Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why Super Junior Deserves Respect

My personal blog is now becoming SJ focused blog. >.<

I decided to write this because apparently the forum that I hang out in is full of haters and antis. People hate SJ like crazy. Seriously man, what's wrong with these people. If you don't like SJ's songs then fine, don't listen. There is no need to hate them.

Seriously hating someone you don't know is a waste of energy... Why even..

Anyway Heechul doesn't give a damn about the haters..

So I am going tell why we should respect Super Junior.

Part 1

Super Junior was not expected to succeed.

Unlike what non-kpoppers believe, SJ wasn't meant to be successful. Non-kpoppers like me in the past thought that successful groups like Super Junior has the whole company behind them to give them all the help and publicity and thus they are so popular now. That was before I became ELF.

Super Junior was made up of 12 members at first. These 12 people were the rejects of SM. SM trained a bunch of teens and from this bunch, they picked the best to form TVXQ aka Dong Bang Shin Ki. So 5 boys formed TVXQ from the bunch. After TVXQ was formed, some trainees gave up and left SM but some stayed. For those who stayed, SM didn't know what to do with them and some of them had already trained for like 6 years. It is about time for them to debut. SM can't keep them as trainees for ever and SM really pity them, find them pitiful. So these rejected 'goods' were debuted together in one big group to form Super Junior 05, in 2005. These rejected goods were of course not the best trainees in SM and therefore many people looked down on them.

Because these trainees were not the best ones, SM decided that Super Junior 05 will be a project group which means some of the older members will be removed from SJ05 in the year 2006 and new members will be added in to keep the group young. The old ones who were removed from the group will have to fight on the own in the entertainment industry. That is why their name is Super Junior, they are supposed to remain as juniors. In 2006, the group with the added new members will be called Super Junior 06.

Therefore, SJ debuted with a heavy heart knowing that some members will be gone after 3 months. The first few to go were I think Leeteuk and Heechul since they were the oldest. With an uncertain future, SJ05 worked very hard, day and night without breaks. They wanted to achieve as much as they can in these 3 months so that they can still survive when they leave the group.

Here is a video of them talking about their feelings with each other when they were still in the project group.

They have been together, training for so long, and the thought of separating really upset them.

However, they have gained immense popularity over the 3 months and fans increased in big numbers. I read before that the fans had a strike in front of SM or something to keep Super Junior together.

When no one believe in SJ, even SM didn't believe in them, ELF did. SM didn't want to help SJ, ELF helped. That explains why SJ gives the best fanservice now. Even now, SM still treat SJ like crap. I don't believe it at first but now I see it with my own eyes and I believe now. SM doesn't really care for SJ.

Finally, because SJ got so popular, SM decided to drop the project group idea and let Super Junior05 become a permanent group in 2006. They changed the group's name to Super Junior, dropping the '05'.

When some people make fun of Super Junior's name, they didn't know that this name has a special meaning. I know that they are getting old now and the name of Super Junior sounds weird for them but this name holds a special meaning so I hope they will keep this name forever.

The director said that he was surprised with the success of super junior as he himself didn't expect this group to succeed. In the end, the cream of the crop group, TVXQ splitted. JYJ left and now there is only HoMin left. Don't get me wrong, I love HoMin too.

For this alone, SJ deserves respect because they had worked so hard. No one believed in them but they worked hard to achieve what they want. Even when the future was bleak, they worked hard through tears and blood.

This is the video  of their first award. Everyone was crying over the win. The group that no one believes in won their first award.

If you think that winning this award and keeping their group means that their future was smooth sailing afterwards, you can't be more wrong.

More shit came along to test the perserverance of this group...

I think I will write another day.. Zzzz. Tired. I didn't know just point 1 alone took me so long. Hee heee... Too much to talk about when it comes to SJ.

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Mum

I realized that it's my 8th year into writing this blog! I was like...

8 FREAKING years for crying out loud. My gosh. I can't believe the things I do sometimes...

I think there should be some kind of celebration for my long running blog. though I don't have visitors

So I....

Just when I was being happy and such,  my mum came into my room though I seriously hoped that the one who opened the door was...

But reality was reality, it was my mum...

I was happily in my room watching Super Junior and fangirling...

So I asked me mum.

Me: You like Super Junior or not?
Mum: No...
Me: Why not?
Mum: I not interested
Me: Ok lor... *continues watching my Super Junior MV*

(5 min later)

Me: So which member you like among them?
Mum: I like Ryeowook the most, 2nd I like Leeteuk, 3rd I like Eunhyuk
Me: Gotcha!!!!

Kekekek.. My mum actually almost remembers the names of all the members now~~ hahaha that is quite a mission accomplished for me. I felt so proud of myself!

Shit I think I am addicted to writing blogs with gif...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year Eve

I don't normally celebrate New Year Eve because it's always crowded outside. So I normally stayed at home and watch TV. This year however, Miss Tan really really wanted to celebrate so much. So as a very nice friend, I agreed to celebrate with her despite the fact that that night, SJM will be performing in Jiangsu with Live TV broadcast. I recorded it.

So we met up for dinner together and at around 9pm, I began endlessly refreshing my Twitter waiting for SJM's performance to come on TV. Correction if you think that you can watch TV on Twitter, I actually can't see it there but I follow a bunch of people on Twitter which updates it 24/7 on every little things about SJ. So once the program comes on TV, they will immediately tweet it and tell us what they sang, what clothes they wear etc. And when I see such tweets coming out, I can be sure that 5 minutes later, the video will appear on youtube. Then I can watch it. LOL..

Miss Tan was amazed with the efficiency of ELF. I told her not to worry about me missing the program because I can see it on Youtube 5 minutes after the broadcast. Then when I go home tonight, I will re-watch it on TV.

Miss Tan and me sat down in TCC while waiting for May Teng to come. We talked a bit and I continued my endless refreshing of Twitter. Suddenly I yelped when finally I saw the tweet that SJM is on! Miss Tan was surprised to see my fangirl moment which I think so far none of the troupe membrs have seen it. Only my kaki Ekin fans and other ELF have seen my fangirl moments.

Miss Tan said that I was very kua zhang with my over-excitment. I can't control my feels because that night, SJM revealed their new album teaser, Break Down!! So I excitedly waited for the video to come online in Youtube. 5 minutes later, I found it and Miss Tan watched it with me. LOL.. You should have seen my excitement and the big grin on my face when I was watching it.

Finally after watching the video and at 10+pm, May Teng came and we proceeded to Esplanade for countdown. Little did we know that it was already jam packed with people. So we go no choice but to walk a long way and arrived at the baby merlion area. That side was not so crowded.

May Teng said that she was very thirsty but there was only Starbucks there, she got no other choice but to buy that atas coffee..

May Teng at Starbucks getting her atas coffee..

We waited and waited but before we can countdown, suddenly th sky was litted up with fireworks! Apparently 2013 arrived before we can even start counting!!!

Watching the beautiful fireworks...

And May Teng drinking her atas coffee while watching....

After the whole thing we thought it will be a bummer to take train home as there were like millions of people there. Fortunately this year, crowd control was good and we managed to take a train back comfortably and the train wasn't jam packed!

I wish concerts in Singapore will have better crowd control too! Damn.. The crowd was totally out of control during concerts, it was madness.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Sleepy Shindong

I really mean to post my New Year countdown experience with May Teng and Miss Tan but let's do that another day since that requires me to get all the pictures from my phone.

I found this in a forum >.< It's really funny! Super Junior were attending a year end event and during the event, a fan caught this:

First Shindong fell asleep and Siwon secretly took a picture of him. Look at Siwon's victorious smile after he manage to get the picture. LOL....

Shindong woke up and I don't know why Kangin was smiling at Siwon when Shindong woke up. He was like telling Siwon, look, Shindong woke up!

Then all 3 of them, Eunhyuk, Siwon and Kangin started laughing at Shindong. LOL....

Then Kangin like patted Shindong on the back, wakey wakey....

Then Shindong took a water bottle that belongs to another person sleepily... And Kangin tried to stop him.

Shindong drank it anyway and Kangin was like 'aish.. .this kid...'

Super Junior members are just so funny, on stage or in real life.. They are always doing crazy things or silly things.. But that's what I love about them! :D

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Today is SUNGMIN's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to our AEGYO KING, cutest of the cute, Lee Sung Min, 李晟敏, on 1st January 2013

He is one of the most beautiful member in SJ in my opinion. Fair skin, delicate features and according to LZ, nice teeth too. :D

Sungmin is always unnoticed in SJ because of his quiet nature and to be honest I didn't recognise or remember Sungmin at first. He wasn't one of the first few members that I noticed. >.< I am sorry Sungmin, now I will remember you for life!

In variety shows, he doesn't talk much too if there are many other members around. It was always Eunhyuk and Leeteuk and Shindong who gets the attention because they talk A LOT. And I mean really alot... I am not saying that they are mean to not let Sungmin talk but some people are just borned to talk >.<

Sungmin also doesn't really do a lot of crazy, nonsensical stuff like some members. Shindong and Eunhyuk once said before that Sungmin is the most normal one in Super Junior. He always do things the standard way. Like when he did the Mr Simple dance, he did it the most accurate way as per the choreographer taught them. Therefore, Sungmin is always known as the 'normal' one.

It's like Sungmin is just a normal peasant compared to the other members.. Hahaha.. but Leeteuk said....

Yep, you cannot be normal in SJ. No one in SJ is normal. So if you are normal, you are most probably phsychotic.

Hahahaha.. And don't doubt Leeteuk because he knows his little brothers very well. Look at Sungmin here:

 Back to being serious, I really feel unfair for Sungmin. He is in the middle of everything. He doesn't really have outstanding dance compared to Eunhyuk, he doesn't have outstanding vocals compared to KRY but he is an all-rounder!! He dance fairly well and he has a sweet voice and plays quite a few instruments too!!

It's really sad that people are not noticing him or giving him enough credits and they only remember him as the aegyo king, aka the act cute king. They even got his name wrong or don't remember his name when they write articles about SJ. It's very demoralizing.

I mean yes, it's undeniable that Sungmin acts cute a lot because fans like to see him do that.  but we can't ignore his talents and just focus on his cuteness. although his cuteness is really distracting

To do Sungmin some justice, let me post his talents here...

 He dances well! It isn't mediocre! It's good!

Then like I said, Sungmin has a sweet voice which totally match his aegryo king image

Tell me if this man has talent or not.... :) I love him so much.

Ok now for the aegyo part. Hahaha.. I don't even now where to begin!!! He is like the aegyo king because he is cute without trying. He doesn't have to do anything. Just stand there and smile his boyish smile and he is cute already!!! Don't believe me huh?

More evidence?

Innocent, angelic smile. He is one of the lucky ones to have that and of course LZ says his teeth are nice. LOL..

So when he acts cute, it was cuteness EXPLOSION!

Even when his friend doesn't pick up his call and he was pissed, he looked so cute!

Crazy boy thinks he is a present ...

Or a reindeer...

This smile.. killer smile....

Stop it Sungmin!!!! Too much cuteness!!! I can't even..... >.< And what is Yesung trolling behind Sungmin. LOL.... That kid...
But please don't think Sungmin is all feminine, he can be manly when he needs to be. :D That's my Sungmin. :) So talented. :D

And I love this set of pictures of him in MAMA 2012

Also it was often overlooked that Sungmin actually excel in many areas. Like there were times when they went for certain varieties and had to do stuff like stunts etc. Sungmin always excel and beat the other members!

Like in this video, Sungmin spun the dough better than the other 3 members. especially yesung. :P

He might invisible or unnoticed to others but to ELF, Sungmin is irreplaceable!
Lastly, let me end this long entry on Sungmin with some quotes from him. :)

And some cartoon Sungmin. I can't help it! Too cute!!! >.<

Sungmin is prettier than most of the girls around me...

Please send lots of love to Sungmin! :D