Friday, December 16, 2011

NS Line Breakdown

Today very bloody suay. I was going to Bugis to watch the new Ekin's movie. So I met up with my bro under my block and took a bus to AMK MRT station. I reached AMK at about 640pm. By right I should reach Bugis by 7:20pm and be in time for the movie.

Then the freaking train started dragging itself when it reached Novena and stopped at the station for a very long time.. Bad omen. Then at Newton, it stopped for very long and suddenlthe lights were switched off. We were told to get off the train. Wah lau eah. WTF?

Pek cek leh cuz I dunno when is the next train and the announcer keep saying sorry for incovenience caused. Sorry got what shit use?? I want the train to move so I can reach bugis in time for my show.

Finally another train came and the passengers all squeezed into it. I told my bro that he must by hook by crook cram into that train!

So we were like sardines packed into a tin. inside the train...

Finally the bloody shit train reached Orchard and once again stop for a very long time!!!

I am having this whole stomach of fire. Recently just got this Cab far hike and in October we had public transport fare hike.

Hike here hike there. Hike until very song! But then the train still SUCKS LIKE NOBODY BUSINESS!

Its making me fuming mad as I stood inside this sardine tin in orchard station.

Finally I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I got off and decided to take a bus.

I ran, literally ran to the bus stop at lucky plaza. My bro was tagging behind me and got onto bus 7.

As we bloody hell know, Orchard is always full of people and cars at this peak hour. The bus moved slowly. Slower than any other vehicle on the road. The cars beside us keep moving by and we were just stuck there. Then at every bus stop it has to stop forever to load and unload passengers.


What the hell is wrong with our public transport? What the hell is wrong with our MRT? Keep having breakdowns and disruption. Keep telling us that they are sorry for inconveniences. PLEASE!~ They should compensate us for our inconvenience and not just say it. Like I paid for my movie ticket so is SMRT bloody hell going to compensate me my movie ticket?

And someone also posted a picture on fb. It was a picture taken inside the cab with the screen flashing, 'income opportunity, MRT breakdown along Bishan to Marina Bay, pick up passengers from the stations'.. something like that.

Is this some kind of CONSPIRACY? That SMRT have a breakdown right after the cabs raised their fares? So that people who are rushing for time has no choice but to take the cab? Or so that people will be forced to detour and take a longer route?

Who is going to compensate me for me detour today?????

Who is going to compensate my movie ticket????

Those top people inside SMRT doesn't even take MRT. They don't really care how bad the MRTs are and how the frequent disruptions are affecting the people. It's none of their business. They are just concerned about their paychecks.

From Bugis, the mrt staff still got the cheek to tell me take east line to paya lebar then take circle line to bishan then take bus to AMK. A bloody big detour can?!

I seldom go out after work and for once I go out, I have to endure this kind of shit.

Govt says that we are not having enough social life and therefore we are not getting married and making enough babies.


With this kind of lousy transport, frankly speaking I would rather stay at home. I regretted going out today. So without going out, I wont meet new people and I won't get married, not to mention make babies! So indirectly, SMRT is causing me my social life. How is SMRT going to compensate me????

Transport minister, SLEEPING AH?? Still say our mrt is the best in the world. Best my A%%.

Paying you top salary but you are not deliverying top transport system! Pay u so much money for what? Pay you to sleep on ur job ah??? And make people pek cek with so many disruption and then just come out and say 'sorry for the inconvenience'.

I freaking got so many inconveniences that I cannot finish counting.

Is SMRT really serious about their train service? Or are they really just concerned about their escalators? Always tell people how much effort they spent on maintaining the escalators. Please lah, you think I give a damn to the escalators? Shopping centers got a lot lah... I can use the stairs. ALL I want is the train to work. Like that also very difficult.

Haiz.... Vote Opposition...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gaddict Competition

A Sec Sch fren of mine organised a competition and I participated in it as a support. People support me so I must support them back. The competition involved taking photo of myself with a gadget. Any gadget. As a gadget addict (tho I really can't afford) I think this contest suits me. LOL...

Since I had a show yesterday, I might as well take a photo with make up on. Hahaha. special leh.

No one was at home. Everyone went out. My liang shan bo was late (as usual) so I was all alone to complete this task. I had to use a timer on my camera to take the photos. I took and retook and retook many times because I had to find the right position. It was difficult to use timer without a tripod you know.

Take until my face all become sweaty. Had to touch up make up.

First, show you all the failed photos.

Failed cuz cannot see my hair... I chose the MP3 player cuz I want to have this dreamy photo.

Failed, my hand, no, my fingers were not very nice. Else I think this photo is nice.

Tried one with me looking at the MP3 player but I think it's not as nice as having eyes closed. The famous yueju close eyes technique.

Finally I took one that I think not too bad... Mai hiam can accept. But I gotta edit away the background of my home! Funny right if I just post like that, then everyone can see my living room!

This is the final photo I picked and edited. I wanted to add some background at first but a bit lazy leh.. Haiz. No mood to photoshop. PHotoshop must have mood one. So I chin cai just post like that la.. Anyway I don't expect to win anything. Just participate for fun. LOL

The title of my photo is 英台也疯狂. Zhu Ying Tai cannot resist the temptation fo the good music from her MP3 player while waiting for her Shanbo to come pick her up.


And it is true that I was indeed waiting for shanbo to come. She came very late lor!! My god. My make up all melted. Later on I also took some pictures for shanbo.

Shanbo is an iphone addict. Every single moment must stick to her iphone... So Yingtai snatched the phone away from her and 自拍。

This picture also quit good for the contest but I think I still prefe the MP3 player one. Heh heh~

After I posted my pic on the contest page, my fren told me that he laughed until stmoachache.... Erm... is that a good sign??? LOL my photo is not meant to be funny lor my god. It's the famous yueju close eyes technique leh!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cockroach Night

I am gonna write about our trip to Tawau, recording down the little bits and pieces of our trip. Our happiness as well as our sourness.

I didn't write for a long time because I know that this Tawau trip will be a bloody long blog and will probably take me ages to write. Also recently there are some shit people trying to disturb my troupe's peace so I must be very careful.

We arrived at KK on 01 Oct and went for dinner where as usual, we took some nonsense photos. The dinner there I think was by far the second best in the whole trip because we ate mostly in those malay restaurant and their food is very dry. I dun like.

The first night in KK, we stayed in this I dunno what, service apartment? Or motel? I dunno but it's not really a nice place to stay in and I will definitely not stay there if given a chance. First of all, the rubbish bus driver said that he can't drive us right to the motel and had to drop as like opposite the motel. We then had to pick up our luggages and lug them across the street.

Yes, we freaking lugged our luggages across a road including the props. Then we walked clumsily towards the lobby. Suddenly I saw that a cockroach was happily climbing up WX's jeans! I freaked out and shouted at WX.

"WX got cockroach climbing up your legs!"

WX then panicked and started waving her arms blindly trying to fend off the cockroach but we don't see it anywhere. Don't tell me it's in her jeans.

Suddenly we heard a loud scream.

A bloody loud one.


May Teng was screaming like there is no tomorrow. She screamed with all the air in her lungs squeezing out every single molecule.

The cockroach had innocently landed on May's arm.

May then started flinging her arms around wildly and then I screamed too because I was afraid that the she will fling the cockroach at me. I screamed and ran away at the same time.

Along with my scream, several others screamed too cuz they got a shock.

All of a sudden the lobby was in chaos, you can see some people jumping up and down, some people searching the place for the damn cockroach. Then the lift door opened and May Teng dashed in. Whether she brought that cockroach with her, I dunno.

Finally, we decided to bunk in 5 to a room. Me, My mum, May, YH and LZ. The room was very big with 2 big beds so it was ok for 5 to share.

May Teng couldn't calm down after the cockroach incident and she kept looking around to check if there are more hiding around. Starting to get paranoid. She was the first to shower and she didn't close the bathroom door given the reason that she can faster run out if she come across any cockroaches in the bathroom.

Thank goodness we got 2 not-afraid-of-cockroach members in our room. My mum and LZ. They will smack the cockroach if they spot one.

Disastrous. The motel room was quite dirty so we were pretty convinced that there will be cockroaches.

Later on when it was LZ's turn to shower, May Teng went out of the room.

When she came back, she saw that me, YH and my mum were hiding behind a wall. She faster walked to us and we told her that we planned to scare LZ. When she come out of the toilet, she wil see that we all left her alone.

So we stood there behind the wall for some time, waiting to LZ to come out.

To our disappointment, LZ directly walked to the wall where we were hiding and asked what we doing.

Chey... no fun one....

At this point, the room was getting bloody hot. The aircon was not working. We were like cooking in the room. We switched on YH;s USB fan but it was just a small little fan, cannot serve the 5 of us.

Something very funny happened.

First of all, I slept with my mum on the left bed. YH and May and LZ slept on the right bed.

After lying for awhile, I felt warm so I asked my mum that we should sleep the other way, our heads at the foot of the bed which is nearer to the aircon. So 2 of us lied down in the other direction.

After like 5 min, some people kp.

"wah lau so hot cannot sleep"

I told them I feel fine, that my position is fine, I dun feel hot.

So that 38 LZ came over and squeezed with my mum and me. In between us I think. And said that,"wah, here really not so hot hor."

And so we lied in this position and gossiped. AFter some time, May teng was very pekcek cuz she was very hot. So I told her that I sacrifice la, I change with her. So now become May, LZ and my mum in one bed, me and yh in the other.

After more gossip, it was my mum's turn to kp that she can't sleep cuz it was too hot. So she jit tao go move a sofa under the aircon to sleep.

So now is yh and me on one bed, LZ and May on the other and my mum on the sofa under the air-con.

This was the last formation that finally worked and we all fell asleep.

I remember that we had 5 formations before falling asleep but I can't remember which one I missed out... Hmmm maybe yh or may teng can remind me?

So anyway we fell asleep in this perfect formation and suddenly in the middle of the night, the aircon became SUPER strong. We all started to freeze especially my mum who was under the aircon.

Aiyah, it was a terrible night la. First the cockroach then the aircon.

Which also resulted in a bad mood 5ppl team the next day.

The next morning we wanted to have breakfast at Mac. There was one right under our motel.

But our 'tour guide' brought us to a building oppositte to eat the so called local breakfast which is porridge and stuff like that. I dun really want to eat porridge early in the morning but who can defy ang? So we all went and I ordered a pork porridge. It was not so nice so I ate half. YH only ate a quarter I think.

As LZ was the last to recieve her food, she was still eating when ang wanted to go back so she told us to go to her room after we finished eating.

Yay! AFter ang left, we went to Mac to get bf.

I tell you lor, the mac in kk is bloody slow. I tot mac is fast food? Apparently it's SLOW food there and I mean SUPER slow.

I waited like 15 minutes I think and I keep having to tell that malay lady to hurry up... But she just couldn't I dunno why.

We were afraid that if we tu too long in MAC ang will burst and G us all badly.


But heng ah, ang never G us. She just want us to go her room and get a bottle of water (?) each.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hello Kitty Plane

I am not sure if you guys know but EVA is launching this Hello Kitty Plane and they are also having a whole new inflight entertainment system.

Therefore, I have been slogging on this, working doubly hard, trying to ensure that no mistakes were made for the past few months. It's really difficult because there are lots of details.

The plane will be featuring Hello Kitty from the stewardess' aprons all the way to the utensils used. It's really cute and pinkish and I am sure that this plane will attract lots of attention from the girls. Even the boarding video is Hello Kitty.

Can't say too much about work, take a look at the pictures:

Thursday, November 10, 2011


*Singing* How can I live without you~~~

Yesterday I was home during lunch time and my mother was angrily eating a pack of carrot cake. I chided her,"Wah seh, today never watch TV, so quiet ah..."

She told me that she has been messing with the hubstation for the past dunno how long but she didn't manage to get it started up. I looked at it and the screen says "signal not found". Can't even switch to channel 8.

My mother was irritated and pek cek. She said,"gian gian lor. No tv to watch. sian... My 'niang jia' cannot watch.. so many episodes, all diao ki lai.. all cannot watch liao..."

And on and on and on she can continue about how frustrated she is not being able to watch cable.

I asked her if she trying switching off and on again and she told me she tried everything.

So I called up SCV and they told me that there is a maintenance going on around my area and the whole area has no signal. He also told me that signal should return by 7pm.

I told me my mum the news and she was very irritated with the fact that there will be no tv until 7pm.

She then went to the kitchen and bring out a pack of vegetables to cut,"Sian ah, no tv, aiyah, pluck the vegetable lah... pek cek. so quiet. my niang jia still got so many episode.."

Then I went back to work.

When I got home in the evening, I saw that she was watching TV again. I asked her what time she got that signal back. She said 3+pm. Hmm.. so early?

"Yah lah, I buey gam wan mah. I walk around the house nothing to do so I press press press every few minutes lor.."

LOL, no cable cannot live..

Today got another issue, my hubstation suddenly cannot record, she pek cek again...

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Why girls like shopping:

Some time ago I was out shopping with Ponyo. She told me that she can't buy anymore things because she has too many things at home. I agreed with her because that is what I felt about my room too.

Then she told me for example, she has this Juicy Couture bag, which she bought at a sale, has not been used yet. I told her to just get it out and use it lor since she already bought it. She has kept it in her cupboard for a few months le. So she told me,"But I also bought a long wallet from Juicy..."

Me: Then?

Ponyo: The long wallet cannot fit in the juicy bag cuz it's too small.

Me: Then like that you forever no need to use that bag le lor.

Ponyo: Yah so I cannot buy small bags now, all cannot use.

Me: Very easy mah, buy another juicy wallet, a small one, to match your small bag then you can use that bag le lor....

The simple answer to the simple problem.

And so after buying a long wallet, a big bag and a small bag from juicy, she is going to buy another small wallet so that it can match the small bag.

This is why girls like shopping, we are always short of something.... LOL

Of course this doesn't apply to all girls but maybe 90% are like this..

By the way, those of you whom never seen Juicy bags before, they are really lovely!!! I love this brand but I cannot afford so I never bought it. I bought chiong one but spoil liao.

See the first one is the laptop bag:

So cute right their designs, too bad I can't afford. Though not as ex as LV but still a bag that is more than $300 is not in my budget... In fact, I have not bought any bags that is over $40 before...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Wah lau.... 难得 I today got some time free after completing my slides, want to play with my PSP, skali play halfway low batt. I quickly plug in the AC charger and to my horror my PSP doesn't charge!!! What the hell lor! I dunno what's the problem... It was still charging fine like 2 days ago.

Now it's raining and I must faster bia to AMK to send my PSP to ICU. Wah lau eah, I hope my psp can be discharged on the spot lor. If must stay in for a few days then I sb sian liao.. Still have to go down 2 days later to collect. Dunno even got time to go down collect or not.

And the best part is I think I haven't save the game yet. Though it's not too far off but still! SB fan leh.... Suddenly just die on me like that, the heart just stopped beating, nothing i do can revive it! Change the heart also can revive.. Apparently it's not the heart problem. Dunno what shit problem lor.. Bloody hell..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Watching Opera

As we are going to act Ong Bo Chuan in near future, Ang suggested that we go watch the Teochew version of Ong Bo Chuan.

If Teacher open her mouth, all must go unles you got valid excuse. So we all went and knowing that most of the students will be bored, we all 不约而同 brought tidbits and drinks to the venue.

MD brought nuts and a few can drinks. May Teng brought crackers and biscuits (actually is for ah gu one). LZ bought tidbits on the spot. I think my mum brought something too but I forgot. YH brought sweets as usual.

While teacher is sitting in front at the VIP seats, we were partying at the back rows. We didn't get good seats and couldn't really see clearly so most of the time we were chatting and eating and drinking. I think teacher must be really sad cuz the show wasn't very interesting and she couldn't come join us in the party.

In the end towards the end of the show, she came and sit with us. LOL... Our party is too hard to resist liao...

I think where ever we all go, it will be like a party because some people will always bring something over to picnic.

Ah Gu

May Teng's vicious daughter did this to her.

I really how the undersized midget daughter of hers can scratch her to this extend. I mean she is so little, just grab her hands and tell her to stop it will do right? At most she will wail and scream but it's better than letting her do whatever she wants.

Her daughter aka Ah gu is really a handful lor. Super duper mega naughty and attitude. I think I will ki siao if I have a daughter like that. I will probably tie her hands together so she wont try anything funny.

Anyway kids are not my thing. I am never good with kids. I prefer to play with adults. LOL...

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Cake

I was very very touched that Nick actually sent a cake to my home even though he knew that I will not be at home on my birthday. He delibrately brought me a cake and a present on that day. I appreciate the effort! My mum put the cake in the fridge so I actually didn't know that Nick has bought me a really cute and nice bday cake!

He said that he had to buy me this cake because that doll has got very long hair like me. LOL And the doll like to wear tarzan dress like me too... Very thoughtful! We kept this cake for 2 days before cutting because we wanted to make sure my whole family is there when we cut this cake so they can see how cute it is!

Nick also left me a present on my bed. Actually I don't know if he put it on my bed or my mum put it. Either way, I saw the gift on my bed when I got home at night. I opened it to see a lovely necklace inside a red jewellery box.

My presents~

After taking photos with the the cake we had to cut it no matter how cute it was...

I cut out two slices of cake but I still can't figure out if the doll has got legs or not. Finally, my father can't take the suspense anymore and he just pulled out the doll!!! It turned out....

No legs~!! LOL.. My father even posed with the crippled doll lor.

Like very gross lidat leh... Then my mum even worse!! She started doing funny things to the doll like..... taking out her earrings.

You see???? Then she went on to take off her clothes too...

Apparently she found the naked crippled doll very hilarious. Kept laughing non stop. Finally, she decided to dig out the stuff that were stuck at the amputated area od the doll..

Poor doll, I told my mum she better eat up the cake remnants that she dug out from th doll's hips lor...

Hee heee.....

I must thank Nicky Boy for giving me this cake which entertained my family so much!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shopping With Ponyo

I have been so busy recently! With events going on pre-birthday and post-birthday. I simply have no time to do other things. I have calls coming in as late as 1:30am! And only one person will call me at this time. No need me to say. Can guess who is it.

Yesterday went shopping with Ponyo. Been wanting to meet her but I was so bloody busy. So we finally met up yesterday as a post birthday .... not party.. but shopping walk walk day. She just came back from quan zhou and she asked me how was Mingde's singing when I asked about her singing class. LOL..

Last year on my birthday, she gave me a G-string which until now I didn't wear. I told her not to give me something so ridiculous that I won't use. LOL. This year she said she have only one thing in mind when trying to buy my bday gift in Quanzhou. That is pink. Hahahaha....

So she gave me a pink dress:

It's cute~ Hahaha and she even gave me the dress in a pink plastic bag:

She told me that her husband gave her and ipad. She said when she saw that susan's husband gave her a ipad, she was envious and was thinking why she didn't recieve one. But when she recieved one, she said she wasn't very happy. I think for awhile and asked,"Maybe cuz he was using your money to buy?"

She laughed.

Then we went to find a ipad bag for her. She saw this ipad bag she likes very much from Kipling. It was $129! She likes it so much but finds the price to expensive. She kped that why the bag so expensive, why it's not on sale. Oh well... so we went around the shopping center to hunt for another one and we ended back at kipling. The second time in kipling she didn't buy the bag too and asked the shop owner what time they are closing. 9.30pm.

So we walked off again. But after visiting several other shops, including those Apple shop, she cannot stop thinking about buying that $129 bag. In the end she asked me to play scissors paper stone with her. We did this before and the previous time I won, she ended up didn't buy that thing she wanted (forgot what thing that was). So this time, I won again! LOL. And she was like,"Aiyo~~~~~"

She complained that most of the items in kipling is on sale but this item is not on sale. I told her to wait la. Maybe one month later it will be on sale???

I told her, if you really want it so much then u buy lor or call ur husband and ask his opinion. In the end her husband tell her to buy but he didn't ask the price. I told Ponyo later her husband will regret after she bring the thing home. Already spent like a few hundreds on the ipad then spend another 100+ on the bag lor. Maybe her husband will regret buying the ipad for her.

In the end, we 三顾茅庐. Third time in the shop, she bought the bag.

Haiz. 折腾so long she eventually still bought it. She blamed me for asking her out and making her spend so much. lol. Like I can control her spending like that.

Later on, I told her I want to go to uniqlo to see if a particular t-shirt is on sale. I told her the t-shirt normal price was $19.90 and I am waiting for sale. She was like.. -_-" Not even $20 also want to wait for sale.

Hahahaha, compared to her $129 bag, my t-shirt is nothing but still I wanted to wait for sale mah. she said that I was very 欠扁. And that my way of waiting for everything to be on sale is very exaggerating.

Well.. in the end my wait paid off! The t-shirt was selling at $7.90!!! hahaha. So I faster called May to ask if she wants to buy but she refused to pick up my call. This May Teng is so damn mah fan lor. Keep pestering me to look out for sale of that t-shirt but call her she dun wanna pick up. She more qian bian than me!

So I heck cared her, I bought 2 t-shirts for myself.

Later she called me back and I am not exagerating to say that she was devasted to know that she missed the t-shirt sale. She said she gonna ask her sis to buy. So managed to buy it or not????

This shopping day. Ponyo total spending on shopping was about $210 (she puts the blame on me for having to celebrate my bday and thus she spent so much). My total was about $23. So you see, I am also very jing da xi suan one.

Saving money tip 1: Always buy from sale. Nothing but sale. 90% of my things were bought from sale. Even when I was in China, I only buy from sales. Hahahaha....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Terra Cotta Warriors

Last week, I went to ACM to see this Terra Cotta Warriors exhibtion. I have admired these terra cotta warriors since a young age. I just like them so much that I want to have a life size one in my room but my room is really too small to fit.

The exhibition only had like 6 or 7 authentic terra cotta warriors (as they claimed in their booklets). Then there were some replicas and some other artfefacts found in the tombs of some other emperors. Some were quite interesting.

Cute or not? Little porcelain warriors with headphones!

Then I discovered this lady using the laptop....~

See, you can collect little stamps around the exhibit area.

The stamping point!

It was like walking through a maze to get to that exhibition hall but I finally found it!!!

I saw this little tiger decorative item in one of the cases.

It's so cute right! Look at it! It's grinning lor! I never knew that people from the han/qin dynasty got such humour. They made a grinning tiger.

The horse chariots. This is a replica but the real thing is also this size. Qin emperor made all the horses and chariots half the size of the real thing. I am thinking maybe because the whole thing is made of bronze so it will be quite difficult to make a life size one. As you see the chariotis very tighly covered and it actually only had one small window. Qin emperor was a very paranoid emepror. He kept thinking that someone will kill him so he always kept to himself and even his chariot has only a very small window that is seldom opened.

I dunno if you can see, the horse has very fine bronze lines hanging on their chins. These very fine bronze lines of lesser than 1mm or about 1mm in diameter is a sign that the makers of these bronze figures have very good skills as even in modern standard, it is very hard to make such find little lines with bronze.

A little stamp used in the past to confirm an order.

The spears and arrow heads found in the Qin tomb. The components of the crossbows and arrowheads are interchangeable between the crossbows from different states during Qin dynasty. This goes to show that at that time they already had a very standardised way to manufacture these bronze weapons throughout the country! At a time when there are not automated machineries, I find this very impressive. The difference between the arrow heads are at most about 1mm only.

If I can buy one life size terra cotta warrior, I want this one, the general!! First of all because he is the highest ranked among all the warriors found. Secondly, I like his style, I like the way the hair and the hat is done up. Very nice. Did you know that the head and the arms were made separately? And that the warriors are actually hollow inside?

It was found that the warriors are made using the coiling technique, not the mould technique. The coiling way takes so much longer than the mould way so I am wondering really why they want to use the coiling way? I understand that they want individuality but that is only for the face mah. The body still can use mould.

I read before that each terra cotta face is unique. In a documentry I watched not so long ago, a certain agency in the US uses this face recognition program (used by the FBI or something) to scan the faces of the terra cotta warriors to find a perfect match. To their amazement, they didn't find a match among the hundreds of terra cotta warriors scanned.

Each terra cotta warrior was also painted before they were buried but all we can see now is this brownish colour because we do not have the technology to preserve the paint on the warriors. Therefore within minutes after the warriors were unearthed, the paint all fell off. From the examination, they first painted lacquer on the warrior then they pain the colours over the coat of lacquer. Lacquer was a very expensive material in the past and you can imagine the amount of lacquer used in this project was enormous! Qin emperor was the king for only 11 years and he completed all these within 11 years. Fascinating.

We didn't really take a lot of photos of the terra cotta warriors because there were too many tourists and it wasn't really convenient to take pictures.

Don't you think that the terra cotta warriors are very 'sud'? Like very stylo like that. I just love the way they look. They got this aura around them.

Oh man... They really look very nice!!!

And to promote this exhibition, ACM actually find some people to pose at Qin Emperor and his concubine in the museum. LOL..
The qin emperor poser wore a rather nice costume but that concubine was terrible lor with her hair like that!!

As part of the National Day celebration, that day was a free museum day so we actually got to see the exhibition for free. Heng we went early at about 10plus because when we came out at about 12 plus, there was a mega mega long queue! There wasn't only a short queue which took like 10 minutes when I reached there but now the queue has extended from the exhibition hall all the way to the outside of ACM!

Oh that long hair girl here is me lah.. Hahaha.... I just realised KL took a photo of me taking a picture of the queue.

See, ppl queueing outside the museum. I heard that the queue takes about 1.5 hours if you queue outside the building! So I am lucky I got to see it free without queueing..

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3 More Things

Continuation of my previous blog...

8) I ever visited a cemetary at night with my friends.
Madness, but my friend just asked me to do it again next week! LOL...

9) I look kpo but I actually very bo chup
I look like I am very kpo in everything happening around me but actually I am quite bo chup. I used to be very chup one but after some time I am just tired of all those nonsense so I dun care anymore... as long as it doesn't affect my life then it's none of my business.

10) MD says I don't look like I like Hip hop
My favourite music is Hip Hop.. and Kunqu~ HAhaha... very diverse right... But I dun like to dress kunqu though.. I like to dress hip hop. LOL

Ended~ YH and May Teng said they know all those things I wrote. I mean FEI HUA right... after so many kp sessions at Punggol Park.. I wonder if there is anything I never tell them..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

About Me

Very often people tell me,"You don't look like.... "

You don't look like you like to cycle...

You don't look like you like to read...

ETC and the list goes on..

Nowadays I reply my friends who tell me this that I actually don't look like a lot of things. For people who knew me a long time, they would by now discover a lot of things about me and it won't be surprising anymore when they know some of the things I do. Most of my friends just say that I am weird and Lock says that I am very random.

Actually I am.

Both weird and random.

10 things that I don't look like.

1) I don't look like I am addicted to RPG games.

I get that very often when I told my friends that my favourite kind of game is RPG. Among all the other games like adventure, shooting or those mini games like angry birds (I don't play angry birds at all), my favourite of them all is RPG. I just get so addicted to it that I can play day in day out without eating.

2) I don't look like I want to get diving license.

My friends are kind of surprised to know that I am aiming to get diving license next year. I don't look the sporty type with my round face and round arms and my tummy! LOL... But actually I love snorkelling and my aim is to get diving license next year.

3) I don't look like I like to read encyclopedias.

Actually my favourite books beside horror and mysteries are encyclopedias! LOL... Many people don't know and they will be like,"HUH? How come I know you so long I never know you like to read this??"

That is because u never ask mah... I like reading scientific stuff about animals, space, archeology, Genetics, Evolution, Biology, Time-space etc...

4) I don't look like I like to read comics

Oh yah. I forgot comics.. I only love the japanese manga though. I don't read the ang moh comics. I love manga but I don't have space to store them so I read online nowadays...

5) I don't look like the kind that saves money

To most people, I look like a person who loves to spend money but I actually save money too. LOL...

6) I don't look like the kind that watches movies alone

I enjoy watching movies alone too and I often do that. The first time I told my friend that they were very skeptical because no one around them does that. Actually I also found another friend that watches movies alone and now we sometimes watch together. I always watch alone, shop alone, eat alone. I don't find myself very lonely and in fact I sometimes enjoy it.

7) I don't look like the kind that will act Missy in opera.

Haha, I am too gila and 38 liao that my friends outside my opera circle finds it quite impossible to act demure and innocent on stage. My father always suan me that my stage image is so different and he felt that I am very fake.. Oh well, he sees too much of the real me. May always says that she wants to slap me.. Hahaha~ Neh neh ni boo boo...

Hmmm.. ok what else...... Suddenly can't remember liao.. Well if you guys want to contribute maybe u all can help me contribute lah~ Leave a comment!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Opera Fanatic Blog

Hi friends, for those who have visited my opera blog and found that you can't see it, please do not think it's a bug. :D I have locked it up to prevent further damage done by unscrupulous people who used my blog as a tool to create problems.

I don't write my blog to give me problems. I write it as a record of my own life and also to provide opera information to people. Since no one appreciates and used it for other purposes, I have decided to shut it down. I will announce it in my Mikolah blog when I decide to re-open it. :) Meanwhile, I will still post my opera performances notice here.

When things die down and those 'eat too full nothing to do people' decided not to stir shit then I will re-open my opera blog.

That's all folks!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yesterday I cycled from my home at Serangoon North all the way to Nex. When I came back I was soaked in sweat. My father was shocked to know that I cycled so far and my mum doesn't believe me. She insisted that I took a bus. Oh well.

Then my cousin also don't believe me. They want to see proof. Ok lah. Next time I want to cycle there again I will tie my camera on my bicycle and take video..

I went Nex actually for no purpose. I just want to try cycling there. It was very tiring cuz I will pass by 2 places where it goes uphill. Totally exhausted me to cycle uphill. Felt like I was going to die... Going downhill was shiok but a lot of pedestrian so must keep braking.

I wen to to library at Nex though and borrowed some books.

Since now I am leaving Bedok Yue Opera, I have more time, so I can read some books and watch some movies and read some comics liao. Last time I have to cram all my hobbies in my already very cram time table. Now got more time I can go cycling.

Next time I will try cycling to AMK. I will take a video of that trip.