Monday, May 31, 2010

PC Down

I am very sad cuz my PC is down. Actually it is not that down yet but KL brought it to see some specialist regarding it's stupid blinkin screen and now, it's still staying there for further observation. While my laptop is there, KL is supposed to let me use his laptop till I get mine back but I am a very unlucky person. The charger of his laptop burnt itself out one day and now, I am left with no computer! I find that it's very nerve wrecking to be living without a computer. The world will probably think that I am dead if I don't log on for some time.

I have no idea when I will be getting my laptop back. Haiz. And stupid repair is going to burn a hole in my pocket! DAMMIT.

In case you are wondering how I get to type out this blog, I am using my father's laptop while he is watching TV. Think he doesn't know that I am typing my blog while he is away. LOL.

SHIEEEET~~ I hope I will get my laptop back so my life can get back to normal.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

After Show Dinner

Today, the 29 May 2010, we completed the show, Dream of Handan, at ChongPang CC. I am kinda tired now and feel like sleeping or reading a book till I fall asleep but I really wanna blog this while it's still fresh in my mind.

After our show, we were all loitering at the CC carpark, discussing where to eat supper while some nonsense students discuss irrelevant things like if my mum was purposely singing in a very rough 'shengish' voice.

Finally, someone kp that the CC carpark is going to close and we should faster leave. So we decided to go to Khatib coffee shop eat the steam boat. The same shop where me and may and some coi ppl always go eat after sunday's practice.

Arriving at the coffee shop, Bala, May. Zhuying they all already settled down onto one table and I saw that a kopi staff is approaching them. So I quickly dash to the table to order my drinks. I desperately need to drink after the show. I don't even have time to drink any water during show as I am always rushing around, changing costumes or what not.

In the end I was very disappointed to find out that it was not the kopi staff but the tsi tsar staff taking food orders. So then we decided on steamboat.

The second group of ppl containing our teacher, miss tan, MD, Lizuan, Mu mum, DLQ and Baohua they all arrived. They have to sit at a separate table because our table is full. We got Bala at our table mind you.

May suddenly say that we should go buy pork to add to the steamboat. We always add pork to the soup when we eat steamboat as NTUC is just beside. We will buy extra stuff like pork, dumplings or crabsticks to add to the steamboat. The staff there knows that we always add ingredients but they never say anything.

So this time, as usual we got some pork from NTUC. In the NTUC, the obasans (May and QY) selected the pork and hogged the washing area to wash the pork and defroze them. I though they just want to rinse the whole packet but they actually tore open the packaging and pour water into the packet. My god. PPL will think we are mad ok!!! I find it very hard to describe that situation. Next time I will take a photo of them.

After the pork issue, we settled at our table. Wait for the steamboat to come. We were totally so hungry leh. You cannot imagine how hungry we were. Then Susan was there. She got her own packet vegetarian food and she wanted to start eating. But we very bad, we dun let her eat until our food are ready. Else we will all be very jealous that susan can eat first.

When the soup came, the food came, I said,"EVERYTHING PIA INTO THE POT!"

Meaning, put all the food into the boiling soup in singlish. May, as usual, the very hungry one took the whole plate of seafood and pia everything into the pot. Bala, the white eye one (beh bak), put a chunk of pork into the pot. May kp that the pork will all stick together! Wasted the pork. To prevent bala from doing something foolish like that again, she put all the pork at the other side of the table.

Finally, after like 3 min waiting, we all dig into the pot. Our table has got like 10 ppl sitting there and there are only 5 prawns in the seafood set. So this ZY very quick eye, she spot a prawn floating around and reached out to kiap. But before she can securely kiap the prawn, the very beh bak (white eye) YH 'goh' the prawn over to her side.

*goh = tugging the prawn and stealing it.

ZY suddenly shouted,"Aey, my prawn, my prawn! I want the prawn!"

Then this YH say,"Aiyah one prawn only, you find another one la."

ZY,"I saw the prawn first leh, I want to kiap then you 'goh' the prawn over liao!"

YH,"Only one prawn nia, inside still got prawns."

ZY tried to 'goh' the prawn back but YH was more powerful at this. She got the prawn eventually.

ZY started kping about her prawn kana stolen, I saw that we actually only cooked 4 prawns and there is one more on the plate so I put that prawn in the soup and told zy I give her that prawn, She better watch over it, dun let other people 'goh' again.

We were making a lot of noise during the prawn incident cuz everyone was chipping in comments on who the prawn should belong to. I started counting the prawns in everyone's plates etc. The other table which contain the teacher looked over to see what the commotion was about then they laughed. I told ZY, the other table still got prawn. Ask her take our scoop, go over and 'goh' their prawns lor.

YH, who acted as emperor tonight, said nothing but I told ZY that YH pass down the imperial edict that the other table should pass over their prawns and pork.

ZY,"奉天乘允,皇帝诏曰please pass the prawn and pork over."

Apparently no one bothered to answer her and teacher said that the emperor is not counted now. Eating is more important.

I think we ate super fast. When we finished our pot of food, the other table just started eating only. We think that we didn't have enough to eat so KL asked if we want chicken wings. So we ordered like 10 chicken wings.

Here comes the second commotion of the day, the chicken wing incident.

When the chicken wings came, the other table were literally STARING at us. I mean literally lor. They then started a commotion that May Teng ordered chicken wings but never asked them. Though we sitting at different table, we are still under one troupe mah. May jump into the yellow river also cannot be cleaned. She said that she didn't think of it and anyway it was KL who ordered.

DLQ commented then May sacrifice lor. She giver DLQ part of her chicken wing.

The other table 不甘示弱 they also went to order chicken wings.

The pot is not enough one lor. It was enough when we got like 5 ppl eating but now, each table got like 10 ppl, how?

Happily they also got chicken wings so fair enough.

SKARLI, dunno where pop up, they also ordered satay!!!

Now it's our turn staring at the other table, saying how come they got satay. YH say we should order too but I think we were kinda full le so never mind la. Let the other table win lor. Yuan yuan xiang bao when will finish?

Skarli, our table the Bala no 骨气. He kept looking at the other table's satay, kana discovered by them! DLQ got a chicken wing from May just now so now she give a satay back to May. She happily eat half and then offered bala the other half so that he can stop looking at the other table longingly. Just when Bala about to put the satay in his mouth, YH shouted,"AEY BALA!"

Bala tot dunno what big thing happen must shout until like that. At this moment, ZY stretched out her hand and grab Bala's hand to prevent him from eating the satay. Bala quickly licked the satay so no one dares to eat it! Gross to the max can?!!

My god.

Miss Tan, who acted as empress today, came over and offer a stick of satay with SATAY SAUCE somemore to YH!!!

We were like... "HUANG HOU!!!!! SO GOOD AH!!!"

Treating the emperor so good leh, got satay sauce some more. No choice liao lah. Tonight emperor must got to empress's room, cannot go concubine's room liao.

End of the chicken wing incident.

Teacher told us that during the show, Susan wear the wrong headgear. She was wearing teacher's headgear and teacher needed it. She wanted to shout over to susan but she cannot because the mic is on and the audience will hear us. So she started playing charade with Susan to exchange head gears.

Then susan said she got no idea that she was wearing the wrong thing because some one told her that it was the right head gear and anyway all the headgears looked similar.

Aiyo, the sheng department very messy lor. We, the dans department, dun have this kind of messy things one. We all know very clearly which hair pcs set we are using and when we are using and when we need to change. Very organised one lor. My god.

I think ZY make a good sheng today. I told her that and then YH accused me that I am trying to push ZY to the sheng department so that the Dan department will not be so crowded. Ppl ZY herself like to act sheng mah, none of my biz right? Mad.

There was also a plan on how to make Susan NOT do dan because apparently many people cannot take it lah. I mean, it's like really weird lor. Even Michael who knows nothing about opera finds susan to be weird being a dan. So apparently it's not only me and it's not a biased comment. Susan say she looks like a tranny. Erm, we all agree to that and I think that to avoid future audience from getting sick during our show, we have to avoid making susan do dan. If not the audience thought how come we not enough dan have to get a tranny to stand in. This one not I say one ah. Susan herself say one so I am not trying to bad mouth her or what.

Peacefully, we finished dinner. But the real thing will come tomorrow when we go for class. ang will show her full strength and blow her top tomorrow after a good rest tonight. It's a standard procedure but never mind lah.

So many nonsense things can happen over dinner lor. I dunno why we got so many nonsense things to say.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My baobei

Over the months of living with Da Mung and Xiao Mung and scrump, I have took many interesting photos of them. Some taken by me and some taken by KL. Being the centre of attraction to my mum, she always try to do unfriendly things to my da, xiao mung and Scrump. Poor things! Always kana bullied.

One day when I came home from outside, I saw that my mum has put a fake hair bun on Scrump's head! I left the hair bun on the living room's table and she put it on Scrump's head. Since the thing is there already, I added some hair pieces to make Scrump pretty.

Is my ah Scrump pretty?

Another picture here was taken by KL. He did it while I was sleeping and meant to surprise me when I wake up.

Piling Mini scrump and a dog on Da mung's head. LOL I tot Da mung looked kinda cute here tho. KL always do funny things to my things when I am sleeping and this is not the only picture he took. He sometimes take pictures of me sleeping in funny positions. I know many people say it's not good to take a photo of a sleeping person but I don't really believe in that and so far, nothing has happened to me.
Then there is this picture of me taken with this drawings on a wall.

I really like that panda and dog drawing (there is dog at the side but it is not in the camera). They are so funny! All pointing at the same direction! Hahaha. So I told KL that I gonna join then and he will take the picture for me. LOL. Funny or not? If you wanna see this cute graffiti, it's at Marina Square, near the cinema.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Getting Creative

When I was a little girl, I think I was rather creative. I did alot of nonsense things and say alot of nonsense words. The older I get, the less creative I am. How sad right? Maybe I am too held up by work and opera that I didn't really have free time to let my mind wander around.

Here is something I did when I was young. HAhaha. I made my sister sit still so that I can style her hair with clothes pegs. Yup. I clip all the clothes pegs onto her hair. I just did it without thinking and this is what I got.

I think it's kinda cute right? And my sister also looked so cute last time! Hahaha. Not bad. Everytime I see this photo I laugh. My mum also laugh whenever she see this photo. She is amazed at how I come up with something as silly as this. And amazed that my sister actually allowed me to do that to her!
It's cute! I dun think I can do it again even if I want to! Fortunately, I got take a photo of this when I did it for memory keeping.