Saturday, December 07, 2013

Going Seoul



I am going to Seoul for countdown to 2014


My first time EVER having a countdown overseas!!

So the story went like this. I was in the office and then my colleague was kping about how expensive the air tickets to Hongkong are. I was like but of course, it's the holiday season. She tried to book SQ which cost like $800. D:

$800 for Hongkong.. please...

So I told her go check at Expedia maybe there are some offers. Then she asked me about my Korea trip like if I am still going.. I was like gosh no because the tickets were freaking expensive the last time I checked. Like around $900 for that concert period. FML.

She told me to just check again cuz who knows, there might be something. So I did.. And then it happened.


Return Ticket to Seoul in DECEMBER

Can you freaking believe this? Like I can't seriously I double checked it.

So I was like.....

I texted my friend in Korea to ask if she can get me concert tickets and within 30 min she said she has bought the tickets for me... So efficient~~~

That night I quickly booked the promo air tickets and TADA~~~~ I am going Seoul~~~ tralalala~~

And then my colleague was tempted and she has decided to go with me kekeke~ OMG it's going to be SO FUN...

But.. it's going to be winter, I freaking hate winters!!! My skin is gonna crack again!!!

BUT Anything for SJ, ANYTHING.

So now that everything is booked, it's time to celebrate!!!

And this... is what I am going for~~ SMTOWN WEEK. That said, it is actually a stretch of concerts for that whole week. From Girl's Gen to TVXQ to SJ... So I expect that week to be jam packed in Seoul with fans from all over the place...

And this post cannot end without photos of my beautiful boys. ^^ 

 Love me, Love my boys. :D

Tuesday, December 03, 2013


I have no idea since when... all the hokkien opera performances are coming in so close together. Like WHY?

We just did one on 23 Nov and the next is on 7 Dec and the next is on 23 Dec. Thank god I am not taking part in the 23 Dec one but I can just imagine those who are. It's too close together and it's suffocating. Practices, rehearsals take up so much time. Like 3 days a week? And then when we are not in rehearsals, we have to memorize script at home. So it's like more than 3 days a week already. And then during days when I don't memorize script or have rehearsals, I have to do photo editing for my troupe.

People may think it's selfish that I don't wanna contribute to the troupe because I don't want to do 'extra work'. But opera is just one of my hobbies. It's not my everything. It's just ONE of my millions of hobbies.

Unlike many others whom opera is their only hobby, they can spend all their free time on it.

With all these, it's almost impossible to have personal time to do things I like or spend time on other hobbies.

And this is the main reason why I am stopping after 7 Dec show. It's tiring. I am sick of memorizing script and practicing.

It's too physically and mentally draining...

I am so looking forward to my break...

but unfortunately, I still have to go Taiwan to perform in Jan. So after 7 Dec, I will still need to do this one overseas performance before I can officially wash my hands off.


Friday, October 04, 2013


I just realized that some of my online friends actually saw my blog because when you google Mikolah, you get my my blog on top and the second one will be my twitter.

Ok, I didn't know that at all because I wouldn't be googling my own name right? Lmao...

XD Gotta write with care from now~!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Chaotic Fandom

Recently, our ELFdom has been chaotic. Really chaotic and it all started from a petition from some crazy fans who has got nothing else better to do. That petition is super long and basically it's telling SM to kick Henry and Zhoumi out of Super Junior.

All along I know that Only13 exists but they have never really made any noise until SS5 happened. Before I go on, let me describe a little about this chaotic fandom.

First of all, ELFdom is split into 3 groups.

1) The Only13
Only13 are the fans who only want the original line of Super Junior. They do not want anyone else to join the line up. To them, SJ is forever 13. They will only support 13 members and basically just ignore HenMi (Henry and Zhoumi).

The 13 members

2) The Only15/Forever15
The Forever15 believe that HenMi have worked hard and deserve to be in the main group. HenMi for your info is currently only active in SJ-M activities. They do not do activities with SJ. SJ-M is made up of 6 members from the core group (SJ) + Henmi.

3) The 13+2
This group of people likes HenMi but doesn't  want them to be in the main group.

This petition has been going around for sometime since 2 weeks ago I think and they have about 5000 signatures. They intended to submit it to SJ's company, SM, to get them to clarify that HenMi are 'GUESTS' and they don't belong to SJ. Also they don't want Henry to use SAPPHIRE BLUE as his solo activities official colour. And they even said that they don't want to see HenMi perform so much in SS5. SJ has said before that they feel that HenMi have been neglected for too long and they felt heart pain to see them peform 2/3 songs in a concert then just sit in the waiting room. HenMi have a desire to perform too. And so this time SS5, SJ has increased the number of songs for HenMi to take part in.

This angered the Only13s the most because to them, Henmi are guests, they said that they didn't pay to see the 'guests' perform.

Eunhyuk already said in the Line interview that HenMi's participation in SS5 was decided by themselves, the SJ members themselves. So these people who complained are basically slapping SJ on their faces. 

Also, Henmi have been suffering silently for 5 years, they have less activities than SJ, they make less than SJ. They are less known than SJ. But why should they suffer like that when they have the talent? A number of SJ's songs are composed by Henry too and Zhoumi wrote the chinese lyrics for their songs. It's just pure blind hate. Just because you  看不顺眼 them, you want them to die, you want them to be kicked out. This is just to satisfy your own desire. It is not for the good of SJ.

If you tell me that SJ doesn't love HenMi then I can tell you it's time you leave the fandom.

SJ love Henmi to bits and this is why they felt heart pain to see them wait so long in the waiting room. When Ryeowook tweeted and changed his dp to Henry, you guys bashed him, said unkind thigns to him, made him upset that he changed his dp 3 times. Is this how you love your idol? Is this how you support him? Nobody ask you to like HenMi but we are just asking for a little bit of respect here. They are humans like you too.

My stand is simple here. As long as SJ thinks that what they do now makes them happy, then by all means go ahead. If they think making HenMi, their official members makes them happy, then do it. If they want HenMi to just be in SJM, I am happy too because I know they want the best for them.

Sincerely, I don't wish for HenMi to be in SJ now though.... because  I am sick of those irrational ELF who called themselves ELF  but hurt SJ and do things that SJ doesn't want us to do. SJ doesn't like this kind of fans and I don't want Henmi to get more hate by joining SJ, they deserve better.

That's a long rant omg but its not over.

Then came SS5 which I was looking forward to so much. 

At the end of the concert when the lights came on and the fans are leaving the stadium, Eunhyuk suddenly walked out on stage. It was a surprised, everyone was surprised because it has never happened before. Even the microphone was switched off.

He came back on because he has heard about our fandom split and he felt the need to address it. This is Eunhyuk, the man who is shy and afraid of having confrontation. He is now picking up all the courage he has in him to speak to us.

Here is the transcript of what he said:

I came back to say something I hope every fans here listen together.. To be honest, these days.. i felt sad and my heart ached.. because our Super Junior`s fans ELF… between fans.. i saw many bad sides these days.. and thought Someone should talk about this.. so I… came up on this stage to talk…

Firstly, Zhou Mi and Henry are not official Super Junior members, but Zhou Mi and Henry are official members of Super Junior M. And we … Henry and Zhou Mi as Super Junior M members, are important, and we`ve spent a long time together with them. We have a close friendship with them, and support them like they are family members. There won`t be any change with their positions nor will they promote with Super Junior. They won`t participate in Super Junior`s albums, nor take photos with us for Super Show posters. They will not have official promotions with Super Junior. I hope you all won`t misunderstand. We just… those two… we truely support them; I hope there aren`t any more misunderstandings.

I think this talk started at last Super Show, when they stood with us for Super Junior stages. That did not have a different meaning. Doing Super Shows with them, and watching them wait for hours in the waiting room after performing only 3-4 songs made us sad. And knowing that they want to stand with us on stage instead of feeling lonely, we thought it`d be nice to bring them up for not all Super Junior stages but ones we.interact with fans. so we brought them up. We hope you all wil have same feelings as us, and look at them with warm hearts, and cheer for them. They will not become official Super Junior members. I hope you support them as Super Junior M members. Singapore ELF, sorry to talk about this here. I hope you will all leave safely. Thank you

 Here is the subbed video..

Eunhyuk already said it, HenMi are like their family members.

Anyway I still hear crap like if only Leeteuk is here, this won't happen blah blah blah.... I think Leeteuk will do the exact same thing as Eunhyuk. Why don't people get it. Leeteuk himself has said it many times, let's refresh your memory.

Remember those chants from before? You can’t do that anymore. You need to love Henry and Zhou Mi too.

Leeteuk asked fans to change the fanchant and asked HenMi to listen to the new fanchant. What does this say? This says that Leeteuk DOESN'T want the Only13 fanchant so please stfu.

What about the 2nd eldest member? What did he say about this?

Kim Heechul said: If you don’t support the 15 of us, what kind of ELF are you?

And Siwon told ELF to shut up when those rude people chanted 'Hangeng' while Zhoumi was talking.

You can see in the video below that Siwon was pissed and the members all black face when the fans were being so rude. And Cinderella was consoling Mi... Look at HenMi, they look so sad.

When Siwon behaves like this, you know he is really angry....

Anyway.... I dunno why some delusional haters still insist that SJ members DON'T want HenMi to be with them or perform with them. They still think that SJ reject HenMi.

So delusional I can't even....

Here is Henry's heart breaking message he posted on Baidu.

Dear all,I really don’t understand. Aren’t people supposed to care and to protect what is their own? We speak the same language, eat the same food, have the same customs and yet we are not welcome in our own country to perform. All we want to do is to express ourselves through performing and music but how can we do this when there is so much hate? Don’t you find it funny how we can perform in every other country without any problems except for our own home country? I I left my friends, family, and everything else back in Canada to pursue a dream all alone here in Asia. As a result, I have been hated ever since I first debuted in Korea in 2006 from fans. What more do you want from me? How do you think I or we both feel every time we go up on stage knowing people will be screaming for us to get off? I’ve tried to laugh it off for far too long now and can’t hold it in anymore. Just to let you know…we have feelings too. I will continue to work my hardest to bring the best performances for you all but today I’d just like to let you know a little about how I feel in the inside. I’m almost all out of breathe.
qinxian1 men…
mitang2 men…
xiexie nimen3
Thank you so much
I hope you all understand what I’m feeling.

End of my long rant, I just need to get this out of me.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Going TOKYO~~~~

I think I am really crazy.. Really really crazy....

So here is the story, right from the beginning.

First, I got an urgent call from SL 2 weeks ago, it was on a Wednesday. And they asked me if I am able to go to Japan in August. They said that they have got this project to perform in 4 countries in November. One of the countries is Singapore, the other 3 are Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Which means 1 country per weekend in Nov. I can't go for all of them and neither can Ruwang teacher so SL asked if I can do 2 of them in Nov, I said it should be ok. So they told me they will need to send me to Japan for 1 week training in Aug if I agree to the performance. So I told them ok.

So on Thursday evening during dinner, I told my father that I am going with SL to Japan in August. He didn't say anything.

Then I went to Ang's house to learn my songs.

So I was learning my songs and then my phone said 'katok'. I looked at my Kakaotalk and saw this.

I was very excited because it was my plan actually to go to Tokyo Dome next year but I wasn't sure if I can get tickets next year because it is very very extremely hard to get tickets. Japan's Super Junior fanclub is 98,000 members! 98 freaking thousands members and that will mean if they all go to the concert, it will be more than 2 full house nights in Tokyo Dome which accomdoates 40,000 audiences. So imagine, the fanclub has priority to buy tickets and if they are all going, we don't have a chance at all.

So I thought this is my GOLDEN chance but I was at Ang's house I can't reply or check anything yet. The next day, I applied my leave. Then at home on Friday evening during dinner, I told my father again, I am going Japan.

My father: You said the same thing at this same time yesterday, how many times you want to tell me??
Me: Muahahaha...
My Mum: It's different, yesterday that one she told you, she don't have to pay for it. Today this one she is going to pay by herself.
My father: Super Junior again is it???
Me: Yeah~~~

I think they both shake heads in their minds.

Tokyo Dome is the dream of many ELF. Though some friends told me I can't see anything in Tokyo Dome because it's too damn bloody big. I know that actually but I have seen them close up in Seoul and in Singapore le. In Tokyo, it's to feel the atmosphere, swim in the sapphire blue ocean.

The 40,000 audience Tokyo Dome.

So I will be leaving on 26 July, right after my performance. LOL~~~ XD

Monday, June 10, 2013


So I was watching the people rehearsing yesterday.

So I saw the scene where DaiJian fights Shi Ping Gui and demands whatsoever why PingGui is heartless blah blah blah...

So I...

I was sitting with Kerine and I told her I really 看不下去. DaiJian is too weak already and some more only bring 2 soldier and a skinny Yaya with her. If Shi Ping Gui cannot win her I really faint lor. Then I told her should do a show titled 王宝钏大战代战公主. Because I really 看不下去, I feel the urge to 带兵出征. Muahaha...

I mean look at our Ong family... We got my maid, the 38 Kerine, we got Xin En and LZ also. The few of us is stronger than DaiJian and Yaya and her 2 right hand men liao...

That's why her name is DaiJian.. because she is replacement for I dunno who. The dunno-who apparently passed this position to DaiJian to go to war for him/her. And this dunno-who dunno use what criteria to find the replacement. Sigh... this replacement not only lost in the war, she actually seduced the enemy and let the enemy be the king of the country. This dunno-who must be very...


Trusted the wrong person. Pffft....

Please anticipate our upcoming new show 王宝钏大战代战公主. Thank you.

Monday, June 03, 2013

New Classmate Kerine

Since May Teng says that I always write about SJ and she is totally not interested, I shall write something non-SJ.

Sigh, she should understand that my life now revolves around SJ, everything they do. I get live updates everyday of where they are, what they are doing, what they eat..... Yes, you can call me a stalker, an online stalker.

There have been quite a few changes in my opera troupe. I have not blogged on my opera blog for a long time. I didn't forget it. I just.... dunno what to write anymore. LOL... This entry isn't about our show, it's about our new member in the troupe. We have a few new members recently and Kerine being on of them and she has joined our hua dan department.

So apparently this Kerine appeared to be like normal, serious girl who is very enthusiastic to do opera and such. However, she couldn't upkeep her proper image for more than 2 months. A leopard never change its spots just like how you can't hide your real personality. So this Kerine apparently is rather 38. Or should I say, she has already overthrown May Teng as the most 38 dan in the troupe.

I mean.. seriously, how can anyone be like this. I can't even...

Putting aside her 38 personality, she is also .... weird. The 3 of us were happily eating ice-cream waffles and this 38 kerine told us her story about her shit phone. No, I mean literally SHIT phone.

She told us that she once dropped her phone into the toilet bowl and she didn't know it. Her iphone 5 some more. So she left the toilet and then suddenly she realized her phone is not there, so she went back to look for it but the cubicle was occupied so she waited a LONG time.

Then after the lady came out, she went in to find her phone INSIDE THE TOILET BOWL. I told her she should just asked the lady if she has shitted just now. LOL....

She said she is scared that it's dirty so she flushed the toilet a few times to 'clean' the phone.

OK This macro just described my feels perfectly ^^

So I told her that's dumb..... I would have just thrown away the phone. It's hopeless already. But no, she just picked up that flushed phone and washed it with soap and sent it for repair.

This iphone 5 should be gone already, no amount of surgery can save it.

Miracle happened and her phone was repaired but the wifi is not working anymore....

I was like why would you even bother to repair which probably cost a bomb.

Me and May Teng were like... no we are not going to borrow Kerine's phone no matter how much we need to use a phone lol.. That shit phone.

So she told us she can still sell the shit phone for $700 but she felt bad because it's like.. you know...

We told her for shisus sake, just sell it. And get a new clean shitless phone.

After our nagging, she finally sold her phone last week and got a new S4. ... lol.. Bye to the shit phone.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kyu.. pls...

Kyuhyun, please do it privately...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My comments

Seems like the only comments I receive now are junk comments or spams. WTH, people stop leaving me junk comments ok. Gosh.

I am not going to publish them anyway.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Super Show 5

I realized that I talked a lot about my Korea trip but I didn't talk about the concert. I will write a short entry on this one! Since it's my first SS, my glorious SS, I will have to write something about.

Super Show 5, in a nutshell, is the awesomest, coolest, craziest, funniest concert I ever been to. I haven't been to many, just Shinee World, SMTown, Ekin's and Lee Hom's one before but I have seen other concerts on DVDs. I love Ekin's concerts, don't be mistaken because all his songs are so nice and  I can sing along.

Unfortunately, I think SS5 isn't as cool as SS4 which is a shame :( I didn't attend SS4. Sigh... SS4 I think was the best SS so far. Nonetheless, SS5 is still the coolest concert which I attended. :D


1) Because I attended it in Seoul.

Not because of the fact that I flew there for it but for the reason that usually the home ground concert is the best. They designed and planned the concert according to the venue in Seoul and the stage there. They will also have more rehearsals and more time to prepare the stage there.

2) Awesome 3D effects

The 3D effects were amazing!!! I wasn't even wearing those 3D glasses but the effects were really good even though I watched it through naked eyes. The boys said it's the first time this technology was used and they used 12 projectors to create that effect on that big screen. I love it, so much!

I was like O.O when I saw it on first night. Here it is:

So damn awesome right???

3) Sexy dancing

Many people said that SS5 is like soft porn. Too much sexiness. LOL... Is sexiness ever too much?

Let me show you mild sexiness first, progress slowly so your heart can take it.

Oh my god, Look at them!!! Especially that Sungmin during that nappeun nappeun part... I want to kill somebody already....

Medium sexiness, Club No.1...

Too much touchy!! Many girls were like... nooo.. don't touch my husband!!!!! Hahaha....

Last one, major sexiness with ovary explosion, you will get pregnant by just watching the video. XD

And the comments that fans posted:
OH GOD! donghae! eunhyuk! *nosebleed
yeah i think i'm pregnant too ._.      

Oh god.. i think i am pregnant. 
4) Get super high!
Throughout the concert you just feel high. I can't describe that high feeling, it's like going clubbing for the clubbers I think. All the fans just got very high even without alcohol. They were shaking heads, dancing along....
Especially during Rockstar. Everyone was highest to the peak.
Everyone got so hyper that in one of the SA tour destination, forgot which country, 147 fans fainted! It is the highest number ever for a concert. Even the medics there were surprised with this high number of fainted fans. :P SJ is full of hotness... that makes you breathless
5) It makes you laugh till stomachache
This is the cross-dress part. Cross dressing is like a tradition for SS. Every Super Show there will be a cross-dress segment. This year's one almost got scrap because they found it so difficult. In the end they managed to pull it off and made us all laugh. You may think it's stupid but they really just want to make us laugh. All of them were awkward, only sungmin managed to pull it off... sexily... XD
Then there is this dreaming hero part where each of them dressed up as a super hero... except Kyu, he dressed as a evil guy. LOL
So cuuuuuuuuuuutttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!!!!!!!!!!!
6) It makes you cry...
It was Yesung's last concert.  T.T  so he was really really very sad and he couldn't bear to leave the stage. His last look, I will never forget... how he look at us like telling us not to forget him... And Ryeowook tried to cheer him up with a clown dance but he just can't...
So it was like a roller coaster event for me. Up and down we go. Many people don't understand this but this sort of emotional satisfaction cannot be bought with money!
Some people comment that Super Show is like a super size clubbing session for ELF and I agree. :D
Attend a Super Show if you have a chance! You have to!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My ELF Journey

How I became ELF

I was introduced to SJ's Sorry Sorry in 2009 by a friend. She showed me on a phone and told me that this song is super popular. And the kids in my association were kinda obssessed with with song. My reaction was

Why would a band need so many people? So redundant.. Pfft... Most probably only some are good and some members are extra.

Then whenever this friend who introduced me to Sorry Sorry (Yayi) goes to ktv with me, she will insist that I dance the dan-dan-dan-dan part with her. So it became a habit that we always dance to that part of the song in ktv and this song sort of caught on to me but still, the number of members put me off. LOL.. Like I am so lazy to remember their faces so....

Then in 2010, I noticed SJ-M. I forgot how I came to notice this sub-group, maybe because I was watching 100% Entertainment randomly (I thought Show Luo is funny) and then I saw this episode:

Hey, they are the Sorry Sorry people! LOL.. Ok, they are kind of funny. And then they performed this:

My head goes 'Oh my super girl, ni shi wo de baby girl' for like 2 or 3 weeks. I got so addicted. I fell in love with Super Girl and I thought Siwon is really handsome. I didn't find him handsome in Sorry Sorry for some reason but he attracted me in 100% Entertainment. Then I saw Hangeng, whom took my attention away from Siwon because he speaks Chinese and I can understand him. As much as I thought Siwon is handsome, I couldn't understand him. And then Hangeng revealed in the show that he graduated from a traditional dance school and that piqued my interest because I am interested in such stuff.

But after watching a few more eps of 100%, my interest for SJ died though I have already remembered all the names of SJM members. (I remember how much I laughed at the fan girls who collected the balls that SJ threw from the stage of SS3 in that 100% ep.. I guess it's my karma -_-)

Then came mid 2011 and I got into my current job. I was keying some data from a k-pop album, forgot which album it was but the album reminded me about SJM. I was curious of what all the hype was about. From my friend who intro me to Sorry Sorry to those girls collecting balls in the concerts... So I youtubed them again and looked for their title tracks with MVs. I came across Bonamana and No Other. I was hooked on No Other. LOL.. Then later on I found Opera which I fell heavily in love with.

I can't stop listening to Opera but I wouldn't call myself ELF yet because I only listen to their songs. I know nothing about them. I only know the SJM members. :D
Then this movie appeared, I had to watch it because it was about opera and it's hangeng..

After this movie, I started watching some variety shows of SJ and read up about them on wikipedia. I think by June 2012, I finally admitted that I have become an ELF because I can no longer stop watching SJ. LOL... But strangely I didn't notice the comeback teasers of SFS, maybe because I was new and I didn't know what was happening until the full SFS MV came out.

That was during the time when I went to Penang with May Teng and we shared a room. She couldn't stand me watching the MV and the SFS performances over and over again,
Then in August, I found out about Leeteuk's enlistment (I became an Angel for awhile during this period) and that the SMTown in Jakarta was probably the last time I will ever see Leeteuk, so I took the sudden decision to just fly there for SMTown, shocking everyone around me. XD

It was all meant to be. I pushed away the opportunity to become ELF so many times but in the end I still become one.

I never looked back since and I never regretted my decision. :D I wish that I had become one sooner though then I wouldn't have missed out so many things. OTL Nothing can cover my loss... OTL OTL OTL

Friday, April 19, 2013

Monday, April 01, 2013

Funny Guide to SJ

LOL, I found this in a forum and it's super funny!!!

The things ELF do....

After reading this you all will think my idols are a bunch of weird guys. :P

Saturday, March 30, 2013

SS5 Backstage Tour

[FanAcc] 130324 SS5 Backstage Tour

So after spending USD559 on the global package, I get a few freebies from it. Of course I should cuz it's hella expensive!

One of the best perks I got from the package was the backstage tour for SS5! And I did my backstage tour on 24 Mar which is in my opinion, very good! Because I have already seen the concert on 23 March and when I return on 24 March, all the hype and memorie from the night before started flowing back. :D

A coach came and picked us up to the venue. We entered through the back door and while walking pass a corridor, we saw a autographed SS3 poster~! :D

Then the tour guide brough us into Moshpit C where there were standees of all the SJ members. <3>

So I took pictures with every single standee.. Kekeke but I accidentally knocked down Donghae's standee! Mianhae! What a klutz.

Kangin's standee is so handsome!

The stage that my SJ performed on the night before~

So this was the only area that we were allowed to take pictures. After that we went up onto the stage and we were not allowed to take pics. ON THE STAGE!!! OH MY GOD! I stood on the same stage as SJ! I can't believe it. >.< So we were brought up to the stage and when I walked along that center stage, all I can think of was how they performed on it before and I looked at the audience seats and moshpits from there imagining how beautiful the blue ocean must be! :D

Then the tour guide took a group photo of all of us on the center stage.

Our photo on the center stage!!! Just let me...


Ok I feel better now...

Gae sok  gae sok.. (dunno how to spell this but Heechul always say this in Sungdong cafe. :P)

So after taking the group picture, we walked towards the main stage and then down the stairs at the side of the main stage. I totally imagined that I am SJ walking to the dressing room after a song.

Walked down the stairs and into a room at the back of the main stage.


I almot died of heart attack.

In the not so big waiting room, There were like 7 or 8 dressing tables only. The room wasn't very big so I guess the boys have to share those dressing tables? The first table on theright had a pink Hello Kitty fan on it. So I was guessing..... Sungmin's table???

Then moving down, the rest of the desk had normal stuff like hair gel, hairdryer, bags of clothes. combs. There were lots of stuff but still neat. Then on the other side, there was a table FULL of snacks. They have cookies, pocky, chocolates and drink mixes like chocolate and coffee etc. There were just so much snacks. LOL....

In the middle of the room is a big red table where I guess they will have their meals or chit chat. I can totally imagine them sitting around it and chit chatting during their breaks. We were then told to leave our handwritten notes on that red table so when SJ comes in later, they will read it.

>.< I hope SJ reads my note....

Here it is:

I wanted to write something very serious about how much I love them but I ended up writing nonsense. LOL...

So after the waiting room tour, we exited the stadium.

Behind this door and the postered glass was where SJ had their press conference. We walked passed that press con area but of course it hasn't started yet and no one was there.

Thought the whole backstage tour took only like 15 minutes, I am happy already. Being able to stand on SS5's stage and going into the waiting room was good enough. :)

Saranghaeyo Super Junior~