Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sending Ekin

I know recently I keep blogging Ekin, my blog readers must be very sian but this post will be the last one for the time being. LOL.

Remember I blogged that I will send Ekin off at the airport? I met up with a few other fans to send Ekin, one of them even brought her daugher!

When Ekin arrived, he was seated in a car and did not get off. We only waved at him. His manager, Shan Shan, did the check in for him, as usual. He always wait till everything is done le then he will go into the airport.

When Ekin saw the fan's daughter, he asked her if she no school that day. The mother told Ekin that the girl didn't go school today cuz mother want to send ekin off!!

Ekin looked at the daughter with surprised and said,"Oh no, you skipped school today!"

Ekin joined Shanshan after she finished checking in. They took First Class flight wor... Another fan told me I can't expect Ekin to go Economy right.. so weird. True also.

Then they went to Bengawan Solo to buy things. I dunno if it's ekin or shan shan who wanted to buy but it was shan shan who carried the boxes later on. She was carrying 6 boxes of some mysterious kueh which my cousin guess should be pandan cake. She said pandan cake is singapore's tu chan and her idol, Mr Pig, also buy pandan cake back to TW.
Weird leh.

I didn't expect to take photo with Ekin so my hair very messy, no chance to arrange. :P Ekin came out of Bengawan Solo and asked,"How? Want to take photo?"
Of course we want lah.. and so we hastily took above photo.
Ekin waving at us after going into the custom. He always does that when we send him so I will get my camera ready at the glass panel to take this photo. LOL.. And you can see shan shan, in pink, carrying the bengawan solo boxes.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


La la la ~~~ Today I very good mood. Know why? Cuz I got to see Ekin again! Yes de! I once again take out my old Ekin Club uniform and 重出江湖. I actually already 收山 for many years, around 5 years ba. Too busy doing opera liao, never really got involved with Ekin's events.

This time, I decided to 重出江湖!!!!

I realised that after so long, my favourite singer and actor is still EKIN CHENG. Though I started to love chinese opera but I love chinese opera as a whole. I didn't really idolise any chinese opera singers. It's strange. I tried to find an idol in opera but I can't. There are some chinese opera singers which I admire but I don't idolise.

EKIN is my one and only IDOL. YAY!!!!!

These are us, the group of old birds. These people here have been loving Ekin for at least 10 years. I have known them since I was 14 or 15, I can't remember. At that time, we stayed hours and hours making posters, banners and gifts for Ekin. Those were the days sia. It was cool to see them again and we were like,"Oh my god! So long never see you...."

First, I want to show off this photo....

Wah..... Drooling liao sia.. Ekin put his hand on my shoulder when taking this photo! LOL, so xin fu suddenly...... I remember last time when I took photos with Ekin, my heart will throb like mad. This time never leh, maybe cuz I old liao... There is a long story behind this photo which I will talk about later on.

Want to see more of handsome ekin? He started off singing a song, 友情岁月.
Silly me, so excited about Ekin I forgot to say that this event was at Lunar Bar today.
Ok, the first song he sang was 友情岁月. This song was from Gu wak zai and of course, I know the lyrics from back to front already... It's been so long since I hear Ekin singing LIVE leh. He stopped singing for some time le.

I like this photo, looks cool hor? With the hair fall down like that.

After singing, they played some games. The first game was asking 5 guys on stage to test strength. My brother was very shy leh, he didn't want to go on stage. If girls are allowed, I climb onto stage liao, no need wait. Mai tu liao... Lol...

The test of strength was to hold a jar of water with the arm straight. See who can last the longest. The winner will get a Feng Yun 2 calendar and a poster while the rest will just get the poster.

When my mum saw this video, she ask me why i keep shooting Ekin only, I should shoot the rest mah then she will know what game they playing...

I told me mum, I of cuz shoot ekin only la. I only want to see him ma...:P

After the strength game, they started playing another game, Q&A game. The questions will be about Feng Yun.

1) When was Feng Yun Part 1 screened?
Ans: 1998

but I didn't get to answer it cuz someone else answered it first. SIAN! I want to get that calendar!!!!!!

2) Who was the actor for Feng?
Ans: Ekin

AGAIN, they never choose me to answer. Wah liew, the questions too simple.

3) Wat is the full name of Feng?
Ans: Nie Feng

Not me again... MERDE! Why never pick me?

4) Who is Nie Feng's father?

This time, no one raise hand cuz no one know the answer and I KNOW THE ANSWER!!!

Ans: Nie Ren Wang

YAY!!!! I got the calendar! The host like blur and ask Ekin, Ekin says that I am right, it's Nie Ren Wang. :P The host say,"You li hai, like tat also know."

Of course la, I am die hard fan mah.

The last question.. 5) Who is the artiste who drew Feng Yun?
Ans: Ma Rong Cheng

But I didn't answer this cuz I already answered once. Hee hee.....

Ekin, We love you forever!

You are still as handsome as before!

The third game was for the girls. It was a test for long breath. They are supposed to say 'Nie Feeeennnnnnggggg' for as long as they can and the winner also get the same thing, calendar and poster.

No matter what other people say, we will still stand by you!

This male contestant requested to take photo with Ekin.

After the 3rd game, Ekin sang 2 more songs, 一生爱你一个 and 风云. Both songs I love very much~

After singing the songs, Ekin said bye bye to us. Awww, wished that he can sing more.. more.. MORE! We want more!

LOL, but the show for us, the old birds, doesn't end here.

Like I mentioned, we made a special request to meetup with Ekin privately and it was granted.

We took a break for awhile as Ekin was having an interview. Then we went into his private resting room which is actually a very big KTV room with a billard table. The moment we walk in, he said,"坏人" to my brother because he was wearing this Huai Ren T-shirt, my brother was shy but I told him to sit beside Ekin, me then sit beside him. Very long never get so close to Ekin le!!! He was practically just in front of me and we were sat down and talk like old friends. Indeed, the feeling was like meeting an old friend and asking him how everything is going.

The first thing we said was,"So long never see you, you must come back to singapore soon."

"I will be back in December for the Feng Yun 2 opening"

Yay, that means I can get to see him again.

Then some fans comment that he so long never sing 'live'. We missed his singing very much. He then told us that he will be having a concert in December in HK, we should all go. Definitely we will go lor.

At this private session, I didn't take any photos of Ekin because its supposed to be a chat gathering, Neither of us wants to make Ekin feel uncomfortable by keep on clicking the camera.

A fan said,"You look so thin, you should eat more."

Ekin: I can't eat now, it's too late.

Fan: Cannot eat too late, if not will gain weight?

Ekin: Yes, next time ba, when I come we can go eat.

Fan: You are really thin wor.

Ekin: I am not thin, see, *Flex muscle and points to it*

Fan: Maybe it's your hair.

Fan: Ya, your hair yday was too straight.

Fan: You blew it yourself?

Ekin points at another guy with a sly look.

Shan shan: They said the hair was too straight yday.

Fan: Should give it more volume.

Lol, why are we there to discuss how ekin's hair should be? So funny leh.

Ekin: How about today? Is it still too straight?

Fan: Today is ok

Ekin: Cuz today is not him *points at hairstylist again* blow one

Hahaha.. Ekin always like to make jokes on people.

Fan: But you really thin now.

Ekin: I am not thin ga. I was fat previously.

Me: Like in 'Rule #1'?

Ekin: Yah, in Rule #1 I was fat lah. Did you all watch it?

Shan Shan: They like you to be fatter, with more flesh on the face.

Me: Yup, cuter mah.

Then at one point, he ask my brother why so quiet.

Me: We can't speak cantonese wor. Can only speak mandarin.

Ekin: I can speak mandarin too!

Fan: Your mandarin really improve, yday when you spoke, it was like 眼前一亮.

Ekin laughed at the use of 眼前一亮. He thought it was funny.

Fan: Improve a little bit ba.

Ekin: You are more honest.

Fan: I bought Bak Kua for you! It's my habit, I always buy food for you cuz I know you like.

Ekin: Yes, I can tell you like to buy food from your face.

Fan: -_- (Ekin made fun of her cuz her face also abit round)

Fan: Shan Shan like to eat bak kua mah. (shan shan is ekin's PA)

Fan: Do you eat spicy food?

Ekin: Yes! I just ate Ma La Pot with Aaron Kwok in China wor.

Shan shan: The ma la pot was good there.

Then shanshan said she missed the 933 golden pillow curry chicken here too.

My bro: Can you sign this CD for me?

Ekin: Sure

The CD that my bro pass him is a very old CD from 1990s, at least 10 years ago. Ekin look at the CD and look at us.

Ekin: I think I look the same, no change wor. Hahahaha

Me: Yah, still so handsome. :P

We talked a lot more than this but I cant remember the full conversation, the above are just some parts I remember.

Later on, Ekin offered to take photos with us, one by one.

YAY! Dream accomplished for this event!

My brother and Ekin.

I also asked ekin to sign my calendar.

After taking photos with Ekin and also his PA, Shan shan, Ekin rounded up the session and told
us we can continue to stay in the room if we want.

LOL, I asked Ekin's PA what time is his flight tomorrow and he told me. I then told Ekin,"I will send you tomorrow."

He gave me a blur face, I then give him a knowing look,"I already know your flight number."

He gave me a knowing look too and press his finger to his lips. LOL

Ekin: You send me tomorrow but now, I will have to send you all first.

Ekin is forever so cute and friendly one. That's why I support and no matter what happens to his
private life, that's his life lor. I don't care.

Ekin Signature... I got so many of his signatured stuff now. I gonna frame them up.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rekindled Old Love

Never have I thought that I will relight my old love for him. It's like at least 7 years never seen him le. I almost forgot about him liao until he came to Singapore today.

A few days ago, my friend sent mass emails to us, the old club members, and asked if we are interested to attend the event today at Vivo City. At first, I thought I might not go because I am still a little sick and it has been so long since I last attended his event. I already forgot how crazy I used to be when I was a siao kia teenager. LOL.

Then, I thought since I am jobless and doing nothing at home, I might as well go for the event and can also see some old friends whom I did not see for years too. I am so surprised that they are still so loyal and supportive after all these years. It was great seeing them again and it was great to find back my teenage years craziness. Hahaha...

Know what I am talking about? I am talking about my super dashing, super handsome, super suave, super cool, super macho, super stylo, super man, super cannot tahan de yandaoness, super duper cute.... EKIN CHENG.

I think I blogged some time ago that I used to be an ardent fan of Ekin. I never missed his movies and I got all his albums, including the compilations. He was the first idol I had and the one that I supported loyally throughout my teenage years. LOL, those days were really cool.. Missed them so much.

Right now, everyone is talking about Ming hua yuan and their yandao xiaosheng and their nice costumes. Hahaha, how ironic, I am not watching ming hua yuan but I am queueing up to see Ekin. He is here this time to promote his new movie, Feng Yun 2, which will only be out in December. Oh my god, he is still as handsome as last time, though he has become thin. Aww, he is still sooooo cute. I can't believe that I have been his fan for 13 years. My other fans friends also can't believe time flies so fast. All of them are working now, some even married with children. LOL. Xiang dang nian, we were all 10+ years old only. Heee....

See my dearest EKIN!!!!

Awww... look at him!!! So got seh right? So stylo like that right???? We shouted, "EKIN YOU ARE TOO THIN NOW!"

He smiled and pointed to his face.. then he look at our group and told us must not watch Feng Yun 2 for only 1 time. My friend shouted," I WILL WATCH 10 TIMES!" Just like before..
I remember last time I watched Feng yun 1 for 6 times! I think he probably remembers our group because we were super loyal lor and always request funny things and make funny things for him. Like tomorrow, we requested to have a private coffee session with him and he agreed. Can't tell you where it is tho... It's at his hotel there.. :P

He has not grown long hair for a long time but because of this show, he has got his long hair back. He need his beautiful flowing hair to act as Nie Feng.. I love his long hair.. :P And also previously, he purposely grow fat for a show and now, he is so thin again! I wonder if he is just too stress.

The 2 weapons that ekin unveil during the event.


雪饮狂刀, used by ekin de:

The poster with Ekin's beautiful eyes...

I love EKIN forever!

Saw ekin de beautiful flying hair?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sick like never sick before

Hi!!! I came back to SG for 1 week le but I didn't blog anything yet for the past 1 week? You never wonder why I so quiet meh? Never sms me.... sian...

Last Wednesday, KL passed me this super fever and never had fever for like 20 years. I already forgot how it felt like to have a fever. On Wednesday itself, my temperature shot up to lie 39.3C! I was so dead tired I slept at home whole day till my mum force me to go see doctor. We went to this neighbourhood GP and she didn't ask me to check for H1N1. She just gave me the usual anti biotics, cough syrup, lozenges etc. Then I struggled home....

After that day I have seen the doctor, my temperauture fluctuated up and down. It goes to 39C then came down to 37.6C then went up again to 38C.. At night when I tried to sleep, it went right up to 39C again. Pek cek leh. The GP medicine like didn't work so KL brought me to SGH to see doctor, he scared that it's H1N1. He should bring me see doctor lor cuz he passed the damn fever to me mah.....

In the end, I didn't do a blood test in SGH but KL did. He cleared the blood test so I guess I should not have H1N1 too. The SGH doctor gave me anti-biotics which I took till today. Right now my temperature is 37.4C, still a distant from my normal 35.5C.

I hope I can quickly recover so that I can go out play again~

BTW, my trip was FABULOUS! I will blog about it when I am better~

Friday, July 03, 2009

The way I like!

~~ That's the way ah huh ah huh~~ I like it ah huh ah huh ~~~

Please don't tell anyone but today is my last day of work. LOL. After slogging like years after my poly graduation, I have decided to take a break. A real relaxing long break. Hahaha... Please don't be jealous of me because it will mean that I am not getting any money for a few months. It's sad to be living on savings alone but that's ok for awhile. Meanwhile can concentrate on moving house... what? You don't know that I am moving? Lol.. but yah, I am moving around August or September I think.

YAY! I am going off this sunday to Macau, HK and guangzhou! Mad right? I know, at a recession period like this and a flu virus flying around, I am still going to those affected countries. But you know what? This is actually the BEST time to travel! Because everything will be going cheap. Air ticket cheap, hotel cheap.. everything discounted! Therefore, I gan gan go holiday for 9 days. Yup. I am going from 5 July to 13 July. It's cool to be able to buy air tickets on any day you want without worrying about taking leave. I just randomly selected the dates without know which day it is. I found out that it's Sunday departure and Monday Arrival. Weird dates but who cares?!

Cuz I am a free person now! And nothing matters anymore.

I will be going Disneyland and The Peak and watch the Symphony of lights. It's all going to be so super cool. I can't wait to leave!

It's been long time since I have been so excited and happy. I don't know why I am so happy about losing my job and having no income. LOL. Anyway, I am tired of working. Rest first then find another job.

Take it easy man... life is short!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Michael Jackson RIP

I heard the news of his death rather early because KL was sending me to work that morning and we heard the news over the radio early in the morning. I was very very shock to know that he is dead. In fact it is unbelievable. Though I am not a fan of Michael Jackson, I cannot deny that I listened to his songs when I was kid too. In my impression, he is like a legend. So many fans love him! I have seen cut scenes of him having public appearances and everywhere he goes, it's always flooded with people.

When I was a kid, I was also amazed that he got his own amusement Park at home, Neverland. I though it will be so cool if I have my own amusement park too.

I am quite sad that he is really dead. Even though he has got many scandals and bad rumours, nobody can deny that he is indeed an incredible singer. He has got a very powerful voice and he got the superstar looks. Of cuz after his face got distorted, he looked terrible but I like the way he looked when he was younger and not that fair yet.

I love many of his songs. Though I am not a fan, think I mentioned it just now, I admire his talents in dance and singing. He will always be a superstar in the eyes of his fans.

Some of the songs I love~

I saw this article on MJ's life before he died. I think it's quite sad. Poor guy...