Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Crazy Father

For the first time, i am mentioning my father. I remembered some time ago, i was going to a bbq. I didn't really tell my father that i was going to a bbq but i think my lao ma told him. So on the way to the Loyang chalet, i received a sms. Below is our short sms conversation.

Father : u going to bbq issit?me : yah y? want to come fetch me home issit?

Father : U wait long long... por bi ti gong lo hor.

me : wah lau eah...

Father : Por bi ti gong lo dua hor! hahaha

me : -_-"


Just now i saw this "Da ao" (oh shit.. just heard my father signalling his return with his infamous whistle! havent finish typing my blog). Ok back to "Da Ao".

They were showing this woman trying to give birth. She was screaming at the top of her voice. while gripping a piece of rope hanging from the ceiling.

lao ma: How come japanese give birth must hold the rope one?

me: OMG! why is she giving birth SITTING! how can the baby come out?

Lao ma: Yah hor...

me: maybe she is sitting on something like the ancient toilet bowl, the kind with the wooden plank and a hole cut out in the middle. She sit on top of the hole to give birth than the helpers squat around her to "hop" the baby from under the plank. hahaha

Lao ma: -_-"


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