Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flight to Iran

I got my details for my flight to Iran le. Rather lousy timing I would say... haiz..

Feb. 10, QR-627, Singapore- Doha, 02:45- 06:10
Feb. 10, QR-488, Doha-Tehran, 14:15- 16:45

Feb. 16, QR-489, Tehran- Doha, 18:00- 19:30
Feb. 17, QR-638, Doha- Singapore, 01:05- 13:50

My god, the transit waiting time is like 8 hours lor. I think they better let us out at Doha to walk around. I wanna see how Doha is like. Heard that it's a pretty city. :)

2.45am flight, meaning we have to reach airport at 12.45am, still not so bad la.. Can eat supper.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ultimate Henry

I got this friend called Henry and he was my buddy in Poly. We were such good friends that some people thought we were a couple but of cuz we were just platonic friends.

I was chatting with Henry on MSN just now and his ultimate nonsense appeared again. I dunno why but all my poly friends are siao kias. Including Lock.

Our Conversation....

Ultimate Henry = Henry
What is this? = me

Ultimate Henry says:

What is this? says:
i love to be xi zi

What is this? says:
cuz xi zi wu qing!

Ultimate Henry says:

What is this? says:
hahah.. rao kou ling.. but this one too easy la

What is this? says:
how are u there?

Ultimate Henry says:

What is this? says:

What is this? says:
tats so funny!

What is this? says:
my god; u guo ran is henry!

What is this? says:
i gonna blog it.

What a funny rao kou ling right??? my god.. even tho I am so depressed, when I see Henry telling me such crap, I suddenly got a very homely feeling. It feels good to know that Henry is still the same old Henry, Lock is still the same old Lock. No matter how much my life sucks. They remain the same.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

GuangZhou Shopping Spree

Shopping at GZ is so good! The fashion there is very trendy and they were the main supplier for the fashion in HK. So GZ got those good fashion like HK and yet were much much cheaper!

Zhuang Yuan Fang. Can say this is our fav shopping area. We have been there 3 times! There is a whole long stretch of alley full of tiny stalls and shops selling all sorts of cheap accessories, clothes, shoes.. All you can think of. Everyday this street is full of youngsters. Beside this main street in Zhuang Yuan Fang, there are also lots of shops around this area where you cannot possibly finish shopping in one day and all these shops sell fabulous stuff. There was one shop where everything in it is RMB2!

A must go shopping area for shopping freaks.

Mr Zhuang Yuan

Beijing Lu is also a nice place to shop but most of the shops are quite ex. You got to bargain abit but then again, you can go to Shang Xia Jiu Lu and buy the exact same thing at a much much lower price! However, Beijing lu has got some really good quality stuff... at a higher price of cuz.

At our 43rd storey hotel room. The view was nice, it was a dewy cold morning. I thought that the weather was just cool and not cold so I wore this skirt.

Apparently I was wrong and I knew I was wrong when we alighted the taxi at QingPing Market. The cold wind was so freaking cold! I don't know the temperature, think it was about 15C.

And Nancy still eat ice-cream! Mad or what...

And then she ransacked this shop selling bags. I think we bought about 100 bags in total! You cannot imagine how long we spent in this shop and how many bags we bought. Xiao Li Qin did alot of bargaining for us..

After shopping in the bag shop, we exited with 3 luggages, FULL of our shoppings inside! Crazy shopping spree!

Too cold so no choice got to buy a pair of boots~ They are sooo pretty right? And they match my clothes that day~

This is Shang Xia Jiu Lu, my fav shopping area! It has got lots and lots of stuff to buy and they are cheap.. and it's big! It's like 10 bugis village put together!


Give you an example of the pretty things available in GZ.

Pink and furry! I bet all girls like such cute pink and furry bags! Took this at Beijing Lu. The price of these bags are steep though. About SGD40 each. Beijing lu's stuff are more ex but they are so pretty!!! I bought 2 of them.

I love these bags too! Too bad I got no more money at that time. Else I will buy one of them....

I spent so much at GZ.. my god.. Now I want to save money.. Next time go GZ can BUY BUY BUY!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Year Resolution

I have already started writing on my GZ trip and saved it in my draft. Unfortunately, it's not completed yet so I can't post it up. Think should be able to post it by the end of this week.. hahah.. slow.. unlike MD, he posted on the first day we came back.

After the new year has passed for so long, I have finally decided what my new year resolutions are.

As most people know, I am a very aimless and unmotivated person. I am just so sian of my own life and everything around me. I don't know what I want in the future, I just live everyday as it is.

I think it's very stress to think about future, to think about what you want to be in 10 years' time. So the best thing to do is not think about it anymore. Just live everyday as it comes.

New Year Resolution

1) Learn French

I have been learning French since like forever but I stopped for a very long time. I think it's about 2 years already. So this year, I am going to pick up French again. I am now taking a course at a CC with Lock. Alliance Francaise is too expensive for me, $324 for 2 months! I like this language because it sounds nice and I think French people are really nice.

Our French class in the CC is a HUGE class, think there are about 30 ppl. I didn't know that so many people are interested in learning French too. I wanted to directly sign up for stage 2 French but Lock wanted to start right from the bottom, so we signed up the beginner's class. Unfortunately, these 2 weeks I was unable to attend the class because it clashes with my opera practices. Merde! I hope to make it next week lor.

After going back to the French class, I realised that I lost touch with quite a number of things. I forgot the meaning of some words and the use of some grammer styles. Fortunately, they are still somewhere in my brain and I managed to pick them back quickly.

2) To become prettier

Hahaha.. abit lame but my second resolution for this year is to become prettier. Gotta get rid of those GODDAMN pimples! Haiz.. I need to get prettier so that more guys will treat me dinner lor.. hahah.. joking.

Lock told me that I am always leeching off my bfs. hahaha.. He is just jealous lah. He's been wanting to find a girl to leech off to but he couldn't find one. He is jealous that I have been leeching off my french bf so long that I can speak French much better than him. Actually I didn't leech off him la.. It's a 'ni qing wo yuan' thing. He willingly taught me French for free mah. Lock wants to find a french gf too. Good luck lor.. that's all I can say.

Think my face getting better these few days.. That's good. And those freakin pimples please don't come back!

I think for now, 2 resolutions are enough. Can't think too much about what to do also. It will make me crazy.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Lousy Men

Yesterday, I rejected a guy because I think I don't need men to survive. Life is ok now.. going fairly well and I am pretty busy with lots of performances coming up. I told this guy that most men are cheapos. They will treat those that don't belong to them like treasures but treat those that they own like shit.

This theory has been proven true by me.

He agreed that majority of the men are like this.

Majority = 99%

I told him lor, look at those people around me, divorcees and singles... why is that so? Because men are not reliable and women will no take that lying down. It's not those old society where women close on eye to what their men are doing.

I told him, fairy tales are fake. They are for cheating young children making them think that there are wonderful true love in this world. These fairy tales are horrid because they lied to children and they will grow up thinking naively that there is such thing as prince charming. I will tell you the truth, Snow White will divorce Prince Charming and go back to live with the 7 dwarfs.

He laughed when he heard this. I told him it's not a joke. It's a true story. There is no such thing as happily ever after.

He told me that if I cannot accept him then I can treat him like a fling. He said he got the time to wait.

Haiz.. that's so silly.

Anyway I am just in a very grumbly mood today. I can't help myself leh. I just want to grumble and complain about this lousy world.

.. I better go.. tonight still got performance.

I am Mad!

I was reminded by YH yday that May is going to TW again. Today, I suddenly thought about this and I felt abit sick in the stomach. Hahahaha.. weird right?

I think I am sick of going to TW leh.. YH also think likewise. She told me that she is sick of going there too and would rather go somewhere else now. It's strange that I got NO temptation at all to go TW even though May is going or even if someone comes back from TW and tell me about the trip there. I will be like 'ok lor..'. There is nothing interesting there anyway. Just eat and eat. Shopping.. compared to guangzhou, TW shopping sucks. :P

Even the temptation to get costumes and hair pieces has ceased. No longer interested to browse costumes designs and source for hair pieces. If I got the money, I won't buy hair pieces anymore. Strange.

YH even mentioned before that she doesn't want to know anymore new TW friends. I more or less agree with her. Although I didn't know hundreds of Taiwanese but from the handful of them that I know, I think it's enough. It's hard to explain why but.. just sian lor. The way that the TW people talk to us and the way they do things... haiz..

Sorry la, I know over here among my blog readers got alot of TW fans.. including May but that's just my personal view. Don't bother to leave me comments to flame me that TW is wonderful and TW people are wonderful and I am stupid to think like this. Comments as such will be deleted without mercy. Sorry.. hahahaha I am mad la.. dun care about me.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I am back

I am back from Guangzhou. Need to update my blog abit since it has been stagnant for some time but I have been quite busy recently. In fact, after I arrived at Singapore on Wednesday afternoon, I had to go for rehearsal that evening. I was also quite sick because of the bad environment in GZ. Everytime I go to China, I am bound to fall sick. Maybe it's also because I don't drink much water. I can't drink too much there because of the ultra dirty toilets. I simply hate to go to the public toilets and tried to do all my business in our hotel.

Our hotel was good though. Of cuz we paid a price for it, $230 per person for 4 nights. Not too expensive for a 5 stars hotel. In Singapore, a 5 stars hotel will cost you MUCH MUCH more...

I wanted to blog about our trip but I can't now because I am really busy. I have to rehearse for my Iran show. Talking about Iran, I found that it is currently -4C. I think I will die there because it was 12C in Guangzhou and I already felt so FREAKING cold. I bought some thick clothes there but I think they are not enough for Iran's -4C....

Will see about that..

Friday, January 11, 2008

Off to Guang Zhou

I will be going to GZ tomorrow, 6.20am flight. Will be there for 5 days and back on 16.01.08. I won't be blogging during this time so don't miss me too much. I will bring back tons of photos ok... promise. :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

DND 2007

Our DND 2007 was held on 28 Dec at Chijmes, Upperclub.

As our branch is not very big, we only have about 80 staff and so there were only about 11 tables. Before the dinner starts, there is caricature drawing and hand waxing activites but as I was late (lock's fault) I didn't manage to do hand waxing. SO SAD!!!

But I still got my caricature drawn.

Our dinner area. Nice place right? I think this restaurant is quite pretty. I like the hanging decorations from the ceiling.

The dinner was a chinese sit down dinner so the Muslims got their own special halal set meal. I think it's very cute as they look like a mini dish.

See picture~

This was the normal regular cold dish. The Muslims got a personal one...

Mini cold dish! cute right....

Lock asked me to bring a temp staff as a partner so that night, I got myself a partner who is only 19 years old. Likewise, Lock also brought another temp staff as partner.

Lock and his partner... having 'jiao bei jiu'.

Me and my underage partner.

Later on during the dinner, I was sabotaged by my manager to play a game on stage... haiz... I am a very quiet person in the office lor and I thought that nobody will call my name so I just sit there quietly enjoying my fried rice and fish when I heard my manager calling my name.


So I just went up. The host still said that I am very sporting cuz I did'nt resist like what the other staffs did. Actually I never thought of resisting leh.. Maybe in the past I would.

I was paired up with a guy whom I don't know. He is from another department and I don't think I seen him before. The host paired up the staffs into couples and asked us to do a small MTV like thing. A song will be played and we will be asked to do some actions.

I dunno if I look very solemn or what, the host said that I looked very serious. Maybe I was thinking hard about how to do it. hahaha.. Anyway.. just anyhow do la.

The song that we kana was Unchained Melody. Standard lor.. I was asked to sit on a chair and pretend to mold the ceramics while thinking of my lover. The guy then walk in and we do the ceramics together. After that we were supposed to stand up and hug. The 'audience' below all laughing like hell lor but I didn't laugh much.

Me pretending to mold the ceramics and pretending to think of Lee Hom.. hahaha. The host said that I looked very professional. Hahah.. but chinese opera never need to do ceramics before lor...

Later the guy came in and when we were supposed to do the huggin thing, the guy just walk past me and hug the air while the host tried to shout 'cut' before we hug. The host said that he saved me from the hugging. hahaha.. aiyah.. actually I dare to do that hugging action lor.. just like how I hug Bala in opera or how I hug Ang in the Doctor show.

The next couple did a chinese song, tian mi mi. The host demo an opera like actions for the couple to do.. My manage sitting below was laughing and signalling to me that I should have done this song. Yah man... I think I can do better with this chinese song.

Anyway we didn't win lor.. the winner was my HR manager who did a very silly and funny indian song.

My HR and his wife doing the coconut tree dance.

Then there was this indian man giving a talkshow. He was pretty funny and he did a few silly dances. He even sang a Jacky Cheung's cantonese song!

The indian guy teaching Macarena dance.

The attraction of the night is of course the lucky draw. The prizes were very attractive but I didn't win anything!!! So damn sad.

This year we had a special guest, our Asia CEO from Japan. This japanese old man was very funny lor. He even declared to us that new year eve will be a holiday! Our CEO said that since Asia CEO said that it's a holiday, we will be getting half day on New year Eve.. then the Asia CEO said that he made a mistake, it should be a full day holiday. So happy leh, so we got a long weekend during the New year's period.

The Asia CEO also joked that he will throw in a lucky draw prize, one way ticket to Osaka to work for BV Japan.

Our grand lucky draw prize was a 37 inch LCD TV with a $450 air ticket voucher. The second prize was a $1000 chan brother's voucher. Lock was hoping to get the 8th prize which was a PSP. I was hoping to get the TV, the $1000 voucher or the Osim Isqueeze. Too bad I didn't get anything..

After somebody else got the PSP, Lock was disappointed. Then there came the bonus prize from our Japan CEO. He is sponsoring 2 return tickets to OSAKA including 5 stars accomodation! What the hell man... then in the end i also never win. My number was 55 and the winner was 54!!! Pek cek like hell lor. If I win I will bring Lock go Osaka.. hahaha. .cuz if he win, he has to bring me to Osaka. His number was 56. What the hell?????

Kwa kwa kwa... there goes my Osaka trip with 5 stars hotel. :(

Pek cek like hell. I am never good at lucky draws!

Monday, January 07, 2008

YH de Idol

YH de new idol is Chen Zhao Xiang. These few days I will go to GCB sometimes to see show if I am super boliao and I will sms with YH during the show. I find that the sheng's costumes are nice but the dan's one I don't really like.

Anyway that's not the point.

I commented to YH that I like CZX's singing but I think she over-used the 'hu yin' aka tiger voice. Hu Yin is normally used by hua lians like bao gong.. or cao cao etc. So I find the use of hu yin for a normal sheng is abit over doing it. If she is doing a rough baddie then I think it's still acceptable but definitely not for a normal scholarly role. Anyway she used hu yin for all her roles.

So now that CZX is YH de idol, she zhong idol qing you lor.

As these few days YX was abit siao siao, sometimes ok, sometimes ki siao it made me very frustrated whenever I saw him in GCB. Maybe he stressed or wat. So one night after the show, YX ki siao again and I was very pek cek. He was supposed to meet me but he needed to go eat supper with some rich aunties last minute. What the hell. So I got nothing to do and accidentally joined a dinner which included YH de idol, CLQ and ZYS (another 2 actresses from MHY).

I wasn't really in the mood to chat so I didn't talk much during the trip in the car. CLQ was chatting away .. I was smsing YH. YH very pissed off lor when she know that I went for supper with her idol and she wasn't included. Haiz.. I am not a star chaser and I didn't really arrange myself for this dinner. I was supposed to meet YX. arrggh.. pek cek.

So in the end a little argument went on between me and YH about why the hell I got myself into this supper. Haiz... I tell her I dunno lah and I don't really care lor. I just want to kill time while waiting for yx to finish his supper with those rich aunties.

In the end, I asked YH to join and she came.. so good la.. she can stop to kp me lor. I cannot imagine if she never come, she will kp till I die.

Everyone was busying taking photos turn by turn with the stars. I just sat there smsing YH. Though I was in a depressive mood, I tried to smile lah.. YH de idol told me that when I smile, my eyes also smile.. then she laughed. I dunno if that is a joke because it didn't sound like one. I didn't know how to react leh.. Think I was abit slow in reactions during depressive mode or maybe it's a taiwanese joke which we cannot understand.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lee Hom Look Alike

Yday, I went to practice at Bedok with Susan. She wanted me to practice some movements with her and after that she suggested that we go circuit road eat. We were walking along the stalls then I spotted this Lee Hom look alike!


So cute leh that guy and he does look 70% like Lee Hom and he got perfect fair skin. But then of cuz if compared to Wang Lee Hom, he is still not as handsome cuz Lee Hom got good build but this guy don't have, so I say that he only got 70% look like lee hom.

I didn't know SG also got such yandao guys lor. Hahaha not bad not bad.. But I didn't stay there and stare la.. i only walk pass lor. :)

Unfortunately, yandao guys are not trustworthy.. they are just eye candies~

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My life sucks

I was talking to Lock and was telling him how I spent my New Year's eve. I told him that me, YH and 2 other friends were at Punggol Park. We were drinking and chatting there till 4+am.

Lock: Wah.. until 4+am. I wonder if you have so many topics to talk about. All you talk about nowadays is how life sucks.. how men sucks.. how much you want to die..*roll eyes*

Me: I got other things to talk about also lor...

Lock: I can't think of other things you talk about.

Me: Only Me and YH are sian lor, the other 2 are more enthu mah..

Lock: I pity your 2 friends lor.

Me: At least YH still got hope leh. Her new year wish is that she will have less unhappiness and live a better life.

Lock: YH still got some hope in life... and I know what is your wish!

Me: yah la. mine is I hope that I won't live till 2009.

Lock: You know the thing with New Year wishes.. They never happen. From my past experiences over so many years, none of my new year wishes came true.

Me: Sucks lor.. I was sleeping for the whole day yday cuz I was sick. So sian..

Lock: But you always lie in bed what. Even if you don't sleep, you also lie in bed and do nothing.. so which is better, lie in bed not doing anything or sleeping.

Me: Haiz... so sian.

Lock: Your life sucks lor. Now that I said it, I think your life sucks also.

Me: hahaha.. sian man.. I think I prefer sleeping.

I think my life will continue to suck all the way lor.