Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fireflies By Nick

Last week I quite a number of footages of Nick singing Fireflies in my room. He wanted to include some of the footages into his new endorsement for Comfort Design. So after completing his video, I browsed through all the videos that I took of him and find many cute and funny segments. I thought that it will be a waste if I don't showcase all his cute/funny actions so I decided to lump all the funny videos together and create a video for the whole song.

So since I wanna make this video, I thought I might try out my Adobe Premiere too. See what updates they have in the new version. I have not used it for 8 years, since I graduated from Poly but I know it's a great software. After installing. I realised that I have totally lost touch with the software. LOL, but after a while of fooling around, I found the touch back. There are so many changes in the software but the changes made the software more effective.

Ok, I must admit that I didn't put much thought and design the video nicely. Please don't expect a professional looking MV because I simply dumped in a few video effects and it was an one-hour effort. Anyway the effects are secondary, I just want to share Nick's fun-loving side.

I am so excited to try out the other functions of the software but I don't have any new videos liao. Will try to make a better video next time~ CUTE HOR??

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shall We Talk 2

Last Sunday, YH kp to me that why I wrote a lot about my work and about Nick. I told her that yes I can, if I don't blog at all.

Mad or what. I am everyday doing all these stuff and since my blog is about what I am doing, of course it will mention alot about my work right?

If let's say I don't write about what I did yesterday (omitting out the places I went to with Nick), I will probably be writing an entry that looks like this:

I had dinner at home, my mum cooked Brinjal which I love. And then I downloaded Shrek and watched it till I fell asleep. Therefore, I got up, switched off my lights and went to sleep.

End of story.

Isn't that .... boring? And I mean boring to the max lor. So if I am to write that, I rather that I not blog at all. Then someone else will also kp,"Miko! You very long never write blog liao leh..."

So today's blog will be... I got up at 10+am, I brushed my teeth, took a shower and then I continued watching Shrek at where I left off last night. Then my mum cooked some broccoli for me which I happily ate.

.......................... Fun huh?

Alrighty, remember I mentioned about filming in my previous post? That one line has to be repeated 5 times because the director wanted 5 different shots?

May was asking me why they didn't have 5 cameras shooting all the different angles at the same time?

That is not very possible because if they do that, the other cameras will appear in the wide angle shot and I don't think they will bring that many cameras. Save cost you know. More camera means more camera men.

I got a video here which was shot at an evening at NEX's carpark. Yup, the new shopping centre at Serangoon. I thought that the carpark will be very hot but surprisingly that carpark was quite cool.

First thing first... make up..

Then after make up we realised that Nick still has to wait for a long long time before his turn comes so he informed the AP that we will go walk walk first. If his turn is coming then give us a call. Then we went walking around in NEX. There wasn't alot of people there which is good. It was a weekday afternoon like 4pm so the shopping centre is still not so crowded. We walked for about 1 hour plus before it the AP called us to go back.

Remember about the one shot taken with different camera angles? I have done up a video here of Nick doing one simple shot in 3 different angles. We spent about 2 plus hours just for this shot.

Notice that the sky already turn dark by the time we got to the last shot. I asked Nick if it takes so long to shoot such a simple scene, I can't imagine them doing a whole drama. It must have taken ages!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shall We Talk?

Nick is filming a new docu-drama 'Shall We Talk'. I think it's quite funny and I always make fun of him because this docu-drama aims at teaching parents how to deal with kids at puberty and how to teach them sex education. Hahahahaha.... They even deal with topics like wet dreams etc.

Nick likes to have company when he does things like filmings and meetings etc so I went with him to most of his filming if I am free. I am not everytime so eng eng one ok. Like yesterday, I went to teacher Ang's house whole day to do her music and rehearse. Tedious!

The few filming I went to was quite interesting but there were a lot and I mean A LOT of waiting time. For example, Nick has a line to say so he will say it while the director takes a wide shot. After that, the director will need to move the camera and lights etc to take a clost shot of Nick saying the same line. After that, the director will move the camera again and take a close shot of the other people in the scene while Nick says the SAME line again!

That means if there are 4 people in that scene, Nick will have to say the same line 5 times. One for the wide shot and 4 for the close shot of everyone in that scene. How tiring!! Then after saying this one line, the director will move the lights and the cameras around to another angle and film again. This moving around takes like 30 min because they want to ensure that they have the correct angle and the lightings are natural etc. At this moment, Nick will be stoning there waiting for his turn...

So I took LOTS and LOTS of photos of his filming set because he likes it that I take photos. He can put them on his FB and send them to his clothes sponsors.

Of course I can't upload everything but I will upload some.

The first day of filming was at a coffee shop and so coincidently, just opposite my house only! LOL.. so of course I went. The filming starts at 10pm and ended at 1+am and then next day filming was at 8am! Zeng Shimei and Nick both were super shag when I saw them the next morning. They slept like 2 hours only..

The coffeeshop scene.

Very unfortunately, my brother and me were dragged into acting as the background of that scene.

But my brother kept staring at their filming and I told him not to stare since he is acting as the backgroud.

All of them super tired when filming ended at 1+am. Shimei's husband Tang Yushu came to picked her up. Tang Yushu looks pretty down to earth and normal off-screen.

The next morning was my mum's bday! Yup, the day that we went to sing KTV and cut cake at home remember? Nick was filming early in the morning at 8am and my mum was interested to see the filming so we went to the serangoon park which was again very near my house. Basically all the filming locations are near to my house~

This scene was a jogging scene. Think Nick was too shag to jog la.

They took about 4 hours to shoot this park scene which will probably appear on TV for like 1-2 minutes. By the way I used my phone camera to take the photos. Not too bad right! My phone is good one.. :P

After that, they shifted everything into a flat nearby. It took again about 1+ hours to set up everything in the flat.

My mum and I didn't stay long at this scene because we were going to sing KTV at NEX. My mum has been wanting to sing there since the ktv opened! So finally we went and the following events were blogged up previously.

The day before yesterday, Nick went to NEX to film a scene. This time I brough along my camera so I took some videos and photos. I will blog them up here later on. Now very hungry, have to go eat lunch liao~~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My mum bday..

My mum's ang moh bday is Ang's chinese bday, on the same day! On this day, I bring my mum to the KTV that she has always wanted to go. The new partyworld at NEX. I think because it's my mum's bday, she was very heng, the person there gave us a very big room with a massage chair inside!

The massage chair was very comfy! When it was not my turn, I will sit there and enjoy. :D

My mum tried to sing while sitting in the massage chair!

After that we went back home to cut cake. Nick already arrived at my place before we reach. He just finished filming and was super super tired but he still came to cut cake with my mum and wished her happy birthday.

That morning, we went to see Nick filming and the people of the crew including Zeng Shi Mei also wished her happy birthday. I think she was very happy!

See? She was very happy as I said.

Aiyo, why my ah yi's expression is like that?!

The cake was paid half by Ang and half by Nick. :) My mum was happy with the cake. She said it was very delicious~

Susan was there too to but I didn't get a picture of her. She went to KTV with us then went to my place to cut cake too. She didn't eat the cake tho cuz it's not vegetarian. My mum was overwhelmed by the gifts she got that day...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Nian Chu 3

When I was young, very young, I love a tv drama called, 飞跃银河. It is one of MediaCorp's few attempts of trying to make a sci-fi film. I remember that the female lead in the film was Chen Xiu Huan and she acted as an alien with super powers. I believe many people will remember this show right?

On Nian Chu 3, I was very happy to visit Chen Xiu Huan's home. She had lion dance at her home and we arrived just in time to see the lion dance. There were lots of guests at her home and of course I felt very uneasy to not know anyone at all at that place.

When we first reach there, there weren't any other artistes except for Chen Xiu Huan. So Nick just took a break and sat at a corner to have lunch. I just stood there looking at the lion dance. During the lion dance, the other artistes came in and so Nick went to chat with them. Well, I told Nick that he has to at least chat a bit even though he was not in a mood for chatting that day.

So I took the chance to take some photos for them too.

The one in red is Chen Xiu Huan's husband. Chen Xiu Huan is still so pretty! :)

Lion dance very li hai!

The baby that Pan Ling Ling is holding in the picture is Zoe Tay's 3rd son! And Zoe Tay's figure is still so good!

Nick recieved an Angbao from Zoe Tay.. But Zoe Tay said that Nick must faster get married and give her 3 angbaos next year~

It was a great experience~ We didn't stay there for very long. After chatting for awhile, we left to visit other people, mostly potential clients. :)

Nick was very tired because he must PR a lot with many clients during CNY but too bad~ That's his job. lol...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yu Sang

How many times have you lao yu sang this year? I have done it 3 times, not a lot but I think it's enough.

The first one was at SL during our tuan bai. Every year will have tuan bai performances and yu sang. I didn't perform this time though. I just went there to watch. LOL.

Uncle's daughter, Yi Ying, performed again and once again, the audience really love her performance.

Later on, I found out that she agreed to sing because her father has promised to get her chocolate if she sings..... -_-"

Yiying and her chocolate...

After the performance, it was time for yu sang.

Very the crowded right.. It was so crowded that I give up trying to join in the lao yu sang.. So I just took photos instead. After they have finishing laoing then I eat. LOL.

Then I had lao yu sang twice at teacher Ang's house. Once was bought by ZY one day. I have no idea why she suddenly bought yu sang to teacher's house that day..

The third time was ai xin yu sang prepared by QY. She bought the veges and fruits and abalone and cut them herself. I think her yu sang was very nice because it has more fruits and vegetables that I like. The normal yu sang we eat outside has very strong ginger taste and I hate it.

The very nice yu sang... with very nice vegetables and fruits.. There were even strawberries in it!

I have simply no idea why my mum and DLQ were positioned so nice on the sofa... enjoying their yu sang... LOL...

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Bak Kua

My father wants to eat bak kua but he is lazy to go to the kitchen to get it. It was on top of my fridge.

So my father said to my mum,"Yesterday, I opened up that pack of bak kua above the fridge and it tasted funny. I think it's spoilt."

My mum thought it was impossible so she took that pack of bak kua down from the fridge and opened it. The package still looks new... it dawned upon her that my father didn't really eat the bak kua last night and it isn't spoilt.

So my mum said,"You want to eat bak kua, want me to take you don't want to say directly right?! Say what bak kua spoilt. It's not spoilt!"

And so my father got to eat his bak kua without moving his butt from the sofa.

When my mother told me this story, my father yelled," This kind of small things you also want to complain to the children...."

LOL.. What crazy family I have.

My dog

I am born in the year of dogs. I think it is a good year to get borned because I love dogs. They are faithful and cute. And I mean cutest to the MAX!

Unfortunately I am unable to have dogs, partly because I can't afford to have one to be committe to. However, mainly it's because my mum doesn't like dogs. But this does not stop me from liking them and buying dogs plushies which I think are cute.

Many years ago, my best friend gave me this on my 21st bday.. Yes, that was like 7 years ago...

My baby dog, I decided to name him Ah bao. If I ever have a real dog, I will name him Ah bao. I suddenly dug Ah bao out because Amai has got one too and she put her pic in FB. I didn't want to post too many funny pictures in FB so I posted them here instead. You see Ah Bao is trying to eat my hard boil egg!

And Ah bao was using my sister's favourite bowl, Doraemon bowl.... Then Ah bao says that he wants to see his new friend's, Soya Milk, photos. So I opened up Amai's page for him to see..

Then he decided to take a picture with the Amai's FB page. LOL...

Isn't he cute?! I love him very much. I once lost a small little puppy plushie that looks like ah bao but it is brown colour. His name was 'BB French'. I am so so so so so sad!!!!!!

Haiz.. I still miss BB French alot because it was also a gift.. :(

Monday, February 07, 2011

Super crowded supermarket

On a bright monday morning, I went to Supermarket, NTUC, to buy ingredients for our reunion dinner. Of course I didn't go alone, I went with my family except my sis. She was working.

It was a monday morning and I was shocked by the amount of people milling around the entire NTUC.

*** Just checked dictionary, 'milling' means moving around aimlessly and confusedly. I think they are not exactly aimless but they are quite confused with what kind of things to buy.

So after about 30 minutes of milling around with my parents, I decided to take a break and just stand at one corner, taking photos.

Can you spot my mum??? In the below photo??? I cannot find her but I know she is there.. somewhere.

My brother, super aimless and super confused. Like someone casted confuse on him or something.

Noticed that he dyed hair? I dyed for him! LOL, I convinced him that he should do something about his boring hair.

Did you all see the crowd? It was a monday morning, not a holiday or what lor.. but the super market was super crowded!! We had lots of problem pushing that trolley around. Keep bumping into people.

CNY, the biggest event of the year...

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Reunion Dinner

Very funny.. Our family are very early diners. We normally eat dinner at 5.30pm. Reason being my sister always KP she is hungry at this hour.

The evening of our reunion dinner, we had to wait for my brother to come home and he works till like 6pm. My mum keeps calling him to ask him to faster come back and my sister pulled a long face.. because she was very hungry.

I was watching TV while waiting... and my whole family fell asleep!!

Hahahah.. so funny right, the whole family just fell asleep like that in the living room.

My father finally said,"Thou shall not wait for youyi. Thou shall eat now!"

So my sister very happy, smile came back to her face and she eagerly, excitedly she sat at the table... First one..

Yum yum!!

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Happy Rabbit year to all my friends who always visit my blog!

I am back! Do you all miss me?? I dun think so lor and I have no idea who is reading my blog. I think Da Li Qin got read but she never comment.. Hahah so there might be some others.

Anyway I didn't blog much in January leh. That is very bad you know. Cuz like that I cannot keep track of what I did in 2011. I like to keep track of the things I did. The memorable times I had. And so, my blog is very important to me.

This year, I didn't take many photos for CNY because my stupid face haven heal. I am kping everyday that my face will faster heal lor. DAMN.

My cousins won't let me off if I don't take photos so I still took lah.

We made a deal to wear red this year so both Deina and Deina wore red. The first Deina abit cheating la, hers is pink lor. Not red! I went shopping especially to buy red clothes leh. Very hard to find. In the end I just bought a normal t-shirt. Cannot fly them aeroplane lah, die die must find a red outfit.

Next year's colour is YERROW. diaoz... YERROW makes me look fat.

My father asked me to invite Nick for our new year gathering too. This is the FIRST time a guy friend of mine joined my family CNY dinner. Normally I wouldn't ask my friends to come. This time is special cuz my aunt and my cousins all wanted to see him so I asked him lor. And so coincidently, he was free. I tot he will be busy on CNY Day 1.

So my aunt and cuzzies all took photos with him happily...

Taken in my pink room... The guy below is my cuzzie's bf wor. So lovey dovey like that.

Nick's appearance that night sparked questions, is he my bf?

Lots of relatives asked but of course he IS NOT lah... We are very very platonic friends. We always bitch each other one... He bitched me even on CNY day 1 lor....

After dinner, Nick went home. He needs beauty sleep.

Then my relatives started the NG family tradition of playing ban luck.

I didn't play, I am never a ban luck person leh. It just doesn't motivate me. So I didn't join lah, as usual. I went to my bro's room and I fell asleep watching TV!~ Until 10+pm then wake up and send the relatives off.

Not bad CNY~ Though nothing exciting happened this time round, I think it is important to have such a gathering time for the NG family.

Something wrong with my phone.. I sent out an sms like 10 min ago now then delivered.. Why take so long sia...