Monday, September 12, 2005

Lousiest Birthday!

Singing: Its my birthday~ Its my birth birth birth birthday~

Opening this entry with a song, nice? Hee hee... well there's a series of events over the weekend and i am going to start with Saturday first cuz it is damn lousy, the lousiest so far.

I invited a friend to come out to have a dinner with me for my birthday. He told me that he will be working till 5pm and he will meet me around 7pm for dinner at Spizza. Great! I love pizzas. So it was agreed.

At around 5:30, i reached orchard road to collect my P72 (read the post on blind camera) from Sony Service Centre at Wisma. Paid $84 for it. Happy that my camera had a successful operation, i trotted off to shop around abit first at orchard. La la la... ~ it was a wonderful day, little did i know that it is be beginning to my misery.

I shop and i shop... Suddenly i realised that i have forgotten where to meet my friend. Shit.. It is already 7pm and my dumb friend doesn't carry a handphone (HP)!!! Terror!! but there is nothing i can do, can i? I called his home but he is not home yet. Well well, wait for him to call me, i thought. So i continued shopping.

At around 7:30, i decided to take bus to his house at Stevens Road to check if he is home but did not plug in the phone line. (He not only dont carry handphone, he even pull out his telepone line at home so that no one can disturb his little peace. Pui!) So when i was walking towards his house, my phone rang. Finally.

Friend without hp : Hello.

Me : Hey, where are you?

FWH : I am still in school. (he is a teacher)

Me : Ok, so where am i supposed to meet you?

FWH : I told you to come to school to meet me right?!

Me : Did you? I forgot. Anyway, i am alone at Stevens Road.

FWH : What the hell you doing there? BTW, i decided not to go spizzas, we will go to little india to eat briyani.

Me : What the hell?! LITTLE INDIA?! U siao ah! I don't want to eat Indian food! (pissed)

FWH : I suddenly felt like eating briyani.

Me : aiyah watever la, u win lor. Cuz u are treating me and i cant choose anyway.

FWH : You are so stupid, u should have known i am in school.

Me : F#$% la! You think i am the worm in your stomach? You expect me to know every little thing you do? It's all because of your autistic self, you dont want to get a HP. So difficult to find you. You expect me to go to cyber cafe to email you? Just to ask you where are you? Siao leh!

FWH : you should have known i am in school. (damn it.. make me angry)

ME with red face : Come on la. So what if i forgot where to meet you? SO WHAT?? if this happens to any of my friends, i can easily call or sms them lor. But for you this autistic kia, i have to send a bloody email.

FWH : blah blah blah blah.... (forgot what he said cuz i was too pissed)


FWH : you shouldn't shout at me cuz i have been so nice to you!

Me : See you at Newton MRT lah.

and so i walked... from Stevens Road to Newton MRT.......

Walking along this long stretech of road towards Newton MRT, i felt really pissed as i walked. finally i reached Newton 20 minutes later. And i saw this friend at the phone booth trying to call me.

*too pissed to continue.. shall skip to our arrival at little india*

Along the mrt trip, i said nothing at all. Finally we arrived at this Little India, in a kopitiam called 'Blue Diamond'.

Took this photo while walking towards 'Blue Diamond'. Just want to show you guys that i went to this place to celebrate my bday. Ooooh.... how very romantic *sacarstic tone*

We went into the kopitiam and being my stubborn self, i refuse to buy anything there.

FWH: what you want?

Me: I dont want anything. just buy for yourself.

And so he bought briyani for himself and bought a can of coke for me.

This photo is taken in the kopitiam.. Oooh.. Looks yummy.. but no thanks.. i dont want any.

Please dont be mistaken, this is not a piece of artifact from Qin Shi Huang's tomb. Nor is this some comet that has just fallen right infront of my toes in Little India. No.. it is not from alien space.. Make a guess...









Nobody got it? its a piece of cracker from the briyani! Dammit. My fren offered me a piece of this cracker and told me,"Its nice right, i know you like it."

Wish i can stranggle him.

Photo of Briyani... ok.. it doesnt looks ok on my Samsung hp but it looks.... Eeewww.. here...

Besides complaining, i must admit at least something nice turns out too. He got me a cake and gave me $100 ang bao.

Nice cake and it taste nice too. I love fruit cakes!!! Well well.. overall, i am still very disappointed and i think it is the worst bday celebration in my life!!! Tonight i have got another celebration. Hope it will be better..

OH YAH! I think i hit the target of receiving 10 sms today! yoohoo... will post them up later.

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