Thursday, September 15, 2005

I hate last minute changes!

I really hate last minute changes!!! Very unfortunately, i came a few recently which is totally ...... (thinking of words to describe).........

Ok.. lets count them one by one.

1) Mentioned before in previous entry, my good friend promised to go to spizza with me to celebrate my birthday. Last minute he decided that he would prefer to have Briyani. Hello! it's my birthday ok, so you should respect my wish and not yours. You selfish piece of autistic @#$#@.

2) I was really excited about tonight's basic movement class BUT!! A big BUT here! The class was cancelled!! Can you believe it? can you? Sincerely can you???!!! Why.... boo hoo.. The reason is, there is not enough students to pay for the teacher.... Oh man i am so so soooo disappointed. They told me the class will be postponed to next week. Haiz.. I anticipated so much for tonight's class but.. PUTAIN!*

3) Peformance for this Sunday is cancelled? Why?! again.. why must you do this to me? I anticipated alot for this coming performance too as i wanted to do better this time. I was thinking: hmm... i am sure this sunday i can do much better and the audience will cry! (exaggerate abit) But this cursed sms came " performance for sunday is cancelled".

I know i am a mean girl, i like to kill cockroaches with inseccticides, i like to trap beatles with toy cups so that they cannot bump into my hair, i secretly hid my sister's dolls to make her cry, i made my father buy me a memory stick but hey.. i still don't think i deserve this! *sad* i have a hunch that the mooncake eating session this sunday will be canceled last minute too due to some stupid reasons.. putain*...

*putain - means prostitue in french and is a bad word similiar to f#$% in english.


Today, i dealt with a stupid agent again. This world is so full of stupid agents no wondery Aunt Josephine has a phobia for agents. Aunt Josephine, by the way, is a character from the book, A Series of Unfortunate Events. She has a phobia for almost everything but the thing she is afraid of most is Realtors. This book, by the way, is a very funny book. Although it is for children, i enjoyed reading it very much cuz its real funny!!!

Ok back to the stupid agent.

Me : Hello, can i co broke your block 204.

SA (stupid agent) : Yes.

Me : May i know how is the condition of this unit?

SA : Average lor

Me : Is there valuation done or asking?

SA : No value, asking 185K. Are you a coordinator?

Me : Yes.

SA : Can you don't call up agents so early? We need to sleep. (cut the phone on me)

Merde... It's 10:41am for goodness sake and you as an agent should be up earlier reading classifieds and not sleeping comfortably in the bed waiting for houses to come to you lor! 10:41am, lots of people are already working and the birds have already finished their breakfast and my mum is already preparing lunch! For goodness sake, you stupid agent still sleeping and blame me for interrupting your sleep at 10:41AM!

I hope this agent dont close any deals. He can then eat grass and choke on dog's poo. haha.. i am so mean.


Timmy said...

I hear ya man, I good friend of mine avoided me so he would not have to drive up to hang with me on my bday. I was Ticked Off

Miko said...

Yeah.. hate people like that. Fortunately, i still have some friends who are still sincere with me.