Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Wah lau.... 难得 I today got some time free after completing my slides, want to play with my PSP, skali play halfway low batt. I quickly plug in the AC charger and to my horror my PSP doesn't charge!!! What the hell lor! I dunno what's the problem... It was still charging fine like 2 days ago.

Now it's raining and I must faster bia to AMK to send my PSP to ICU. Wah lau eah, I hope my psp can be discharged on the spot lor. If must stay in for a few days then I sb sian liao.. Still have to go down 2 days later to collect. Dunno even got time to go down collect or not.

And the best part is I think I haven't save the game yet. Though it's not too far off but still! SB fan leh.... Suddenly just die on me like that, the heart just stopped beating, nothing i do can revive it! Change the heart also can revive.. Apparently it's not the heart problem. Dunno what shit problem lor.. Bloody hell..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Watching Opera

As we are going to act Ong Bo Chuan in near future, Ang suggested that we go watch the Teochew version of Ong Bo Chuan.

If Teacher open her mouth, all must go unles you got valid excuse. So we all went and knowing that most of the students will be bored, we all 不约而同 brought tidbits and drinks to the venue.

MD brought nuts and a few can drinks. May Teng brought crackers and biscuits (actually is for ah gu one). LZ bought tidbits on the spot. I think my mum brought something too but I forgot. YH brought sweets as usual.

While teacher is sitting in front at the VIP seats, we were partying at the back rows. We didn't get good seats and couldn't really see clearly so most of the time we were chatting and eating and drinking. I think teacher must be really sad cuz the show wasn't very interesting and she couldn't come join us in the party.

In the end towards the end of the show, she came and sit with us. LOL... Our party is too hard to resist liao...

I think where ever we all go, it will be like a party because some people will always bring something over to picnic.

Ah Gu

May Teng's vicious daughter did this to her.

I really how the undersized midget daughter of hers can scratch her to this extend. I mean she is so little, just grab her hands and tell her to stop it will do right? At most she will wail and scream but it's better than letting her do whatever she wants.

Her daughter aka Ah gu is really a handful lor. Super duper mega naughty and attitude. I think I will ki siao if I have a daughter like that. I will probably tie her hands together so she wont try anything funny.

Anyway kids are not my thing. I am never good with kids. I prefer to play with adults. LOL...