Friday, August 31, 2012

Sasaeng Fans

Hi friends, though this post is long and you are not interested in kpop, I hope you can read it.

--DBSK (TVXQ) earned a Guiness Record for the biggest fanclub in the world but...

--Sasaeng Fans are such a serious problem that Korea is going to pass a law to curb this issue!!

*I noticed a lot of foreigners visiting this page, sorry for the large amount of Singlish (Colloquial Singaporean English) and some mandarin used here. Too used to writing Singlish. Oopss..

Continuing about Kpop culture, I am posting about Sasaeng Fans which is yet another strange phenomenon in Kpop. I read somewhere that when a new singer debut in Korea, he/she will immediately attract fans, anti-fans and sasaeng fans.

Fans are good but anti-fans and sasaeng fans are crazy. Some anti-fans might not be crazy and do crazy things but in the first place why would someone want to be an anti-fan. If you don't like a particular singer then that's fine but it isn't neccessary to form a club and go around bashing that singer online or offline.

What is a Sasaeng Fan?

Sasaeng Fans are in short, phsychotic stalkers. They love the celebrity so much that they stalk them, break into their homes, chase them in cabs and do lots of crazy stuff that normal fans like me cannot understand. You might think chey.... this is like so common but no. The things they do are WAY WAY beyond your imagination and that is why I am blogging this. If it's common then I won't write about it liao... :D

Lying on the road to prevent their idols from leaving.

The purpose?

After the sasaeng fan did something ridiculous, she will go back and blog about it and other sasaengs will be green with jealousy. They will then try to do something even more ridiculous to show off.

I am going to write about DBSK's sasaeng.

DBSK is like the king of Korean Wave. Though I am an ELF, I have to admit that DBSK is truly the king of Korean Wave. And by the way I love DBSK's name. DBSK stands for Dong Bang Shin Ki, meaning 东方神起, Rising Gods of the East. So poweful, the name!!!

They have two official fanclubs in Korea and Japan, known respectively as Cassiopeia and BigEast. Cassiopeia even earned a Guinness World Record in 2008 for its size and is said to be one of the largest fan clubs in the world, boasting 1.5 million fans in Asia and 5.5 million worldwide!! How crazy is that??? 5.5 million is like the population of Singapore!!!!

But the more fans you have, the more anti fans and sasaeng fans you will have too. As some articles show, DBSK has like 150 sasaeng fans stalking them 24/7. I am not going to mention when all these happened because I am not a Cassiopian, I don't have all the details, I am afraid I might write the wrong thing.

And I only writing mainly on DBSK's sasaeng fans because I think they have the worse case and the trend worsened during their times, think because of their immense popularity, they have the worse sasaeng fans.

Case 1: Taxi Chasing

Taxi chasing is pretty common in for celebrities but for DBSK it's not just simple taxi chasing. In Korea, there are professionl Sasaeng cabs. They charge about SGD800 per day. These cabs will go over 160km/h, make illegal turns just to chase the stars. It's illegal of course but the cab drivers themselves say that the money is good so they can't refuse. The drivers even have connection with other sasaeng cabs so they will know where the stars are and where are all the recording studios etc.

You might ask how the fans get the money since they are student. Well, some of them went into prostitution or did 'favours' for the cabbies to make up for the difference!!

Some of the drivers signed contracts with fans to PURPOSELY crash into members' cars. So the members got no choice but get out of the car and the sasaeng fans will have a chance to see them up close.

A fan once witnessed 18 cabs chasing after DBSK's van. They even put GPS on the star's car to track their position.

Once Changmin got off the van to approach the cab and ask them stop chasing but the fan quickly close the window and Changmin's hand got stuck, started bleeding.

The fan later went back and blogged that she is happy about it and it's rare to make the members bleed.

Even if the company or the DBSK don't disclose their schedules, the sasaengs somehow will know and they stalk them like ghosts. So the members stop going outside, they stop meeting other people. I think the fans might just beat up any girls who met the members.

Can't see anything odd? Look at the window behind.. Like freaking GHOSTS!

If I post this picture without captions, I think people will think this is a ghost's photo.

Case 2: Stalking

By stalking, I don't mean just normal following around in cabs as mentioned above. Sasaengs take it to a whole new level. They install CCTV in the DBSK's carpark and across their balcony!

This is Yoochun, DBSK, he just got home and got out of the car. Then he 鬼鬼祟祟 look around to see if got sasaeng fans around. But he didn't know that his movements are already captured by their CCTV. IN HIS OWN CARPARK!

Another CCTV of the sasaeng fans capturing the balcony of DBSK apartment.

One of the members loitering outside his own house... I have no idea why someone will be loitering on the balcony of his own house. Poor thing, can't even enter his own house at ease.

The members will also have their handphones suddenly blocked for a day because the sasaengs (i don't know how they do it) stopped their phones and printed out their call lists. Then they will call up each number to find out if it's a girl or boy!

One of the members changed phone numbers and 5 min after changing, he received an sms 'why you change your number? You think I can't find you? hahaha'. It's so damn creepy!!

One of the members (think it was Jaejoong) smsed Yoochun that he is at the riverside, asked if he wants to join. Then he received a reply from an unknown person 'who are you? Why are you asking yoochun out?'

The sasaengs even find the numbers of the members' family members! I don't know what for. Seriously.

They also broke into DBSK's apartment and steal their things and kissed the members when they are sleeping. Once a member was sleeping and in the middle of the night, the sensor lights were flicking on and off, when the members checked, there was a girl standing there alone in their house. Freakish!

Even took picture of the member in a all-male sauna.

They hacked into their computers to find out what songs they listen to and what websites they visit.

They even stole their IC number to register in dunno what website and do dunno what shit with their ID.

WHO NEEDS PAPARAZZI WHEN YOU HAVE THE SASAENGS?? In Korea, there isn't any paparazzi cuz they don't need. Sasaengs are way more resourceful.

Case 3: Violence on the singers

I don't get it. I would have never ever think of slapping Ekin or Suju. I would never ever want to make them upset but these sasaeng fans used violence on the stars. They sometimes pull their hair around trying to pull some off their heads to keep as souvenirs!

One of them slapped:

There was once Changmin and Jaejoong went to a public toilet but sasaengs wanted to follow them in to get a video footage. Changmin and Jaejoong scolded them for this. Later on the sasaeng hit Changmin with a bag of ROCKS on his shoulders. Changmin started crying when the other members approach him to help.

Changmin hit by rocks by a crazy fan. Is she even a fan at all????

Changmin crying on the street while being surrounded by sasaengs.

One sasaeng was almost hit by a car while following Yunho around and Yunho saved her. After this, other sasaengs started imitating her, trying to get saved by a member. Some sasaengs are known to jump into the path when members are driving. Some even ask the members for compensation if they are hurt or pretend to be hurt. 

When they are close to the members outside, they try to grope them. Just grab! Any parts! Even the private areas they will just grab!! This is sexual harassment!

Case 4: Ridiculous Gifts
-Collected Menstrual blood, used pads etc
-Using menstrual blood to write letters
-Pubic hair
-Shit and urine at their doorstep

I don't understand why they shit and urine at the doorstep? I tot only dogs do that??? I will be totally grossed out if I find shit at my doorstep.

Once some sasaengs sneaked into an excursion held for movie students to see the movie sets. They paid $3000 to get into that school and joined the excursions. At the movie set, Jaejoong was so scared and disturbed that he ran out, and he got really pale, panting like crazy saying that “I know them.”

Now the managers are getting aggressive at the fans. They spray insecticide, pushed them and sometimes slapped them. The fans who got hit felt proud and announced that they got hit by the manager.

There are now even professional companies set up to help the fans investigate on stars. I saw online one of the fans offered $100k to get the underwear of her fav singer.

And these stars have been living like that for 9 years. It's a wonder that they didn't go crazy.

Finally, one day one of the members exploded.

His voice was recorded by a sasaeng fan who was caught by him. He was scolding her and presumably hit her on the head.

He said something like this (I copied off another site):

following me around and contacting me... it's really fun for you guys...
really fun... never really thinking about how much stressful it is for us
I'd rather become normal and live without any of this
Anywhere I go someone follows
anywhere I go someone calls me
Anywhere i go someone calls me and they're like
where are're there right? always living and and running away in this anxiety
am i a convict?

Bitches when i go around all day you'll follow me and what, you guy's call the police because you can't go home? shit, why do you follow me? you're saying that I can't go home? you have that much time? Fucking Bitches I only sleep 3 hours a day, what for a week, you guys are saying stuff like, oh Jaejoong’s like vapor, how can he escape so well, you guy's then call me and text's also posted on blogs constantly. I always read those blogs that you do, who went to the hair salon and what time Changmin did this and Yunho did that, you guys know everything like fucking wizards. Do I have to check your blogs every hour and every minute when I move? Am I the president?
So you know why I bought my car RA? I bought it to lose the taxis, I bought it to lose the taxis but I just couldn't bitches there were too many taxis, those fucking taxis really just rolling over for money and follow me to the extreme, you guys spend that money to the extreme and follow me.

The text was pretty long but I copied only part of it here. Anyway you get the picture. He exploded and started trashing it all out on the fans. Anyway they also poor thing la. Their company didn't treat them well. They only get like 5% of the money they earned. The rest were given to the company. Like if they sell more than 500k albums then the company will give them some money but they never hit 500k for the first few albums so they get $0.

In another account:

All of us 5 members have experienced it; we cried at home, we cried on the streets, we were involved in car accidents, but all we saw across the glass windows of the PRIVATE TAXI CABS were smiles and smirks.

“It’s much....I hate it.”
“the people in front of my house....I can’t think of them as anything else than antifans”
“ah...FRUSTRATION!!! the people in front of my house...Please go.”

When asked what they want to do in their next life, they answer is:

"I don't want to be born again in my afterlife (I don't want to be reincarnated)"

Super Junior also have Sasaeng fans but I think either they didn't explode or they just keep tolerating because there isn't much news about this.

Heechul did tweeted about sasaengs not so long ago though:

Don't come in front of the house or the borough office... I don't think I can do this. I still have trauma from my car accident and it is scary, driving away like my life depends on it. I can't help it because I only have one life

He is in the army now and I think it's not appropriate that the sasaengs keep following him to the workplace right, he might get punished for that. And also the stars are known for driving dangerously to escape the sasaengs and thus there were lots of car accidents. If you google kpop idols car accident, I think you will get a long list.

Anyway someone wrote a super long document on this matter before and I was rather fascinated after reading it and thus I blogged it here. This is the link:

Though I was also a crazy fan last time, I never did such things! I did went to the airport to send Ekin but I didn't slap him. In fact we just waited quietly and when the manager came, we talked to her and Ekin went toilet. We talked to the manager asking about Ekin's future schedules until Ekin came back from toilet. He even talked with one of the fan's daughter. After that he bought some cakes, we took a photo and he went in. That's all. Nothing as crazy as throwing him a bag rocks.

Also I heard that these sasaengs take advantage of international fans because we dun speak korean. They tried to bully and extort money from these foreigners to sustain their crazy activities.

Looks like I have to be extra careful if I wanna go to Korea for Suju's concerts....

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kpop Fandom Colours

Kpop groups' fanclubs and their colours.

Today I received the confirmation of my ticket! I was sent only the picture of my ticket, this is all the confirmation I can get from them. On 22 Sept, I will need to go to the venue to collect the ticket. I am so super ultra mega mega mega excited!! I have got my lightsticks, my ticket and now it's time to buy air ticket! Woo hoo!


I know that it's probably none of my friends' concern about the kpop colours. But isn't it interesting to know other countries fandom culture? I would be interested to know even if I am not a kpop fan. It's just general knowledge and keeping in touch with the world.

Ekin's fanclub doesn't have an official colour. Our first fanclub t-shirt was white with blue words. Then later it changed to a jacket of orange with black words. And there wasn't any official lightsticks.

In Korea, the stars have their own fandom colour. It is normally ASSIGNED by the entertainment company. Not by the singers themselves. The entertainment company will then release the colour information to the fans so they can you know, prepare stuff in that colour. It's rather cute right??? I like that idea.

As all of you now know because of my constant harping, my SUJU's fandom colour is Pearl Sapphire Blue. Basically it's just deep blue. Shinee's official colour is sky blue, looks like turquoise to me.

Let's see the colourful seas of Kpop concerts!!!

Super Junior's Sapphire Blue ocean

Now, isn't that SPECTACULAR or what?!?! If you type sapphire blue ocean in google, you will get Super Junior's concert photos. Hee hee... Only TVXQ and SJ's concert photos are easy to find. The others took me some time.

And each fandom got their own NAME. For SUJU it will be ELF.

Dear Friends, I announce that I am a proud ELF, which stands for EverLasting Friends. One of Suju songs has this line 'The biggest fanclub in the world, the ELF, my girls, my angels'

TVXQ Red ocean

TVXQ's fans are known as Cassiopians.

Big Bang's Yellow ocean
Big Bang's fans are known as VIP.

Shinee's Sky Blue ocean
 To me this looks more like Turquoise than sky blue. Shinee's fans are called Shawol which is shortform for Shinee World. I am not a Shawol but I am going to see their concert in Dec. Cuz their songs are quite nice and also I enjoy the intoxicating highness in concerts. And so, even tho I am not a SHAWOL, I must get this turquoise lightstick to be part of the ocean!!

SS501's Green ocean
SS501's fans are known as Triple S or SSS, stands for SuperStar Supporters.

SNSD's Pastel Pink ocean
Though I love pink, I am sorry but I am not a SONE, SNSD's fans.

Wonder Girl's Purple ocean
Wonder Girl's colour is purple and their fans are called Wonderful. I am sure you know who wonder girls are. They are the singers of Nobody Nobody Bak Chew!

Shinhwa's Orange ocean
Orange ocean~ And Shinhwa fans are known as Shinhwa Changjo. No idea what that means. :P

Of course with so many idols around, there are not enough colours to distribute and some clubs will have the same colours. Sometimes the fans will fight over the colours and make complaints if a new group is assigned a same colour as them.

There is also white and even grey colours but I can't find a proper picture of those colours' oceans. So too bad. I can't show you.

While trying to find these pictures, I saw a comment some people posted over this phenomenon. One of them said 'Kpop is just getting weirder and weirder'.

Lol.. How is this weird? I think it's cute and it's a mega booster for the singers. You know who are your true fans and who are not. Doesn't a stadium filled to the brim with your fanclub colour just boost your confidence and gives you encouragement? Especially during a combined concert where there are many groups performing together.

Like the SMtown I am going is a combined concert. Outside the concert venue, the official concert lightstick will be distributed which is purple pink. So when SJ comes on stage, the ELFs will switch to their own blue lightstick. So with one look, SJ will see how many people who attended the concert are their fans. Those holding purple pink lightsticks are not and those who switched to blue are their fans. There is good and bad because the group who doesn't have lots of fans will have like sparsely dotted lightsticks of their club colour then they might feel sad. There will therefore be strong competition. There is ALWAYS competition in Kpop and the competition is so strong! It's amazing how they can live with this stress. It's stronger than any other entertainment industry.

I have got my blue lightstick ready. :D

Lightsticks and their colour plays a big part in Korean entertainment. Unlike HK and TW, they are not really THAT important. So you often see mixed colours here and there.

I hope I will be part of this blue ocean one day. Then my life will be complete, I die with no regrets.

LOL. When I got time I will blog about the BLACK OCEAN. Which is the horror of every kpop idol and it only happened like twice in kpop history.

Friday, August 24, 2012

My lightsticks

In preparation to go see SMTown, I have bought a lightstick off the net all the way from Korea. Yah it's quite an expensive lightstick that probably cost $0.20 in China but I don't have a choice do I?

I got the light stick a few days ago and is so elated!!!

Aww.. Isn't my lightstick cute??? Hee hee, SJ's fan colour is Sapphire blue so I had to buyt this originaly lightstick to be part of the sapphire blue ocean!

In Korea, the pop idols have their own fan colour. It's quite fascinating! I will write about it though I know that you are probably not interested. LOL, it's quite interesting to know nonetheless about all these trends outside Singapore.

Immortal Song - Yesung

Recently I have been very addicted with this song 'The More I Love You' which Yesung sang in a program, Immortal Song 2.

Immortal Song is a program where popular singers will pick a song which a certain older singer sang before and compete each other. Like if that episode's guest is Andy Lau then you have to choose one of his songs and perform in front of him and Andy Lau and 200 of his fans will vote which singer sang the best. Famous composers and song writers will also be on the program to comment on their singing. I think it's a very stressful contest because the contestants are already international idols. It's very embarrassing to have lost to another idol right? 

Normally singing competitions in Taiwan variety only have contestants who are not singers or maybe not very famous singers. I mean if you are not famous or anything then it's not as stressful but competition among the famous idols is too stressful.

That's why Yesung mentioned in the program that he is so nervous that he can't remember what he did on stage. In this particular episode, Yesung beat all the 挑战者 one by one and finally beat the last episode's winner and became the winner of this episode with this song.

I don't know what he is singing when I first watched this but even without knowing the words, I was very touched with this song. You can totally hear the emotions in his voice, he expressed it so well that you don't need the words to feel him.

Ponyo once told me that pitching, voice projection and rythm are all just basics in singing. The ultimate 境界is the emotions and 个人特色. I think Yesung has both. He definitely has 个人特色 because I can recognise his singing among all the SJ members easily. Plus he is so blessed with a husky and sexy voice. One of the other contestants in the program, the girl, sang very well but one of the composers said that she put too much emphasis in pronunciation and lack emotions.

Sometimes at SL, I hear comments like this too. Like a particular puts too much effort in pitching and in the end lack of emotions.

Singing is just too damn tough.

Please watch this amazing video of the song Yesung sang in the contest. Especially the chorus part, totally 催泪. The judges (the former singers of this song) commented that since their ex-vocalist passed away, none of the new vocalist can sing this song well and Yesung executed it so well here.

And you can also see the other contestants totally stunned with yesung's singing. Normally after a contestant sang, the other contestants will clap naturally but in this video, the other contestants didn't react like that. They just looked stunned.

Today is Yesung's bday, so I am dedicating this song to him and everyone else who likes him. :) Yesung fighting!

Please watch :

Monday, August 20, 2012

Friend's Names

I have been practicing my Korean alphabets aka Hangul recently. It is really quite a chore to remember all the consonants and vowels and I have tried many methods to remmber them. So now on and off I will randomly think of words and try to think how they will look like in Korean writing.

Just now I was lying in bed and started to think how my friend's names will look like in Korean. Suddenly xin xue lai chao, I got up and write some of their names down. Hee hee... Ok I will post some here.

First of all I must post May's one first because she claims to be my most loyal reader so I think it's fair to post hers first.

Tang Su Yun will look like this:
I have only attended 2 korean classes so my knowledge is still limited. For hangul writing, I have only learnt the basics and therefore, there are some words which I am not so sure of. I hope I did May's name correct. I think hers should be correct la. Cuz her name is pretty straight forward.

I haven't learnt double consonants yet so those names which I think will have a double consonants at the last syllable will not be posted here.

Next is Wand Li Zuan!

In my korean lesson, there isn't any consonants with Z in it so I replaced the Z sound with J sound. So the writing below is actually Wang Li Juan. This is the closest I can get. Maybe there is a Z sound in Korean but I am not sure.

Then next is Zhuo Yan Hong. Like wise, I replaced the ZH with J.

My mum's name, Huang Yu Zhu!
 Last but not least, my own name, Miko Huang 

In future when I learn my korean better and realise that I have written your name wrongly, I will correct and post again~ ke ke ke...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Learning Korean

I am not sure if writing about my korean lessons is kpop related or not. Seems a little but not exactly.

I had my second lesson today and there are so much overwhelming information that I have to absorb. Though I have a busy schedule, I try my best to learn as much as I can and memorise as much as possible. The initial part of learning the korean language is memorising and because they have their own form of writing, I have to memorise the writing too.

While learning Korean, I sort of miss my french-learning days. Suddenly I felt that it's a waste to be not practicing my French anymore after putting in so much effort in it. The similarity between my French and Korean teacher is they both don't speak good English.

My first French teacher speak very good English and therefore I have no problem understand what she was saying. Right now my first Korean teacher doesn't speak English well so I have problems understanding her and she will tend to speak Korean more than English at times making my confused! I feel that if a good english speaking teacher for the beginning part of learning a new language is important because I need to understand more clearly what she is explaining. I am not saying that my Korean teacher is not good. She is very nice and very patient. It'sjust that I have some problems understanding at times.

After 1 year of learning French previously, I had a teacher who couldn't speak English well. So he basically taught French using French. But because I have already learnt French for a year, it wasn't that difficult to understand what he was explaining.

Today is just my second class in Korean, so I have some problems keeping up with the teacher who uses lots of Korean to teach Korean. Fortunately, the teacher repeats herself alot. So after lots of repetition, I can more or less know what she is trying to say.

Guess I have lots of homework to be done... HWAITING!!! (Jia you!!!)

Hey, I suddenly thought I can make up a French+Korean+Singlish sentence. Hahahaha....

Tu es babo lah!!!

Tu es (you are) babo (stupid-person) lah!!!

lol.... Smart hor?? HAHAHA...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Job

May ask me to write something non-kpop related. It's hard because everything I do now is k-pop related so it's hard to find something to write. Therefore I am going to write about my job.

Last month, I have been successfully transferred to be a perm staff! Isn't this great news?? Previously I was a contract staff because my company doesn't really know if my position is required. So they tested water. Apparently, my department is very busy and getting busier so I have been 'upgraded'.

I am of course happy and my family is happy too. My father said,"Ho seh liao lor!! You can confirm everyday eat lunch at home from now and save transport money. You must be very happy!"

Yah of course I am happy to save money la. Money very important.

Another reason why I am so happy is because being a contract staff, I only get 12 days leave. Now I have 20 days leave! Yippee!!! More leave = more holidays.

Though this is not a highly paid job, I like it here. Firstly because I have great colleagues in this SG office, they really help out each other and not bitch each other. Secondly because my jobscope is quite interesting. It's better than some other office jobs I have done before. I can keep myself up to date with the latest music and movies. This is the best thing I guess!

Monday, August 06, 2012


Last Friday, I was reading my kpop news as usual and saw that SMTown World Tour is going to Indonesia! They have confirmed to go Jakarta for the concert in September. I don't understand why it is announced so late! shouldn't things like this be confirmed like months ago? Just like Shinee World concert in Dec was confirmed in July.

Because of the last minute confirmation of SMtown concert, I was in a fluster. The date is so near. I really want to see this even though it's not Suju's solo concert. Other artistes will be performing like f(x), SNSD etc. Girls group which I don't like to watch will be performing too. But I still want to see it because SMtown is the only concert where Shinee and Suju will perform together. So I can get to see them both at the same time. LOL.. And TVXQ too. Though I dunno TVXQ well, I think they have very good stage performances too.

After knowing about the concert last Fri, I started frantically searching for more details  about it. I found out that ticket sales only start on 9 Aug. I was thinking that I will have a slim chance to get the tickets because imagine SNSD, Shinee, TVXQ etc.. their fans will also crash into the ticket system once sale starts.

Moreover, I am supposed to perform on Sept 22 with Susan. So I asked Susan if she can get replacement. She said she is not sure. So I think I must at least find someone to replace me before I can put my mind of finding ticket. Thank god, May teng and Miss Tan has agreed to act in my place! Yay!!!

Saturday, I saw in a forum for SJ international fans that they are pre-ordering tickets for overseas fans. I was super excited and contacted them. I have to send money to them then they will get the ticket for me. I was abit worried because I don't know these people and what if I sent the money but I don't get the ticket?

But in the end, I threw all precautions and sent them $200 through Paypal for my standing ticket. Yes, standing.

I told my mum about my plans and she is quite sad that I am not performing just because I want to see a concert. She said that since I agreed with Susan to act, I should act. Yes, I agree that I should if I already agreed but I have already found my replacement so what's the issue???? I think she just want me to act with her lah....

If that's the case then I am not going to accept anymore performances that give me long notices. I only perform for shows that give me at most 2 weeks notice. I told Susan for future gzx shows, please reject. Cuz gzx is very hard to find replacement. I am like the only hua dan around. I am sick of this. Why should I sell my life to opera.

So conclusion and resolution is, please don't ask me to perform with long notices. At most 2 weeks. So I won't have to be in a such a difficult situation anymore. And I don't need to go bother May to help me act. I know she hates it too. Haiz. I dunno, gzx actresses hate to act. It's weird.

And so my mum yday suddenly asked me," Can you not go Jakarta?"

I told her I already bought the ticket and it's $200.

She was like :(

I have already performed many times with her and I have done so many GZX shows, isn't it enough? It's high time that I do some other things.

May Teng asked why I am still going Jakarta to watch concert when I told her I am broke.

Well, at first I wanted to buy 2 costumes with May which total to about $700+. Instead of buying 2 costumes, I am using that to watch concert. :) And I always say that I am broke because I want to save money and why I want to save so much money? Because I want to use the money for cases like this. And now the situation has arrived, I should use my savings for it.

And why is it that I MUST MUST MUST watch this concert? Cuz this is most probably the last concert of Teukie before he enlist in NS. He is enlisting at the end of the year and there is still no news of whether SMtown will come to Singapore. I like Teukie so I hope to see him in concert befor he disappears for 2 years.

Anywa I already wired $200 over and my mum asked me why the hell I am paying $200 to STAND in a concert. Yah, standing ticket is more expensive than the sitting tickets cuz standing tickets are closer to the stage. Then she asked, why the standing tickets are in front? Like that those sitting cannot see...

Haiz, it's very complicated, I dunno how to explain! Anyway the stage is very different from GCB so you cannot imagine the place to be like GCB where ppl standing in front will be hit by a slipper from an obasan behind you.

Let me show you guys my Super Cute Junior whom just performed SMTOWN in Japan last week. The stage will be like this and you can see the people in front are standing. Oh and please note that blue is the fanclub colour for SJ so you can imagine how many fans SJ have. Please watch this video!!

So now, I am waiting to confirm with Indonesia side that they manage to get my ticket before I book air tickets and hotel. In Japan last week, more than 600k people tried to buy tickets but only got 100k tickets to be sold .Very competitive!!!

Please pray for me that I will get my ticket. _/\_

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Tonight's Class

Tonight is my first Korean class, I am so excited! At the same time I am also very worried. I am worried that I might not learn this language as well as I want to. I am also afraid that it will be a very difficult language.

French is really a crazy language. It's like way more difficult than English. The grammar can drive you nuts. It's very confusing when I was in intermediate level. Haiz, on the other hand I also didn't have the high level of determination because it got too expensive for me to learn.

I hope that Korean is not a crazy language like French, which for your info has got 14 tenses.

Let me quote an example for French.

In English:

I write
You write
She writes
He writes
We write
They write
It writes

Basically there are like only 2 versions, write and writes, for present tense.

In French:


Tu écris
Il écrit
Nous écrivons
Vous écrivez
Ils écrivent  

This is present tense. So I have to like memorize how the root word, which is écrire, will be spelt.  

Then to make things more complicated, we have future tense.

In English:  
I will write
You will write
He will write
We will write...  

As you can see, only one version, write. In French, I am sorry but it will be:

Tu écriras
Il écrira
Nous écrirons
Vous écrirez
Ils écriront

All different!!! So again I have to memorize all the 6 different conjugations for future tense. And don't forget we have 14 tenses in French. And don't forget there are gender differences which will make a difference in French verbs.

So I really put in a lot of effort at that time to learn French, I learnt all the conjugations for I think 6 tenses. After that I go crazy. I started to get confuse when to use which tense.

I hope Korean is not a crazy language cuz I really want to learn it well.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


May commented that Govin's eyeliner isn't really obvious. Actually we didn't want to make it too exaggerating. Just wanted to create more depth and sharpness to his eyes that's all. If we draw too much, I think Govin will think we purposely do it to make him ugly on stage..

My cousin told me a couple of weeks ago: 能够跟自己的偶像活在同一个时代,欣赏到他们的表演是我前世修来的福。如果我是活在我妈的年代,我就没有那么幸福可以欣赏到了。

I agreed with her: 我可以先欣赏郑伊健又欣赏到SJ,也是我前世修来得福。

Cousin: 你小时候还喜欢草蜢咧,你每十年都有个新的偶像真是幸福惨了!是修了几世的福啊!

We had this conversation in FB. I think those people who saw our convo will think we are mad lor!!!

But think about it, if you are not in this era, you will not be able to appreciate your favourite actress like for May Teng's case it's GCM.

Enough of my nonsense, today I want to blog about Maknae Ryeowook. Maknae (korean) means the youngest in a group of people. Like Yuxian is the maknae in my family.

Though Ryeowook is the maknae in SJ, he is also motherly figure in SJ and like Eunhyuk, he is always ranking at the bottom in terms of looks. He also always fight with Eunhyuk over who is the ugliest in in SJ.

~ A segment in SH~

When asked to choose a specific member that they thought was unattractive, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook chose Eunhyuk. They reasoned, “Just looking at it 100% from a looks-based point of view, Eunhyuk comes last”, and “I’m jealous of everything about Eunhyuk… except his looks.”

Eunhyuk retorted, “I’m not saying I’m handsome or anything, but I don’t think Ryeowook is a position to be saying things like that.” Hilariously, he then chose Ryeowook as the least attractive member.

Ryeowook responded, “Eunhyuk’s face was covered for our recent concept. I think our company knows that Eunhyuk is lacking in the looks department.”

~ Another segment from Beatles Code 2~

When the MCs talked about the rankings among members, Ryeowook commented "Eunhyuk and I are in the bottom," making Eunhyuk panic.

To Ryeowook's comment, Eunhyuk replied "I know I'm not honestly the best looking person but I'm not in the bottom. Only Ryeowook is in the bottom," making everyone laugh.

Ryeowook also reponded "I am still surprised time to time when I see Eunhyuk with no makeup," to which Eunhyuk argued "You'd be surprised if you saw Ryeowook's before debut photos."


Not so long ago, there was a program, Immortal Song 2, which had the audience voted between Eunhyuk and Ryeowook who is the uglier one. I think it's very cruel leh. I cannot imagine being in such a voting situation. Ryeowook and Eunhyuk were both so stressed out and I can see that Ryeowook was very sad when Eunhyuk was voted to be more handsome. He said that if he is voted the uglier one then he will forget everything and just concentrate on singing. (Ryeowook is one of the best singers in SJ)

Actually I didn't find him to be ugly. My first impression of him was cute. So I really have no idea why and am really surprised that Ryeowook is at the bottom. I thought that Shindong will be at the bottom.

Take a look at Ryeowookie..

He is not ugly right? I hope people will stop saying that he is ugly because even if he doesn't show it on TV, I am sure he felt sad..

Just now I mentioned that Ryeowook is the motherly figure in SJ. That is because he is always taking care of his hyungs (elder brothers).

Ryeowook had said once that he’ll always cook for his hyungs anytime. Thus, Donghae came back at midnight after his SM training, and he woke up the sleeping Ryeowook and said “Wake up and cook for me.”

Ryeowook got upset and said “Hyung, why are you like that? I’m already sleeping, I’m not cooking.”

Donghae with innocent expression, “Why not? You said you’ll cook anytime, so I woke you up, didn’t you say that before? Well then, I won’t wake you up anymore in the future.”

Ryeowook then said, “Alright, I’ll cook for Hyung.”

In an interview Ryeowook said "I am in charge of cooking within the group, simply because I am the youngest. There are some picky members, especially Leeteuk. I got better in cooking fulfilling the requests of 13 members.”

He will cook when he gets angry,but get sad when the members doesnt eat his food. Then when he is sad he cooks more. LOL...

Please see this video below:

One thing I like about them is they are very casual on TV programs. I wouldn't say that they didn't put up a front to look good. It's just that they are not the very prim and proper kind that most artistes normally try to be. Some of them talk non-stop and sometimes accidentally spilling out secrets.

He is the most petite on in SJ I think. I was really surprised to know that he was once overweight.

Such a huge difference right??? His father used to scold him for being too fat. And then when he lost so much weight and became so skinny, his parents cried while watching his first performance.

Ryeowookie is a very talented singer and he majored in classical music. Please listen to wookie singing chinese song. :P


Wookie is also a very sensitive person. Seems like Super Junior is very important to him and he really hates to see the members quarreling. There was once a program with a hidden camera. The members of SJ try to make Eunhyuk and wookie cry. Eunhyuk also love the members very much and treasure their friendship. So in the show Shindong pretended to want to leave the group to go solo. Then Super Junior will be disbanded. Eunhyukie was the first to cry followed by Ryeowook when their persuasion was not successful.

Video of the prank, poor eunhyuk cried so hard! And apparently he has been pranked many times and the brothers made him cry a few times already:

So please support wookie~ :)