Sunday, July 30, 2006


I wasn't very keen to go Bintan as it's only 2 days and I think that Bintan's sea is not as nice but I went with my company anyway, to show face. Fortunately, the view was quite nice and the food is good. At least there is something good about the trip. I wanted to buy some souvenirs but the boring shops there got nothing much to offer me. Worse of all, they are ex. So forget it. I only bought something for my family.

I am very tired and sian to edit my photos this time. So my face is all round... and my pimples are visible..
I took this ferry called Indera something. A big boat... and cold boat. I fell asleep during the journey and when I woke up, it was raining. Awww.. great.

Beady small eyes and round face. Yah.. this was taken before I fell asleep. Upon arriving at the Bintan Ferry terminal, we have to go thru this long tedious queue to get thru the customs. Then we took a bus to the Bintan Lagoon Resort.

When we arrived, there was this welcoming dance for us. Some ppl playing the drums and some women and men dancing. Kinda funny leh. Hahaha.. Cuz when our bus arrived, they started playing and dancing and all the ppl in the lobby were looking at us.

I know that we can't check in yet so I left my bag at the recep and walk around the lobby, looking for nice views to take photos. So that I can blog when I come back to singapore and May can have a very 'full' breakfast.
First thing I saw was this nice swimming pool. Too bad I can't swim as I din bring my swimsuit. Lazy la.. staying for one day only, dun want to bring too many things.

I wanted to take a photo of the buffet but hor... there are so many ppl crowding over the buffet. So I took a photo of the desserts instead. The desserts are quite nice. I like the mango cakes and the smalle jellies....This is the lounge we reserved for our staff. Then I went to toilet and noticed this very cute tap~
Its a koi tap! Cute and unique right.. hee hee.. the fish will vomit then we wash hands with the fish vomit.. :P

It was raining all the while and finally the sun came out after my lunch. So I got a chance to take photo with this puddle of water.

Then proceeded to check into my room. U tot my hotel room is rather nice. The door u see here is a back door with leads to a balcony. There is a tiny platform by the bed with a small table and some pillows. Guests can sit around on that platform to gossip or play cards. I was alone in this room as there was an odd number of female staff so one of the girls had to sleep alone. The other girls were like scaredy cats. They were afraid to sleep alone so I said I am ok with that. Woohoo.. my personal hotel room. Not bad.

Happily alone in my room, I looked around and decided to take a photo in the toilet. The above photo was taken in the toilet from the reflection of the mirror. Can see my distorted fingers...

Un-edited photo, can see my stupid round face and my pimples and my beady eyes. I hate my beady eyes. I decided to go for a stroll alone after I left my baggage in the room... Thru out the trip, I spent most of my time alone. The ppl whom I am closer to did not come for the trip and those that I am not so familiar with came. They asked me if I wanna go kayaking with them. Well, I din have a swimsuit so I declined. Plus I dun think I can blend into their group. Maybe they feel sorry for me as I as alone all the time but actually I am fine with it. Since we dun click, I rather stay alone lor. I do wish that some good frens were here tho..

I saw that the dancers are still dancing away.. I proceeded to the beach....

The sea was clam and the sky is cloudy. Good to swim! But I no swimsuit. I was a bit tempted to buy a swimsuit but aiyah.. forget it la.. Just staying for one day.

Then I decided to block the nice seaview with my big face and beady eyes.

The famous feet. They always appear in my blog. hahaha... The sea water washing my feet. so shiok.

Then I try to be funny and take a photo of me admiring the scenery but a bit failure la cuz cant see my expression. difficult to take this photo alone leh and i tried twice only. cuz I scared ppl think I am siao.
Then my contagious opera finger is here again! Argghh.. it's everywhere!~

After strolling on the beach, I went back to my room to watch TV. Watched 'Jie Da Huan Xi' for 1 + hour then I fell asleep.... So cool.. slept peacfully until 7+pm then went to meet the others for a BBQ dinner.
Very sumptous meal... and sinful too..

Here I introduce Bintan Lagoon Resort....

Last photo before we check out to go back.. Finally can go home le..
Waiting for ferry to come.. Hahaha.. I asked my colleague to take this photo of me. Thru out the whole trip, I don't have chance to take photo of my colleague so I took this..

The one on the right side is my manager and another colleague who refused to let me take photo of her..

On the journey back to singapore, I slept again.. I think I spent most of my time sleeping in this whole trip leh.


Anonymous said...

free trip leh! next time bring me!


Miko said...

okla... next time i bring u la...

Anonymous said...

steady bom pi pi, dun quit before the next company family day ah!


A.C. said...

Bintan Lagoon looks good. Last time I went I stayed at Mana Mana (the cheapest), and yucks it was terrible! But then it's the cloest to the sea sports centre.. hee... Bintan beach can be quite nice, depending on which part you went. The one just next to Mana Mana is full of solid crude oil puddles here and there, and I had to throw away my new slippers after walking around the beach for a while! -_-!!

Miko said...

ya.. the resort is quite nice but the things there are quite ex... u must pay for everything u do there lor.. except running and walking..

James.. u can go with me but u must forge as my bf lor~ haha. I tot maybe i should have asked lock go..

Anonymous said...

no problem miko! u dun forget ah! i'm student status for next 2 years, anytime ready to pack bags n leave with u this 'part-time' gf! :D


A.C. said...

everything's in SG dollar right? Sure expensive la.. anyway did you all try to go to their city? Walao last time took a taxi to the city, it was a waste of time. Took 2 hours to go, and ended up looked like Serangoon Road rewind 20 years back but multiplied with 5 times traffic!In the end just walked around for less than 1/2 an hour then return by taxi..

Miko said...

of cuz not... i got no time to go to their city la and I not in the mood to travel 2 hours. They use sing dollars even in their city? my god. High expense leh.

Anonymous said...

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