Thursday, September 08, 2005

Stupid Agent!

For those who don't know, i am working in the property line. Today i made alot of phone calls trying to find a 3 rm unit in S****goon. ( I feel like making the place anonymous! but i think its still rathe obvious...) The silly agent's name is J*****. I dont want to reveal his name la, later he sue me.

Anyway, this agent is very reluctant to talk to me. The way he speak to me is like the whole world owe him $$$. Maybe he didn't have a good day, maybe he accidentally used a wasabi as toothpaste this morning or maybe the zip at his fly was stuck. Anyway, he speaks with such arrogance that i want to slap him in the face and kick him in the ass.

Here is our conversation:

Me: Hello, can i co broke ur blk XXX?

J: Ok. what is your customer budget?

Me: Er... around $165K.

J: Ask him to see blk YYY la.

Me: ok. how much is the asking for blk YYY?

J: $190K

Me: (Damn it, trying to ask my buyer buy such expensive unit.) I think i prefer Blk XXX.

J: Blk XXX is on 13th floor.

Me: But your advertisement put 12th floor.

J: I purposely one cannnot issit.

Me: Nvm then. Thanks, bye bye.

J: *Cut the phone*

This agent super unfriendly lor. If he want to show his black face, go show to his mother la. This f$#%$#. I dont owe him money!

Hope he dont close any deals this mth and eat grass and become a grass sack (cao bao)!

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