Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Going TOKYO~~~~

I think I am really crazy.. Really really crazy....

So here is the story, right from the beginning.

First, I got an urgent call from SL 2 weeks ago, it was on a Wednesday. And they asked me if I am able to go to Japan in August. They said that they have got this project to perform in 4 countries in November. One of the countries is Singapore, the other 3 are Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Which means 1 country per weekend in Nov. I can't go for all of them and neither can Ruwang teacher so SL asked if I can do 2 of them in Nov, I said it should be ok. So they told me they will need to send me to Japan for 1 week training in Aug if I agree to the performance. So I told them ok.

So on Thursday evening during dinner, I told my father that I am going with SL to Japan in August. He didn't say anything.

Then I went to Ang's house to learn my songs.

So I was learning my songs and then my phone said 'katok'. I looked at my Kakaotalk and saw this.

I was very excited because it was my plan actually to go to Tokyo Dome next year but I wasn't sure if I can get tickets next year because it is very very extremely hard to get tickets. Japan's Super Junior fanclub is 98,000 members! 98 freaking thousands members and that will mean if they all go to the concert, it will be more than 2 full house nights in Tokyo Dome which accomdoates 40,000 audiences. So imagine, the fanclub has priority to buy tickets and if they are all going, we don't have a chance at all.

So I thought this is my GOLDEN chance but I was at Ang's house I can't reply or check anything yet. The next day, I applied my leave. Then at home on Friday evening during dinner, I told my father again, I am going Japan.

My father: You said the same thing at this same time yesterday, how many times you want to tell me??
Me: Muahahaha...
My Mum: It's different, yesterday that one she told you, she don't have to pay for it. Today this one she is going to pay by herself.
My father: Super Junior again is it???
Me: Yeah~~~

I think they both shake heads in their minds.

Tokyo Dome is the dream of many ELF. Though some friends told me I can't see anything in Tokyo Dome because it's too damn bloody big. I know that actually but I have seen them close up in Seoul and in Singapore le. In Tokyo, it's to feel the atmosphere, swim in the sapphire blue ocean.

The 40,000 audience Tokyo Dome.

So I will be leaving on 26 July, right after my performance. LOL~~~ XD

Monday, June 10, 2013


So I was watching the people rehearsing yesterday.

So I saw the scene where DaiJian fights Shi Ping Gui and demands whatsoever why PingGui is heartless blah blah blah...

So I...

I was sitting with Kerine and I told her I really 看不下去. DaiJian is too weak already and some more only bring 2 soldier and a skinny Yaya with her. If Shi Ping Gui cannot win her I really faint lor. Then I told her should do a show titled 王宝钏大战代战公主. Because I really 看不下去, I feel the urge to 带兵出征. Muahaha...

I mean look at our Ong family... We got my maid, the 38 Kerine, we got Xin En and LZ also. The few of us is stronger than DaiJian and Yaya and her 2 right hand men liao...

That's why her name is DaiJian.. because she is replacement for I dunno who. The dunno-who apparently passed this position to DaiJian to go to war for him/her. And this dunno-who dunno use what criteria to find the replacement. Sigh... this replacement not only lost in the war, she actually seduced the enemy and let the enemy be the king of the country. This dunno-who must be very...


Trusted the wrong person. Pffft....

Please anticipate our upcoming new show 王宝钏大战代战公主. Thank you.

Monday, June 03, 2013

New Classmate Kerine

Since May Teng says that I always write about SJ and she is totally not interested, I shall write something non-SJ.

Sigh, she should understand that my life now revolves around SJ, everything they do. I get live updates everyday of where they are, what they are doing, what they eat..... Yes, you can call me a stalker, an online stalker.

There have been quite a few changes in my opera troupe. I have not blogged on my opera blog for a long time. I didn't forget it. I just.... dunno what to write anymore. LOL... This entry isn't about our show, it's about our new member in the troupe. We have a few new members recently and Kerine being on of them and she has joined our hua dan department.

So apparently this Kerine appeared to be like normal, serious girl who is very enthusiastic to do opera and such. However, she couldn't upkeep her proper image for more than 2 months. A leopard never change its spots just like how you can't hide your real personality. So this Kerine apparently is rather 38. Or should I say, she has already overthrown May Teng as the most 38 dan in the troupe.

I mean.. seriously, how can anyone be like this. I can't even...

Putting aside her 38 personality, she is also .... weird. The 3 of us were happily eating ice-cream waffles and this 38 kerine told us her story about her shit phone. No, I mean literally SHIT phone.

She told us that she once dropped her phone into the toilet bowl and she didn't know it. Her iphone 5 some more. So she left the toilet and then suddenly she realized her phone is not there, so she went back to look for it but the cubicle was occupied so she waited a LONG time.

Then after the lady came out, she went in to find her phone INSIDE THE TOILET BOWL. I told her she should just asked the lady if she has shitted just now. LOL....

She said she is scared that it's dirty so she flushed the toilet a few times to 'clean' the phone.

OK This macro just described my feels perfectly ^^

So I told her that's dumb..... I would have just thrown away the phone. It's hopeless already. But no, she just picked up that flushed phone and washed it with soap and sent it for repair.

This iphone 5 should be gone already, no amount of surgery can save it.

Miracle happened and her phone was repaired but the wifi is not working anymore....

I was like why would you even bother to repair which probably cost a bomb.

Me and May Teng were like... no we are not going to borrow Kerine's phone no matter how much we need to use a phone lol.. That shit phone.

So she told us she can still sell the shit phone for $700 but she felt bad because it's like.. you know...

We told her for shisus sake, just sell it. And get a new clean shitless phone.

After our nagging, she finally sold her phone last week and got a new S4. ... lol.. Bye to the shit phone.