Friday, December 31, 2010

A Child's Dream

Finally~! At long last! Our first baby is borned!! After much thinking and planning, Nick and I finally have our first baby! Keep your wallet, you don't have to give us an Ang Bao cuz it is not a real baby.

It is our first event as a contest! And Nick says it's our first baby~ LOL, we will subsequently have more 'babies'.

This contest is a singing contest for children below the age of 14. It is very simple actually. Simply record your child telling us his/her ambition, why they love their parents and sing for 1 minute.

It is very easy~ Then you just need to like Tok Tok Chiang Facebook page and upload your video there. There will be a panel of reputable judges whom decisions will make up 30% of the overall score and public voting will take up the other 70%.

The first 3 winners will be winning a 2-day speech and drama workshop, a contract with Tok Tok Chiang and chances to appear on TV drama/advertisements etc. Besides that, they will also recieve prizes from our sponsors which amount to $5000.

I am amazed with Nick that he can get so many prizes. The prizes are very attractive and it is too bad that I don't have a child so I can't join.

:) Do tell your friends about it and join the contest!

Avalon Video

Today is the last day of 2010~~~ A beginning of a new year, a beginning for new beginnings!

Finally, I got approval to put up this video on my blog and FB le. I have done it so long ago but it wasn't approved to put online. So today, I can finally put it up here! So glad...

I shot this video when Nick was having a photo shoot for Avalon advertisement. I did it just for fun then one day I was bored at home so I decided to create this video together with one of Nick's favourite song. After making it, I showed it to him as a surprise and he loves it so much! He told everyone that the video is very cute.. We later on enhanced the video more and put in more words.

Today, we showed Avalon the video and they agreed to let us post it o Youtube. YAY!

So finally, I can upload this video and put it on my blog.

Christmas Gifts~

Christmas is over, New Year is coming. How fast time flies! Have you had a fruitful 2010? I didn't work alot in 2010.. Only worked till end April and then I decided to resign. My best decision in 2010 is to have Tok Tok Chiang, the fruit of my love for Opera! :)

Establishing Tok Tok Chiang was a rash decision at first because I couldn't find any joy anymore in working at offices. I was rash and smsed Nick telling him that I want to join his venture for Tok Tok Chiang. Though it was a hasty decision, I didn't regret it. I am still young, I have no commitments, I have savings, if I don't do it now, I might never have another chance like this again.

So here I am!

Christmas is the season for giving but as I am now still income-less, I can't afford to buy presents this year. I only give presents on birthdays now. All other festive seasons.... nothing.

However, I did recieve gifts! :)

From Susan and Nick! :) How nice~

First of all, Nick gave my sis a Xiao Ding Dang mug...

See my sister so happy.

Taking photos outside my home. I was about to go to SL christmas party when we decided to take photos..

Nick kept laughing at my christmas hat.... I think it's cute lor!

The present that Nick is holding is Susan give him one.. So nice of Susan lor, she gave Nick present too~ And She gave me a cute bag also!

If you are happy and you know it clap your hands... *clap clap*

Yesterday Iwent to a funeral with Nick (yes, I even go to funeral with him... dun be too surprised). The deceased was Nick's ex boss whom groomed Zoe Tay and Li Nan Xing in the past. He used to be the top boss in Mediacorp, controlling all the artistes but later on he went to China to further the business.

Attending a funeral is a very 'heavy' thing. It just weighs down on you and you will start feeling down too. See how fragile life can be! What you want to do, do now! Don't wait. Time doesn't wait, your body doesn't wait. It will grow old each day and then one day you will no longer have the strength to do anything...

So.... If you are happy and you know it clap your hands... *clap clap*

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Movie Marathon

Today, my friend whose name starts with 'M' called me. It was a pleasant surprise because this heartless friend went to Taiwan without telling me. Whole world ask me what happened to her and I told them I don't know. She is not my good friend lor. Then first thing when she came back to Singapore was to call me and tell me that she is not a friend whose name starts with 'M'. I mean, her name really starts with 'M' what... Nothing wrong with saying that right. Ok lah, what about... my friend whose name's initial is MT.

MT called me to tell me her name doesn't starts with M... HAhahaha.

Today I went for a movie marathon with another fish, whose name starts with 'P'. Hahahaha.. That other fish name's is ponyo. We are 2 fishes who survives on Earth with pure movies and shopping only. Since we haven't seen any movies for a long long time, we decided to watch 2 at one go. Very challenging right. LOL.

First we went to subway to get a sandwich and some drinks from NTUC then we watched the first movie, Confession.

Confession is a thriller. I think it's a really really really nice movie! It's not scary or too gory but the plot really draws you in and keeps you thinking. You won't, for one moment, feel bored or start to drift away in your own thoughts. The movie captivates you and keep you anticipating for the next scene. It basically tells the story using different perspective from different people. Everything that you saw in the beginning ended up being not what it is. It's very complex and entertaining. I think you all should go see before it's taken off screen.

After the first movie, we went to NTUC again and this time we bought a small tub of ice-cream to share. HAhhaha.. Very sinful but ok lah. I very long never eat ice-cream. As the next show we are watching is Rapunzel, I find it very appropriate to eat ice-cream an watch at the same time.

I love Rapunzel! It is so extremely funny! I dunno how the hell the script writers can come up with such witty lines and scenes. I love that little chameleon. Its expression is classic. The whole show is so sweet and romantic and I even find some parts to be tear-jerking. LOL, I am getting too emotional but it's really quite touching at some parts. The princess is really cute, using the frying pan as a weapon where ever she goes.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

X'mas Day


How I spent my christmas day?

In the morning I went to Sengkang sports Complex with Amai and Miss Feng Min. They are now very enthusiastic about swimming and I heard from AMai that FM was very excited to go swimming that day.

There were some water slides in the swimming complex and I find them quite scary. Weird enough, Amai who loves roller coasters were afraid of the water slides. FM who were afraid of the roller coasters, love the water slides. How come like that??

So FM asked me to have a go on the slides.. which I was rather unwilling to. Anyway since I am there just give it a try lor. I find the going down part pretty scary cuz you move very fast with the water gushing down. The going into the pool part is still ok though but I hate the water pushing themselves into my nose.

After swimming, I went home and then our family went for dinner and walk walk at Central which is at Clark Quay. We wanted to go see the flea market there but who knows it wasn't open. I am not sure if it is because of the rain or is it because of the festive season.

So we hang around inside Central.

My sister likes to take photos and the pictures below are taken by her.

MY sister standing so straight. Like going to assembly like that.

Wow, finally, a post that is not about Weijun. HAhaha.. I know that's what you are thinking! No choice you know. I work a lot with him nowadays so I have nothing else to write about except our work. Christmas day happens to be my off day so I didn't see him~ And that is why got this post..

I found out today that my sister has improved her photo taking skills. She used to take photos without the head or without an arm etc. Now she is better, at least can see the whole body. It's an encouragement. :)


Weijun was telling me that during a drama or movie shoot, it is very important to 打灯. The correct lighting will hide shadows, eye bags etc.

It is interesting because sometimes the lighting on stage will affect how our make up looks also. It is very hard for me to gauge sometimes because I have never se myself live on stage before. LOL.. I can only listen to comments.

He was doing computer work when he suddenly told me about the lighting effects.

You may think that in the above photo he is very hard working, using his phone and the computer at the same time, very IT savvy. Actually he was trying to use them to 打灯 on his face! Hahaha.. We experimented the lighting effects using his laptop and phone..

What? I can hear you saying that we are very boliao.. but we are not lor! We need to yan jiu the lighting effects mah..

Clementi Hosting

Last week went Clementi for hosting. I didn't know which part of Clementi it was until I reached the place and saw that it's directly under Tian's block!

LOL, I was very happy and told Weijun that it's my friend's block, I am going to call her down. So I called Tian and she happened to be at home. So I asked her to come down and chit chat.

It has been a very very long time since I last saw Tian already. I think she really lost a lot of weight. Though she denied and said that she has gained weight. I think she has really lost a lot of weight lor.

We met up and had dinner together while Weijun was being briefed on what to do for the show.

See his face, very solemn...

Tian and me happily eat Bah Chor Mee, she treated me~ Aiyoh, so paiseh.. She said that I seldom come to Clementi so she treat me lor.. Then I treated her drinks. We talked about our latest updates. She updated me on Naiba's troupe while I updated her about COI stuff.

Later I found out that Tian's sister also took part in the event in which Weijun is hosting. So I introduced them to Weijun. It's a RC event for Christmas. The ticket which participants bought even entitled them to a box of KFC. Not bad right.

He had fun with the children because he is also a big child. :D

Ah Tian accompanied me till the end of the event. Think it finished at about 10pm and the RC invited us to a little buffet. Weijun was hungry like mad so he ate there. I didn't know that Tian was waiting for me outside until I was about to leave and she smsed me. Actualy if I had known that the event is at Tian's place, I will bring my mum along. She hasn't seen tian for some time too.

Oh yah, no photos of Tian here~ She didn't want to take photos... And no photos of me. I refuse to take photos also.. LOL...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Ku Gua Prince

Today, my multi-talented boss said that he can fry the bitter gourd at my house if my mum allows it. My mum is ok one mah.. tho I know some people starting with the letter 'M' don't like people to touch her kitchen. Not Miko lah, I don't cook..

So the ku gua prince bought a bitter gourd and some spinach from the market to my place today. Spinach he didn't fry though, my mum fried for him. Nice leh the spinach and he told me it's good for skin so I must eat more~

Erm.. today 阿竣上菜 is going to introduce, bitter gourd fried with eggs.

As I am not allowed to post his photos without approval, I can only post back view. hahaha..


I must comment that his dish is actually nice. I liked it quite a lot. Abit on the salty side but still not too bad! My brother and my sis are blinded by him liao.. My brother normally don't eat bitter gourd but today, he actually ate it and said that it's not bitter at all. He even said that my mum's bitter gourd is much more bitter than Nick's.

Very BAI MU right...

Nick says he is a good cook and he can cook many dishes. LOL, abit unlike him and unbelievable. He told me he can cook duck meat, fry kuay teow etc... Like very chim dishes right.. I dunno lah cuz I only cook maggie mee...

He commented that my kitchen is very clean and asked my mum if she can help out with HIS kitchen. Haha.. I have see his kitchen before.It's not too bad also lah.. considering that there are only 2 men living in his house, it's already quite clean.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today, I wore heels. WHOLE DAY.

Whole FREAKIN day.


And I didn't die.

This post is about heels, KPing about heels..

I wore heels then I went to AMK to buy something.. then I went Orchard to wait for Nick. While waiting for him and walking around for another 30 min, I realised that my anklet is rubbing against my ankle with the back of my shoes. I was starting to blister. This spells trouble so I quickly go get some plasters and stick one on my ankle before it worsens.

When Nick came, we went to Purvis Street and he parked there. He wanted to go to the National Library to do some stuff and asked me if I want to bring my laptop. I told him... no... because I am wearing heels and I dun want to put more weight on them. Anyway, everything can be done with his laptop wat, no need mine right.

So he offered to carry the laptop for me to the library. Well, at least when he carry things, he walks slower. Else I can never catch up with him with these stupid heels.

I know that many women cant live without heels. They wear them everywhere they go, even to the beach. And some women also claimed that they feel comfortable in heels, their feet don't hurt at all. Actually this is all so not true lor. I think they pain until they numb already so cannot feel.

Go on the train, see how many girls have plasters, scars or blisters at the back of their ankles. There are alot.

I also don't like to go shopping with girls on heels because they can't walk. I mean they can't walk for long. They claim that they are ok with heels to go shopping and they won't feel pain at their feet but this is also SO not true. I can walk with my flats from morning till night with only a few breaks in between. The friends with heels often feels tired only after 2 or at most 3 hours.

Back to the story, we went library, I finally got the chance to sit down and rest my poor feet. After awhile, we went to Bras Basah to print Nick's photos and then we went popular to get some files. As I trod on, my feet felt more and more tired and sore.

I wish I have brought slippers along.

Eventually, when we walked back to the car I was so relieved. I told Nick I feel so xin fu just to be sitting in his car at that moment. Hahahaa...

After that we went to Chinatown and he parked his car at Hong Lim complex. At that point of time I remembered something he said to me the previous time when we went to Hong Lim Complex. He said,"我park在3A可以吗?你满意吗?"

I find it very funny lor. So just now I told him to park at 3A again because I am very man yi with that location. LOL.. He is very lame sometimes.

Then.. Wah lao eh... we walked again to Chinatown point, my feet has reached it's limit already, going to break apart. We went to this kopitiam and I quickly sat down... Take every chance to rest my feet. Nick asked me for permission to change seats cuz he can see from my face that I am so drained from walking whole day. Aiyah, change seats only, of cuz can lah... not like asking me to go very far to change.

Finally, our last destination of the day is to go to a movie premier at Vivo. Alot of mediacorp artistes were there and this is actually the reason why I had to drag my heels everywhere today. In the cinema I whispered to Nick,"Faster off the lights leh, then I can take off my shoes."


Oh yah beside kping my heels there is something I want to say also.

Today in the car, we talked alot about the artistes in Mediacorp. We mentioned quite a few people. Then at night, the people whom we mentioned all sit at the same row with us~ LOL... First, Huang Bi Ren sat at the far end, then Lai yi ling sat beside me (later she moved away), then got Huang Jiong Yao sitting beside Nick and lastly Zoe Tay sitting one seat away from me. Nick gave me the *gasp* look.... Hahaha.. I whispered,"You are spooky leh, all the people you mentioned all sit with us..."

I think he just spooked himself out too.

I am now so comfortably at home, both feet planted firmly on the ground.. They are so happy and relieved to be out of that crampy shoes. Nick suggested that I put a pair of flats in his car. I think I will do that. I am going to wear flats tomorrow... even tho tomorrow got to meet client...

Don't care..

Feet pain...

Nowadays more and more people are wearing flats anyway...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back To School

Yesterday, I went with Nick for an event at Mandarin Oriental Hotel for Hyundai's DND. It was a very cute DND because the theme was Back To School. All the staff wore uniforms and because Nick and I don't have, we went to buy one. I told Nick that I can sell the uniform to the students after yesterday but he told me to keep it. One day we might just need it again.

Nick discussing the program of the night with the company's event committee~

When it was about time, we changed into the uniforms we bought... :D


My mum says that I still look like a 16 years old school girl with the uniform on... LOL.. Thanks leh, that is very kind of her. I think Weijun also looks like a college student.

True Story :

Me *holding the camera up*
Nick: What are you doing?
Me: I am taking video of you.
Nick *flashed his million dollar smile*
Nick: Don't disturb me.... I am doing my homework... on my iphone...

Confiscate your iphone ah! Assembly period still play with Iphone!!! Cooking or baking cookies like YH issit??? So uncool lor.

Nick's very super big glasses~

The Hyundai staff were very cute! They really dressed up in all these colourful uniforms and even did a little cute kiddish dance. I enjoyed their performance alot!!

Look at the below photos, I didn't adjust my camera's settings right. Too long never take photo with camera le. Almost forgot how to use one.

Do I look like a little school boy?? Somehow the glasses look good on him but not on me.. Weird, I got a bigger head than him mah so the big glasses should suit me more but I think he looks better with them.

Although I am just a bystander that night, I really enjoy myself very much. The Hyundai staff were very sporting and funny. They did lots of funny dances and actions. I almost felt like it is my own DND. I took some funny videos too but I cant post them yet. I will post when they are ready~

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Newspaper cuttings

It has been a long long time since I last cut any newspapers or magazine articles. Although I really love Wang Li Hong and Jay Chou very much, I never collect their magazine articles. I just love their songs that's all (ok, I admit, I do like LeeHom's handsome face). Weijun asked me if I have anyone that I idolise so much thatI will do crazy things. I told him no. Then he asked what about opera. Is there anyone I love very much that I will go backstage and take photos with them. I told him nope too. I don't really go to any backstage to take photos of anyone. I just watch and go. I only enjoy the art they show us on stage. I don't need to know them personally.

The one and only actor I was really really crazy is Ekin! LOL. He is the only one that I will cut magazines and newspapers for. I even keep like about 10 files of newspaper articles of him. It all started when I was 14 years old and I just keep the hobby of liking him till now. Talking about this. My dearest EKIN is going to have another concert in HK next year in March. There is an offer for all fans to buy tickets at the first few rows but I can't go lah. I got performance at that period and plus I can't keep going HK! Siong you know.... So never mind lor. Give it a miss.. MY heart is bleeding...

Weijun always tease me and say Ekin is my future husband but I don't think of such ridiculous stuff. I always stop him from saying such nonsense.

Recently, Weijun started passing me magazines and newspapers with HIS ad or articles inside. LOL. I told him,"I don't anyhow collect newspapers and magazines for people one you know. I only collect for Ekin and I stopped collecting already."

"Well, now you do lor. I will always buy an extra copy of newspaper for you with me inside from now on..."

"You should feel honoured that I am doing this for you."

"Yah I feel honoured to be of same status as Ekin..."


So now, I am starting to collect all these again.. It's very tedious one leh. Last time when I collected Ekin's stuff, I piled up a high mountain of magazines and spent lots of time arranging his articles in my files.

The files are still around. If you are interested to see my Ekin collection, do let me know. I can show you my handsome Ekin's collections.. you will be surprised at how much I collected over the years..

Anyway, my home got so many things already. Got opera things, got Ekin, got books, got comics, now still got Weijun. I think I will ki siao leh. I must do housekeeping soon.... My mum keep telling me to throw my comics away but noooooo.. I love my comics too..... And my books... They are like my babies!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Busy Days

If you often see my blog, you will realised that I have blogged less these 2 weeks. Actually it's not that I have done nothing and that I have got nothing to blog. In fact, I have done many things and there are many things for me to write about. It's just that most of the things I am busying of is about my work with Weijun.

I seldom blog about a particular person constantly in a blog because it will seems very boring to always read about the same person so I stopped writing altogether.

For example, Amai will be like,"What? Your boss again? Boss trip again?"

LOL, I have got many many boss trips that I can write about but I think it will be very boring lah... Then again it's actually quite interesting to get the inside view of how an artiste works. Many people might not be interested tho so I didn't write too much about it.

May they all will prefer to read something that is related to COI or the COI ppl. I would love to blog about them but we haven't done anything interesting lately. We only go for rehearsals and then dinner that's all. I didn't even go for the dinners.. I wanna save money... :)

Recently, I had a lot of Amai's so called Boss Trips. For example, one that I went to was at Zouk. He was there hosting a D&D for a company called AT&T. AT&T is a very big American communications company. It's like the American's equivelant to Singtel. So interesting right, the D&D was at Zouk.

I told Weijun that it is my first time going to Zouk and his jaws dropped in astonishment.

'How is it possible that you never went Zouk before?'

'I am not a Zouk person you know?'

'I used to chiong Zouk when I was a teenager.'

'But now you chiong GCB lor.. HAhahaha..'

Then we both laughed hysterically.

Weijun is chiong GCB one. If you got there often, you will see him there praying.

So using Weijun's GPS, we reached Zouk safely.... It was really a crazy night. Weijun hosted with very high energy and the people there were so crazy. They absolutely love his hosting as he was very funny too. At this time, Amai smsed me... LOL, asked me what I am doing. I told her I am at Zouk, watching my boss host an event. She wonders why I am always helping my boss to do all these misc stuff. I am becoming like his personal assistant.

Actually I don't mind doing all these nitty gritty stuff (he is not good at doing these) because he also taught me alot. He brings me to many places, know many people, taught me social skills, gave tips on how to act, gave tips on how to host... and so much more. All these things that he taught me are priceless. It might not worth a cent to people who are not interested in the entertainment circle but it is really priceless to me.

It is not everyday that someone offers to teach me how to host.

So therefore, doing a little favours like managing his computer stuff and going to his events are really fine with me. It's like barter trading.. :)

Monday, I went to ION Topman with Nick to choose clothes for his photo shoot. We took like 20+ pieces of clothes (not buy, just borrow). Then we went to a photo shoot studio to take pictures for his new ad. I took some videos of the process but I can't post it yet.

Tuesday I went to an event with him at somewhere near Expo. It was a SMRT party and Nick was hosting with Michelle Chong. He told me to watch how it is like to co-host. I also learnt a lot from Michelle Chong.

Wednesday, Nick came to my place to do some computer stuff and then we went to meet Xiao Qi Lin's troupe to discuss some event.

Thursday, which is today, I went to Passion hair salon (owned by David Gan) with him to style his hair, then we went to MAC to do his make up and lastly we went for a photo shoot for his new ad. It was also an eye opener to see Passion Hair Salon. That place is really very classy.

Tomorrow, there will be a hosting for Hyundai but I have no idea what event that is. Probably it's D&D.

So you see.. I actually do a lot of things and if I wanna take photos and blog, I can blog alot but I think it's a little boring lah for people who are not interested in events.

Just wanna say that my boss cum friend is a nice person. He has taught me many things, I am grateful. He seems to be very serious and stern at first but actually, he is also quite gila.. Like me.. LOL....

Today I took a photo with him at the studio.. just for fun~

Cute right~ I mean the bear.. LOL.. Sorry ah I look like ghost. I never put on make up so I photoshopped everything on my face away.. Hahaha.. I didn't photoshop my boss, he is real.. I am fake.. :P Never mind la.. fake is better than showing my real face. No make up, my face cannot see one!

Thursday, December 09, 2010


Think about 2 months ago, FM and Amai asked me if I want to join them at Universal Studio on 3rd Dec. They are very funny, planned so far ahead. :) FM took leave specially that day to go USS but it was still crowded.

I met them at the Harbourfront MRT for breakfast. Thinking about breakfast make me very hungry leh.. aiyoh....

At Harbourfront shopping centre, FM and Amai couldn't resist taking photos with the xmas decorations.

FM shows the door number '23' of the cake house here...

I hereby announce that Feng min is the posing queen. She is so full of nonsense postures! Never ending!!

Mai Jie had a good suggestion, ask us to perform 18 miles send off here....

Shanbo very cool, still must wear cap... 十八里相送到Vivo. Then we took bus into Sentosa..... It was the first time Fengmin visit the Casino in Sentosa but she didn't go in (tho she can go in free). She just took pictures outside.

Then here is an array of Fengmin's photos posing outside the USS.

I realise that I have more photos of FM than Amai, probably cuz FM likes to take photos more ba...

I have got one of her posing with her camera~~~ LOL, the camera that didn't take good photos. Yay, our Sony cameras take better pictures.

A big ass ship crashed in....

This notice is very funny. Look at the icon for pregnant woman.. I mean... It's very lame lor...

Then suddenly we saw this Kungfu panda running and hopping around! It is so bulky but it managed to hop and jump around very lightly, FM was amazed..

The uncle of the below store was very nice, we requested to take photo with his stall and he told us that we might as well carry the dolls and take photos with them... Very friendly, very nice uncle.

The first ride we took was this dragon coaster thing.

It didn't look too scary actually so I agreed to take this coaster thing with Amai they all. Who knows when the roaster started climbing up, I got very stressed out and I keep saying,"why? why ask me to ride this? Oh no..."

FM was sitting beside me and she was holding my wrist like telling me not to be too stressed out. Suddenly the coaster plunged and FM also shouted and tightened her grip on my wrist. We both screamed like mad... LOL...

When we got off, FM told Amai that she wanted to tell me not to be afraid but suddenly the coaster sped up and she screamed while grabbing me instead. Hahaha.. Amai said that she tot FM wil save me (the maiden in distress) skali she herself screamed her head off.

Then we took photo with FM's favourite Shrek~
Aedes mosquito kana trap in this crystal~

We also took another ride that guaranteed us that we will be splashed soaking wet. So the staff advised us to get some disposabe poncho at $2 each. Well, me and FM didn't want to waste money to buy so we went to the exit of the ride and wait for the people to come out... We then took the ponchos from them!!! LOL.. Tho the ponchos were worn once, they are still good, so I recycled them~ Clean and green singapore mah....

Here is my poncho which FM and me picked up...
Amai brought her own one....
FM so poor thing! She found one that was broken!
See she still show off the hole in her poncho. Anyway.. we took the ride. It was quite and exciting ride tho I didn't really enjoy much because the spinning made me dizzy. I have got motion sickness.. We were also very lucky because when the big splash came, we kana the least and I didn't get wet at all... Hahaha.. so happy... FM got her hair and jeans a little wet though...

When we came out of the ride, FM was styling her hair and said,"还好,我帅度不减!"

Me and Amai turned our heads at her....

After that we went to the food court and something happened that caused FM to 帅度大减.
The receipt of the food we bought in the foodcourt! The food was like super expensive. That box of fried u see here cost like around $5.

Then we went to see the special effects show which was so crowded with people you can see here.....

This guy here was sitting behind me.

He was preparing ot spray water at the audiences. Fortunately, he didn't spray any at me!!!

During the show, the performers constantly splashed water at the audience. I quite like the show tho. The stunt men were fantastic!!

I love the egyptian theme area!! I love all the statues, the drawings, the building etc..


Then we went to queue up for another ride but I dunno why FM keep peering out thru the crowd to look at the ride that we are taking... See my expression...

Suddenly dark clouds gathered...

And when it was our turn to go for the ride, it was being suspended due to the rain!!!! MERDE!

See the rain... in the end we still manage to go for the ride when the rain became lighter...

One day, Scholar Min was reading outside her university...

She came across problems that she didn't understand...

Suddenly... a lightbulb lighted up inside her and she got it!

'The red shirt girl is taking photo of me!'

ET go home.... Which finger belongs to the ET and which one belongs to the boy?

We went to see this indoor show that stimulate the real typhoon scene and Amai got splashed so badly...

Lastly, to end the day, we had cheese cake in a cafe there.. Amai was complaining why is that her fork has irregular teeth. Is it that FM is buey song about something?

'Why is my fork like this???'
*Gasp* ' I dunno! It was an accodent! You sure it wasn't you who bite that teeth off? I am innocent!'

That day, FM's boss called her like twice asking her where she put some stuff. I still thought that her unreasonable boss was going to ask her to go back for work!

Then my boss happened to call me like 6/7 times that day and Amai was like,'Your boss is more kua zhang than FM boss lor. Hers only called twice, yours called like 3 times more than her!'

My boss is a nice person la, just happened that on that particular day, he went berserk over something and started calling me... Poor boss, I was enjoying myself in USS and he was going berserk on the other end of Singapore...