Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mt Telecabin Tochal (1)

Yay~ I am going to blog about the super duper beautiful snow mountain, Mt Telecabin Tochal!

I picked out some photos to blog but there are so many photos that I want to share with you guys! I think we took the most photos at the snow mountain throughout the whole trip. There were more photos of the mountain than the performance. And most of the photos taken there were really crazy and funny.

Regardless of how many photos there are, I am going to blog all those that I like because it was one of the happiest and most memorable times in my life. The happiness I felt there was a long lost happiness that I never felt for years and years. I want to write about Mt Telecabin Tochal all that I can remember.

Since there are so many tons of photos that I want to upload, I am going to divide this snow mountain post into parts.

Early in the morning we gathered at around 7am to take the coach. Ang didn't want to join us at first because she said that she has seen snow before and she felt that she might not be able to take the cold. However, I don't know what made her changed her mind. She decided to go with us in the end. Hmmm...

Our coach is slowly approaching the snow mountain.

That is Mt Tochal looming over the old buildings of Tehran.

Mountain Telecabin tochal, the sign at the bottom of the mountain.

Welcome Everybody!

We arrived at the foot of Mt TT. All of us were very excited and spirits were high. We couldn't wait to go up the mountain and feel the real coldness of winter.

The sky was clear, the snow was not that thick and we were wondering to ourselves whether we will get the chance to see snow falling from the sky. I wouldn't dare to ask for much. Being able to see snow has alredy fulfiled one of the wishes I had. I was really happy to see snow, I can't ask for too much but if I can see snow fall, that will really make my snow adventure complete.

We started off trekking our way up the mountain. The sky was still clear. On the right side of the photo, we can see that QY was starting to get crazy. I think most of us went really crazy on the moutain. We played like there is no more days, no more nights. We played really hard, totally forgetting all the troubles of the world. That's why I said it was one of the happiest moments in my life.
We can see Tehran from the mountain.

Nice scenery right?

QY was really getting crazy now.. throwing snowballs at Nai ba!

And Naiba threw one back at QY! Ang was as usual... can't be bothered by our madness.

Then QY tried to throw a snowball at me! Arrgghh.. Faster run!

I siam and she fell.. Then she tried making a bigger snowball!

In this above photo, you can see me taking photo of QY going crazy... hahaha..

Tired, QY decided to take a break in the snow.. The fluffy snow was very comfortable to lie down on but they will make you clothes wet!

QY regained her energy and the war between her and Nai ba begun all over again! Hahaha.. so funny! Apparently Ang was very indifferent to the way the rest of us are behaving. As you can see above. She was simply walking.. She is the one on the right in blue.

Wahaha... dearest Ang was cold too! The rest of us were still going strong.

Till now, there isn't any snowing yet, we continued our way up the mountain after QY fought enough with Naiba.

Walk walk walk... Walk walk walk... and taking photos on the way~

Naiba made me sat on the snow! The snow was very thick and my my feet sank deep into the snow when I stepped on it. Nai ba~ my pants all wet le lah~~

Crazy group photo! There were lots of crazy group photos which I will upload soon. To the right is our Mr Translator and his gf. Mr Translator's name is Habib.

I want to join in the fun too! Smile~


People going crazy on the thick snow again!

And playing wrestling in it!

Me and YH were princesses. Hohohoh.... Li lao shi was acting cool again~

Qy.. What is that funny face u are showing? diaoz.. Ang at the side was probably complaining that we were spending too much time on the mountain. She didn't want to spend so much time here. In fact she expected us to see the snow for 1 hour and leave. Unfortunately, we are a bunch of suakus who had never seen snow in our entire lives before. So we basically went mad and played so hard, totally ignore her orders that we can only play for 1 hour. Hahah.. poor Ang.. think she was very angry with us at that moment. She probably was too cold so she wanted to leave.

YH: I am ice kacang seller.. Who want to eat ice kacang?

We continued our way up.. and suddenly I felt something. A tingling feeling on my nose... Someone suddenly said,"Hey, what's that floating down? raining or snowing?"
Upon hearing the word 'snowing', a few of us ki siao again. Where's the snow??? We tried to feel the snow floating down with our palms stretched out.

Hm.... Where is the snow? I want to feel the snow!

Really got snowing meh????

It's really snowing!!! Look at the snow... Yah, maybe it's not too obvious in the above photo but we didn't know that it's only the beginning of a mega snow storm.

We walked all the way to the cable car station to take it right up to about 1200m above sea level. Actually, the cable car can take us all the way up to 7000m above sea level but we didn't go up that high. I think the thin air can kill me.

When I free, I will start blogging on the cable car station and the snow storm~


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In the mega snow storm, ur camera still can work wor?

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suprisingly, the camera still worked lor.