Thursday, September 04, 2008

Batam Trip

I wanted to blog about Batam trip but in the end I never cuz the trip wasn't so good. Haiz, I think it is the worst one since I joined this company. Well, can't complain, company paid for it. Just hope that we will have something better next year.

Nevertheless, I can still show you some photos.

Super big cat fish!! My god, these giant catfish are so big! I wonder if they are for cooking or just put there for show.

KL and me, we going to the Nagoya Shopping mall. The things very cheap there but hor, I am on budget so I never buy a thing. Can you believe it?! I never buy a single thing lor considering that I am such a shopaholic. Anyway, I am changing my ways. I didn't buy anything for like almost 2 months le... Yay!

KL fell asleep while waiting for lunch. Like this also can sleep lor....

Next time you all go Batam must go to this restaurant. SUPER CHEAP! See all the food in front of us? It cost for maybe $10 only sia! I forgot the price liao. KL got take photo of the menu but I did not.

Though the trip is a bit lousy la but it's still relaxing lor. Hopefully next year de trip will be better.


Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

The fish photo is freaky. A big fish, and you can only see the shawdow in the big open water tank.

Reminds me of the movie 'Shark'.

Miko said...

hee hee, yah, they are freaky enough but they also attracted many people to the restaurant!