Saturday, August 08, 2009


We arrived at Macau. This is lao ma with her face mask, pulling our luggage towards our hotel. Our hotel is just beside this popular district for shopping and food ad it's the cheapest hotel in Macau. However, I don't reccommend anyone to this hotel because it really sucks. The receptionist behaved like I owe her one million dollars and the hotel room is very old. Too bad, we are on a budget trip and the hotels in Macau are VERY expensive. Even this cheapest one is the most expensive hotel among the 3 hotels that I will be staying in.

Though hotel is lousy, there is air-con INSIDE the lift! LOL, I dunno why the hell someone will install air con inside the lift. It's the first time I see something like this I found it hilarious!

Xiao mung wearing face mask and accompanying us to the dessert shop to eat this milk pudding. I love milk pudding!!! I ate it everyday especially when I was in Guang zhou. The milk pudding there was very cheap, only SGD$1 per bowl. The milk pudding in Singapore and Macau cost about $3. This is a must eat item if you go Macau.

But be careful if you go into the restaurants or cafes in Macau because if you don't order anything and just sit there, you got to pay HK$5 too. So don't be stupid and sit there. Order something.

This building you see here is very informative for tourists. The staff are friendly and they can guide you with whatever you need. I asked for directions and ways to get to HK here. They have also got various maps of Macau you can request for.

Nice Portugal style buildings. The Mc there is very pretty I think. At night, my mum and I sat in Mc and watch the people on the streets. Lao ma like to comment on people like what they are wearing and what kind of umbrella they are carrying.

I tried the pork bun in Macau and I think its quite nice. The bread is a bit hard and it will be even nicer if it's soft. The pork is very tender but my mum did not eat it. She is scared of the pork because it doesn't looke like pork to her.. Hmmm...

Me and Xiao Mung in the middle of a shopping district in Macau. We were looking for the ruins of St Paul's.

Finally we found it! We always see this on TV so I told my mum that I must visit this place. It used to be one whole church but miraculously, the church was destroyed leaving the front wall intact.

Things to look out for when you go to St Paul's.

First, be careful of these glass floorings when it's raining. I almost slipped and fell! The glass is very slippery with all the rain. See Xiao Mung demo for you.

Secondly, for girls wearing skirts, it is not advisable for you to climb up to the ruins as the floorings are actually grills. Anyone who lift up their heads below the grills can see everything. It's kind of brainless to use such floorings. Why not use solid materials instead of this see through grills.

Inside the church there is also an underground burial place. I visited that place and it displayed some human bones. I wanted to take photos but my mum think it's not such a good idea to take photos of bones.

My mum thinks that the flowers are more pretty than the church.

When you are in Macau, you gotta visit their famous casinos. I went in and apparently, it was not at all interesting to me. The people there just concentrate on playing the games and cursing when they lost. The dealers are interesting to watch though. They are like robots, performing actions in a robotic way.

I couldn't stand the cigarettes smell so I didn't stay long in the casinos. Just visit a few of them.

This pawn shop has a funny name. Cai Shen Ye Ya. Weird right??? I thought it was funny so I gotta take this photo and show you.

My mum trying to drink with her mask on.

Exit is SAIDA in portugese language.

It is said that this kind of black tiles patterns is a very portugese style. I have never been to portugal so I don't know if that's true. It's nice though.

A tip for you. The Venetian mall is actually on another island. I wanted to go there but we got a boat to catch so no choice, we decided to carry our luggage all the way to the Venetian. Then we realised that there is actually a free baggage service in this mall where you can leave your baggage. That was a great relieve because I must visit the Venetian but I don't want to pull the luggage bag around.

There are performers walking all around the Venetian singing and dancing. You can talk to them and take photos. Most of them are caucasians. I saw one riding on a this one wheel bike thing, I don't know what that's called, and I saw another 2 walking on stilts. Didn't manage to take their photos. They walked too fast.

The artificial river inside the Venetian. It's beautiful.

My mum was not concentrating when taking this photo. She was looking at a TV that was showing some kind of advertisement.

Then we decided to go to the Venetian Casino to see how grand it is. We we wearing our masks and the security guard stopped me from entering. He asked me to remove my mask. I did. Then he asked me how old I am. I told him I am 27. He was surprised, he thought I was underage.

LOL. I told him,"Thanks but I also wish I am 17. Haha."

Then he told us that his daughter is also 27 years old.

After visiting the casino, which is the same as all the other casinos, we collected our baggage. I found out they actually have this free shuttle service from Venetian to the Ferry Terminal. Yea.. No need to take cab because the cabs there are quite ex. So happily, we took the free shuttle bus to the Ferry Terminal and I bought 2 tickets for us to go to Kowloon, Hongkong.

So exciting right. My mum first time go free and easy like this and she was at first kind of worried. No worries~ We can take our own sweet time.

Hongkong was quit fun. I will blog about it later.


littlebird said...

um...when you two wear mask on the trip?

hehe, and you get a red mask for mung2 too.

Miko said...

hee hee.. the mask is actually the red du dou that mung mung always wear. I folded it into a shape of a mask!

Kongming said...

mung wear du dou? not shirt meh?

X|AoEk|n said...

hmm.. going hk soon.. oso will go macau.. bt u go how long in macau??

Miko said...

md: Mung mung never wear shirt, He always wear du dou one...

Kevin: I stayed only 1 day in macau. There is nothing much to see there really.