Monday, July 26, 2010

A short trip to JB

Whenever time permits and that KL is free, we will go to Johor for a short trip. Basically, we do the routine stuff like going Giant to buy neccessties (I have no idea how to spell this and I lazy to check), going to Holiday Plaza to buy some barang and washing car etc. YH love going to JB. She always ask me when I am going and when I am planning to go etc. I have to keep telling her that I have no plans on going yet.

YH also has got a routine list of things she must do when she go to JB. Hers will be to buy seasoned mangoes, to buy drama series and to eat crayfish. Crayfish is a must for her.

At the beginning of July, we went to JB upon YH's request. First we went to the Holiday Plaza to get seasoned mangoes and DVDs etc. Once there, we divided up into 3 groups. Me and KL will shop for our usual things like games, computer stuff etc. YH and Michael went to get seasoned mangoes and tidbits and a foreign friend of mine wandered off herself. For the record, YH was wearing a skirt that day. I asked her why did she wear a skirt and she said that I am mad because she often wear skirts.... -_-"

After shopping, we went for crayfish. I think it's still expensive though its cheaper than in Singapore. YH very exaggerating. She ate crayfish there and then she packed alot of crayfish home too. By the time she got home, the crayfish won't be crispy and hot already lor.

YH love crayfishes!

Me and a friend and we ordered so much food!

This is Michael, yh's boyfriend. I think I haven't blogged about him before. He is a nice guy and he always turns up when we got performances very supportive towards YH learning opera.

Fortunately, when we got out of JB, there wasn't a traffic jam. It was super crowded everywhere in JB on a Saturday and we had a jam when we were going in. The jam lasted like 2 hours. So we were glad that we managed to get back to singapore without a jam . :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Skin Centre Again

I have a friend who told me that I must blog because reading my blog is part of her breakfast routine. It's like if she didn't read any new post, her breakfast will be incomplete. I have so many things to blog about, so many pictures to share but sometimes, I am just not in the mood to type anything.

Tomorrow, I am going to visit the Skin Centre again. It's been a long long time since I visited it. This time I am going there for a different purpose. Remember I showed you guys my big swollen hand? Finally, tomorrow is my appointment at skin centre to test out what is my problem really. Good, I can finally have a list of things that I am allergic to. In future I don't have to test and trial and I know what to avoid.

However, my appointment tomorrow is like damn early can. It's at 8.50am! My god, it has been a long long time since I woke up so early. I wanted to change the appointment time at first but I think it's good to be early also because it means that I am the first patient. I don't have to wait too long for my turn. For the record, I have waited for like 2 hours before at skin centre. It's ridiculous! And they even offer a $10 rebate if you waited mored than 70 minutes. Which I always happen to wait for a longer time than that.

So if tomorrow I am the first one, I don't have to wait.

I realised that I get bored very easily. I must prepare some things to bring along whenever I go out. Like when I am waiting for bus, when I am queuing up, when stupid KL disappeared somewhere to make phone calls, I will have something to entertain myself. It has become very important to me. I just can't sit around and start imagining things like I used to do because that will drive me mad. I will maybe start shouting or hitting the walls with my fists, lol.

There is a lot of waiting to be done tomorrow if I am unlucky so I must be well prepared. Loaded movies into my PSP and in case my battery flat, I brought a book along too. Call me if you want to meet me for lunch tomorrow.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


Yay, I just bought Jay Chou's lastest album!

I seldom buy an album without first listening to the songs online if they are worth buying or not. The only exceptions are my idol Ekin and Jay Chou. Ekin, I just find all his songs nice! hahaha.. ok lah. I admit I am obsessed with him. Jay's albums are nice so far so I trust that he will not release a lousy album so I just bought it.

Listening to it right now, as usual, there will be a few rap songs, one chinese style song, one 'sweet romantic' song and some heartbroken sort of songs. I find that he usually makes a combo like this. If the songs are nice enough, I will learn them to sing in ktv. hahaha....

this is one of the songs I like... Very nice.