Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A rant is the angmoh version of kp. I am trying to act angmoh so I saw rant instead of kp.

I think human by nature like to bitch about things. Few ppl that I have met in my life that doesn't bitch about things around them. There are so many things to bitch about! So many things to rant about!

For day to day activities to your work to your family to your hobbies... etc..

I dunno, maybe someone who doesn't say anything or rant about something that irritates him or her, the person's head might explode lor!! LOL. Ah may always complain that she headache. Maybe she didn't kp enough? If she don't let it out, her head will explode very soon. Then we will all be very sad.

If May;s head explode then I cannot fulfil her dream to dress her up as Fan Li Hua in her coffin liao. No head how to dress up?

Recently I have a few friends telling me their death wishes like how they want their funeral to be, how they want to look like, May even chose her funeral photo already. I dunno why, do I look like a person with a long life? Hahahaha...

Yh says that she is a fan of my facebook page already but I don't really update my facebook alot. I mostly comment on people and browse photos. I have no idea why she is a fan of my fb. She should be a fan of my blog lor! Yh is mad. She always says that I am mad but she is the one mad and she is super mad.

We went to a farewell chit chat session at Ya Kun yesterday for Ang. We didn't really talk much though. I was sitting at a far end corner which I think is a good place because ang cannot see me at that corner. If she doesn't see me, then she won't be reminded of things. So I better keep myself out of her sight.

White eyed YH and May sit beside ang tho. I dunno what was going on but May was having an atittude. She was sitting there at the other corner of the table and choosing split ends. I wonder if she has scissors. If not how to remove the split ends? Find already also no use. White Eyed YH sits beside Ang. I am not sure if she got kana anything or not but she has been kping alot. And she started spreading rumours that she wanna join the dan department. I will very much welcome her in here if she wants to!

News is there is a new student in COI. I haven't really seen her yet but according to reliable sources, this new student has got potential. Although she is an auntie, she can walk quite well in the sheng steps. I dunno, I haven't seen her in action yet. So rumours are spreading that YH will be kicked out of her second line xiao sheng status. Apparently, a few people are very happy about this! YH was very sad lor. She wants to come to my department and kick me out instead. Come lor. I dun really care you know...

HAhahaha.. Very random posting today. Think of wat then write of wat...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011


I snapped...

I always snap when I play video games and I can't get through a shitty puzzle or a shitty game like that GOD DAMN CHOCOBO RACE!

This afternoon, I came a cross a video of a guy who snapped when he was playing a game, Silent Hill. He couldn't get pass the stage so he was cursing away and screaming at the top of his voice. This reminded me of myelf and I felt rather comforting to know that other people are like this too. I am not the only one who always snap.

When I showed this video to a friend, I told him this is a bit like me. He told me that no, actually it IS me! LOL. Am I really like that? Do I really rant non-stop and do crazy things like hitting the walls?

Eerr.. actually I do, in the past. When there was no youtube and there wasn't any thorough walkthrough in the internet yet. I will rant on and on and on...

Something classic will be like,"SHIT!!! SHIT BIRD!! SHIT STUPID FREAKING SHIT BIRDS! I didn't do anything to you!!! WHY ARE YOU HITTING ME??? I didn't kill your father! I didnt kill your mother!! WHY HIT ME??? Why would someone design a game like this? It's so freakin IMPOSSIBLE! SHIT!! WHY?! WHY?! SHIT WHY?!! AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!"

Then I will scream "Arrragggghhh" X 10 until all the steam is out.

LOL, that is so classic. But I seldom do that now because my parents hated all that noise I make so I only go like that ki siao when no one is around. And nowadays most of the puzzles can be solved just by googling. It is those STUPID EAT SHIT mini games that really frustrated me. I mean there is no cheat, no way, no strategy to get through it. It's like plain luck! I tried and tried and tried and tried but I can't do it!! I JUST CANT FREAKIN DO IT! Whenever I think about that mini-game, I felt irritated.

In the past, my friends and game kakis are all guys. So they actually pass on this ranting habit to me. LOL. But they are good gamers, they can solve the puzzles themselves eventually. I am a wimp! I admit and I don't care. I just go buy the guide book, which normally cost $20+, and just follow it through the whole game. I know that gamers look down on people like me but I am a wimp! So yah, I read guidebooks!

My guy friends will laugh and me and say that I have no backbone because I played with a guidebook. I dun give a damn lah. LOL. I am not even a guy so who cares. I happy can already right.

Still the guide book is not everything. Sometimes you still get stuck with stupid things. I shall not go into details here. Point is, if you see me talking to myself when I am playing games, it's perfectly normal. Few ppl saw me like this before. I think even May or YH never seen me breaking down in front of my games before.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fatal Frame

We all know how good the Japanese are at making horror movies. Years ago, a japanese game maker made this horror game called Fatal Frame. At that time, my good friend, Henry played that game and freaked out. He told me about it. Later on another friend told me she tried the game but stopped halfway cuz it was too scary.

I bought this game for PS2 but I didn't play it. My brother played it instead. I tried but whenever I am holding the controller, I felt stress. Like I dunno if I should turn around a corner because I was afraid a ghost might pop out. Or when I am at a door, I dunno if I should open it because there might be something behind it waiting to scare me.

Fatal Frame is now at it's 4th installment and it is now on wii! I dunno how it can be played on Wii. In the game, the character will have a camera and if you see a ghost, you will have to aim your camera at it and take pictures. Once you take a successful picture of it, it will deal damage points to the ghost. Some stronger ghosts requires more shots.

However, I think it's quite funny to have a gang of friends at night, switching off the lights and playing it together. LOL. I found some very funny videos of a guy playing Fatal Frame and got scared shit out of him!

Beware, there are lots of cursing in these videos.

Anyone up to the challenge to play this? I still have Fatal Frame 1 and 2 at home.. :D

Flight of the Bumble Bee

I was playing with my PSP on my bed and I was playing 'Taiko'. You know the drum game? I played once with Amai in an arcade before and I just found out that I actually bought this game some time ago but I didn't play it. So I was playing it for awhile and as I am such a random person, the game reminded me of The Flight of the Bumble Bee.

Many people might not know what this is but it is a violin piece that is extremely fast and extremely technically demanding. I have heard this piece a long time back and was amazed by the speed you need to play it. The music sounds like a bee buzzing around. LOL, that's why it's called the flight of the bumble bee.

So I stopped playing Taiko and went Youtube to find a video of the piece and I happened to come across 2 guys trying to break the Guines World Records for the fastest violinist. The first one set the record at playing the whole piece in 66 seconds. Which means he played 13 notes in ONE second! Can you imagine how fast his fingers are?

Then the second guy broke the previous guy's record at 58 seconds!! That is 14 notes per second! Amazing I know. I found the video of the first guy who set the record at 66 seconds.

They were checked in a slow mo playback to ensure that every single note was played correctly.

Here is the 2nd guy who broke Garrett's record at finishing the bumble bee in 58 secs. In this video, his cert shows that he completed the piece at 65 seconds but then later on he broke his own record at 58 secs.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Glowing Algae

I saw on Yahoo News that some forest fires in Australia near a lake caused a kind of algae to glow in the dark. They call it bioluminiscent algae. Sound like very chim but it simply means algae that glows in the dark.

It is just so amazing! I wish that I am there to witness this phenomenon! What an awesome world we have here. LOL

Friday, March 11, 2011


Today I went to Borders and saw some of the books which I loved so much when I was a kid. Mostly the books are by Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton. I love reading, I love books. I have a fetish for books and I love their smell.

My first book. I remember that I bought it at the airport and I think I was in primary 1 or 2. It is the first book that I ever requested my father to buy. My mum kept asking me to throw it away but I think it has sentimental values. :)

I am very grateful that I got the chance to read Roald Dahl's and Enid Blyton's books! They had brought me so much joy and happiness! I remember Roald Dahl's 'Withces', 'Going Solo', 'Mathilda' and of course 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. They were really wonderful. I think kids who didn't read these books really missed out something! Because if they read it after they become an adult, the meaning will be totally different. You won't feel the same chill down the spine when you read 'Witches' where the witches eat children.

LOL.. I was so into that book that I started suspecting there were witches among us.

Then there was this Bookworm club. I am not sure if you guys ever heard of it but I was a subscriber and the Bookworm club member. I had lots of their books in the past and my first set of encyclopedia was from them. My 2nd encyclopedia was from my father which was one about animals. I was so fascinated with the animals in the encyclopedia I think I memorised the whole book by heart. I was amazed that such weird animals exist.

When I was a kid, my mum likes to bring me to my uncle's home where there isn't any entertainment so I flipped my uncle's books but they were too chim. The only ones with pictures were the National Geographic magazines. The words were too chim for me, I was in Primary school I think but I love the pictures. Now, I am a fan of NGC as well as Discovery. (Went Borders to find Discovery magazine but they don't have!!)

Nobody in my family likes reading and they didn't tell me to read. I just got the habit myself and I am glad that I did. If not I would have missed out so much. Then in my teenage years, I started reading Fear Street, horror novels. I can read day and night even while I am bathing! I finish one book in a few hours time.

Then there was a period when I was around 17, I love Ni Kuang's Wei Si Li series. I read so many of his novels!! No less than 30 I think. He has write about 100 plus books but it is very difficult now to find one that I haven't read before.

When I was about 18, I started going crazy for comics because my buddies (all guys) love comics. I read a few sets, Slamdunk being my favourite. Then I read Deathnotes recently, Kindaichi.. etc. But comics are expensive. At that time I bought Slamdunk at $4.50 per book but I think the price has gone up. My mum keeps wanting to throw my slamdunk away but I won't let her!

Now, I no longer have a favourite author. I like Harry Potter but Harry Potter only has 7 books. I like Lemony Snicket but they are for kids. Still, I think they are mega funny. What else... Cant remember. I now pick up books from the library randomly because I don't know which is good. I have very weird taste in books. Roald Dahl is SO GOOD but he don't have alot of books and I already finished those that he has written. His books are dark but I like.. :)

I am happy to have read those books and not missed them out during my childhood. I seriously miss those days where a good story can make my day!

Here are some of the first few books of my life~!

Comfort Designs

Recently, I did some photo touch up for Comfort Designs and was happy to go to their road show to see the actual banners. The print out was really nice I think.

Their new product, the Jellyfish chair, is like a yoga chair, bouncy and yet it doesn't roll about. I think it's quite fun to sit on. I helped a friend to buy one and brought it home. My mum likes it too. Maybe I will buy one for our living room.

Think Nick was very happy to see the banners too! And him being there boosted the sales a little.

Comfort Designs also sponsored the furniture in Nick's home. So good right. He got almost all his furniture from them except beds because Comfort Designs do not sell beds. This is the benefit of being an artiste...

Dinner Function at MBS

It was Hersing's DND and Nick got an invittation for it. Hersing is a huge company with ERA, Storhub etc. Their DND was at a ballroom in MBS. A friend of Nick gave him seats so we went together.

Nick didn't want to go at first because going will means having to PR with many people but I told him that PR is good for our company and good for himself too. He got a very strong urge to tell me that we don't go but in the end we still went. I think he didn't regret going too.

Mark Lee and Flying Dutchman was the host for that night. I took a photo of the stage but I think can't see their faces la.

Oh, I just realised that I didn't take their photos at all. LOL. Anyway, we saw a few other MediaCorp artistes too and they were actually just beside our table so I took a group photo of them.

Nick was all dressed up looking very suave that day! But too bad I didn't take any photos. I also dunno why I never take any photos of him alone.

Everyone also recieved a doorgift that day but that doorgift is a box of tools for wine. I don't drink so I don't have much use for all those things. I gave it to my father but I doubt he has uses for them too.

That night event was not bad, quite interesting and they played a few games which I think were quite funny. We can take note of them and use them in future.

The food was very nice but we didn't eat alot. LOL, cuz prior to going for the dinner, I was at Nick's home and we were 2 very desperately hungry people so Nick cooked instant noodle for both of us. We happily ate and after that we were abit too full for the dinner. Hahaha. A bit silly I know... We even went supermarket to buy vegetables to cook instant noodles.

Monday, March 07, 2011

My Bizzare Mum

I made a video with my mum last week. I did it to try out something and I think it worked quite well. However, part 2 wasn't very well done cuz my mum took a couple of the same shot (She kept NGing) and then I didn't want to make her do it again so I just let it be. Anyway it was another experiment. I will make a better one soon.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

SJ & Shinee

I am nuts, I am not sleeping at this time and I am just listening to pop. LOL, I am having this 'hangover' from my opera performance. Haiz, when I flop like that I do something else to lift up spirits.

Recently, I have been listening to some Super Junior's and Shinee's songs. I thought I wouldn't like their songs because I don't really listen to K-pop but I found myself actually getting addicted to listening to their songs!

LOL, I am so random. Sometimes I wonder why. I do random stuff that is sometimes quite unexpected. I think my friends are used to me being random, they expected me to do something unexpected.

Like May will always say me,"Aiya, you are weird one mah."

I am not weird, I am just random. Sometimes being random is not that good also because I am interested in too many things.

Now, I am addicted to listening to a few songs from SJ and Shinee. They are not new songs but I didn't really listen to these songs until recently. A nice song is a nice song regardless of whether it's new or old.

I like SJ's 'No Others', 'Bonamana', 'Sorry Sorry' and 'SuperGirl'.

I like Shinee's 'Ring Ding Dong', 'Lucifer' and 'hello'.

Sometimes I will sing along the chorus of Ring Ding Dong because the words are quite simple. It's just ring ding dong, ring ding dong, ring diggy ding diggy ding ding ding.

When I sing this and my mum heard me, she asked me what the hell I am singing. Keep on singing ding dong ding dong. She asked if I am ding dong already. She thinks that this is a super weird song because a normal song wouldn't have lyrics like that.

This is the song Ring Ding Dong:

It's weird that I don't seem to like to listen to female singers. I dunno why but I just don't. They just don't appeal to me. My mp3 players has got hundreds of songs and I think 99% of them are male singers. I know it's bad for me to be so sexist but... I can't help it. LOL.

Here is Super Junior's 'No Other'. I am currently addicted to this song.

Ok lah I must admit some of the singers are quite cute. LOL...