Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Job

It's been a week since I started working. So far it's still ok and I hope it stays that way. On my first day of work, Mapletree called me to offer me a position too. I was shocked as I didn't expect them to offer me the position. I wanted it very much at first because there is a Mapletree near my place and it is a very big company. Aspial is a big company too but it deals with jewellery and jewellery is really a small industry.

It was a hard choice to make whether to join Mapletree or not as they really offer me good benefits and higher pay. However, their location is quite far, at PSA building Alexandra. They provide shuttle bus but still.. it's far. I wanted very much to work in Mapletree too.

I asked many people regarding this and some people told me to stay, some people told me to change. Eventually I decided to pay.

Reason for that is because though Mapletree is offering me higher pay but they are assigning me to the PSA office which is quite far. Secondly, I will be dealing with leasing in Mapletree which is a rather wordy job. On the other hand, in Aspial, I deal with jewelleries, at least it's a little more interesting.

Unfortunately, Aspial is very stingy. I got a feeling that they exploit their workers. I can't say for sure yet but I got this bad omen. Anyway, if they really too much, I will change jobs. Since I have been jobless for 7 months, I think another 1 or 2 months doesn't really make a diff.

Just try my best to fit in now. Though I may not be staying in this job for long, at least I try to do well while I am doing it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shake Legs days over

Over are my shake legs days. I found a job today and they want me to start tomorrow!~ So damn fast that I am still not mentally prepared yet. Suddenly cannot sleep till afternoon liao. Abit sad lah. Then again my mum said that 7 months of shaking legs is enough for anyone. True also. It's time to make some money again and maybe one day I will shake legs again lor. Hahahaha.

I will be starting work at Aspial Corporation which owns Lee Hwa, Goldheart, Citigems and Maxi-cash. That means I get to see lots of jewels everyday. See also no use. Not mine mah. But I buy jewels got discount lor... I am not a jewel person. I only buy fake jewels so far.

Haiz... Ok la, need to work tomorrow liao. I must Zhen Zuo!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have not been working since July 2009. Can you believe it? You can call me slacker it's ok but I enjoyed my shortlived holidays. I went overseas, shopping, had fun and sleep late. LOL. All that is going to be over soon because I am looking for a job already so I think I might start working by Feb.

Everyone was shocked that I have not worked for more than 6 months. I myself also surprised lor. Time really flies when you are enjoying life! Now I must find job le if not my parents going to nag at me.

Last week after I woke up at 12pm (jealous?) and I received a call. It was the HR personnel from my ex-co, the one that I got retrenched in Dec 2008.

She told me to go down to the office to collect my 2008 bonus. I was surprised. I asked her how come so late then give 2008 bonus. She told me that they had just calculated the bonus distribution so I can collect it now.

Wow... I was super happy! Tho the bonus came late but it came at the right time! Hahaha, Miss Tan and YH all said that my ex-co is super honest lor because companies, gov dept, will totally forfeit your bonus if you resigned. That's what happened to Miss Tan's colleague who was teaching.

Yah, I dunno why my company so honest but it's great!

I went to collect my cheque last week and guess how much that is?

It's 5K+!!!!

For nothing, for slacking at home and going holidays, I received 5K+ bonus even though I did not work for 6 months.

The total bonus for 2008 was 6.8 months and I took 2 or 3 months when I left the company so now they pay me the balance. MD was like totally jealous and shocked. He said that I got about 10K bonus for 2008 while he got 13 month only. YH also. She kp that how come she dun have 5K drop from the sky. She said the bonus I took was like money drop from sky.

My father said skali the cheque bounce. Aiyo.. all these ppl. Heng my cheque already went through! hahaha.

So yah, now YH ask me treat her. I told her she is crazy to ask me this jobless person to treat her lor.

Monday, January 11, 2010

First steamboat of 2010

A good day, 1 Jan 2010 I went to James house for steamboat. We each person bring something without bones over. Theory is bones are messy and James though it will be easier to clean up if we all eat something without bones.

Have you tried eating steamboat on the floor before?

The pot full of bubbling food. Everytime we organise a steamboat, we always prepare too much food. I dunno how come we can never estimate the exact portions. As per normal, we got lots of left overs that day too.

James's cute little baby girl is now 5.5 months old. Look at her! She is so cute with her round face and round eyes!

She likes it when someone raise her high up in the air.

I still can't imagine he is a father. LOL. We were playing monopoly cards while James carry his baby.

She likes biting things.

And then her saliva will be all over her arms and her toys.

This is the baby's mum, Connie.

Like all other babies, this one cries a lot too. When they are not sleeping or eating, they are usually crying. Just like Ah May's Ah gu. She also cry alot.

How come ah gu is not so chubby leh... Shall find chance to take photos of her when she 5 months old to compare.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Countdown 2010

Countdown 2010 was at my home with my gang of coi members. The usual ppl. The cute and nonsensical people. We had this 五香 competiton because both May Teng and my mum, Mdm Ng, both claimed that their 五香 is the best in Singapore and JB. How can there be 2 best 五香 at the same time right? As we all know, 一山不能藏二虎, so May 下战书 to challenge Mdm Ng.

The competition was held at my home on 31 Dec 2009. A memorial day for all of us.

This is a serious thing, no laughing matter ok.

That day, Ang was the earliest to reach my place with Bao hua. Mdm Ang is my teacher by the way. We always call her dearest Ang.

Both Mdm Ng and May Teng made the legendary 五香 and named it 五香1 and 五香2 to maintain the anonymity.

My mum was very confident and that leaves May really worried. However, her family assured her that her 五香 is fine.

In the end, the results are...

Mdm Ng is the winner!!! Dearest Ang giving out the prize.

May Teng got second!

Bala very happy with the results of the competition.

This looks like Ang is consoling May about losing the competition.

May Teng said that she will make a comeback and challenge my mum again 6 months later.

Here is also a video of our countdown at home. Funny lor, we were watching the TW countdown program instead of the Singapore one. LOL. Everyone super high that day. Especially when there is wine involved.

When it comes to drinking wine, there is always a lot of commotion going on. People will start accusing others that they are not drinking enough. Or it's not fair that they drink so much etc. I kana many times by dearest Ang lor. She kept saying that I useless, drink so little and so slow.. And still pretending like no one noticed that I didn't drink.

Look at this little commotion we had:

Monday, January 04, 2010

My baby times

I don't have any vivid memories of being a baby but yes, I was once a baby too! Surprise. Yah. LOL.

As I am the first child in the family, unfortunately, I had a lot of photos taken. The whole family was excite by this new addition you see. I got photos from my first month all the way to my first birthday.

I happened to be looking at the photos the other day and took them using my hp. They turned out not quite bad so I am posting some here. Hahaha.. I was a chubby baby!

Without much hair apparently.

Here is one of my photo which I have no idea when it was taken. I do have some memories of being in this place though. It's like a CC and I was playing on the stage. Hee hee I think I started liking stage life since I was so young~

Should be taken in AMK ba. My ancestors lived in AMK and some descendants still live in AMK now. Eg: Smartchic. :D