Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BBQ gathering.

My relatives used to only see each other twice. Once on chinese new year and the other time on the tomb sweeping day. So in order to break that tradition, my dearest cousin, Shedico aka chuyun, organised this bbq session together with my Aunt Pat. Aunt Pat is the youngest sister my father has.

Zhen yin on the right and chuyun on the left.

Aunt Pat is very enviromental friendly. She prepared these cups for us with names written on them!! But hor, I cannot find my name. End up, she has forgotten to write a cup for me. I got no cup!

Then she finally wrote a cup for me with my name on it. :)

This is Aunt Pat's cup. Hahaha she must draw that pig there. So cute right? I remember she used to draw a lot of pig faces on my arms and legs when I was very very young.

Zhen yin said that the curry is very nice!

But chuyun likes the chicken wings!

That day, I realised that my sister has never played in a play ground before! How sad that she dun even know how to play with the swing and to swing high! I have to push her and when she got the hang of it. She likes to swing very much. Can't blame us for not bringing her to the playground cuz she is always more interested in playing games. She doesn't like to go out with us anymore.

The bbq session allowed us to exchange gossips and latest news happening around us. Eventually they started talking about the past, talking about how my grandma has got 9 kids and 3 were given aways etc. The past is always full of interesting stuff and joy when they talked about it. We will all listen in awe about all the crazy things they did in the 60s. LOL. I think we will have another gathering in September.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I think it's fate. It's not like I purposely desgined myself to go to Hongkong but it just happened like this. I mean, I didn't expect myself to go HK so many times because I have other locations I want to go and I don't wanna spend all my money and time in HK. Somehow it's fated that I have to visit HK so many times. HAHA.

Well, first it was Ekin's concert. I mean, it's EKIN! His first stop concert will definitely be in HK so I have to go see it. I didn't regret though, it was a great concert and Ekin is so cute.

Then now KL told me that his company is sending him to HK for training, he asked me if I want to tag along. So coincidently, he is going there for training and he can go for free so he offered to sponsor my half my ticket to go there. So since he offered, I accepted.

There you are, I am going HK yet again for the 3rd time in my life. LOL. Never mind lah, this time I have targets. I wanna drink the winter melon bubble tea!! So damn nice! LOL. Then my bro wants me to get some Ekin's DVD. Ah well, this time I have to work out which part of HK I wann visit since I have already gone to the parts that I want to go.

I will be going to HK in August~

Kite Flying

It has been many many years since I went kite flying so one day I bought this kite which was on sale outside the office I worked in. Little did I know that the kite is a lousy kite.

So I jio KL to go kite flying with me on a Saturday. But first, we went for Macdonald breakfast. I love hotcakes! LOL

I love xiao mung!

The kite I bough fell dead on the ground. So sad lor. It cannot fly! So in the end we got another kite from 7-11. It was a little expensive but I think it looks cool. I love it!.

Our new kite.

This kite turned out to be a high flyer! hahah It took off easily and glided up the sky with little efforts.
Like a bat!
Though I like kite flying, I hate the sun, so I must still shield myself with my pink umbrella.

I ask KL to fly the kite with the umbrella too!

Wah, you see, our kite is flying really very high! It's now just a dot in the sky.

Me, flying kite is like fishing, all I have to do is hold the line. :)

Luckily, I put on lots of sunblock on my face so I didn't get too dark. I hate it if my face is too dark then I have to put on a lot of make up during performance. But my arms and legs got very dark! hahaha, so I am now like having 2 tones on me. KL on the other hand likes to be dark so he can go out there and stand under the sun without problems. I think next time we should try to fly at night then it wont be so hot. My god. You cannot imagine how hot Singapore is during the noon on a clear day like this.


May said that I should title this entry as the 'Yucky blog' because she thinks that it is very yucky. But I dun think it's yucky at all. It's just my hand!!

As I blogged before, I am allergic to many things. I tot that I have already known every single thing that I am allergic of like plasters, grass, coloured feathers, confetti etc. But this allergy struck me without letting me know what it is.

I was sleeping peacefully when suddenly my hands and feet were very very itchy. So itchy that I cant sleep. I have to wake up and scratch them. It made me very pek cek. DAMMIT.

Then in the morning, I found my hands and feet swollen.

Picture not clear but there are some bubbles on my hands and palms. It's really .. scary. And my mum freaked out when she saw that I have lots of bumps on my thighs. OMG. My father also freak out so I went to see doc.

The doctor says that I am allergy to something but she can't tell me what it is because I haven't eaten anything or touched anything that I am allergy of. So she made an appointment for me with National Skin Centre to check it out. I will probably do some tests there to determine what caused the allergy. I am going to ask the doctor to list down a list of things I am allergic to. Damn. I tot I have already cured myself of allergies!

Dinner with cousins

Had Dinner with my cousins not so long ago at Chomp Chomp. Wonder why Chomp Chomp is named like this? I also duno why. But I think it's because eating furiously sounds like 'chomp chomp' and that you can say someone is chomping away and thus the name.

All the chompy food.

Then I realised that my cousin's fathers went to KL together no so long ago. I asked them how come my father is not included! Want to die liao lor.

This is a big fat cup of sugar cane juice!! $3 per cup! LOL. and this hand belongs to cousin Deina. She say I must take a photo of her hand too so people will know the cup is super big.

As we all know, Chomp chomp is like a super crowded place and many people always stand around you waiting for you to finish your food. This made my aunt very uncomfortable. She is those kan cheong type so she urge us to quickly finish eating. I think chomp is a bad place for gathering cuz it's a eat and go place, cannot sit there to talk.

So in the end, we realised that we cannot end this gathering just like this because it's too short and we didn't exchange enough information about our families. In the end, we all came back to my home to continue the gossip session.

We, the Ng and Yap family cousins, have a lot of mo qi I think. LOL, My cousin A suddenly shout that how come me and Cousin B having the same toe nail colour. I looked down.. and laughed. Then She said the scariest thing is, she has the same nail colour too!!!

I think we really got a lot of mo qi lor. NAil colour also put the same! Hahaha.... Great minds think alike.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Relax one corner

A few days ago, I suddenly feel like going out for a walk and relax one corner. So I brought myself to Vivocity. I tried very hard not to spend too much money. LOL, it's the great Singapore sale! I can't help myself but buy some stuff. Stuff which are like super cheap that you won't find it again if you don't buy it. I bought tank tops, shorts etc for like $5 or $10 each. Damn Cheap.

Then I went to Starbucks to have a coffee and watch people. It was a Tuesday and I wasn't working so I have totally nothing in my mind. I got my coffee, found a sofa seat and just sat there watching people shopping, tugging their kids, holding hands, doing homework in starbucks etc. It was really relaxing. Then I played some games on my PSP...

How shiok is this lor. LOL, KL is always jealous that I can do this kind of thing with no trouble, no problems in my mind and totally stress free. Hee hee... Aiyah, life is really short, even if got problems also don't need to think about it too much right. I have got friends who got cancer. The truth really jumps out on your face that life is short. Don't make your life difficult by thinking about all the problems you have.

Of course, my doctor says that it's because my prozac is working. Prozac or not, I like the way things are now. So carefree.

Oh yah, I went to punch another hole on my ear! One on each side! LOL, that Ponyo aka Cai Yayi wanted to get her ears pierced but she is really scared. Scared of the pain. So I promised her that I will go with her for the piercing and I will get another one too. So we happily went to Orchard together and got our ears pierced! Hahaha.. Miss Cai was really nervous lor and she kp that it was very very painful. It was as painful as she has imagined it to be.

My second ear hole. So now that we have our ears pierced, Miss Cai told me not to talk about her ears or mention her ears cuz it will make her think of the pain. So crazy lah she! Hahaha...

Sunday, June 06, 2010

PC still down.

Yes my PC still down and I am still secretly using my father's Laptop. I got no choice. My PC forced me to do something like this. I am a very busy person ok but I still need to blog and check my FB regularly so having no computer is like a disaster to me.

The latest news is that my Laptop is coming back on Monday, UNREPAIRED. Cuz repairing the whole thing is too ex and I think I will just reformat it will do. SianZ! I hate Window Vista.

Today I spent a great day at SL. Lots of nonsense. Lots of laughters. Lots of Shits. Took some videos but cant blog. Sadz. I hate it that I want to blog but I can't cuz if I dun blog it now, I will probably forget all about it tomorrow. That happens very often and I have many things that I never write down. I have short term memory. If I don't keep a regular blog, I think I will forget everything when I am old. By then I will have Lao ren chi dai zheng.

If my PC still don't come back on Monday, I will continue to KP and KP here. LOL.