Friday, March 09, 2007


Dear all,

I know I have disappeared for a long time. Today I want to talk about our BKK trip. Siong lor.



When we arrived at BKK, we were all so super hungry so we went to COCA to eat STEAMBOAT.

Yah, we eat steamboat even in BKK. We are stemboat eaters.

In the Coca Restaurant. We very xiang shou right. I cannot afford to eat Coca in SG lor. Haiz. May ordered alot of food and surprisingly we finished all the food! It's the first time we finished all the food for steamboat. Normally we will have quite an amount of leftovers.

The empty steamboat. We finished all the food!

After that we went shopping... shop and shop and shop... YH and me both bought a wallet each. May is very strict towards YH when YH when wants to buy something. Her reason is that YH always buy something she dun need and she won't use. So everytime YH wants to buy something, May will say something like,"Didn't you have something like that already?" or "Are you sure you are going to use this?" or simply "No".

Hahaha... Kinda funny. So when YH bought the wallet, May said,"You make sure you use this wallet I tell you."

So after that we continue to shop more and then we went to A&W. Singapore already dun have A&W so we were rather excited about eating in A&W.

In the cab, May noticed that YH has began using the wallet so she ask me to quickly take a photo of it and blog.

This is the wallet YH bought. Hahha.. Those are May's hands. See how long she will use the wallet lor.

In the evening, we went to eat sharkfins. YH again tried to take a photo of me so I used my hp to block her. He he.. but she still took a photo of me.

At MBK, we bought guava juice, YH say the guava juice is not nice...

Early the next morning, we went to Chinatown to eat Dim Sum. Haiz... Tell u lor. We waited super super long for the dimsum to come. We ordered Pekin Duck also. Imagine Pekin Duck leh.. only $30 there lor.

We waited for so long that we got very pek cek and hungry. The customers who came later than us got their food already but we were still waiting. So May went to the counter to kp at the waiter who took orders for us. We continued to kp until they bobian, finally brought us our food.

I forgot to take photo of the Pekin Duck so I took a photo of this Pekin Duck meat. We requested to have the meat cooked with black pepper. It was a big portion lor and we did not manage to finish it.

I dunno why I took this photo but since it's in my hp le, I might as well post it up.

I also dunno why I took this photo. Hahaha... May will kp she look ugly but please lor.. ur ru yi lang jun will not come to my blog.

This is the street in Chinatown. Looks like Tw right? I told YH alot of other asian countries look like Tw. We bought alot of opera supplies here lor.. I bought a bundle of black hair grips, a few hundreds pieces of black rubber bands, a bunch of safety pins and lots of da tou zhen. Very cheap cheap lor.. In SG very ex to buy these things.

In the evening, we went for jap food. Very ex, the exest meal we had in BKK but it was nice lor. The price was about the same as the jap restaurants here.

The taxi stand outside MBK was full of taxis but guards will chase some taxis away. Dunno why. Note that there are bring pink taxis in BKK. So sweet right. I like those pink taxis lor. How come sg dun have pink taxis. Should ask comfort to change their taxis to pink colour. So cute.

We went to a street stall to eat seafood after massage one night and then May noticed that they offered packet towels. Small packet towels lor. Normally in restaurants here, they will only provide wet tissues but this stall provide packet wet towels instead. May was very fascinated. She say they are very CUTE!

May was sick in BKK. She got this flu and headache and she drank beer some more which made her more sick.
The next day we went to Chatuchak then decided to go wash hair cuz the weather too hot. So shiok leh.. We washed our hair for $5. YH and Me kp that the hairdressers used too much force when washing our hair but May thought it was alright. Then when the hairdresser was blowing our hair, we kp that the hairdryer's wind was too hot. It was scorching hot I tell you. May thought that the heat was ok tho. Then we kp again that the hairdressers were tugging our hair too hard, very painful but then again May was alright with it. Hmm.. YH and me are qian jin xiao jie who are very sio ba one lor.

The one and only picture I had of myself was taken in the salon. Forgot to mention that the hairdresser a bit freaked out when she saw my long hair. She signaled to the other hairdresser asking her if $5 was enough to cover their cost for washing my long hair. hahaha...

May had the luxury of having 2 hairdressers blow drying her hair.

2 hairdressers ok.. dun play play..

Last photo. The new airport of BKK. Took this when we were going back to SG. Actually the deco of this new airport was ok only lor in my opinion.

I forgot to mention that May keep kping throughout the whole trip that she miss hao wei and she wish she is in GCB. She will go like... "I MISS HAO WEI.... I MISS HAO WEI.... I MISS GCB...."

Haiz.. I now super broke.


Anonymous said...

MK, early in the mon morning, I freaked out lor. I saw my ugly photos in your blog again. I dun understand why u and YH keep blogging my ugly photos. Like that, i will never ever be able to find my ru yi lang jun. BKK was indeed fun but i regretted lor. we should postphone the trip so that we can watch shows in GCB. so that I can still see haowei & Yafang from my audience seat.... I miss GCB and I miss them!!!

Miko said...

dun be mad la... Like i said many times before, your ru yi lang jun will not read my blog lor. Your photos are not ugly. My photos more ugly, I look like someone who got terminal dieseas.

So you got msg ur yafang or not? Hua chi may.

Anonymous said...

aiyo mk....u always blog my ugly photos lor...kind of used to it liao...if i kp u will say i always kp...haiz...yh

Miko said...

your photos are not ugly lor.. all either very small or ur face kana blocked by something else.

Next time i let u see the photos first before I blog....