Friday, October 31, 2008

Solo - Borobudur

On the second day early morning, we setted out to Borobudur! Super excited cuz I like to see historical sites. I was really very dead because the day before I go Solo, I slept like 2 hours then on the first night, I slept like 5 hours. Not enough sleep!!

We as usual gathered at the 5-star Sunan Hotel first and waited for the other troupes to come down.
Mung Mung on the other hand was all set to go out with his hat on. In case you guys don't know, Mung Mung was very popular with the troupe! Everyone likes him!!!

Ang likes to use him to hammer her back.....
But she also wanted to take photo with him. Hee hee... later on, Susan also took photo with him.

Very popular Mung2. We got on the bus after awhile and the LO started giving out boxes which contains some bread and water for our breakfast. I think the organisers are very thoughtful.

Our breakfast box.

This is the 'kai lu' police car. Later, it will be escorting us to Borobudur which is a 2.5 hours drive from our hotel. There are a few police cars stationed at the hotel too.

Arriving at Borobudur, Susan asked Mung2 to be the tour guide! Everyone, please don't get lost and follow Mung Mung!

Aaah, the famous Borobudur temple. It's really huge! It was built about 1200 years ago. Imagine that.

The tour guide explained to us that the stupas on the temple were built to imitate the bodhi leaf when folded.

From left, Lin Hong, Susan, Shui Xiao Yan and me. Notice that we were wearing uniform? This t-shirt was given to us the previous day in the goody bag. We got to wear this when we go for field trips.

We are going to start climbing the temple. I want to go up to the TOP storey! The one behind susan is Shui and the one behind me is Faizah.

Can you spot mung2? Hee hee.. Camouflaged. Look at the intricate carvings! They are so beautiful.
Me and Mung mung were touching something that is 1200 years old.

This was taken about 4 levels from the top. These are the stupas I was talking about. They were built to imitate bodhi leaves.

Inside each stupa, there is a statue of a buddha. It is said that you will have good fortune if you can touch the buddha inside. I tried my luck.

Yay! I can touch the buddha's arm. Mung's arms are too short. He cannot touch it. Lol...

The buddha inside.

Nice, I was glad we came here!

After we left Borobudur, I fell asleep in the bus again.... About an hour later, I was woken up to see an old indian temple which was destroyed by the tsunami a few years ago.

Look at this! Magnificent! For the past 2 years, the government has tried to restore this temple but the progress was slow because they will need to piece all those stones together like a mega jigsaw puzzle. Look at all those stones! I wonder how long they are going to take to put them all together again.

It was beautiful.

The stretch of coaches waiting for us...

When we got on the coaches, the LO distributed fruits and some snacks to us again. In fact, they gave us so much food that we can't finish at all. We all bring them back to the hotel and I didn't have time to eat them anyway. All my free time were used for sleeping. Lol..

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