Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mid Autumn Festival

Chang E: Don't stop me, I am going to the moon!

Hou Yi: Nooo... Don't do it!

And so Chang E landed on the moon. Stuck there forever and lonely forever. Fortunately, she brought along a bunny to kill her boredom.

Chang E: Bunny Bunny of the moon, tell me who is the fairest of them all!

Bunny: It's you Chang E cuz you are the only one here but soon Mr Neil Armstrong will arrive on this peaceful moon and announce that he is the first man on the Moon.

Chang E: Holy ****! How dare he claim the be the first on the moon. I am the first ok and you, Mr bunny, is the second.


On this wonderful occasion, I asked a few polymates out. I remembered that we used to meet up to eat mooncakes together on this festival. Unfortunately, a few friends were unable to make it, so there were only 4 of us.

Locky brought mooncakes, Amway mooncakes don't play play, James brought pomelos and i only brought my camera. Hehe can't be helped as I was at PJ's ROM earlier on. William brought nothing too. He was late.

We were at a certain park in Ang Mo Kio. From left is me, James, Locky and William. As you see we made a mess on the table but we scraped off the candle wax and cleared the rubbish after the event.

I know the photo is abit small. Hee hee.. want to see close up shots of these 3 yandaos right.


James, William and Locky.

They claimed that they are single and available now so any girls interested to know them can drop me a line or email me.. hee hee..

James once sent me a sms to tell me that i did not mention him in my blog. So here goes.....

James James James James
James James James James
James James James James

There you go.. I think i mention your name more than the others in this entry already.

Lock is talking animatedly with William about his millionaire dream while James is poking his arm. -_-? See the bunch of white stuff? That is not cabbage. It is a bunch of Pomelo skins. James suddenly got this idea of squirting the juice at us by pressing the flesh of the pomelo. Fortunately, Lock and me pretended to be uninterested so he drop the idea.

James is trying something new again. He is burning a piece of the pomelo skin. He wonder if pomelo skin catches fire too. His experiment proves that POMELO SKIN CANNOT CATCH FIRE.

I should have brought marshmallows, then i can bbq them with the candles... awww.. so nice.

Look! Lock is promoting his Amway mooncakes! Everyone listen up. Amway sells mooncakes and they are not bad... going at only.... $22 dollars! Order now and we will throw in a free pomelo! Call within the next 10 minutes we will throw in not 1 but 2 packs of candles. Now that is a good deal! (hahaha..)

Lock should give me some advertisement fee..

This is James creation. How can you vandalise the table? Tsk tsk.....

He is trying to draw xiaoxin with the candle wax. Not bad... i must say, though it is still vandalism.

Anyway we scrapped off all the candle wax before we left. The table was as good as new! Unlike another table next to us. Some moronic kids left a thick layer of wax on the table, poor auntie who got to scrap that table.....

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