Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hongkong Disneyland!

Disneyland! From young I have been wanting to go the Disneyland in States but since I don't have that chance yet, I am glad to go the mini Disneyland in HK! Tho it's small, I spent one whole there fooling around with those cute characters and dancing around with the music!

I like this train! Look at the window.. So cute right and inside the MRT train...

There are such characters on display. Awwww...

And the seats are different too.

Even the handle is cute!

This the MRT station at Disneyland.

Oops, the photos not in order. My mum sitting in front of the mickey mouse window.

The entrance to endless fun and childhood memories!

Hee hee.. I like this hat!!! It's so ridculous but cute!

Then I bought this Stitch clip and clipped on my head. We were lining up for a coaster ride. It's my first coaster ride since years and it was soooo scary! My mum freaked out too.

The camera in the ride took a photo of us. See my mum don't even dare to see.

Stitch's girlfriend on my mum's head.

Then later on, we waited for a show called the Stitch's experience. My mum looks like she is very sian while waiting. The Stitch's experience was very very funny and interesting!! I would recommend everyone to see it. I won't tell you what it is. Just go watch it!
Then my mum started talkig to Mung mung while waiting for the show to start. It's rare that my mother will talk to mung mung. She used to hate mung mung so much! She said that he is so ugly with a big wide mouth.....

Cute Japanese dolls!

Thai dolls!

Then I took this winnie the pooh boat ride. Along the ride, the tunnel tells us a story. There were lots of special effects which are quite cool.

Me and my mum on the Winnie the Pooh ride, at the las row, can you see us?

Mung Mung in Disneyland.

This is the treehouse of Tarzan.

I had a hard time convincing my mum that these elephants are fake! She insisted that they are real, they looked too real. But I told my mum it is not possible that they will put 2 real elephants there to attack the tourists.

Fire on water!!!!!!!! The vulcano is going to erupt!!!!!!!!

After that we went to watch the Lion King show. I love this Lion King show because it was one of my favourite show when I was a kid. I love the songs in it and I even have the Lion King Soundtrack on cassette tape!

End of the Lion King show!


Wei wei wei, this is not your house leh lao ma, please don't try to break in lor!

Hahaha.. I am enjoying the view outside my house.... hmmm.. It was summer in Hongkong and I felt so super hot in Disneyland! Look at my face! The next time I go Disneyland I will go during winter.

This man is melting glass and then shaping it into shapes of characters. He purposely dressed himself cartoonish, like scene in the Disney cartoon.

Wow, this drawing! It reminded my of my days in Poly when I learnt animation. The paper on the left is a piece of animation paper used specially for drawing animation. The 3 holes at the bottom are used to hold the papers exactly on top of each other so that you can compare your drawings.

We had lunch in Disneyland! I had this salad as appetizer. Look at the piece of bread on the salad in the shape of mickey's head.

My mum had this hotdog.

The serviettes have the logos too~

I had this pasta. Actually the food is not that expensive, it's like in normal Singaporean restaurant, about $20+ each person.

Night view in Disneyland. It closes at 8pm so you have to go earlier in the morning if you want to try every ride and watch every show. I had a fun time that day and my mum feet hurt from all that walking. I love it in Disneyland. The entrance fee is about $70 but the rides and shows in it doesn't cost a thing. However, please be aware that there will be long queues outside every rides and shows. It's not suitable for impatient people.

When I was leaving, I saw this beautiful fountain that changes colours. :)

Here is a video of one of the parades in the disneyland. It was fun and the music was very catchy. The performers were also spraying the audiences with water. It was cooling because the weather was too hot. I was dancing to the music so pardon all the shaking in the video...

I have another video of this parade with Mung mung dancing in it. I will blog it another day because I have not uploaded it yet.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My new home at Serangoon Ave 4 Blk 538 is currently at it's final stage of our DIY session. We did the painting, sockets extensions, light fixtures etc all by ourselves. My mum painted the whole house, except half of my room, was very satisfied and happy with her own painting skills. My father said that she did a great job with the painting though it's her first time doing it.

Basicly, our house is painted Apple white which is greenish white and the ceiling is painted pure white. However, I got special request that my room must be painted in pure white with PINK. So I mixed my own pink because I cannot find the pink I want. I bought a tin of white paint and a tin of red paint and mixed them together.

Then Tadah, I got my pink and white room. LOL

Then I decided to paint my door white with pink but we don't have any white paint and I don't want to spend so much on this door because it will be changed eventually. In the end, I used a can of pink paint which was leftover when my father used it to paint his display table. The pink is a bit bright lah and my mum said it looks like an Indian door.

Never mind, I like can liao. I painted that door and the pink walls myself!

This is my brother's room. Nothing special, all white. Anyway my brother is ok with anything, white, pink, green, blue.. he doesn't really care as long as there is a bed and tv in the room.

This flat we bought came with this nice white glossy flooring which I like very much. The floors are very "cooling", good to sit and lie down on.

Our gods move into the house earlier than us because we picked a lucky date for them to go in.

This is our living room. Quite big right? This flat is a 4A model with about 103 square feet. Just outside my block is a supermarket and community centre and kopitiam. Good. Because my mother like to go kopitiam with her friends to chit chat... LOL.
Tomorrow the new bedroom set I bought will be coming in. I am sooo excited! We are going to officially move in on 26 August. That's why I am so busy now because I still have got stuff not packed yet!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hong Kong

I have to speed up my blogging le because apparently, someone lodged a complain that I have not been updating quick enough given that I am now jobless, I should have more time. She is so wrong because I am so damn busy even if I am jobless, so many things to settle.

I shall continue my blog on my HK trip. I took a ferry from Macau and in the ferry terminal, we saw this shop.

My mum said that this is a 兔崽店!It was so funny lor. Tu zai and mian shui has 10 thousands miles between them. It is the joke of the year man.

Then we boarded the ferry for HK which will take about 1 hour like that.

I found something really fascinating. That is, the water of Macau is actually yellow in colour!
I know that singapore's sea is very dirty and it's a murky green colour but nothing beats this murky yellow colour! It's really strange, they must have dumped tons of mud into the sea to create this borderless yellow dirty sea....
Arriving at the HK ferry terminal, we took a cab to our hostel. Yes de, it's a hostel but I like it very much. It's very clean and neat though it's very small. The toilet is super super small that I think a fat man will not be able to go in. But this kind of room fits me and my mum well because we dun mind the small space as long as theres aircon and bed for us to sleep in.
I chose this hostel because the location is super good. It's just beside the ladies market at Mongkok and we are about 10 minutes walk away from the 2 mrt stations line. Very good right? We practically went everywhere by Mrt, no need to take cab.
We had our first meal in HK and my mum thought that goose meat is nice, my father told her, so she ordered. Turned out that goose meat is super fatty.
After the lunch, we took MRT to Hong Kan to buy our train tickets for Guangzhou. I must settle the train tickets before having fun if not I will feel stress that I cannot get tickets last minute. So we got to Hong Kan and bought 2 tickets for Guangzhou at HKD190.
Inside the MRT, my mum like to observe people.

At Hong Kan MRT station....

I found this thing in Macau and HK's traffic lights. I wonder what this is because you can't press it for the lights. Anyone knows?

A little tip for you guys, at hong kan MRT station, there is this luggage locker. So you can actually lock your luggage here if you plan to visit HK for only one day, or if you check out early and nowhere to lock your luggage.

Mongkok East MRT line.

We visited the Avenue of Stars next.

You dunno how to do the lighting issit.. kiam pa...

My mum sit on the director's lap. Maybe she thought that she can be lead role if she do so... :P hahaha

I think this is one of the few photos we took together.

Aiyoh.,. i ask my mum to take photos with xiao mung. Apparently, she got distracted by some advertisement again...
After visiting this Avenue of Stars, we went to some night markets but I really find the ladies market very boring leh. The things they sell are all the same and very common and they are all over priced. I wouldn't recommend anyone to visit ladies market at all. But I will recommend you guys to shop at the shopping malls around Mongkok because they sell some really nice and cheap stuff! I saw some balloon shorts which May likes a lot at only HKD29! But I didn't buy for her cuz I tot she got alot liao...
Also around that area, there are 2 xu liu shan dessert shops. You know they specialise in mango dessert right? Very nice! You all should go.
The next day, we went to Hongkong Disneyland~ It was super fun! I will blog in another entry!