Monday, September 19, 2011

My Cake

I was very very touched that Nick actually sent a cake to my home even though he knew that I will not be at home on my birthday. He delibrately brought me a cake and a present on that day. I appreciate the effort! My mum put the cake in the fridge so I actually didn't know that Nick has bought me a really cute and nice bday cake!

He said that he had to buy me this cake because that doll has got very long hair like me. LOL And the doll like to wear tarzan dress like me too... Very thoughtful! We kept this cake for 2 days before cutting because we wanted to make sure my whole family is there when we cut this cake so they can see how cute it is!

Nick also left me a present on my bed. Actually I don't know if he put it on my bed or my mum put it. Either way, I saw the gift on my bed when I got home at night. I opened it to see a lovely necklace inside a red jewellery box.

My presents~

After taking photos with the the cake we had to cut it no matter how cute it was...

I cut out two slices of cake but I still can't figure out if the doll has got legs or not. Finally, my father can't take the suspense anymore and he just pulled out the doll!!! It turned out....

No legs~!! LOL.. My father even posed with the crippled doll lor.

Like very gross lidat leh... Then my mum even worse!! She started doing funny things to the doll like..... taking out her earrings.

You see???? Then she went on to take off her clothes too...

Apparently she found the naked crippled doll very hilarious. Kept laughing non stop. Finally, she decided to dig out the stuff that were stuck at the amputated area od the doll..

Poor doll, I told my mum she better eat up the cake remnants that she dug out from th doll's hips lor...

Hee heee.....

I must thank Nicky Boy for giving me this cake which entertained my family so much!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shopping With Ponyo

I have been so busy recently! With events going on pre-birthday and post-birthday. I simply have no time to do other things. I have calls coming in as late as 1:30am! And only one person will call me at this time. No need me to say. Can guess who is it.

Yesterday went shopping with Ponyo. Been wanting to meet her but I was so bloody busy. So we finally met up yesterday as a post birthday .... not party.. but shopping walk walk day. She just came back from quan zhou and she asked me how was Mingde's singing when I asked about her singing class. LOL..

Last year on my birthday, she gave me a G-string which until now I didn't wear. I told her not to give me something so ridiculous that I won't use. LOL. This year she said she have only one thing in mind when trying to buy my bday gift in Quanzhou. That is pink. Hahahaha....

So she gave me a pink dress:

It's cute~ Hahaha and she even gave me the dress in a pink plastic bag:

She told me that her husband gave her and ipad. She said when she saw that susan's husband gave her a ipad, she was envious and was thinking why she didn't recieve one. But when she recieved one, she said she wasn't very happy. I think for awhile and asked,"Maybe cuz he was using your money to buy?"

She laughed.

Then we went to find a ipad bag for her. She saw this ipad bag she likes very much from Kipling. It was $129! She likes it so much but finds the price to expensive. She kped that why the bag so expensive, why it's not on sale. Oh well... so we went around the shopping center to hunt for another one and we ended back at kipling. The second time in kipling she didn't buy the bag too and asked the shop owner what time they are closing. 9.30pm.

So we walked off again. But after visiting several other shops, including those Apple shop, she cannot stop thinking about buying that $129 bag. In the end she asked me to play scissors paper stone with her. We did this before and the previous time I won, she ended up didn't buy that thing she wanted (forgot what thing that was). So this time, I won again! LOL. And she was like,"Aiyo~~~~~"

She complained that most of the items in kipling is on sale but this item is not on sale. I told her to wait la. Maybe one month later it will be on sale???

I told her, if you really want it so much then u buy lor or call ur husband and ask his opinion. In the end her husband tell her to buy but he didn't ask the price. I told Ponyo later her husband will regret after she bring the thing home. Already spent like a few hundreds on the ipad then spend another 100+ on the bag lor. Maybe her husband will regret buying the ipad for her.

In the end, we 三顾茅庐. Third time in the shop, she bought the bag.

Haiz. 折腾so long she eventually still bought it. She blamed me for asking her out and making her spend so much. lol. Like I can control her spending like that.

Later on, I told her I want to go to uniqlo to see if a particular t-shirt is on sale. I told her the t-shirt normal price was $19.90 and I am waiting for sale. She was like.. -_-" Not even $20 also want to wait for sale.

Hahahaha, compared to her $129 bag, my t-shirt is nothing but still I wanted to wait for sale mah. she said that I was very 欠扁. And that my way of waiting for everything to be on sale is very exaggerating.

Well.. in the end my wait paid off! The t-shirt was selling at $7.90!!! hahaha. So I faster called May to ask if she wants to buy but she refused to pick up my call. This May Teng is so damn mah fan lor. Keep pestering me to look out for sale of that t-shirt but call her she dun wanna pick up. She more qian bian than me!

So I heck cared her, I bought 2 t-shirts for myself.

Later she called me back and I am not exagerating to say that she was devasted to know that she missed the t-shirt sale. She said she gonna ask her sis to buy. So managed to buy it or not????

This shopping day. Ponyo total spending on shopping was about $210 (she puts the blame on me for having to celebrate my bday and thus she spent so much). My total was about $23. So you see, I am also very jing da xi suan one.

Saving money tip 1: Always buy from sale. Nothing but sale. 90% of my things were bought from sale. Even when I was in China, I only buy from sales. Hahahaha....