Sunday, June 03, 2007

Taiwan - At Xi Men Ding

Finally arrived at the TW airport. My phone rang 5 min after I switched it on. It was Yong Xiang. He told me that he is already waiting outside since 1+ hour ago and asked me if I want to see monkey. I said I want lor.

The queue in the airport is super long and super slow. Haiz.. dunno why the airport crews in Taipei are so slow lor.. I can't wait to see Yong xiang and pinch him hard lor.

Zhenyin collect each and every flyer in the Taiwan airport. Abit Kua zhang lor I told her. Need to take EVERY flyer ma?

Finally we got out and when I saw Yong Xiang, he did a monkey pose for me. hahaha.. We waited while he went to collect his car.

The notorious traffic jam of Taipei. My god..

The sky in Taipei darkens very fast. At around 6pm, it looks like 7-8pm.

Yong Xiang was renamed as Ah boy in Taiwan. I dunno why but I just suddenly called him that and the name was stuck. My cousin and aunt called him Ah boy too. My mum still calls him Yong Xiang.

We arrived at a carpark near Xi Men Ding. It was a very cute carpark. Our car drove into a Car elevator and it sends us down to the basement. Then we saw that cars were stacked on top of each other, 2 layers. ZhenYin and me were thinking how the hell the top car can come down. After much discussion, we came to a conclusion. I saw some markings on the carpark floor and saw some buttons at the side. The bottom car can be slided away and the top car can come down to its place. Haiz.

The black car in the above pic is the car which took us all around Taiwan for the next 9 days. Not Ah boy's car tho. Ah boy's car's back seat is abit smaller. He was afraid that we will not feel comfy in the car since we are going to drive for hours. However, this car is not suited to climb mountains and Ah boy's car will be more suitable to climb up and down.

e stayed at a hotel in Xi Men Ding, Rainbow Hotel. Ah May ah.. This hotel is good. It's in the center of XMD, very convenient and the MRT is just steps away. We took a Quad room, per night is NT2980.After checking in our baggage at Rainbow Hotel, we proceeded to eat dinner. Hungry like hell lor. Ah boy brought us to this shop called 'Ya Rou Bian' selling duck meat at Xi Men Ding. It was not bad but very ex. The bee hoon soup is very nice.

Now then I realised I never took a photo of YX on the first day I arrived at Taiwan.

The night of xi men ding.

9 am the next morning, we came out of our hotel to see xi men ding. Not one shop was open but we still walked around waiting for YX to come fetch us to Tai zhong. He told me he will come at around 9:30am but he overslept la. He came slightly later.

Lao Ma say this pillar very nice, wanna take photo with it.

Rainbow HOTEL!!!!
Inside Rainbow Hotel my mum say the orchids very nice. YX still haven't come so we took photos lor.

Finally, he came at about 9:40am and we set off to Taizhong then to NanTou.


Kongming said...

is there any such car lift in sg? i still trying to picture how it works... (mountain turtle)

fr said...

only the other day I was looking through some Taipei hotels in a many and don't which is good.........and then now I saw you said Rainbow is good

so now at least got one in mind - thanks

Miko said...

FR: Rainbow hotel is good but is ex abit.. if u want cheaper can try Guo Xuan Hotel but it is not available on the net. must call up to book.