Saturday, December 26, 2009

Same Old HK

Same old HK, except for the weather and christmas deco, HK is still the same. The cafe which I like to have breakfast is still there and selling fabulous breakfast!

My brother and the other Ekin comrades eating breakfast at the best cafe near my hostel. Notice that one of the Ekin fan has got a daughter already and the little girl made a card for Ekin. She is a real smart and sharp kid but she is too smart for her own good I think.

We went to see Feng Yun again in HK! Just wanna see it the cantonese version. LOL. However, the cinema we went to really sucks!!! And although it sucks, it is still crowded. Our show was at Hall 5. We went up 2 escalators and arrived at Hall 1. The guy told us to go up more to Hall 5. So we continued up another 2 or 3 escalators and we arrived at Hall 2.


We continued up another 3 escalators to Hall 3. We got it now. One hall at one level. So we went up another 3 escalators to Hall 4. At this level, there weren't anymore escalators so we thought that Hall 4 and Hall 5 must be on the same floor.

Unfortunately, we were damn wrong.

The staff told us to climb up the staircase at the emergency exit to get to Hall 5! We were like... -_-" diaoz..

So we climbed... and huffed.. and puffed... all the way up to Hall 5.

To our dismay, the seats were not on slopes. All we can see in the cinema is the huge heads in front of us. We had to slant our positions to see the screen. Poor Wendy. Her daughter wanted to drink coke and she went ALL THE WAY DOWN to the first floor to get her the drink and went all the way up all those escalators again and up the stair case to reach Hall 5.

I think this will be the last time I go to this Cinema. It's at Mongkok. Everybody please don't go there k.

After the show we went shopping at Garden Street, near Mongkok too. Though the cinema sucks, the shopping was good. Lots of cheap stuff there.

Tsk tsk tsk.. Look at all the shopping!!!

Finally after shopping, we went back to Hotel to prepare ourselves for the big night. I am not going to talk too much about the concert.. LOL :P

After the concert... All the happy faces.

The next day, we went free and easy as my Ekin's comrades got some other things on. So me and my bro went to Stars Avenue. Yah, again for me, so it's kind of boring but my bro wants to see it.

As you noticed, there isn't any photos of me. Since I have taken alot of photos the previous time I went, I just took photos for my bro. I have used up all my poses for the previous trip already.

After visiting this Star Avenue, my bro told me that he is interested to see this Hongkong Cultural Centre. I never went there before and had no idea what's inside so we went into check it out.

A notice at the elevators said that there is a gallery with painting exhbitions on the 4th floor so we went up.

When I got off the lift, I saw this!!

Zuni!!! LOL, didn't expect to bump into their office at HK lor. HAhaha. I often watch the Zuni productions because they do experimental opera performances. It's very chim but well.. interesting lor.
I blogged about their show before here:
We went to the exhibition.
Then I went to the washroom at the 3rd level and I saw this:

Marriage Registry! I bet those regular tourists will not see this lor. So I am blogging it to show you all.

As a dedicated opera amateur actress, I can't resist to take a photo of this below picture when I saw it in HK.

Haha I felt kind of 亲切 to see this!
We also visited the Space centre and astronomy centre which is also the first time for me because regular tourists won't bother I think. I suggested my brother to see it and it's still not too bad for an admin fee of HKD10.

Erm.. just showing you guys the solar system. Please remember that poor Pluto is no longer a planet. :P

We had prawn burger in Mcdo!!! It's nice. Singapore should have it.

And this super nice bubble tea with red pearlsssss!! I can say that this bubble tea is AS GOOD AS KOI! Really. It's very nice and it has got flavours that Singapore don't have. I especially love the winter melon milk tea! I took it everyday! Even before I leave HK, I bought a cup to drink on the ferry to Macau.


Anonymous said...


Sorry for what happen to you at the cinema. But did you eat their sweet popcorn? I love those sweet popcorn in HK cinema, I can smell the sweetness a few blocks away.

And the scarf that your brother wear....? I don't remember, but is it you that I suggest to bring a scarf? Or did i suggest any other person? anyways...

Did you try 大家樂 cafe? 味千拉麵?

What 'treasure' did you get from shopping at Garden Street?

Yes, I love those fusion foods of international branched restaurants of HK (McD, Kentucky, Pizza Hut).

...sigh...I think HK kids are very stressful and forced to become too smart. Monday to "Sunday", homework, education center, study, 'so called' hobby class (but really it's more learning).

Anonymous said...


And not only burry in all the study and school stuff, but the kids are in this envoirment, um... dunno how to say, just very stress and fast and move move move type of atmosphere.

Your brother on the movie wheels photo is funny, haha, looks like he is going to have execution.

michelle said...

from ur seems the same as it was years ago when i went. erhmmm miss the food there hee..and haven been to disneyland yet too...shall go there soon :D