Tuesday, September 27, 2005

BBQ Session

Well, somebody is pushing me to quickly post this event. So yah I am going to start writing but I might not be able to finish it today. Just write abit first.

On this faithful Saturday afternoon, I received an SMS.

miko want to go BBQ at East coast tonight?' ( Yah I know the original SMS is not like this but the main idea is there ok?)

home.... I was wondering why last minute then call me.. Anyway, i said ok.

After our opera practice, Richard drove us to supposedly East Coast. I was sitting in between YH and Richard. They as usual must find something to argue about.

Richard: Got bring radio?

YH: No...

Me: Bring radio for what?

Richard: BBQ must have radio mah.. listen to music, make noise, like very havoc. ( Richard didn't say 'havoc' but he said something like that.)

YH: Aiyah don't need la. Nowadays people don't bring radio to East Coast.

Richard: What no need?! Like that don't have the ambiance leh. You see East Coast, everyone got bring radio one!

Me: So fan to bring radio.

Richard: You all don't know how to organize one leh.

YH: Aiyoh, invite you to BBQ you still so fussy!

Richard: If I organize I surely bring radio..

(I thought that was very funny lor. Radio is like in the 70s, those punk carry the big big radio on their shoulders. Suddenly I realized we are at Pasir Ris.)

Me: I thought we are going to East Coast?

Richard: Aiyah no radio go Pasir Ris la.

YH: You sick ah? How come no radio cannot go East Coast?

Richard: Go East Coast without radio very no face. Later ppl walk pass my table I must go hide. Pasir Ris quieter, seldom ppl bring radio.

YH: What kind of logic is that?! East Coast more convenient mah, nearer to my home. Last time take cab from there only $7+.

Richard: Aiyoh, you never see the directory before ah? Pasir Ris is nearer to your house ok. Pasir Ris go down abit is already Punggol, then go down abit more is SengKang already.

YH: Where got? East Coast should be nearer.

Richard: Pasir Ris.

YH: What ever la, find a place near to the toilets.

Richard: Very troublesome leh you. I cannot believe we don't have radio.

(my god.. Back to the radio topic.)


Happily we started the fire and then... KABOOM!!!... There was a big fire burning on the charcoal. The fire was so big that it attracted attention from the other people. Richard tried fanning it to make it smaller but the fire just burned on and on.. I was happily watching then chaos from afar. hahaha...

Finally after some time, the fire got smaller and we started bbqing the chicken wings and hotdogs. Richard did the bbqing as usual but he complained that there were no prawns. Richard is eccentric, I don't know but sometimes his thinking is different and he is very stubborn. Even if he is wrong, he will insist he is right. Normally I can't be bothered.

The chicken wings took a long time cook, so we just did our normal gossiping.

Me: (to May) How is everything in AX? Who is teaching now?

Richard: You cannot say this kind of things to each other!

Me: Why not?

Richard: These things are confidential mah, we cannot talk about each other's troupe.

In my opinion, this is utter rubbish lor. Who the hell cares if I ask about other troupe's affair? The person I am asking can choose to answer or ignore me right.

May: fine lor, now Ah ni help us to rehearse our show.

Richard shot us a dirty look.

I don't care so much, just go somewhere else to eat.

While eating, I heard Richard complaining that they should buy stingray and not those normal fish cuz the fish has a lot of bones. Then he ask.. Got sweet potatoes?



After eating a bit, I decided to go around taking photos with my trusty D500C. A friend commented that the photos I took with D500C is not clear enough.. blah blah.. But who cares, as long as you get the idea of what's going on.

First, I snapped a photo of Richard. The famous one.

Richard, stop complaining!

The chicken wings are marinated by May. Suddenly Richard realized that there is only the middle part of the chicken wing. So he asked May where are the rest. May said something like her dog ate them but actually she purposely bought only the middle section.

This is May, as you can see, she is avoiding my camera. She is too shy.. (yeah right!) and she refuse to appear on my blog! looky, she is wearing her favorite pink colour top. (yah there is a typo, not 'you' should be 'your' but I am lazy to go edit the photo and upload again so just shut up ok?)

I wanted to take photo of YH also but she refused. I told her I can always mosaic her face or put a black rectangle over her eyes so she will look like some criminal but she still rejected my idea. So shy for wat?! My god..

Here is my mum and sis, my mum is really doing the the BBQ, but my sis is just pretending to BBQ for the sake of taking this pic. -_-" She is actually a pig cuz she ate the most that night.

After taking these few pics, Tian and Qiuyue finally arrived, 9:45+pm. We have already done all the BBQ so all of us just sat down at one table to talk and eat. Then this Ah May decide to talk about my blog. Now the whole gang knows that I am actually spilling out the secrets in my blog. What will Richard the sensitive one think?

Anyway, May was animatedly telling the rest what rubbish I wrote in my blog, according to her, the most rubbish one was 'My Blind Camera'. Rubbish meh? Quite interesting what. Chey...

She told me she read all the entries already and the way she tell the others, I almost felt that I have known her all my lifetime! She knows better than my best friend! That's good anyway, all my friends somehow knows each other thru my blog. My polymates mentioned about Richard (muahaha.. funny sia) and May mentioned my polymates.

YH, who has been listening intently, suddenly announced that she wants to write a blog too. She got the web link from me but I wonder if she has started already. Someone comment that YH will give up within 3 days~

After that, everyone start telling me what to write in my blog. So I constantly hear this..:

'remember to write this in your blog.'

'this one must write in your blog hor.'

'faster take picture of this and write in your blog.'

Richard wanted me to take a photo of this :

What's so special about this? You may ask. Nothing actually, just that 2 different kinds of cups suddenly appeared on our table baffled Mr Richard. He wants to know why the hell there are 2 different cups here. The question was never answered.

Richard want to comment that YH is lousy cuz she did not smash her eyes.. oops .. ice properly so that it fit s nicely in the cup and not like one whole lump balancing on the cup. However, YE did not care so much about that.

Richard insist that I take a photo of his nicely smashed ice which fitted totally snugly in his cup. Well yeah.. abit boliao right.

We gossiped about a few things in the BBQ but I can't write it here, who knows who might see this and this innocent little blog will evolve into something evil.

After gossiping, we headed home. My father came to fetch us and before getting into the car, we saw an old neighbour, who was a year younger than me and we used to study in the same primary school. This old neighbour was named, Ah Boy. Ah Boy introduced his wife to us and my mother was like.. *gasped* 'You are married?!'

Then my mum mumbled all the way home about how she envy other children......

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