Monday, October 03, 2005

Sneaky mother 2

Yes, my mum did something sneaky again. Let me tell you the story right from the beginning.

After spending one whole afternoon watching opera, i fell asleep on the sofa at around 4pm. Then i woke up with a start at around 5pm. My mum was still taking a nap, so i said," Hey lao ma, are you going to cook tonight?"

SM: Still thinking.

Me: Let's go out and have dinner. What you want to eat?

SM: Anything.

Me: Pizza or Xiao Long Bao?

SM: Pizza.

My mum was trying to act cool today, so off we went to Pizza Hut in PS.

It was a Saturday so we gotta queue up. Meanwhile my sister decided to give us english lesson on how to spell the word 'OPEN'.

Finally, we got a table, we order our food and started happily eating. I forgot to take a photo of the pizza. Anyway, here is a picture of the finished pizza. Hahaha...

My sister's dessert was a piece of brownie and look how she look like after eating a brownie!

Then my mother snapped into action again, being her sneaky self. She suddenly tell me, "Hmm.. saw the couple next to our table, I can't believe the girl foot the bill! The guy is not a gentleman."

Me: oh yeah?

SM: There is another couple at the other table, ah, and another couple over there at that table. Let's eat slowly and see who will foot the bill. I am sure it will be the guy.

And so, we started taking glances at the tables around us.

So my mum looked to her left....

and looked to her right.......

and finally, she came to a conclusion that all the couples around us hd the guys footing the bill except for the first couple sitting next to us.

What does that conclusion proves? nothing i guess.

Hahaha.... Sneaky.

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