Friday, April 11, 2008

Save $$$

From now on I am going to save some money! I have decided to stop buying all those expensive opera stuff like hair pieces or costumes unless neccessary. Ultimately, they cannot be worn often. I might buy 2nd hand from May if she wants to sell and that will be cheaper.

Anyway, the point is I am not going buy any more hair pieces and costumes because I realised that I got alot of travel wishes. I have gone to TW so many times and now I think back, it was really a waste of money. Each time I go, it's at least $1000 gone. If I go TW 4 times, it will be $4000 gone and no point going there so many times cuz everytime I go, I see the same things.

Before I end my very short life, there are a few places I want to go... hee hee...

1) Greenland/Iceland

First in my list which I am already preparing to go. I estimated the cost will be about $5000 if we don't spend too much there. I want to go there because I want to ride on the husky sledge and see northern lights. So NICE! Moreover the glaciers are melting. I might not get to see it even if I want to in another 10 years.

2) Egypt

Mystical Egypt. I want to go there sit camels and see pyramids. Then I can make a wish in front of the sphinx!

3) Paris
What's the use of learning to speak french if I never go France? I want to go Paris not to buy branded stuff, I want to visit the Louvre Arts Museum, see Eiffel tower, River Seine etc. I have some friends there whom I can visit if I ever go there. I used to know this guy who got this little castle as a home at the countryside in France. Although he told me it's a little castle, it has got 28 rooms! That is not little lor. He told me it's little compared to the other castles there. So cool right... He told me I can stay in his home if I ever go France. He will call me up every time when he comes to Singapore but he didn't call up in the recent 2 years or so. Guess he lost my number.. Too bad lor. Sad... Think I will try to contact him back.

I have got another friend in Germany but I don't think I can visit her so soon.... Too many place to visit.. and no money!

So far, these are the 3 places which I got strong desire to go. Other than these, I got places where I would like to go but the desire is not that strong. Places like Peru, London, Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon etc.

For now, I will target to go to these 3 places first.

There is a place which I have been wanting to go and I fulfilled the wish thanks to someone. That is Maldives. Maldives is one of the most amazing places on earth which you must visit before you die.

The atolls from the air....

Maldive's airport... It was an amazing experience to land on this floating airport.

Pretty resort.

The water huts. I tried swimming around the huts but actually there was nothing to see in the water cuz the corals were dead at this area.

The colourful sea, this small jetty was just in front of my chalet.

This was the main jetty where visitors will arrive with the speed boat.

The hut behind is the main jetty I was talking about. Look at the sea, the back part is of very deep blue because there was a cliff in the sea. The shallow part is only knee deep but after the cliff, the sea is so deep. So deep that I can't see the bottom. I think it was quite scary to swim at the edge of the cliff because it felt like I will be sucked into the deep bottom.

The snorkelling experience there was wonderful too. I can never forget those colourful fishes I saw in the water. Hmmm... If there is a chance, I would like to visit Maldives again. At least it is cheaper than the above 3 places I wish to go.


sHeDiCo said...

you went to maldives b4? looks really beautiful how much is the air ticket?

Miko said...

Yep, the air whole thing including the packaged and accomodation is about $1500 lor. But u got to bring some US dollars there because the excursions cost money.