoever styled their looks here.

Please watch VCR:

The song of the month for July is Suju's Sexy Free Single.

Compared with Shinee's Sherlock, at least their styles are really cool in the MV. Though there are some weird warrior style getups, most of the other styles are really nice. I like Sungmin's blond hair!

The song itself is very addictive. It just kept looping in my head after I first heard it even though I still can't understand Korean. I only heard Sexy Free and Single I'm ready too bingo.

The dance this time is also very catchy. It will stick in your head with their 招牌动作 aka their signature moves in the dance. If you realise, there are always signature moves in most of their MVs. Like in Sorry Sorry, there is the palm rubbing move. In Mr Simple, there is the hand cramp flicking (according to my bro).

In this MV, my bro said their signature move is the vegetable chopping part.

I am sorry but Suju's Sexy Free Single has won over Shinee's Sherlock! :P

Sexy Free and Single I'm ready too bingo!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Learn Korean

Yay~~ I have registered for Korean classes starting from 2 Aug. So happy and excited!! I am so looking forward to learn the language. I think I will be able to learn Korean better than French. First of all, I will get more chances to hear korean with all the videos on internet.

In fact, I have picked up some korean words already from watching so many interviews and variety shows. Like 'What?!', 'Really?', 'Thank you', 'Fool', 'brother' etc...

I won't get lots of chances to speak though. I only have a cousin learning it already and a friend staying in Seoul. Previously, I spoke alot of French with my ex so my french speaking was not too bad in the past. Now very rusty. lol.

I am also starting my dance class on 4 Aug. It's the first time I am learning how to dance. I hope I am not those kind that can never learn dancing. I think I am not ba, since my hand-leg coordination is not too bad. Heh.. So looking forward. I haven't register for it. Must find a time next week to go to the dance school.

Anyone want to join me?

Monday, July 09, 2012

Penang Trip

Lots of things happened in Penang, some are not so suitable to be blogged but others are fine. LOL...

Although it was a short 3-day trip, it was very happening. Lots of things can happen in 3 days and make the trip seems like forever.

This time, I shared room with May. Usually I share room with my mum if my mum goes but I think this is the first time that I am sharing room with May. That is a good thing too because May brought her iPad.

So every night I will tell May to lend me her iPad cuz I wanna read news. So she lent me. And I happily read my news.

Xin En popped over and saw me reading news and that my news are not really NEWS. I told her I am very busy because I subscribed to Suju's newsletter and because they got 13 members, I have got tons of email alerts in my mailbox everyday. Therefore I have to read the news everyday to clear my mailbox.

May said that she thought I was so concerned with world affairs that I have to read news everday.

Well, this is also considered world affairs. Hahahaha.. There are lots of news about super junior's preformances in the world.

So it's also worldwide news. And it is my 精神粮食 in this arduous trip.

May Teng's iPad became my ipad I think. Cuz I used it the most in Penang. LOL... Pardon me... I am a very busy person.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

死 May

Yesterday 死May wrote to me, "I don't see anything great about Super Junior."

She is looking for trouble with me.

She didn't know how to write the word 死.

Then she continued,"You are weird... They are too pretty face..."

And now she got a problem with pretty faces.

What's so weird with loving Kpop and a group with pretty faces??? IMO, I think it's very blessed to be borned with pretty faces like the Super Junior's members. :P

Come on la.... She likes xiao shengs who have masculine faces, aka females with masculine faces.

So what's the issue with men with feminine faces? Isn't it the same? Females with masculine faces are the same as males with pretty faces.


Too bad for her, she is missing out a whole lot of awesome-ness!!! :D

PRETTY face Donghae!


M2M song again Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you~~~~

I am now busy ripping videos, MV, of Suju and Shinee so that I can watch them when I go to Penang. :)

Please don't say I am weird and crazy cuz I am not!!!

With so much pressure I am handling now, it's good that there is something I can rely on to make my day a good one. It's better than May Teng whose idol, Ah Cheng, has nothing to entertain her at all!!! Oops, sorry, I mean Ah Cheng don't have new things to entertain her. She can only listen to old songs or watch the dramas.

There is nothing great about Suju??

Everything about Suju is great.

I am going to pick up Korean in August.

May then wrote to me again, "Are you crazy? Are you trying to be multi-lingual? You already learnt French."

I want to know what Super Junior are talking about in their interviews!!! :( :( :(

She is now waiting for my kpop craze to be over so I can concentrate on my opera again.

Oh, and my mum after watching 'MR Simple' MV so many times (Because I put it on loop on my TV though I am not watching it), she can now do the chorus dance part!! Though she didn't do it very well, she caught the essence of the dance, the hand shaking part.

My brother say... Super Junior hand cramp ah....


Please play above video, this is the Mr Simple chorus part which my mum always try to dance when I put this song on loop... I should video my mum and post it here.. She will be very pissed!!!!!

Hee hee....