Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I Googled Myself

I tried googling my nickname and name and lol.. they all churned up my SNS accounts. WTH heng never churn out my Facebook.

I think I have to set my Facebook as private. Just in case irrelevant people find me.

This is what comes up when you google my nickname Mikolah....

The first one is my Twitter account, 2nd one is my blog, 3rd one is not mine. 4th one is my askfm. 5th is my tumblr, 6th is somebody crediting my Twitter account.

I kinda got a shock that people can find my blog so easily. no wonder I got some questions on askfm about my blog. OMG that means people can dig out all my past, my photos everything. LOL not that I got anything to hide.

Then I googled my name. Miko H. And here is what I got.

My Youtube account is the first one that comes out. I think if I name my Youtube account as Mikolah, it will come out 2nd, after my Twitter. And also my YT account came out above some swim suit brand. LMAO....

150106 Leeteuk in SG~

So.... I tried my luck at the airport today since Teuksquare is unlike Siwonsquare, it doesn't give us the exact time and location. But we deduced the arrival time since there weren't many arrivals from Korea each day. There weren't many fans when we reached the airport. Maybe around 10 or 15 but omg... when Teuk arrived, suddenly all the fans gushed out from I don't know where and it became super crowded and the other passengers were like wth is going on.

I took a fancam but mine is kinda lousy cuz I was busy staring at his stupid face and the camera strayed off.. lol but my brother's fancam is good, he is tall so he got this bird's eye view.. and he also caught Onew for a bonus. I caught Onew too but only at the end of the fancam.

My brother's fancam, you can see the crowd. omg.

And this is mine.

I noticed that Onew was kinda upset at the airport yesterday. My friend was telling me that the shawols were calm but the ELF were hysterical. I thought that as an old fandom we will be calm when seeing the boys but then I guess nobody can keep calm when seeing them. Onew showed his unhappiness in the van. He looked around at the fans surrounding the van, move away from the window seat and shook his head. ><

I feel bad for him >< Sorry Onew! We were too hysterical seeing leader nim cuz we haven't seen him since he enlisted. 


And here is a fancam of Onew, I think fans were chasing after leeteuk and he got lagged behind.... then ELF all crowded around the van and he got some difficulty trying to get in.

Lastly, some photos!!!


The crowd around Leeteuk, I blurred their faces. XD

And also Onew..

My camera zoomed a little so it appears so close.

SS6 in Seoul

I went to Seoul back in September for Super Show 6~~~

The concert was so awesome and funny but there was ONE big disappointment. Sigh.... Sad to say, they have removed Henry and Zhoumi in most of the parts. Like in Super Show 5, there were many parts which Zhoumi and Henry took part in, it was fun, it was like one big family! I love how they included these 2. Then in SS6, they removed them. It would have been so awesome if HenMi were in the Frozen Contest segment!!! I really want to see that but oh well....

Then SJM only got one song...



Henry and Zhoumi had to wait so long to perform one freaking song. >< Ok then Zhoumi and Henry had their solo stages but that only means 2 songs for each of them after waiting in the waiting room for the whole night.


And then at the end of the concert of the 2nd night, Henry was so sad. He was soooooo sad, it was so obvious. He couldn't smile, couldn't hide his sad eyes. Heechul held his hand and Siwon hugged him to console him. UGHHHH......


Here is a fancam of him being all emo...

HURRRRRR... T___________T

Disappointment aside, the solo stages are really awesome in SS6!!!

LOL my favourite was Siwon's. I didn't expect him to do this.

So freaking weird and random.

But that's why I love him, weirdo siwon.

1st post of 2015

I just realized that my first post of the year is a rant. LOL

How very happening.


So last week this LZ asked me if wanna go her house for drinking but I am not a drinking person so I said no.

After that I remember that my mum wanted to visit my aunt who lives in Jurong so I though ok lah, since I have to pass by Woodlands when I go home, I might as well drop by for awhile.

So while at Jurong, I texted this LZ as well as another person May Teng asking which bus goes to her place.


no reply.

So I pek cek and texted many times and that if I reach Woodlands MRT and there still isn't a reply, I will go home.


no reply.



So I went home. And my mum was carrying this agar agar she wanted to give to those people and I carried some costumes to return but because this LZ never see her text, we all carried everything back.

And I am a person who simply hate carrying stuff and travelling. Absolutely hate it.

And I just did both on one day.

So that made me super uber pekcek.

Later on this LZ replied me to tell me bus number but I told her I am already home.

And that she didn't hear her phone.

But that is not my problem.

If the music is so loud isn't it common sense to put your phone on the table so you can see when it blinks? Especially when you are expecting people to come to your place wouldn't it be common sense that people will text you?


I will also use this tactic.. don't reply to anything if I don't feel like it.