Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Boin Boin

2 Boin Boins in the bus....

The orange one belongs to my mum which she will pass to my sis and the yellow one belongs to May which she will pass to her son, Jerry.

These 2 boin boins are gifts from dearest Ang. She bought them all the way from Taiwan. So nice right? She even bought things for the little ones at home. This boin thing is supposed to give out light when being thrown. I told dearest teacher Ang that she should use this to throw at the naughty xiao sheng in our troupe!

The yellow on belongs to May and YH asked May why her one has got a 'mole' on the face. May said that's because her boin boin is a 3花. My mum's one is a hua dan lor cuz it's redish. Then May said probably Ang want to hint her that she should be a 3花 that's why give her a boin boin with a mole on it.

So sad right, I mean if teacher want her be 3花 ca directly tell her one lor. Dun need to hint her like that. I believe May will be able to take it one. Like that so subtle, if may never get the hint then how right.

Fortunately, we are very bright students, we always read into our teacher's mind so we know.

Aiyah never mind la, since teacher already give u this hua dan role u just do lah. 20 hair pieces all put on ur head. Never mind one. We will support you ok.

Monday, November 29, 2010

THE steamboat

Things jus cannot be more coincident. Or is it fated? Destined? LOL....

Today, I went to office with Weijun and I was like so damn hungry! Cuz in the afternoon I met Amai to shop at Nexx for awhile then when I got home, Weijun is there already. I didn't know that he is coming to my place but anyway, I chop chop packed my things and went to office.

So I didn't get to eat breakfast nor lunch.

Weijun told me that he also didn't eat breakfast and lunch, reason being he want to diet.. and look good for his photo shoot tomorrow. Fair enough.

Finally at 7+pm, we left office and Weijun said go to eat steamboat and he knows a very nice one around the same area. Ok, I like steamboat mah and Weijun is soup god. He told me he can be spokeperson for that restaurant already cuz he eat there so often.

As he drove on, I suddenly burst out in enthu... "Which restaurant you going?!?!?!"

He was a bit shock and asked me if I am very hungry, must exclaim like that. I said no lah, cuz last week I came this are for steamboat also with Amai they all. Weijun said,"Aiyah, this restaurant very ulu one. confirm you never go before."

Ok lor..

In the end it turns out....

To be the same restaurant!!! Weijun asked me,"sure or nt?! got so qiao mah, this restaurant so ulu u also know ah..."

So I told him is Amai de fren brought us here one. So qiao right and he so confident tat I never been here before... In the end.. LOL... So just now I went to this restaurant for the second time.

This is the one.. And that is weijun at the counter. How coincident right.

Me and Amai the first time we went there....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lost in Carpark

A friend of mine came to look for me today. He called me and told me that he has reached my home but he cannot find his car. I asked him how come? He told me that he parked his car and then went Sheng Siong to buy something. When he came back, he couldn't find it. He asked me to help him find.

So I went downstairs and asked him if he already checked the stretch of carpark directly in front of my place. He said he did and he has already walked that stretch 4 times at least but couldn't find his car. So I told him maybe it is at the carpark on the other side of my block but he told me that he has also checked that side and couldn't find it.

He was so worried that his car might be stolen with his laptop inside. I told him not to worry. I don't think anyone will steal his car at broad daylight. I asked him which direction he walked when he went to Sheng Siong. He told me the direction and then said that he felt he has walked quite far today than usual. I told him in that case he probably parked at another block that is further down the street.

He agreed, chances very high. So we walked to the other blocks.

Finally, we reached block 531 (I am staying at 538) and found his car safely parked there. He was so relieved to find his car! And I find it so funny that he actually didn't realised that he has parked so far away from my place even after getting off his car and walking to sheng siong. LOL.

He said that such things happens often to him and he forgive himself for being blur. Hahaha.. I find it very funny lor. I am so happy that I am borned with a not bad sense of direction... At least I don't get lost easily.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Sis Bday

Today is Monday le. Since May Teng always got monday blues, let me blog this happy event to sweep away her monday blues~! Provided she got read it la.... But since she said that she is a loyal reader of mine, I trust that she will read this monday morning.

My sister's bday, 19 Nov. In the morning Weijun called me and asked me what kind of cake my sister like. I was a bit groggy cuz I just woke up so I was like,"huh? You still remember my sister's bday ah..."

Then so coincidently he suddenly ask if my sis love Doreamon. I told him my sis is a die hard fan of Doraemon lor. So super qiao that he asked this and my sister is a fan. So he bought my sis a Doraemon cake.

Little did I know that my father also bought a Doraemon cake for my sis liao! So my sis very happy lah. Ended up got 2 cakes for her.

My father bought this square cake...

Weijun bought this round one. Since Weijun got my sis a cake and a bday present, we decided to wait for Weijun to come our place before my sister cuts the cake. So we waited... lol, until my sister like very tired.. and impatient le. So I called Weijun asked him if he is coming. He said he is on the way. My sister very funny lor. She go and pray... that Weijun will come faster.

In the meanwhile I asked her to take photo with her cakes lah. Finally weijun came and my sister was very happy. Finally can cut cake le.. We sang bday song for her and she insisted that she the lights must be off... when we sing the song...

Family photo, weijun took for us. Then my sister decided to take photo with us individually.. The first person she chose to take photo with was weijun. Wah liew, never give us face.

Then with my mum...
Then with my aunt. They position like that as if she and my aunt are sisters leh...

Then with my brother... and they positioned like that as if they dunno each other or just met only... My god. Are they really siblings?????

Lastly with my father LOL...
Then my sister insisted that my mum should cut her bday cake with her. Like she dunno how to cut cake like that...

And then she wanted weijun to cut the other cake with her.. And look at her face.. like she very stress when cutting cake leh.

My mum said my sister is pretending that she is very good frens with weijun issit.. And look at her eyes! She always does that when taking photos! Told her so many times not to look up when taking pic she never listen lor. But that day my sister super happy lah. Got 2 cakes and got many bday presents. :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ups and downs

There have been a lot of ups and downs lately in my life. I am busy doing a lot of things but at the same time, I am very lost. Sometimes I will suddenly feel that I dunno what I am doing. My life has recently jumped out of its daily routine.

In the past, I will work on the weekdays, go home after work for dinner or sometimes I will meet friends outside for dinner. Then on the weekends, Saturday is my free day where I can meet friends for shopping or sometimes I go SL. Then Sunday is very standard, COI practice from 3pm till 7pm then dinner with the COI ppl.

Every week it has been like this. Very routined and somehow I got used to that sort of routine life. Suddenly I have no idea what I am doing. My life is not routine anymore. Sometimes I do this, sometimes I do that. Sometimes I have very last minute things popping up. Now I can't tell my friends exactly which day I am free because I don't know. Things will just pop up. I felt myself being swallowed into this tornado of things.. assorted things.

I dunno, maybe I am just not used to it. Maybe I don't have a sense of security in this non-routine life.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ah Gu Bday

We celebrated Ah gu's bday some time ago. Ah Gu is still ah gu. She is still as cow as ever. Very attitude and unfrenly! LOL

And that day for the first time, I saw Bala and his wife. :P

Her name is Cindy. Bala is as usual, kping alot about the food, the drinks, the place.. everything that he can complain, he complained.

Recently YH has a rule, she doesn't want me to blog her photos anymore. There isn't any actual reason. She just doesn't want people to know what she is doing and doesn't want ppl to know how she looks like. Very lame. So I didn't take any photos of her but I took one of her hand. Yep, holding the fishball.

May was very busy that night, taking care of EVERYTHING. Her father, her brother, her sister, her everyone will be calling her every 5 minutes. MAY MAY MAY!! Like that.

Very jialat. She didn't get to take a break or sit down with us to talk. When she talked to us for like 5 minutes, her someone will call her, MAY! She didn't get to eat much also. Then finally when she was eating, Cow was at the table with us carried by her brother. May cannot let Cow see her because if Cow see her then she will want May to carry her. Then May cannot eat again.

So May was eating, back facing us.

As you can see, May's brother was carrying Cow while May was eating back facing them. It's silly lah anyway. I mean you think cow cannot recognise your back meh? It's so obvious lor. Like she dunno. I think she just give u face only.

Cow is finally 1 year old! But she is still so small. Like that how to be xiaosheng when she grows up??

Cow's first bday.....

Chilli Crab?

Last week I went to Ponyo's home for a swim with her then we went to this indian kopitiam to eat dinner. I accidentally saw this picture of Chilli crab with a funny name below it.

Hahaha, I was like stunned and was laughing my head off when I saw this! LOL, Ponyo asked me what was it and I explained to her the mean of Chilli Crap. She laugher her head off too. I mean, I believe someone would have told the shop owner or the shop owner must have realised it too but how come they didnt change it? Maybe they thought that this funny picture will attract more people to come eat their chilli crab ba.. so damn funny sia!

Shopping with Amai

Some people find it odd that me and Amai went shopping together but to think of it, it's not that odd is it? I mean I have known her for quite some time already just that we didn't use to meet up often. And now that there is a catalyst between us, that is FM, we got to meet up more often. I get to know more about her and her personality.

So yah, we went shopping at Bugis yesterday which was arranged last week. FM wanted to join us but poor girl, has to work like a cow and when she reached Bugis, her boss actually called her and tell her to return to the office to do some more work! How ridiculous is that? I cannot imagine such a boss. Damn stingy and make use of foreigners. I felt quite sad for FM, I mean I am not the kind to stand this type of nonsensical boss. I would have thrown in my letter long ago.

So in the end, it's only me and Amai shopping. We went to Bugis then went to Bugis Village. There were some really nice stuff in Bugis village that I was tempted to buy but I have to control! Because I am not working and my new venture probably won't take off for the first few months. I must be prepared.

Amai on the other hand did find things she likes and bought some stuff too. It's a great feeling to have bought something cheap and nice. I mean for me, I will feel good and happy with my purchase.

Heh, Amai took these pictures for me. She didn't take any pictures of herself tho.. And she said that her camera very good, cuz cannot see my pimples! Hhaha, yah cuz the pictures are not razor sharp. Too good a camera is not good for me cuz can see very single zit and pimple on my face.

Then we went to Iluma to see the Harry Potter exhibit. FM is a great Harry Potter fan and she wanted to see this exhibit so much. I didn't know that she is a fan too but the Harry Potter series is really a fantastic one. The story just totally suck you into it like you are part of it.

Nowhere is safe, but I seems very happy to be hiding there.

I like this photo! LOL, it looks like Voldemort is pointing his wand at my head! And it says the Hunt Begins so I am being hunted! LOL......

Poor FM didn't get to join us and she reached home at 9+pm. So poor thing right. It was a Saturday sia!

Friends are friends, simple. There is no need to think too much or try to find out what we are up to! LOL, cuz we are not up to anything. We just found out that we are suitable shopping partners so we met up and shop together. It doesn't mean anything at all.

Life is short. Live it!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Tok Tok Chiang!

Today is a historical day for me and also for Nick. Because today, we finally made one big leap towards our goal! Nick was so excited that he told me can't sleep last night and then he woke up at 6am.

I was excited too but I slept well. Thanks to my mum for pardoning me all the noises.

Today, I wore pink as it is somewhat auspicious, Nick wore very formally which is quite unusual. He said that he wants to dress up for the historical moment.

We arrived at this Association of Small and Medium Enterprises at 10am and started the ball rolling~ Nick surprised me by telling me that he is going to register both company names that he came up with. Tok Tok Chiang and Painted Faces Team.

We had a discussion on which name to use. Many people voted Tok Tok Chiang and few people voted Painted Faces Team. However, I tot that for long term use, painted faces team might be more appropriate cuz eventually, opera is only going to be a part of the business, not the whole.

Unable to decide, Nick registered both companies on this auspicious day, 4 Nov 2010. It is a memorable day! We took pictures while doing the registration. LOL. I am so happy that this is happening too.

So now that we have the company name, I am going to make the namecards and do up a portfolio. I went to Hougang Mall with Nick to meet one of his friend and also approach the mall's management. LOL I suggested we go Hougang mall... it's nearer to my home...

On this memorable day, I write this blog and I want to post photos but Nick doesn't allow me to post his photos! He said that the photos I post must let him see first. After he approve then I can post. My god. So I am posting this photo which doesn't show his face.

This one I think no need his approval la cuz cannot see his face mah.... Then I have one that he approved below.. LOL, this one is he mms me one so I think must be he approve liao... but it's very small la.

We even recieved angbaos as a good luck from Nick's friend! Everything is auspicious today. I believe we will soar! :)

Dear friends, Must support us!!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Damn Busy ok

I am quite busy leh. Counting the things that I need to do... and that I haven't do.. Gosh. I must start doing tomorrow le.

Today has been a very long day for me. I had a very bad sleep last night because I can't fall asleep! I ended up sleeping at 4am. Then my mum comes into my room at 7am, made alot of noise then went out.. Later at 8am, she came in again with the vacuum cleaner, made a lot of noise and then went out.. Later at 9am, she came in again with a mop, made a lot of noises then went out!

I almost KI SIAO!!!

I must find a resolution to this. If not I will ki siao one day. I told her that I cannot tahan all that noises in the morning. I will go mad so I am going to think of something, move to my sis's room when she comes in etc.

So today when finally I get to sleep after her last noise making session, Nick called me at 10am... ZZzzz....

'Jie jie, please wear nice today, we going to see MP.'

So in the end, I woke up.. took a bath, decide what to wear that is considered nice.... Then I went out to meet Nick at his friend's office. I did some photo editing for Nick and some other misc computer stuff. Then a business consultant came and we had a meeting.

It was interesting though the business consultant talked mostly about borrowing loans from bank. I did learn a lot from what he said and know more about bank loans. Actually, Nick and me dun need bank loans but its still good to know.

Then after that, we went off to meet MP and New York University. MP is actually Nick's friend. We met up with the MP and his wife to tour the New York University, Tisch Asia, which is an institute for film and TV. NYU is a prestigious university and this Film and TV degree that they are offering is one of the best ones around. Zhang Yi Mou's daughter is actually studying in this course in NY.

So it was an eye opener to visit the Uni. I saw those professional equipments that they used, the sets that they film in. Nick commented that their set doesn't lose to mediacorp. It was very interesting but too bad I din take photo, I didn't dare! LOL....

They actually got this motion capturing room that doesnt use markers! Normally motion capturing uses markers to mark the person's actions but apparently, this new technology doesn't use markers. I think they are using Infra red lights or something. Very interesting.

Thanks to Nick for this chance to see this school which reminded me so much of my days in Poly. Though our equipments were not that high-end at that time, it really reminded me of how I used to do projects thru days and nights. How I fooled around while doing projects.... Sweet memories.

I am so damn tired. Tomorow got to wake up early to pa bia.....