Saturday, September 26, 2009


On Monday, I went to Ikea with my parents to buy some shelves. I am so totally short of shelves because of my tonnes of stuff. I think I got too many VCDs or DVDs and they really take up a lot of space in my room! Dang.

So we arrived at Ikea after I made a call to them to ask if they have stock for this white shelf I have been aiming for some time. It's always, ALWAYS, out of stock. Very Pek Cek. So on Monday, I called and the stock was in. I then asked if my parents are free that night to go get it. At first I thought that we can bring back the shelves ourselves.

We went to the furniture collection area to look for the shelves and I finally found them. There were only a few pieces left. I saw that the black colour has only one set left but I want to white one. There is a guy standing beside me looking at the same shelves. He asked me if I was looking for the white one too. I told him yes.

Shit, I thought, if there is only one set left then very suay lor. I will have to wait for new stock again.

We found the shelf after a while and thank goodness, there were 3 sets left. The guy then moved a set to his trolley. He asked me again if I wanted the white colour. I told him I am very sure~

Then he took another set and put on my trolley because the shelf was really very heavy.

My mum said later on that the guy is really a gentleman to do this without us asking and that this kind of guys are rare. Hahaha, I told her that there are still gentlemen somewhere on earth.

My father, who has been quiet all this while suddenly opened mouth,"Yah lah, other people very gentleman. I go Ikea with you all in this big rain and you all never say I am gentleman."

My mum reaction also very fast,"Aiyoh... most gentleman one is you liao. We very touched leh. Want to cry liao."

Hahahah, mad.

My father replied,"No need lah. I am lady."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fishball fighting

Fishball fighing time!

As you all know, my sis is a big big mega glutton. Eating is her life and she eats like there is no tomorrow. That explained her sudden weight gain.

One day, my mum bought 2 sticks of fishballs from pasar malam. One for my father and one for my sis. Fair enough.

Happily, my sis took a stick out and started eating. She didn't realise that each stick has 4 fishballs and she has only 3 on her stick. The other one has fallen off into the plastic bag. The same happened to my father's fishballs too. One fell into the plastic bag.

My father exclaimed,"Eah, got fishball inside the plastic bag! Yuxian (my sis) drop one! I going to eat it!!"

My sis, as a big glutton, will never never never give her food to anyone else. Over her dead body! My father purposely said it so loudly so my sis will hear it. She realised that she has got one more fishball in the plastic bag and quickly chiong over to grab it. If she don't get it, I think she wont be able to sleep that night.

Unfortunately, she was too slow! The bag was already in my father's hands. She used all her strength and snatched the bag. She managed to catch a side of the bag and refused to let go. My father, who had the stick of 3 fishballs in his other hand, started eating while holding on tightly to the plastic bag. My sister had no chance at all. They started pulling the bag of fishballs like they were play tug-of-war.

Guess what happened in the end?

Sister snatching the fishballs in the plastic bag.

The bag was torn into 2... poor plastic bag sacrificed for the fishball war. My sister got her one fishbal back. My dad snatched the other one and ate it quickly. That concluded the night's event of 'Fishball War'.

Pink Room

So long never blog, I think someone must be thinking why I so lazy with writing blogs.. since I am jobless now I should blog more.

I cannot blog just because I want to blog you know. I must have something interesting to share or something I want to show you guys. Blog for the sake of blogging is very boliao lor and I won't do that one.

I have been prompted to blog about my room before but I haven't done it so far because my room is not ready yet. Though I have moved here for like 3 weeks already, there are still things to be done, cupboards and shelves to be bought. I am not an ordinary person leh. I am abnormal with tonnes of stuff to take care of. I tried to get rid of most of the stuff already but still....

Like I said, my room is not ready yet so I am not going to blog much about it but I can show you guys my bedroom door. It has been decorated to my taste and my mum said it looks like a bridal door. What the hell is a bridal door anyway. Never heard of it. Bridal door is just a normal door lor.

Ok, here is my pink door!

Just bought this big rabbit to hang at my door in case some one wants to leave me an important message while I was sleeping. LOL. It's also a post box for my room and all my letters (and bills unfortunately) will be put into the rabbit's pocket.

Close up of the rabbit and her pocket. Cute or not?? I like it very much!

Next up, its also a rabbit. A pink rabbit tissue box cover. Super cute!

Nice right? The cashier ask me if I like rabbits alot. I told her, I like pink and pink stuff are either pigs or rabbit. I will take rabbit in this case. :P

My cosy bed with da mung and xiao mung on it. Da mung and mung mung are both very happy with their new room. I dunno if they like pink too but never mind lah, I like can liao lor. See the pink hearts on the wall. I just bought that too, together with those rabbits.

Apparently, I spent so much at mini-toons that they gave me a member card. I can collect points and get discounts with it so if you wanna buy something there, please use my card!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Flying off again!

Hey guys! I am going to fly off to China again at the end of this month, 29 Sep. This time I am going to Quan zhou with Siong Leng. Quite stressful cuz going means I will need to perform.

I will be away for about a week as I extended my return trip to 5 oct instead of with everyone else on 3 Oct. Cool~ I have never been to Quanzhou before. Hopefully there are some interesting things to see and cheap stuff to buy! Fortunately, I have local friend to bring me around.

Hee hee.. don't miss me too much lah~

Friday, September 04, 2009

Me and the Rubik's Cube

I am not a maths person. My worst subject in school was maths and Accounts. I hate them both and I hate numbers. My stronger subjects were languages, literature and geography etc. Then someone gave me a Rubik's cube on Christmas last year which I didn't play with it at all because to me it's an impossible task.

A few days ago, I decided to mess up the Rubik's cube and try to solve it. Of course, I suck at such games just like how I suck in Maths. I gave up and leave the cube alone...

Then I thought, maybe I can find the solution to the cube online. Online has everything that one can ever want to find. So I searched around the net and finally found a solution to solving the rubik's cube. LOL, although I didn't solve it by myself, I was very happy and satisfied when I solve it because it wasn't that easy with the guides. I have to restart 3 times before getting it correct. Anyway, here is my solved rubik's cube!

Please congratulate me!

Yesterday, before I went to SL, I went for a hair cut. I wanted to free my scalp abit from my heavy hair. I told the hairdresser to cut off my fringe. I am happy that my fringe is cut becaus they feel so light and happy now.

Then I asked the hairdresser about those curlers rods where one can use it to curl hair at home. I wanted to buy it because I think wavy hair is cute but I canot have it because I need to use my hair for my performance. So he demo to me how to use the rod... LOL...

My new hair style~ Nice or not? I going to buy that rod thing then I can do the curling myself at home liao....

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Acting and Me

I just finished doing this show last month and was thinking about it these few days. The show was about this girl who got misunderstood. She tried to resolve it and marry someone in order to resolve it. Unfortunately, this person she married to doesn't love her at all and thought that this girl has a lover outside. Finally one day, this guy hit the girl and the girl died. Of course before she died, the misunderstanding was resolved but it was too late for her husband to repent.

Roughly that's the idea but there were much more details in the show of course. My role in the show was this poor girl who died in the end.

I thought back about this show the last few days and I felt how amazingly different I am from that role. In the role, I am pityful, serious, decent etc but I am actually nonsensical, silly and crappy. Sometimes after rehearsal, I feel strange, like I am totally jumping from one person to another. Hahaha. One moment I was all pityful and crying then once my teacher said 'ok, that's all today' I am all back to my normal crappy self. It's really weird to be a different person in the show and be another person in the next second.

My father cannot imagine me to be all gentle, pityful and delicate. He said that I am such a 'chor lor' woman, likes to talk to my toys, sleep till so late everyday, totally different. Hahaha... I always tell him, that is what acting is all about. It's fake leh.

May always says that I talk alot of rubbish everyday. When we went Ikea together a few weeks ago, I gave her a lot of unconstructive and useless comments....

It's weird that teacher seldom give me crappy roles which are closer to my personality. I think I will do those well.... hee hee...