Friday, September 16, 2005

Pop tarts and Rain forests

Hee hee... i am so nice i shall use my lunch tim to tell you guys yet another excerpt from Southpark. This excerpt is about Eric cartman too. He is SO funny because of his dumbness!

This excerpt is from Season 1 titled 'Weight Gain 4000'.

Mr Garrison (teacher) : One of our very own student has won a national prize!

Wendy: wow! I knew i would win!

Mr Garrison: The winner of the national ‘Save Our Fragile Planet’ contest is... ERIC CARTMAN!!

Wendy, Cartman: (shocked) What?!

Cartman: Kick ass.

Stan: That’s impossible!! Cartman doesn’t know a rain forest from a pop-tart!

Cartman: Yeah I do, Pop-Tarts are frosted.

Kyle: Wow, what did you write about, Cartman?

Cartman: (Not remembering) Oh... You know... This and that.

Wendy: He doesn’t even KNOW what he wrote about!

Kyle: What was your paper about, Wendy?

Wendy: My paper was about the suffering of bottle nosed dolphins.

Cartman: Well you see? You shouldn’t have written a paper about dolphins. Dolphins are stupid.

Kyle: Dude, Dolphin’s are like the second smartest animal on the planet!

Cartman: (Guffawing smugly) Oh, right... If they’re so damn smart how come they get caught in those fishing nets all the time?!

Wendy: What?!

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