Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The people around me are driving me nuts.

The things around me are also driving me nuts.

F all.

F alll this bullshit.

F everything.

I wonder where my breaking point is.

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Evil Rings

Recently there was a sale at Diva and I bought some rings there cuz a few of mine were losing the colour. I chose some that I really liked and happily wore them when I got home...

My mum said that ALL my rings make me look like I belong to some evil sect, 邪教. I never thought they looked like some evil sect accessories. It never crossed my mind when I bought them. Now thinking back, I did bought alot of accessories that looks like evil sect stuff. Like I got this big ass necklace with big crosses all over it. I love that necklace man. And I got a braclet and a hair band with a skull on it.

My friend told me it's unlucky to wear skulls.. Well.. Who cares, I am already so unlucky, can't be anymore unluckier right?

Anyway do you like my rings??? LOL...

Seriously, I don't like cute sweet stuff.. so I dunno why I am a hua dan... Unlike may teng, she like cute, furry stuff.... I don't. I hate it. I don't like hello kitty. I like pink though... but still, I like weird eccentric things.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Finally after a failed rendezvous with Amai and FM, and after May Teng dua-ed me, I went to see Avengers today. Though I went alone, I don't feel bored, in fact I think watching movies is the perfect thing to do when you are alone cuz you don't have to talk, just concentrate on watching.

As I have been following the Marvel movies, online or in cinema, I roughly knows what each character is doing. May Teng told me that Avengers was not as good as she has expected, in fact some parts were boring to her. I think that is mostly because she didn't watch the other Marvel movies like Iron Man 1/2, Thor, The Hulk and Captain America.

If I am her, I think I will be bored too. I wouldn't know what the hell is going on! And the story proceeds very fast so it will be good to have some background. Moreover, the actors speak very fast so sometimes you might not catch what they are saying.

Overall , I enjoyed it.

And which hero I like best?? Hmm.. Well I like Captain America cuz he is cute. lol... But I also like Thor because I like mythology. Thor and Loki both comes from this Norse mythology and between them I prefer Thor cuz he is better looking and he looks stronger and he is the good guy! Hahahaha....

I also like Stark's jokes. They are super funny~ lol....

There were lots of movies on mythology and I am a big fan of them. Like previously I watched Thor and I loved it, there are so many different and interesting gods. And I am sort of familiar with quite a few gods because my games always mention them. Like in one of my games, Loki was the final boss. Loki is always the bad guy in games and stories and movies. He is always stealing things.

Not to be confused with Greek Mythology, as the Greek gods are Zeus, Poseidon, the Titans etc.

They are like 2 different things altogether.

Ok, so much digressing on mythology~

I can't wait to see Avengers 2 and also Thor 2 and also Iron Man 3!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Recently there has been some trends in the way people speak. Like some people (May Teng for example) like to imitate the Taiwanese style or some others copying the Korean style or even the China style. They will add in those lingos which are uncommon in Singapore when they speak.

There is nothing wrong with using other people's lingo, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with it.

I have lots of overseas friends and it's true that sometimes I imitate the way they speak when I speak with them. Just for fun lol.. There was a period of time where I like to imitate the french accent. Example, they will speak like 'Zis is ze place. Zey are not ere yet.' (this is the place, they are not here yet, in french, there is not 'H' sound)

Of cuz I don't do this to my other friends, they will think I am nuts.

Actually, I sort of like the way singaporeans speak singlish. Now that we have so many foreigners in Sg, we must have some sort of 'Speak Singlish' campaign too. To prevent this unique language from extinction. With the influence of foreigners, like some of my friends who are picking up foreign accents, our own singlish will disappear soon!! Zis is not good!

So I think besides promoting Chinese and English, we should promote Singlish too.

Save our 'wah lao eah,' 'sibeh sian' or 'pek cek'.... We encourage Singaporeans to say 'wah lau eah' at least once a day! lol...