Monday, September 19, 2005

Mr and Mrs Toh (1)

I can now officially announce that Peijia and Francis are now Mr and Mrs Toh.

*throws confetti*

Happy bo? :D

I can't believe it at first. We grew up together, known each other since forever and remain as very good friends for the past 16 years or so and now she is suddenly married! From now on she is no longer Miss Lim. She is now officially a kopi seller.. heh.. kidding.

I arrive quite early at PJ's house but unfortunately, she is not at home. She is still at the bridal shop doing her make up. After 10 minutes, she came back and wow.. she look different yo. Miss Pretty... erm.. or Mrs Pretty. :D

Ok.. Now i shall show u guys Mrs Pretty....

Yeah.. Ta dah! nice or not? nice right. I didn't photoshop her photos alot. Just added a bit of contrast and brightness and changing the background. I am sure PJ will tell me,"Miko! The photo very ugly! Take it off the net leh!"

Relax! It is nice! Trust me.. :D

So after taking the above picture, we set off to the grassroots club at Yio Chu Kang for her Solemnisation (dunno how to spell). Yah yah.. you must be thinking why it is not at the ROM right. Cuz it's a Sunday and ROM is not open! So they invited the Solemniser to the restaurant at Grassroots instead.

Joke: Her husband kept thinking it is Grasshoppers Club. Hahaha.....

Finally we arrived at the restaurant. I remembered that the last time i came here was to attend the first full month celebration of Pan Ling Ling's son. That was like... 4 years ago. Haven't seen them much since that day.

There was another couple was having their wedding lunch at the restaurant. So weird, not wedding dinner but wedding lunch. Anyway, when we walked in, everyone looked at us and gasped. It's the bride! hee hee... They are mistaken, we just walked coolly into a room which PJ booked.

The first thing i saw in the room was this :

This is Mr Teo, the womaniser....sorry wrong spelling... er.. solemniser. He is adjusting the certs and the forms . Suddenly i noticed something. Please look hard into the above picture. I noticed something very strange. Know what?

At first glance, i thought it is a cup of wine, beer etc. However, i noticed that there is steam coming off the liquid surface! It's a boiling wine? Nah, it's a cup of chinese tea. I told PJ about it. She laughed and say i notice boliao things. I told her if it is tea, why not put it in those traditional white tea cups we always use in chinese restaurant. Why put it in a wine glass?? hee hee.. funny.

Oh yah.. on the table you can see PJ's IC. :D

ok ok.. now back to the serious topic. Now we will see PJ and her hubby seated in front of the solemniser looking all serious. Here it is:

Everything is ready, the rings, the flowers, the cert, the pens, the stamp ( i dunno what stamp is that) and the relatives and friends. Peijia looked solemn.

*sings* ~This old man... he play one....~

Nope.. he is not singing. He is giving the couple some instructions.

This is the classic part. The solemniser reads the thingy which says something like,"Do you take Francis Toh as your lawfull husband forever loving him.. blah blah blah..."

Suddenly PJ looked dazed. She realised where she was and what she was doing. She said,"Nooooo......"

All the relatives gasped and PJ picked up her skirt and ran away. I ran after her to get her back to the room.

So here she is, reading the vow. (Kidding.. The above did not happen, i just hallucinated it.)

*sing* ~I love you... Yes i do... Yi zhi zai zhe li baby.... Yi zhi zai ai ni...~

No.. She is not singing.. that was me singing. She just read the vow which says something like,"Iwill put on the ring for you and get married with you." I think for this part, she should memorise the few lines, so that she can look into her husband's eyes with those loving looking eyes. then she will say,"Iwill put on the ring for you and get married with you." Oooh.. that will look more dramatic and romantic than reading it from a piece of paper.

Finally they put on the rings~ Notice that the relatives behhind looked nervous, afraid that PJ will run away again.

After the couuple exchanged rings, PJ smiled happily~ and look! The relatives behind are smiling happily too!

Signing the papers. Everyone was chanting "Sign, sign, sign....."* hee hee..

Argghhh... i can't upload anymore photos!

(to be continued...)

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