Friday, November 30, 2007


My good friend is Mr Tonberry.

He is my good friend because he is cute. I know what you guys are thinking ok. You guys think Tonberry is not cute because it's a lizard, got no hair and his eyes are yellow.

Tonberry has been very faithful to me. Through all the ups and downs in life, he has never left me. Always there watching what I do quietly. Actually I got other friends also sit there watching me for a long time. They are all my good friends. They won't be ungrateful and leave me when they think they have seen me enough. Sometimes I wish that Tonberry can talk to me.

I brought Tonberry to the office one day and Lock decided to use an amulet on him!

I bet that Lock must be guilty of some sins he did last time. He is afraid that tonberry will 'Karma' him. Karma is a skill that Tonberry has. It will add up all the sins you did in the past and return it all to you taking away your life.

Tonberry with the amulet on his forehead. It's no use lor, Lock. He is a monster leh, not a chinese vampire.

No use lor, Tonberry will be back. He will still cast 'karma' on all those who irritates him.

Tonberry is my good friend.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


It's PSP SLIM!! I finally got it after kping so long that I need PSP slim in my life. My lonely life needs to spice up abit.

I will be no longer lonely now because I bought PSP~

You cannot trust men, cannot trust friends but you can trust PSP to be with you when you need it most. It will be your best friend providing with all the entertainment you need.

Now I can dump yx already. I don't need him anymore because he sucks and PSP rocks!

Look at the range of colours available.. Guess which colour I bought?


It's pink of course.

Pink is just so sweet....

What PSP can do:

-play games of course
-play movies
-play mp3
-surf net
-display photos

Cost: $384 including 4gb memory stick.

I put in some MTVs of Jay Chou already and some Southpark cartoons so that I can watch in the MRT.

When I got time I want to put in some more movies to watch but that will take me some time.

YX is really stupid lor, I can't stand him. He promised to give me psp like 6 months ago but he never did it. Always give me some excuses to why he didn't bring his psp. I got so fed up with him I bought my own.

When I gotta dump him, I gotta dump him.

Hahaha that reminded me, Ang told me yesterday that I got such good 'tiao jian' that I won't have a problem getting men.

My god.. never expected ang to say that but I felt flattered.. :P

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do we look alike?

Ever since I started learning GZX, many people have told me that Amai and me look alike. Do we??

Yesterday I was surfing the blogs and was looking at the photos MX put up on her blog as palace maid. My mum was looking too and told me that this person look like me. I told her that's MX. She said, you 2 look so alike, especially the eyes!

Look alike meh?

There was another time when I was also looking at some photos Amai posted. She was wear opera make up but wearing a normal t-shirt. My mum also looked at that photo.

She asked me: I don't remember you got that t-shirt.
I replied: Well, cuz that's not me.



However, I do agree that we did look alike in some areas when we are not in make up.. but I don't think we look alike with make up leh.

I bet Amai also heard similiar comments that we look alike too..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have got a resolution. My resolution is very very simple....


Hee hee..

I have made up my mind that I will stop buying expensive opera stuff (with exception of when I go GZ next year). I will have to stop buying hair pieces and stuff like that. Then I will focus on treating my pimples, using my bonus to do laser surgery if I need to. I will see a dermatologist to treat the scars and the god damn blood sucking f**ked up pimples.

Besides that I will continue to focus on making my hair healthier and that includes buying better hair products.

Yah, so I am resolute of doing so. Investing my money on opera stuff can make me look pretty on stage but... the ultimate goal in life is too look pretty offstage! That is very important you know? More important than looking good on stage.

Being pretty off stage entitled me of lots of benefits... like getting free dinners.. movies.. presents.. flowers.. etc.. hahahah so materialistic right? But who cares?

I mean men are fickle minded. They will only be nice to you for a short while after that they will change target. So the moral of the story is.. don't need to give men face.

Ok... so I resolute to become prettier~ :)

Newly rebonded hair

There isn't much meaning with this post as I just wanna show off my newly rebonded hair. My hair is now smooth like silk, light as feather and soft like cotton.

Heh heh~

I think my hair can now do advertisment for shampoo!

I love the new rebonded hair though it is not so straight after I shampoo it but it still looks good anyway! The stylist said that the result of my rebonding is very good because my hair is virgin hair~ Never been coloured, permed or whatsoever before. (Actually I did but that was a long time ago) She was the 3rd stylist that commented I have taken good care of my hair. She told me that it is hard to maintain good hair quality at my length and I must have spent alot of time.

Well, I am very fussy when it comes to my hair. Though it is still not in super tip top quality, it is still in a pretty good condition

Firstly, I don't colour or perm them often. I think I only dyed my hair twice in my whole life and curl it once before.

Secondly, I NEVER blow dry my hair~ I always wait for them to dry by themselves.

Thirdly, NEVER EVER comb your hair when it's wet because your hair will break and you will lose hair (May and YH, please follow this rule so you can stop kping that you all have got thin hair).

Fourthly, NEVER EVER start combing from your scalp. Always start brushing your hair at the ends to remove tangles then slowly work your way up. (May and YH follow this rule too) This is to also prevent hair lost.

Fifthly, bend over your body and let your hair down in front of you and start brushing from your neck to you hair tips. (Saw this tip online. I don't know what's the purpose but I follow anyway)

Sixthly, ALWAYS condition your hair after shampooing.

Seventhly, ALWAYS do hair mask once per week.

Eightly, dont scratch your scalp with so much force when you shampoo. (May should follow this)

I think that's about all. I am so nice lor.. hahaha...

May and YH always kp that they got thin hair. I told May that she is washing her hair with far too much strength! She always scratch her scalp as if she got a super mega itchy scalp. She told me that she enjoy going to the salon and let those people scratch her scalp with their nails. My god, that is so harsh for our poor hair. I told her to use the flesh part of our fingers to shampoo but she can't do it because it's not shiok enough.

Also, she likes to force her comb through all those tangles in her hair. She comb her hair when it's wet and 'da da li' push her comb through the tangles. You should use your fingers to detangle them then comb. She hasn't got much patience apparently.

Well, then there is a very good reason why you have got thin hair.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Men with Long Hair

From a young age, I have always got this soft spot for guys with long hair. Hahaha. I didn't realise it until one day a friend pointed it out to me that most of the guys which I think are handsome have got long hair.

So yah, I found out that I got this weird fetish.

May will probably hate all men with long hair because they look like gays or too girlish. She prefer hunky men who look like gangsters.

I thought I might feature some men which has got long hair in the blog but I changed my mind to feature game CHARACTERS instead. I think game characters are so much cooler. I simply went gaga over these characters when I was playing the game.

The first game I played was FF7 when I was 17. I was so captivated by the bad guy in this game, Sephiroth. How can squaresoft make such a handsome bad guy! It made it so hard for me to kill him at the end of the game.. sad..

Sephiroth...Click on it, you can see the details of his face. Very good graphics.

Isn't he so mega cool???? Haiz.. too bad he is a bad guy. I have to kill him.

In FF7, the main character Cloud looked like a kid so I don't really feel anything special about him.

Square decided to remake FF7 into a movie and improve the looks of Cloud, making him as mega handsome as Sephiroth.. my god..

Now I can't decide who I prefer.. Cloud or Sephiroth.

Another photo.. oops.. I mean picture of Cloud. This picture is so mega real you will think it's a photo.

Cool.. too cool.

Maybe I will post a movie clip of this movie. I got the VCD leh..

Another long hair guy from the FF7 movie, Vincent Valentine. Aww.. he is so mysterious.

Vincent is a shooter, he uses guns. Cloud is a slayer, he uses big blades. Sephiroth uses long swords.

In FF8, my favourite character was Laguna Loire. He is another long hair dude.

There are not many pictures of him online because he was not a major character in the game.

Laguna on the left and the main character, Squall leonhart on the right. I like Laguna so much that I even got a figurine of him at home.. :P

Among all the characters which one do you prefer? heehee, I think I should post something about the girls in the games. The girls are pretty cute too! But please don't drool on you keyboard.


Due to some feedbacks, I wanted to put back my opera blog link here but I accidentally deleted all the links I had while doing it. Opps.

I haven't been myself lately. I think I am going nuts.

So anybody who is willing to let me link to, please comment me and paste your web address there ok?

Butterflyman hoax

Yep, it has been confirmed after some research and posting the photos in the crypto forums that the butterfly man is a hoax. Here is a quote from one of the crypto members.

"It's suppose to be a Mummified Fairy, but its already proven a hoax. The body is old and decrepit, but the hair still looks new. The way the wings are attached to the back would not work for flight. It's a good Hoax attempt, though. "

So you see, no cryptids has been caught and verified yet.

Some updates, recently few Japanese managed to film a giant squid in action with a waterproof videocam. Think they used a submarine or something. It was the first video ever released on LIVING giant sqiuds. The squid got stuck with one of the traps on the submarine and it finally got away breaking one of its tentacles.

Lots of photos of giant squids are available on the net if you bother to google it.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bday KTV

It was YH 's bday on 21Nov so we went to Xin Ge Cheng to celebrate for her. May got this silly idea to give YH a surprise. She will bring YH to KTV while we station there with a cake. Erm, anyway YH was not very surprised.

YH with her mango cake. I don't know what Bala is doing behind.

Ang is back finally but we are not having any performance soon. Aiyoh, why Yuzhen look so sian?? And where is Bala?

As we can see, there are not many people there. Apparently, they don't give YH face lor.

Ah May very action-packed. She sing song also very drama as if she got a thousand audience. She say she got 'tai feng' and her 'gan qing' very good lor.. -_-"

Friday, November 23, 2007

Sudden Urge

I got this sudden urge to write alot of blog entries. I don't know why I am feeling this way. I want to tell alot of stories, write about all those craps that happened in my life and those stuff that I am interested in.

Is that a good thing or bad thing?

If you like to read my blog, then it's a good thing..

If you don't like to read my blog, then you shouldn't be reading this because you can't be bothered to come here..

So apparently if you are reading this, you like my blog.

So it's a good thing.


I wonder if I will ever run out of nonsense to write.

But if I run out of nonsense one day, I will shut down my blog.

Cryptid - Butterflyman

I don't know if you are an avid reader of my blog but if you are, you might have read the entry some time ago about my interest in Crytozoology, the science of hidden animals.

I have a wide range of interest (yah and I still feel bored) and they are not really inter-related. Weird right?

Ok, back to the topic, my friend forwarded me an email on Butterflyman. They look like a hoax to me. If it's a hoax then it should be a very well made sculpture. I have seen lots of such pictures and they always turn out to be a hoax.

Looks real huh?

I am trying to some research on it to know if it's a fake. I am almost certain that it's fake.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


For years and years and years, Ekin Cheng was my idol. Since I was 14 years old, I idolised him like mad and collected everything I can find about Ekin. Hehe.. What a lovely childhood I had~ :P

I joined his fanclub, did crazy things etc.. There was once I STOOD for 7 hours in Tower Records just to get his autograph and take photos. We were not allowed to sit because there wasn't enough space. So I have to stand all the way. I remember that he has hair extensions that time because he was still filming 'Feng Yun'. So he got this cut piggy tail behind his back.

I think my collection of Ekin Cheng's stuff will scare the wits out of all of you. It's crazier than Amai's collection for Farenheit, crazier than YP's collection of SHE. I am very sure because the collection was done over a span of 7 years! I stopped collecting because they are taking up far too much space and my mum is constantly kping about all those stuff. I still can't bear to throw them away tho cuz I took so MUCH so MUCH efforts to collect them..

I will do another entry on those collections. Now I will just show off some ekin's photos which I took.
The fanclub had this secret event to invit Ekin for chicken rice at Boon Tong Kee in Balestier. Only club members were invited and the public didn't know. If not there will be a super big crowd there.

Ekin love chicken rice and laksa. He always go to these stalls secretly when he was in Singapore.

He is a very friendly and nice person, not snobbish at all. I know all those talks about his relationships but that's his business and changing gf is not such a big deal. They are not married what. I have changed dozens of bf, many more than him, but you are still reading my blog right? hahaha.

That's him, that's him! He is cute, ain't he? Awww...

Ekin is the only person that both me and May felt that is handsome. Normally our tastes clash because she is interested in older, uncle-ish, lao da, gangster kind of men and I am more interested in those trendy, hip kind.. She like Ekin because he acted as lao da in gu wak zai.
Tell you the truth, I was a star chaser when I was young. I went after quite a few singers but none of them got the charm like Ekin. They were all friendly and nice to fans but Ekin was different. He doesn't try to keep fans at arm's length. I have seen Daniel Chan, Ronald Cheng, Alex To, Aaron Kwok.. etc.. just for fun.. I went to attend their autograph sessions but I only joined 1 fanclub, Ekin's one.

Ekin was quite 'qin qie'. At the Boon Tong Kee event, he started giving out exclusive posters to us and of course we will ask for autographs. We queued up (we were obedient fans) for it and when it was my turn, I asked for him to sign with the silver pen cuz the poster is black.

He told me,"I think it's nicer to sign with the black pen here." He pointed to the silver camera he was holding in the poster, "don't you think so?"

He chuckled and I said,"yea, sign on the camera then~ Thanks!"

He will try to strike some sort of conversation with his fans unlike other singers who will probably just sign blindly using a black pen on a black poster.

He ask another fan,"So long didn't see you, you weren't here the last time I came.." Seems like he remembered everyone. My brother was there too and he remembered my bro clearly too because he was tall and he is the only few guys in the club.

Those were the days~~ Missed those happy days~

Beijing 2004

I went to Beijing in 2004 (I think..) and it was a truly unforgettable experience. I really enjoyed myself there!

I was very excited that time when my friend suggested that we can go to Beijing. I have been hoping to go there because I was so crazy over opera at that time. I can finally see the home of chinese opera. Unfortunately, there wasn't any major performance going on when I was there so I watched a 'for tourist' performance which consisted of 3 excerpts, Qiu Jiang, Ling Bo Xian zi and another one, I cannot remember. This performance was catered for tourists but still their performance was good. The ticket was ex. I remember it was $30(SGD). That is considered expensive in China.

Of course I did not miss out going to the Forbidden City when I was there.
Taken at Tian An Men. I was there at 9am and there was already a huge crowd. We inched our way into Tian An Men to purchase tickets. I forgot how much the ticket was already but I remembered that we finished touring it at 4pm! That was like 7 hours spent in the Forbidden City. Of course some people can finish touring the whole place in maybe 1-2 hours but since I was there and I don't know when I will be there again, I took my time to visit all the mini exhibitions, look at all the artifacts and visit all the chambers. Unfortunately, parts of the palace was closed for renovation at that time. I think they are renovating for Olympics.

There are always people who said that the palace was renovated, it is no longer original.. blah blah blah... but hey, if they didn't do any maintanence work on it, the whole palace would have collapsed by now and we wouldn't be able to see a single thing. I'd rather have this maintained palace than nothing at all. Anyway, the palace was burnt down a few times in Qing dynasty and was rebuilt quite a few times so it doesn't make such a diff.

Conclusion, I think adequate maintainence renovation is needed for such historical sites to prevent it from corroding.

That said, let's move on to the next photo.

The imperial court, Tai He Dian. That was where the emperor sits. Yes, the one you see in Huan Zhu Ge Ge. May is crazy for Huan Zhu Ge Ge lor... What's the big deal? May, you can imagine yourself to be emperor and sit at that gold dragon chair.

Digression: I went to this opera equipment shop in Beijing and saw that they sell those huan zhu ge ge shoes. I wanted to buy at that time because they looked so cute! But eventually I didn't buy cuz I don't have much use to it. Now I regretted because they are so cute. I think I will get a pair when I go to GZ.

Zhen Fei Well. The story goes that Zhen fei was the emperor's favourite concubine but Ci Xi didn't like Zhen Fei. So she threw her into this well when the emperor was not around. The well look so small. That is because later on people changed it to be like this.

There was a photo of Zhen Fei in the palace mini exhibition hall. She is a little plump but sweet looking lor.

Cixi's summer palace. We went there on another day and it was big~ Very big.. I thought that we can maybe visit this palace for half a day then move on for shopping or what. In the end we spent another whole day there.

View from the top of Cixi's resort. There is this big resort thingy on top of a hill overlooking the lake below. We went boating on this lake, it was fun! I got a chance to manouveur the boat, it was the first time I did something like that and I liked it.

Me overlooking at another side of the summer palace. There was this small suzhou town inside which they built copying a street in Suzhou. I also made my first stone stamp here too. I think it was SGD28 only for 2. 1 with my surname and the other with my name engraved. It was nice. I started stamping all my letters to my penpals with this stamp. :)

Shopping day! Never forget to go Wang Fu Jing if you are in Beijing. It is like what orchard means to Singapore. There isn't much to buy there but I went there for lunch sometimes. The food are nice and cheap even in the restaurants. The clothes there however are expensive. They are of the same price as SG. I don't know why but anyway I didn't buy any clothes.

There was an alley in Wang fu Jing where there are various small food stalls and accessories stalls. I bought some accessories there and they are very cheap. The food was nice too. It is something like the food street in chinatown. And in this Wang Fu Jing food street, there is a 'shophouse' with a wide balcony. We took a seat in front of this balcony because there will be opera peformance. It is a very local sort of thing to eat and watch the performance. The wide balcony was very old and the actors did not put on anything glamourous. Just a simple costume and they just sing most of the time. Can't afford to do those fancy martial arts on this old balcony can you?

BTW, when we were there, the locals started chatting with me and my friend. Maybe because my friend is a caucasian so they are interested to talk, I don't know. They keep guessing that I am from some other parts of china and were very surprised when I told them I am Singaporean. To them, Singaporeans cannot speak chinese. Weird. Most of the time, my friend just sit there bewildered, couldn't understand a word we said.
我站在柳絮扎眼寂寞胡同... Heard of this song before? By Tank and Selina.. You might wander what is a 胡同. That is in the photo above, a small alley among those old traditional chinese houses.

There are lots and lots of hu tongs in Beijing but unfortunately they are disappearing fast because of development. The opera shops that I mentioned were in on of these hutongs. There was a row of hutong selling opera stuff. Anything about opera you want to buy, they have it and they are of GOOD quality. A bit ex tho for those prime qualtiy ones.
Last but not least, the GREAT WALL OF CHINA! Tell me about it man.. Tell me that it's not original blah blah blah..

Like I said, it is absolutely neccessary to reconstruct the great wall else it will be reduced to nothing in another 10 years. I went to the Mu Tian Yu great wall instead of the famous Ba Da Ling because there are few tourists in Mu Tian Yu. However, Mu Tian Yu is a little further than Ba Da Ling. You can imagine our taxi fares. RMB300 to take us there and back. That is SGD60. The great wall is an hour's drive away from the city of Beijing. Quite far away and you cant get there unless you find some agency with a tourist bus. My white friend is very 'gu mo' and the idea of taking a bus with other peopl around doesn't appeal. So yea, we paid for the cab to take us there and back.

The great wall was indeed very spectacular~ We decided to climb our way up instead of taking the cable car. It was super tiring but worth it as you can slowly see great wall appearing in front of you. I was very excited when I caught a glimpse of it. Magnificent.

The air was fresher here. Beijing is a VERY VERY VERY polluted city and the air at Mu Tian Yu was so so much fresher and sweeter. The wind was very cooling too as we were on top of a hill. After visiting Mu Tian Yu, we took a go-cart to glide down the hill.

Overall, I enjoyed my trip there very very much.. I hope to go there again.. any takers? anyone interested?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pek Cek

I am in a pretty bad mood recently. So bad mood that I wish I am dead! So ultimately sian.


1) Pimples are again harvesting themselves on my face. Again.. and again.. and again... and again... When the hell is it going to stop? One appeared on my left cheek, on on my right cheek and one on my forehead! To hell with these pimples! Everytime a pimple appear on my face, it is bound to leave footprints behind and that is what I hate most because it takes an ENORMOUS amount of time for them to fade. If the pimples condition is not going anywhere better, I am going to see a skin doctor. Pek cek.

2) My hair got cut shorter than what I wanted. Well, I actually wanted to cut of the part where I dyed before and shorten my fringe. As all of you guys know my butt length hair is so super long so I can't really see the hairdresser cutting it. She did held up to show me how much she gonna cut and I thought it looks fine. After the haircut then I realised that my butt-length hair is now waist length hair. To normal people like my colleagues and friends, they felt that my hair length looked the same. My father told me I look as if I didn't went to the hair dresser at all. But.. but it DOES makes a difference. Anyway, I have got waist length hair now instead of butt length.

Also, the person who cut my hair didn't layer it the way I wanted so I went to another hairdresser yesterday to layer it. Fortunately, this hairdresser is not ex. She exclaimed,"Your hair is soooo long." I replied,"I consider this as short hair already." -_-"

Then I repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedly tell her not to shorten my hair any further. Just layer it. Don't do anything else. Think she very stress so she cut bit by bit and showed me the progress.

I think it will take about 5 months to get back the length I think is good. Sian and pekcek like hell. Fortunately now don't have performance.

Looking on the bright side, I do think I look much more chic and modern now. Butt-length hair looks a bit too heavy and auntie-ish and many people commented my hair looks good.

3) There has been some bastards making noise at my void deck for the past 2 nights. GOD DAMN THOSE BASTARDS AND BITCHES! They are sec school kids and I guess that they are having holidays now and they are creating such a din at my void deck at night!!! I wish they will fail their exams badly and then they will go commit suicide. Or they fall on the MRT tracks while waiting for MRT. Or the lift suddenly move upwards when they are halfway into it.

I am good at cursing right? Hah.

They created a din at our void deck until 3am! I was so pissed off because they woke me up. Not only that. They played catching on our corridor!! Who the hell play catching at 3am??? At around 1am, they were playing ping pong at the void deck and I went to complain at the security to make him chase them away. They kept quiet for awhile and I managed to fall asleep then they started playing catching on the corridors at 3am which woke me up again. Dammit. They should die a horrible death.

This morning, I went to the guard house to make another complain and ask for their phone numbers. There was another man there making the same complain. The guards told us there were 6 boys and a few girls. I took the guard's number so I can call him the next time the kids make noise.

These kids apparently has got no discipline. I don't know how their parents teach them or how the school educate them. Doesn't they know it's a weekday and people need to sleep? They don't own this whole goddamn condo ok. Their parents are such failures and if they can't teach their kids, then don't have them! Their parents should be condemned also.

All of them should just go and die. Hope they will get into a car accident or something. Maybe they should all go JB and kana robbed and murdered. Singapore don't need these kind of inconsiderate useless scums.

This just increase my HATRED for kids. I just hate kids. I just can't stand them making noise. If I have a child, I will probably beat him or her up very often and stuck a bun in his/her mouth to prevent them from crying. Kids.. there shouldn't be kids in this world because they are such a NUISANCE! Hate them!

Please don't leave comments and say that I was a kid once because I don't run around void decks at 3am at that age. I was not so inconsiderate and brainless.

I am starting to hate this world more and more. I just wish that I am dead.

Monday, November 19, 2007


When my father laid down on the mattress TV, he will somtimes put a pillow on his head to shield the lights from his eyes. One day my mother decided to stack up more pillows on top his original pillows. It was a challenge to find out how many pillows can be stacked on top of each other without falling.

The results was quite an amazing number of 4~!

Just another boliao episode that happened at home.

Pyjamas Party

On 27 Oct, Saturday, I have got nothing else to do so Lock asked me to join his pyjamas party at AMK Hub organised by his gym. The condition of bringing me there is that I have to lend him a set of pyjamas. I don't have guy's pj lor. So I lent him my sister's one! hahaha.. It was red colour and he looked like a big red angbao.

Surprisingly, there were quite alot of people at the party. Most people wear normal clothes like t-shirts and shorts but there are some particpants wearing cute pjs. There were some mini games in the party like throw darts and mini golf but I suck at all those. I have never thrown darts or played golf before so heck lah.

Later on someone approach us to take part in the most well-dressed participant. Lock wanted to participate so I joined too. I thought it was nothing but later on we, the participants, were asked to go on stage to do catwalk in our own way. I dunno how to do catwalk lor, I only know how to do the Huadan yuan chang. So stupid la. hahaha.. So I was thinking how to walk while the host was talking. Some of the shy participants just walk normally. One did a stupid dance and Lock did a super funny boliao dance. When it was my turn I just walk like a 38 lor. I think I am rather 38 in real life mah, so I just do my usual 38 pattern.

Of cuz I didn't win la, I didn't wear any peculiar pyjamas. Lock didn't win too although he is bald. Instead, 2 aunties wear hair curlers on their heads win and another girl wearing pink dress win a consolation prize. Anyway I got a gym bag for participating. At least something la.

At the end of the party, we were expecting to win some lucky draw prizes but we didn't. What the hell. I never seems to win lucky draws.

Oh yah, I must mention the food provided was quite good but we were too full to eat anything.

Us in our pj~

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The League of Siao Kias

Once upon a time, there was a league of siao kias graduated from NYP (except for 1, he was a prince, lol). They graduated from NYP Diploma in Digital Media Design and because of the nature of this course, they were brainwashed to be siao kias.

Some names in the league: Henry, Lock, Vincent, David, Sumi etc.

After we graduated from NYP, somtimes we will hang out at Marina Square. Even though I don't drink at that time, I will join them for their drinking session. They often buy beers and drink at Millenia Walk. Kind of miss those days. I think I was happier at those times.

Unfortunately, the league is now broken. Henry is now missing in Sabah. Lock is still around. Vincent don't know what happen, never reply sms and has got a gf already. David is now in some games company think he is too busy to come out. Sumi was missing for a few years but he came back recently.

I kind of missed Henry also, that crazy KTV freak. Maybe I will jio Lock to go Sabah visit him.

Vincent was Henry's friend, I always remember him saying that he is actually a prince in disguise. One day he will go do treatment for his hair, adjust his teeth or something and he will become a prince. Hahaha..

I went to dig out some old photos of the league. Those happier days.

It was David's bday and we went Marche at Suntec for dinner. Beer as usual was their favourite beverage. The one on the right side is Lock. Lock looked slimmer and MUCH younger. So sad right.

After dinner at Marche, Vincent went for his regular smoke. From the left, vincent, John, David and Lock. David pretending to beat up Lock.

A friendlier photo. Lock realised that he is so short in this photo. Actually Vincent, David and Henry were quite tall. Henry is the tallest. He is about 183cm I think.

Baron Strong Brew was one of their favourite beer.

David and Vincent.

I think this photo is very funny, vincent and David admiring fireworks!

Notice that me on the leftiest side! I don't know who took this photo. I was listening to Henry talking rubbish.

This HP showing off time. Hahaha... I didn't remember David using the N-Gage before leh.

The bottles of alcohol they used to drink.

David on the floor.

The left one is Sumi and the right one is Henry.

David and Henry.

Henry was my closest friend in school. He taught me how to play PS and introduced the wonderful Final Fantasy to me. I used to get stuck with FF7 and I will ask him for help. In the end, he bought me a Gameshark for one of my birthdays! Gameshark is a cheating device for PS. I can enter codes to become invincible.

I used to be a quiet and nice girl hor, but ever since I mix around with this league of siao kias, I got influenced! I often say stupid things and do stupid things. .even until now~

So 'huai nian' those days. I showed the photos to Lock. He also very huai nian those days.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Stampede of Pimples

I hate my face because I have pimples and my face is round.

A stampede of pimples just stormed across my face like nobody's business and I am so pissed off over it.

Not only did they stampede across my face, they are leaving behind footprints which takes about a zillion years to heal. These red footprints imprinted themselves deeply onto my face decorating it like my face is a christmas tree. I wish I can just cut a piece of skin from my butt and replace it on my face....



Boring Life and Boring Post

I realised that my life is so super boring. Nothing seems to excite me or make me feel specially happy. Sometimes I wonder. I am doing the same things as what other people do but they are not bored. They feel that it's very fulfilling and they are satisfied with it.

I am just so unsatisfied with everything and I don't know why.

For example, sometimes Lock will come to my place to play PS2 and we will spend pratically the whole day playing PS2 and eating. After the day, he will feel that it was very fulfilling and satisfying to do all that but I still feel kind of sian. I still feel so moody.

I know people said that we shouldn't expect too much in life and we will be happy with everything little things. I am not expecting alot in life but life is a boring phase to achieving nirvana.


Being such a boring person with such a boring life, I don't think I can write anything interesting anymore. I think my blog will die and become boring like me!

Friday, November 02, 2007


I realised a phenomenon recently.

Everybody stopped putting comments on my blog!! It's strange and.. ghastly... maybe .. maybe all my friends are DEAD!! oh no.....

So sad.

Ok, seriously, I realised everyone starts to sms me their comments directly rather than leaving them in my blog. Maybe, they want a fast response from me? woot~

People like May, she will email or sms me when she read something in my blog. Is it some kind of trend or what? Weird

So only people like FR will leave comments because he don't have my hp number. hahaha.. oops. And maybe MD.

BTW, I have been itching to go KTV cuz I learnt alot of new songs and I want to try out singing~ Shit man.. and that silly May and YH bought so many costumes in TW that they are too broke to go KTV. What the hell lor. Really. Seriously. What the hell?

May is SO SO SO broke that she will be living by drinking water for the next 2 months.

They cannot tahan the temptation of costumes in GX. Mad. Luckily I didn't go. If not... I can't imagine. I am happy that I still have my beloved money with me. :D

Money money money.. the most important thing in the world.

So conclusion is: There are less comments in my blog now cuz everyone prefer to sms and.. no ktv sessions for me cuz my kakis are BROKE. -_-"

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Green flower Ceramics

Heh, what is Green Flower Ceramics??

Wondering what it is?

It is Jay Chou's latest song!


I was CAPTIVATED the first time I listened to it. The album is not out yet but you can hear the song online. The song is so gentle and sweet and romantic! Though I dunno what the hell the lyrics is about but the soft and simple melody just made me listen to it again and again for the whole day!

Wonderful song. It is better than Ju Hua Tai or Dong Feng Po. It is the best China style song that Jay ever wrote!


I will dig out this song the next time I go KTV. I want to sing this song~

Go listen to it!

Exploding Bun

The amazing case of the exploding bun.

This morning my mum gave me a lian rong bao which I never eat. So I brought it to the office.

I put the bun on a plate then put in the microwave for 1 minute.

AFter 1 minute, I took out the plate and saw that the bun has EXPLODED!

My god, the lian rong fillings has spilled onto the plate and the bun became hard. Shucks man. The pantry aunty said that I heated it too much and too hot. Oh well, what's done cannot be undone.

So anyway I ate the exploded bun.