Thursday, September 15, 2005

I got the bluetooth dongle!

A few things to blog today....

First, my father called me on my hp yesterday afternoon. He asked if i want to buy another memory stick. I told him that i am going to buy a 128mb one since it is cheaper now and 128mb is really enough for me. (currently using 64mb)

He told me that he is in a shop and the 128mb one is $69. whoa... that was cheap. Buy it, i said. So my father said ok.


Later on after work, i met my friend at seoul garden for dinner. It was her treat as a form of birthday present.. So nice! hee hee. But she doesn't seems to like the dinner alot. I personally thought that it was not bad.

Afer a while, there was this 4 people coming into the restaurant and taking seats beside us. I didn't know where these 4 people were from. There was a white man, a black man and 2 girls who looked Chinese but they have the features of an ABC. They keep speaking slangish ang moh which i very kpo and eavesdropped.

Nothing interesting in their conversation, just heard random words like shopping.. bangkok.. etc.

Anyway this ABC look alike girl was seated facing my side, hence diagonally away from me. She was wearing a super low cut blouse and i can almost see everything, in between the meal, she kept kissing her boyfriend. I was kinda irritated by the behaviour..


yeah.. I bought the bluetooth dongle! I went home and immediately tried to load mp3 into my phone and load the photos from the phone to the pc. It took me awhile to understand how the thing works but I was sooooo happy when it worked!! now i can listen to mp3 with my my phone. yeah!


My father gave me the 128mb memory stick last night and he specifically told me that , "You should write this in your blog. Let everyone knows that i bought you something for your birthday! And don't forget to mention that you did not get me a cake for my birthday!"

ok.. i did it. I told the whole world that you got me a birthday present. Thanks!


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