Saturday, October 31, 2009

Eat Table

Not so long ago, I went to eat table (Dinner) with my 2 cousins and aunty at Toa Payoh. I seldom go to such dinners because I don't have lobang and I don't join any temple's membership. This dinner was full of surprises for me that I never imagined would happen.

Alot of people who attended the dinner were really there for only the food. Not to chat with friends, not to bid for things, not to know more friends, just plain eating.

There were a few funny scenarios that happened in a temple dinner.....

Scenerio 1 -:

The tissue distributor

There is this old man, I shall call him Uncle A, who distributed packets of tissue paper to those people whom he like enough. I realised that he did not give tissue paper to just anybody.

My cousin told me that this tissue distributor once passed his phone number to her! LOL, the tissue distributor is an old uncle lor. My god. We started checking out the tissue to see if he hid any phone numbers inside or not. Skali he wrote his number on the tissue papers. Hahaha....

My cousin also told me that he always give out tissue packets with the picture of a penguin on it.

Each of us received one packet from him !

Scenario 2 -:

The glutton

Lots of old uncle went to dinner to try to eat as much food as they can. They will think of ways and methods to stand the best chance of eating the most food. I was amazed. Truly amazed. First of all, the group of gluttons will not sit together. They wil split themselves up, each sitting at the table with the fewest people.

When the dishes come, the glutton will take one piece, put on his plate, not eat it. Then he will take another piece and started eating until all the food on the main plate is gone then will tuck into his personal plate of collection.

Time is crucial when the dish was brought to the table. You will need to target and be quick to pick up the piece that you want to eat. My cousin is very good at that. When we had the crispy chicken, she took a drumstick for me. When we returned to the main plate, all the drumsticks and thigh meat were gone. Left only the breast meat. The glutton has taken everything on his plate.

During eating time, I dun have time to take photos because we need to fight for food. I only managed to take during those 'cheaper' dishes like vegetable.

The vegetable with the sotong. Even a dish like this, the sotong will be snapped up very fast. This uncle was incredible. During the shark fin's soup. He ate super fast so he can secure a second bowl.

During one of the dish, pig's trotter, we all aimed for lean meat. Including the glutton uncle. We each took a piece of lean meat and ate it. When we returned to take another piece. There were none. I was astonished to see the glutton's plate:

I pretended to take photo of the trotter but please notice the plate at the top of the picture. The glutton had taken the WHOLE piece of lean meat onto his plate!!

He is happily eating the lean meat......
Finally, the lean meat was too tough and he couldn't swallow it. He spitted it out...

Scenario 3 -:

The staring aunties.

As our table only had 5 persons, we received some envious or you can say, angry stares. The aunties at the other tables keep staring at us. Little did they know that we have a glutton on our table.

They keep looking us during the intervals with an unhappy look on their face. I told my cousin that we might as well invite them over to join our table. One man was also looking at our table. My cousin told me to avoid eye contact with him if not he will come over to join us. We don't need another glutton here.

Scenario 4 -:

The dessert grabber.

If the dessert that night is ice cream, you will see the dessert grabber. As this is the last dish of the day, the guests don't give a damn anymore. He/She will grab 3 or 4 sticks and put them in the bag and leave. If your table have 10 people, this will means that 2 or 3 person will not have their dessert.

That is very sad lor. The dessert grabber assumed that there are bound to be some people at the table that do not want to eat ice-cream. I just learnt this phrase 'Assume makes and ass out of you and me'! HAhahaa...

You guys know any typical scenarios during a dinner? Feel free to comment!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

YH's Blog

We were talking about blogging the other day and I commented that YH's blog is VERY dead lor. She told me that she has no mood to blog. Apparently, nowadays many people dun have mood to blog. Amai also no mood to blog.

Then YH told me that she is going to reopen her blog very soon. Very soon but dunno when. In fact YH has already stopped reading blogs altogether so she doesn't know what we are blogging about her. Hahahaa... When her blog is alive, I will announce it.

Another thing, I have been jobless for like 4 months le leh! Can you believe it? Time flies... especially times when you are happily playing. However, I think it's time to get a job lah but now very hard cuz it's bonus time. Nobody wants to switch job at this time of the year lor. I think it will be easier to look for a job in January. However, I still keep a look out now.

As I am jobless, I dont plan to go overseas. Unfortunately, I promised to bring my bro to HK and he has been looking forward to it. I mentioned to him that maybe we shouldn't go and he was upset. So bobian lor, I will be going HK the second time this year with my bro to see Ekin's concert.

Ekin is coming to Singapore again in November to promote the Stormriders movie! So exciting right? I am going to take more photos when he comes again...

China - De Hua

德化 (DeHua) is a town located on a mountain. We spent like 3 days there. Need less to say, the air there was very fresh and the weather was cool, unlike in An Hai.

On the second day in Dehua, we were offered a trip up to their beautiful waterfall on the mountain top. I was very excited about it as I like to see nature stuff. So I didn't hesitate to join. Some tired members didn't want to go will stay in the hotel.

Our coach drive is a god. He drove up the rocky and treacherous mountain road all the way up the mountain. There was no barrier between the mountain road and the cliff. A few times, the coach rocked so much that I thought we were going to flip over. Or sometimes we will be so so so close to the edge that I thought we will drop down...

Ponyo was so frightened with the ride that she sometimes clutched my arm tight.

Phew, fortunately, we reached our destination safely.

This is Shi Niu Shan, Stone Ox Mountain.

You can see a stone ox on top.

We decided to walk up the mountain instead of taking the golf car because we wanted 1) exercise and 2) see the sceneries.... The walk didn't disappoint us!

Sitting on the stone in this little creek, I washed my feet. The water was super super cold...

I was told that the water is super cold because it is actually melted ice from the top of the mountain.

Then we came across this tyre bridge.. :) It was fun! Ponyo the timid one opted to cross using the stepping stones instead..

We walked for like 30 minutes before reaching the mountain top but as we all found out, it was the dry season so the waterfall has dried up to a trickle.

Fa Zhu Shen Li... is the name of this area. We had fun here washing feet again... :)

This is ponyo new hairstyle. Gone is the mushroom head.

There were also some vendors selling herbs and finger food.
Me and Ponyo... Yes de, we got the same fan and we bought it together in Daiso...

I like this little bridge. Very suitable to shoot period dramas here right.
Some more got this bamboo field, it reminded me of the movie 十面埋伏.

When we left the nature park, the sun was already setting... We were very worried because the god-like driver is going to drive our coach down the treacherous mountain again! I was quite worried because lighting is not good in this rural. Fortunately, our very skillful driver sent us safely back to our hotel.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ah Scrump

Howdy ho!

I met up with my pri sch friend Miss PJ Lim last week. We initially wanted to go cycling but lao tian ye doesn't want to make beauty so bo bianz! We went walk walk eat eat... Talk talk... sing sing...

KTV time... Very long never go KTV liao so I was very happy to finally go one!

Kbox was in a happy mood and the ktv room was decorated with balloons...

Actually the female lead of this entry is not me... It's AH SCRUMP. You can call her scrumpy but I think Ah scrump is cute. Ah scrump has been acquired by me last week. She costed me a bomb but I really love her alot. Don't be mistaken! I still love Da mung and Mung mung... Ah scrump is just an addition and she is not even my daughter.

She was made the guardian of the yellow car. As the guardian of the yellow car, her main duty is to prevent the police from giving 'summon' aka fine ticket to the yellow car. I told her that if police come, she must jump up and distract the police, then he will be too distracted to give fine tickets. Also, she has to ensure that KL, doesn't speed and don't fall asleep while driving. If KL is going to fall asleep, she is supposed to scream... and talk nonsense to wake him up.

Ah scrump is a very important guardian of the yellow car.

Miss Scrump.
She is too short to reach the muffin. I think she need a baby chair but the waitress didn't think Ah scrump needs one. So I propped her up with a cushion instead.

There, much better. Now she can eat the muffin properly.

My friend, PJ, chatted with Ah Scrump over dinner. Looks like they are having a good time.... Apparently, PJ like to take photos of Scrump too. She thinks that scrump is cuuutee...

A very sumptuous meal for her. It was Scrump's first meal since she has an owner.

Wow... she got good appetite!

After dinner, Ah scrump enjoy a little kiddy ride. LOL. I didn't put any money in because it's too expensive. It used to be only 20 cents when I was a kid and now it's $1.

Ah scrump enjoyed KTV too. She can sing very well even though her mouth are sewn up together. Please don't ask me how she can sing with her lips sewn. Only she knows the answer.

Now, Scrump is back to the yellow car to be its guardian. She must put on the seat belt as you see because sometimes KL will zam brake.. I don't want Scrump to fly out the window.

That's all for Scrump!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Crazy gathering

My gatherings with my poly friends have always been crazy. We seldom have a normal gathering because everytime we gather, there are bound to be some abnormal thing that happened.

My friend happened to stay very near to my new home at Serangoon North and I am so happy because I can save money by walking to his place. Hee hee. Bobian, a jobless person like me must save money mah....

I am the first to arrive.. Cuz I stay the nearest.

Our friendly host, Junhua, cooked up lunch for us. Oh yah... he and his fiancee also.. :) He got engaged! I can't believe it sometimes that so many people around me are getting married. Marriage has always been a very far away thing for me. I can't imagine myself as someone's wife and have to take care of the family lor. Anyway I don't believe in marriages. If you not going to have a baby then dont get married. No point.

Do you remember my crappy friend lock? Very long never blog him liao cuz he is no longer my colleague.

This was a box of bao zi but the bao zis were gone and this is now and empty box. Our very ingenious friend here decided to use this box to catch a bug. ... Imagine... Opening and closing the box like a clam trying to trap the bug inside. How mad is that.

Surprisingly, he managed to catch the bug in this bao zi box. Amazing is the word.

Kind hearted Lock decided to free the bug so he went to the balcony and opened up the box. Unfortunately, the stunned bug stayed on the box.. refusing to fly off. I think the bug too stunned by the sudden capture. Lock gave up and left the box outside the balcony which he forgot to throw away later on.

If Junhua is reading this, please note that there is a baozi box outside ur balcony.

Jun hua didn't think that we will stay for dinner because we are always busy people so he didn't prepare dinner for us. But as we are spontaneous people, we decided to just use our limited cooking skills to cook up something. Yes, we are very adventurous and we are not afraid of food poisiong.

Sorry for messing up jun hua's kitchen, we finally made this dinner.

Sumptuous or not? Jealous right? hahaha... We looked like teenagers messing up the kitchen trying to cook lor.. and sometimes we even got small arguement like what things to add and how to cook... Ultimately, we succeeded and the meal was good! I mean, all the dishes tasted great despite our lack of cooking experience.

Here are the participants of the cooking experience. Erm.. except for Lock really because he was watching Anime.... But he helped out in other stuff like .... bringing out food and cleaning plates. It was great fun~ James, if you are seeing this, you should have came! Next time must join sia! And also, you were killed 2 times in Cluedo.... Both times in the living room , I dunno why you always kana killed in living room...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Naiba Bday

Actually, Naiba birthday is in August but I didnt blog about it because I was lost in the sea of photos in my handphone. Now that I regain conciousness, I can see that I have not blogged about his birthday event. It's memorable because it was the first time that I celebrated his birthday with him.

The usual people attended. QY, Tian, YH, Peter, Nancy and of course Me la~ We gathered at the Punggol Park, our old hangout.

Naiba was very funny. He insisted to buy fruit cake cuz he love fruit cakes. So we went around Hougang area to find his fruit cake. Most shops don't have, weird. I thought fruit cakes are pretty common. Coincidentally, he found the cake at the same shop that he bought his bday cake last year.

The legendary fruit cake.
Old friends. Look at poor Nancy. She looked so pale!!
We are not going to reveal how old is Naiba so there is only 1 candle here. But since he is my godfather, he insisted that he got the ability to give birth to me with his age. -_-

That day I gave a xiao sheng guan to Naiba as a birthday gift. He was very happy! I know that he is also crazy for all those opera stuff and since he helped me alot, I should give him something. LOL.
Oh ya, recently I asked him to lend me a costume and he agreed! I am so happy lor cuz I will have a nice xiaosheng costume to wear for the next show le~

Ah Gu

Finally, the cow baby has arrived into this cruel and heartless world. Yes, her name is Ah Gu (Cow) because she is borned in the year of cow. Thus I nicknamed her Ah Gu aka Xiao Niu. LOL. The mother thinks that the nickname is awful but ... its ok I think because the baby's father is a 忘恩负义 man. Hopefully his daughter will not turn out to be as 忘恩负义 as her father.

Talk about the father makes me very angry so I think I dont talk about him better. Grrr.r.r..


Ok. phew, that was good. LOL...

May Teng, after giving birth feels that she is too ugly to appear on my blog. I allowed her to cover her face like this.

The baby that is not even 1 day old yet! She is Ah Gu. Everyone says that she looks like a boy. Well, she is destined to do xiao sheng which her mother did not manage to do.

May Teng said that Ah Gu looks like her father, that ungrateful man. Too bad then. Her father is an ungrateful man. Cannot make it one...

May decided to call her daughter Maybelline. Yes de, that cosmetic brand. I think the name is dumb la. Next time in school her friends will give her nicknames like Loreal or ZA. May likes the name Maybelline cuz the shortform will be May, which is same name as her. Abit lame lor the reason.

Now, the ungrateful man is in Singapore so we cannot go see May and her ungrateful baby yet but I will blog more when I visit her again.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Singlish is Good!

Singlish is good. I like to speak singlish because it's uniquely Singapore mah~ My foreign friends like to listen to me speak Singlish and they like to imitate also. So many times they were awed by how chim singlish is because they cannot understand a word at all. Hahaha~

I saw this crazy vid in Youtube sang by Hossan Leong and video made by somebody else. It's so damn super funny lor. So creative. See it and laugh your ass off lah~

I live in singapura, it's not perfect living but at least it's interesting~

Friday, October 09, 2009

Quanzhou - Anhai

Oh yes, I am back that's right.

We arrived faithfully at XiaMen on 29 Dec. Xiamen 厦门 was very warm and we didn't stay there for long. After our arrival, we immediately took a coach to An Hai 安海. Anhai is about 1 hour plus of coach ride from Xiamen.

I didn't bring my camera for the trip because I didn't plan to take many photos so I just took some photos with my phone.

Here is my first joyful experience in Anhai, feet massage. It was shiok but at first, it felt too ticklish that me and Yayi kept laughing like mad. Biyu and Uncle Lim were with us in the same room but they were very quiet, like totally enjoying the massage. Me and Yayi on the other hand were talking and laughing like mad.

The time was about 11+pm, we took a foot massage (60min) and a back massage (12min) for RMB58! Not bad a deal right?

My feet taking a herbal bath.

This time I bought ah gou along to the trip. He was also very popular with the aunties.

Yayi, aka ponyo, enjoying the massage.

After massaging, my feet were taking a rest.

As Anhai is a city by the sea, we were treated with a lot of seafood. It was yummy but I really can't believe the appetite of Chinese people.

Ponyo loves Ah gou too!

Saw this bridal car outside our hotel. It looks different from the ones in Singapore right! Which is nicer?

I did say that the chinese have great appetites right? Well, throughout my stay there, except for the last 3 days, all the meals were a full chinese sit down dinner type of meal. And in Singapore, most of our dinners are at most 10 courses right?

Unfortunately, in china, each of our meals has at LEAST 12 courses and the most I had was 15 courses! Is that crazy or wat? We cannot finish all that food at all! And moreover, it's for every lunch and dinner. We can eat lunch till 3pm then the host will remind us to come back for dinner at 6pm! Another 15 course meal.

At the end, I just eat a little from each course because it is not possible to finish everything. Apparently, the waitresses know that too and they sometimes clear off the dishes even though it was only half eaten. Scary!