Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eat Shit

I think you guys must have read about my friend, Henry, before right? I blogged about him a few times.

Recently, I took his "How well do you know me" test and I got 100%! Haha, I didn't know that I still know him so well or should I say that he didn't change at all. Lol.

One of his questions was very funny. It was a question which we discussed before and we laughed so much over it at that time. The question is:

If you walked along the streets 1 day and accidentally eat shit, what would you do 1st?

This is a super random question that Henry just thought of out of thin air. It's very stupid lor and I dunno what is in his brain really.

The answers we got from the various lame people includes:

1)Wipe it off

2)Look around to make sure nobody's looking, then continue eating

3)Curse and swear

4)Stop and think how the heck that happened


Hahah, damn stupid right. Apparently, my friend, Henry and Vincent, said that they will laugh and laugh non stop. Why? Because its very stupid to accidentally eat shit when you are walking along the street. How can something so random like this happen? Oh my god.

What will you do if you eat shit accidentally one day?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jakarta Madness

You guys remember that I went to Jakarta for a performance last month? It was quite a fruitful and fun trip. This was the first time that I go on a trip with this troupe and the experience was very nice too. They are also really funny people.

At the backstage of the theatre, I saw a notice. It's so funny that I just have to take a photo of it. Please don't say I am very bad ok. I am just sharing with you all.

No blitz for the camera ok...

The poster of our show, we are the best of ASEAN! Lol.
The performance was a long and tedious day. We rehearsed, test mic, rehearsed for the whole day! And we didn't even get to check in the hotel first. Basically, we rushed to the theatre immediately after we got off the plane. Steady bo? We almost died of exhaustion at the end of the day.
Back at the hotel Miss Yayi continued with her nonsense.

She is pretending to be a really busy businesswoman. And she called up Susan's room saying," This is the DMC Headquarters. Please report here immediately."
Susan also very mad lor, she played along with her and reached our room 5 min later.

Still role playing as a business woman.

She started writing a letter to her subordinates, Susan and me. As the chair woman of DMC Headquaters, she has the need to comment on our performance today.

She wrote this..

To Ponyo...

Tonight, we got a perfect performance.........


From Ponyo.

I asked her how come it's from ponyo to ponyo. Very silly lor.. mad.

We stayed in a 5 star hotel. The organiser was very good. This hotel is very nice and comfy.

Look at the soap bottles! They are like the borobodur temple I went to last year. Remember the photos I took that time? They look like this too. Cute.

Outside the window, we can see Jakarta. The buildings around us are all short short one. I should bring swimming costume then I can go swimming~ Shiok.

The security outside scan every bag that goes through the door. Even the shopping bags they also scan. This hotel is very strict with their security. We even need to go through the metal sensor when we enter the hotel. I think they are afraid of terrorist attacks ba.

So many luggages. We are scary right... All those belong to us.

Susan and Biyu's mummy.

Yayi aka ponyo and her husband.

We were lucky that our plane decided to land on T3 instead of the scheduled T2. T3 was very beautiful and the toilet looks like a good place to hangout!

In the ladies, the left side is the powder room and right side is the toilet.

The powder room.

2 big statues near to the customs.

The transit area. We hanged around there for a long time because Yayi wanted to buy perfume. I didn't buy anything because I want to save money. Hee hee, I gotta save money for more important things to do!

Many people going towards the customs to chop passport. Kind of boliao, but I took these photos to show you guys the transit area inside T3 mah.. lol..

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Mango Ice

As in my previous post, I wrote that I went to HK cafe for supper with YH after a performance. Oh yah, just a side note, I have the habit of wearing my cai yi and cai ku to my performance directly to avoid the hassle of changing clothes so apparently, that day I went to HK cafe with my cai yi and cai ku too because I have no clothes to change. LOL. I hope no one notice my weird dressing.

We ordered a mango ice mountain to share. You know HK cafe is very famous for th Mango ice mountain.

See our beautiful mango ice, with the snow ball on top. It looks so pretty. But little did it know that it will end in a sad state 20 minutes later.

We started off eating the side. Slowly, the side became thinner and thinner. I was afraid that the snow ball will topple over so I quickly moved it to the side of the plate. We then continue to eat the side of the mountain.

I saw that the side is become thinner and our mountain is starting to look like a ice stick. An idea struck me and I started hitting the top of the ice stick. I thought that will make it shorter so it will be less likely to fall apart.

YH: Can I know what are you doing?

Me: I am trying to make this thing collapse.

YH: Mad or what?!

Me: It's going to fall apart leh if we continue to eat like this.

By this time, I have successfully hit the top part till.......

Look, a hole on top and the snowball at the side.

YH: If you make the thing collapse it's going to melt very fast leh!

I didn't think of that though.

Me: Oh yah, it's going to melt in the syrup.

YH: I think you also don't want to see such a thing happen right?

Me: Nope....

YH: Then can you please stop hacking the thing?

Me: ok...

I thoought this conversation was kinda funny. Lol... because YH said 我想你也不希望这样的事情发生对不对?Like very serious lidat lor....

Btw, YH helped me get a 50% discount at Hangten! So I bought this T-shirt and jacket there at a very good price! Oh my god. Singapore sale coming again........