Monday, September 12, 2005

Birthday SMS!

Well well.... Congratulations to me! I hit my target of 10 sms! i secretly made a wish to receive 10 birthday wish sms today. Although 10 is not alot, i am very happy already as i know how lazy and forgetful some of my friends are.

Here are the sms received and arranged in received sequence:

1) Ed : Happy birthday ;) 12:03am

2) James : Happy birthday wo! M I e first to sms u? 12:27am

3) Sheena : Hope i did not disturb u fr getting to sleep... Happy birrthday to u... May u be cheerful always... Have a wonderful day tml... Take care... Gd nite... 1:09am

4) Lock : Everyone pats u on ur back n looks happy on ur birthday, but u know e more birthdays u collect, e closer to death u are. Perhaps tat's why they are so happy. => 8:06am

5) Tian : Sorry, didnt go and watch your performance yesterday, today is your birthday, i wish you happy birthday, stay young forever and may your wishes come true. (this is originally in chinese) 10:09am

6) Henry : Happy birthday!~ 10:26am

7) Ying Pei : Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to my dear friend, happy birthday to you... may your day and year ahead be filled with happiness! muacks 10:53am

8) Richard : Happy birthday to u. wish u all the best. 10:55am

9) Jun Hao : Happy bday miko! May all ur wishes come true! 11:18am

10) May : Happy birthday, my dear.. Wish you stay beautiful always.. 11:19am

Just right.. 10 sms.. hmm i will post again if i receive more. :D

Now i want to give awards..... hee hee

The earliest sms : ED at 12:03am --- Thanks Ed.. thanks for remembering my birthday

The funniest sms : Lock !! --- Thanks Lock, although ur sms is not very kind to me but it made me laugh!

The longest sms : Ying Pei !! --- Thanks YP~

Now for the msn msg i received:

Stephen : ho ho ho.... Yadhtrib yppah!!!!!

Ovaltine : Happy birthday!!~

Amai : Happy birthday!

Jun hao : Happy bday miko!


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